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When will humanity, compassion, honesty and basic decency regain their places in our lives?

Dear Scott Morrison

You took no policies to the 2019 election, and none have been revealed since.

Yet the present situation in Australia is looking pretty grim – particularly for the current residents of NSW.

For a land of drought and floods, we are surely catching up at present on the floods.

And they, in turn, are showing how easy it is to quite literally move house!

You are keen on knowing the costs of any action before committing to embark on a venture.

So how much will the current floods cost – both directly, in terms of putting things to rights and in terms of increased insurance premiums?

Incidentally, how much will the repairs and renovations after the 2019/2020 bush fires cost the Coalition government – assuming, that is that the promises made are still to be followed through?

We have been told, over and over again, that it is an increasingly urgent matter that we cease to use fossil fuels – along with all the connected changes required, including electric transport.

Yet it seems that the Coalition is still clinging on to the hope of moving from coal to gas.

Last time I did any research, they were both classified as fossil fuels.

To give credit where credit is due, you are an ace when it comes to obfuscation and distraction.

You seldom answer any questions which require real knowledge, you keep in place, or briefly sequester, Ministers who have committed exceptionally awful sins, you protect people who do not need – more correctly, do not deserve – protection, and you are doing little to help any citizens other than those who actually are only too good at looking after their own interests.

You are very good at scathing backhand comments which are designed to put people at a disadvantage, but when it comes to a vision for the future, it is all a smokescreen.

You clearly scorn women to an extent that raises questions about who wears the trousers in your own household. Your attitude to the Women’s March showed you up as a total coward.

You are actually a scam and a fraud and buy power from those who have benefitted from every rort they have been able to get away with.

And you are a scammer par excellence – which is not a compliment.

Australia used to have a good reputation, particularly when it comes to corruption.

No more is that true.

Since the Coalition won government in 2013, everything remaining that was good and worthwhile in this country has been trashed by the idiots who are theoretically in charge of running the country.

All they are actually achieving is running us and our standards down to the level of the convicts and their keepers who first invaded this land.

I am no Labor supporter, either, but I do want a government which shows a capacity to understand and cater for people’s needs. And, most importantly, recognises that equality of opportunity is a universal right!

Instead we have a national government which has dragged a country, which once had enormous potential, into a ramshackle mess.

To have as leader of our country someone who cannot develop policy, who fails to punish genuine crime, tries to silence the press, denies transparency, treats refugees more poorly than it does criminals, carries out Court actions in secret, and generally behaves as though the country is a criminal colony, is the last thing wanted by a majority of its citizens.

Clearly, putting profit before people totally ignores the fact most people are not fools. There is a limit to the extent to which working people can be held in thrall by stagnant wage levels, while those who worship money are building their bank balances, to ridiculous levels.

I just revisited an article which I published a few days ago. A comment by Canguro struck chords in my psyche and really brought home a deep awareness of how we invaders have totally failed our job as caretakers of the country.

Unless we immediately change track, we will not have a world to support us. And until we start showing an ability to care for others, we will not deserve to be supported!

In my worst moments, I can only hope that climate change will accelerate and wipe us all off the face of the Earth.

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  1. Andrew J. Smith

    Frustrating, one knows, but it’s Australian voters who are both uninformed (by legacy media) and are also the passive enablers; voting for or against existential (or even irrelevant) sociocultural issues to mask the lack of real or substantive policies for all.

    While the LNP can rely upon nativist conservative right wing legacy media to run a protection racket for them (provided they implement IPA etc. libertarian policies), hubris and arrogance can lead to political blindness and voters can turn on them…..

    At least in Victoria, one thinks the Libs now have real problems after the last elections (state/federal), holding onto former blue ribbon seats in eastern suburbs by their fingernails, with even a right wing blog warning of the potential from e.g. ‘east suburban doctors’ wives’; backgrounded by complaints that Libs have lost their ‘liberal’ instincts in preference to catering to NewsCorp and/or QLD (notice in recent weeks that 9F’s The Age has had more articles reflecting the centre and even slightly left, still rubbish though).

    Their solution according to Jeff Kennett is to appoint him as leader of the Liberal Party organisation in Victoria….

  2. Stephengb

    We – that is Australia, the USA, the UK and any country similarly governed – we are in that place just before The Great Depression of the 20s.

    The 1% are rich beyond obscene.
    The 1% wannabes are rich and want to be even richer.
    The Multinationals are out of control.
    The stock market (gambling dens are roaring)
    Private debt is higher now than at any time in history.
    Debt slavery consumes the middle class.
    Workers at every level are being forced onto less and less incomes.
    Underemployment disguises unemployment rates.
    Poverty and homelessness increasing.
    Soon the government will stop all subsidies for workers and the unemployed
    The government will restart austerity on all government services.
    Crime will increase alarmingly and the “law and order” demands of those still affluent will encourage government to attack the civil liberties of those who are seen as the lawless.

    Fear is rife among many,
    Facism is around the corner.

  3. DrakeN

    “…putting profit before people totally ignores the fact most people are not fools.”

    Sorry, Rosemary, but on that I cannot agree with you.

    As P.T. Barnum so inelegantly expressed it, people are easily gulled by “Bunkum.”

