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What Morrison said

The excuses, reasons and justifications from Scott Morrison for taking over five portfolios – and the secrecy surrounding them – have dominated the media over the past few days.

Trawling the internet I have compiled a number of these excuses, reasons and justifications (which appear below) and after I will offer a deep, insightful, critical analysis of each (in bold).

From ABC News:

“I understand the offence that some of my colleagues particularly have felt about this. I understand that and I have apologised to them.”

“But equally, as prime minister, only I could really understand the weight of responsibility that was on my shoulders and on no-one else.”

Oh, spare me.

“You are standing on the shore after the fact, I was steering the ship in the middle of the tempest.”

What happened to the ship, dude? You left that bit out.

“There was a clear expectation established in the public’s mind, certainly in the media’s mind, and absolutely in the mind of the opposition, as I would walk into question time every day, that I, as Prime Minister, was responsible pretty much for every single thing that was going on, every drop of rain, every strain of the virus, everything that occurred over that period of time.”

Yep, and you lived up to those expectations. 10/10 for your delusional narcissism.

PS: Did you keep a straight face when you said that you walked into question time “every day? Every day!!!

“They are very complex, detailed issues in governance … I put in place a set of arrangements that ensured all decisions could be made instantaneously. That is the real-time crisis we were dealing with.”

Instantaneously!! Run that by me again.

“The risk of ministers becoming incapacitated, sick, hospitalised, incapable of doing their work at a critical hour or even fatality was very real.”

Logic isn’t your strong point. And who was going to take over if or when you got sick? Jen? Rupert?

“As prime minister I considered it necessary to put in place safeguards, redundancies and contingencies to ensure the continuity and effective operation of government during this crisis period, which extended for the full period of my term.”

I’ve never heard such utter bullshit. It is a good thing you kept it secret.

“I believed it was necessary to have authority, to have what were effectively emergency powers, to exercise in extreme situations that would be unforeseen, that would enable me to enact in the national interest.”

I love irony.

From 9News:

“I think there was a great risk that in the midst of that crisis those powers could be misinterpreted and misunderstood, which would have caused unnecessary angst in the middle of a pandemic.”

“I did what I thought was necessary in the national interests to ensure the government continued to perform well.”

Thank you for revealing your tender side.

“I regret that offence and I apologise for that offence, but I am pleased that through the course of the pandemic my confidence was in them to keep just doing their job,” Morrison said.

“The fact I didn’t interfere in doing their job shows the confidence I had in them.”

My head needs a desk to bang on.

“I was administratively sworn in which gave me authority, like many other ministers had, to exercise decisions in an emergency situation.”

“I sought those powers but I was only going use them in an emergency.”

But, but, but … you did nothing.

“It was something that was done on an order of many other issues we were dealing with at the time.”

If you say so.

“No Prime Minister has faced the same combination of circumstances, be it the pandemic or indeed the drought, the global recession and the Australian recession caused by the pandemic and the many other natural disasters that befell the country over that period of time.”

You sound like Trump.

From the News:

“I regret that offence [for taking over from his ministers] and I apologise for that offence, but I am pleased that through the course of the pandemic, my confidence was in them to keep just doing their job.”

Huh! They didn’t have a job. You took it off them.


That’ll do for now. There must be dozens of other pearls of wisdom on the internet but I was unable to read most articles as they were for subscribers only.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    An entrenched, saturated, devoted, drenched in superstition idiot CANNOT understand reality, live sensibly, face the realities of the world through fact, observation, science, logic and balanced appreciation. Morrison is lower than worm’s willy as a deficient human, for anyone losing out shamefully on TWO rigged and provided jobs as a liar in advertising must be the SUPER DUD. We are cursed, in that a loudmouthed nagging nematode in Morrison, the wonderful Scott Brown-Crevice of conservatism, is conservative because he cannot comprehend reality. Surrounded by similar retrograde rejects, he felt secure, overconfident and ambitious. The sludge, slime and suppuration of the conservative coalition has ruined our progress and outlook, as one might perceive with Merde Dog, Howard, Abbott and this gang of garrulous grubs recently ejected. Let us rejoin Civilisation now…

  2. GL

    “Waahh…those nasty peasants voted me out just as I was getting to stage two of my cunning plan to start taking over another five ministeries!” said Scummo as he stamped his fat feet and waved his chubby little fists in the air. “Now I will never fulfil the destiny of leading the country as Uncle Dear Ultimate Leader that the eagle said I was going to become.”

    “Yes dear. Now come over here and I’ll change your nappy and then you can can hop into your cot and I’ll give you a bottle of warm milk and chocolate biscuits.”

  3. leefe

    “What happened to the ship?” you ask. Remember the Costa Concordia? That’s what happened.

  4. Douglas Pritchard

    “Jesus made me do it” said Morrison.


  5. blair marks

    #bullshitboy, full of bullshit again.

  6. Kerri

    Thank you for this Michael. I had, had similar thoughts of answering each absurdity as they were vomited forth. The smirk was still there so he thinks he got away with it.
    One question I would like to approach by example??
    What if Keith Pitt had an actual spine, instead of an oath to serve and obey the Coalition, and he were to refuse to accept Morrison’s authority over the PEP11 project.
    Incidentally I am glad it didn’t get the go ahead.
    But which of the two ministers would have had authority over the other.
    I have no doubt Pitt rolled over and assumed the position, but what if he had gone to Hurley, who would no doubt obey his master, ScoMo, and claimed primary position as the relevant Minister?
    Or is it a case of Morrison had so many portfolios that he wins by virtue of being the most endowed?

  7. Kathy

    Morrison is a liar, manipulator and can not be trusted. When he says he trusted his ministers to do their job, that he didn’t interfere, he is lying.

    If he had confidence in his party members then why did he assume only he could be the chosen one for all the ministries? Why did he not have the confidence to discuss with his ministers the potential situations that could arise and whether several ministers should hold multiple portfolios?

    I say he’s not had much confidence in any of his ministers, that they do not, nor have ever trusted each other, and would stab the other in the back in a heart beat. Morrison did that so that he could overrule those other ministers for his own benefit.

  8. BigKat

    We as a nation stand condemned,we willingly elected a bible bashing vacuum cleaner salesman to hold the highest office of our great nation and let us wallow in mediocracy for four years,four long years.Each and every one of us need to poke ourselves in the eyeball until it really stings and remember not to let this ever happen again.Give Scotty credit for optimism,he was the worst prime minister in our nations history but still felt he could carry out five other jobs while being completely incompetent in his role as PM.As always looking for a positive at least he made Tony Abbott look quite accomplished in the role of PM which is no mean feat.

  9. Trevor

    Australia’s leading War Criminal Howard said upon loosing his Prime Ministership and seat in Parliament via the voters, that the voters got it wrong. Howard became MorriSCUM’s political confidant. If you read thru MorriSCUM’s employment history prior to Liberal Party preselection, it becomes obvious that Morri from the Shire is unable to work under supervision nor collegiately, a point his LNP associates and the Australian electorate now see more clearly. MorriSCUM’s last 2 jobs with Tourism Australia and Tourism NZ, prior to his Liberal Party Preselection, ended with MorriSCUM sacked with suspicion of acting in opposition to his job description. MorriSCUM’s audacity knows no bounds cz his god forgives him his trespasses against others. MorriSCUM, the bullies bully.

  10. john lord

    Great breakdown of what he said, Michael.

  11. Terence Mills

    Something very odd that needs to be explained.

    The Governor General’s official diary makes no