    “Most people” re-elected an obviously self-serving, callous mob of legalised mafia into power again in 2019.

    “Most people” are too egocentric to even consider that what they and their ‘social circles’ chatter on about usually has little basis in reality and get horribly offended and spiteful when someone who has ‘done the hard yards’ by researching and learning the facts of a matter dares to contradict their communal ‘opinion.’
    “Experts! What would they know?!”

  4. Williambtm

    I have read the article, then the above comments which in each has its relevant views and opinions agreed by the many.
    It is a given that the degenerative governance incumbents ignore all criticisms directed their way or countered with their lies and denials.
    Each of the failures above-listed and each of the comments expressing their specific concerns are each and all representative of the concerns of the greater magnitude of the Australian people.
    The truculence and supercilious favored by this illegitimate government (for they do not in any way govern in the best interests of Australia’s people) are indeed in breach in many ways are in breach of Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution.
    Hence their illegitimate status. One of those breaches encompasses the separation of powers.

    This fact suggests this Liberal coalition government has structured itself to stand above all of the disenchanted people across our nation.
    Even worse, the mainstream media and the appointed regulatory authorities that have the responsible role in disavowing the noxious habits, rulings, and effluviums present in today’s government do not do so, leave the people with little to strike out with to avenge their discontents.

    An overwhelming quantum of people can join together to call for the (effete) Governor-General to execute his authority to
    swing the balance against this present government in that they must realign with the dictates and or principle tenets held in the above referred to Constitution.

    An expectation of Governor-General intervention;

    52 Exclusive powers of the Parliament

    The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have exclusive
    power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of
    the Commonwealth with respect to:
    (i) the seat of government of the Commonwealth, and all places
    acquired by the Commonwealth for public purposes;
    (ii) matters relating to any department of the public service the
    control of which is by this Constitution transferred to the
    Executive Government of the Commonwealth;
    (iii) other matters *****declared by this Constitution***** to be within the exclusive power of the Parliament.

    I personally do not believe this current Governor-General is possessed with the testosterone necessary to initiate and form up the reprisal in favor of our people.

    61 Executive power
    The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen
    and is exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen’s
    representative, and extends to the execution and maintenance of
    this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.

    One exercise that will create change is the call for a referendum by a representative number of Australia’s people; seeking to alter our Commonwealth Constitution is to state specifically how a sitting government can be revoked of its authority to continue in its role as Australia’s Federal government in leadership.

    Any delay in creating a referendum… can be acted upon in the form of an insurrection against whatever constraints being implemented or set into motion to restrict the people’s will by the multi-offending government in its fall-back powers…
    Must be ignored by every person.

    In Myanmar (former Burma), the military of that country had enacted a coup against the government in power; all protests by the people were met by the military junta shooting live rounds into the crowds of protesting citizens.

    I don’t believe that could happen in Australia.

    I welcome the opinion of others.

  5. Brozza

    Stephengb – “Crime will increase alarmingly and the “law and order” demands of those still affluent will encourage government to attack the civil liberties of those who are seen as the lawless.” What’s even more scary is the total lack of a bill or charter of rights for Aussie citizens.

    DrakeN – I’ve got to agree with you regarding the gullibility of Aussie voters. How many farmers in inland eastern Australia voted for the Nationals and Libs even after all they’ve done to the MDB water supply? and how many people fell for the lies of the lying/nazi party and PUP during the last Fed election over Death taxes and negative gearing etc.?
    The MSM just look at people as cannon fodder and easily duped, because they are.

  6. DrakeN

    Brozza, just one point, the majority within rural populations are not farmers per se.
    Rather it is the mass of townspeople, business folk and their employees where large industries such as mining do not exist and employees of those multinational corporations where they do, plus a large ageing population.
    So to blame farmers alone for the idiotic voting habits of rural folk is a furphy.

  7. New England Cocky

    RosemaryJ36: On behalf of several mates who spent their 2019-2020 fighting bushfires while for some of them their own houses burned to the ground – WHERE IS THE DONATED BUSHFIRE RECOVERY FUNDS?????

    The NSW RFS was quick to take a literal interpretation of their Act and sweep about $56 MILLION into their coffers, thus saving the NSW COALiiton misgovernment future reductions of the already reduced funding.


    Certainly in my experience there have been little/no funding distribution to landholders or RFS firefighters now over 12 months AFTER the disastrous events

  8. Matters Not


    You took no policies to the 2019 election, and none have been revealed since.

    Not sure about that. Certainly there’s nothing delivered since the election that’s come as an (ideological) surprise. While policy can be defined in many ways, perhaps a starting point might be:

    A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

    Seems to me that Morrison et al are driven by Principles that do in fact guide decisions. The Principles might not be stated (sometimes tending to be covert rather than overt) but, nevertheless, are discernible.

    Morrison et al, for example, subscribe to the principle that ‘market forces’ (generally speaking) should reign supreme. Survival of the (economic) fittest as advanced in the prosperity gospel. God helps those who helps themselves seems to be the basis for Morrison’s signatory mantra of – if you have a go, then you’ll get a go.

    Just a few thoughts.

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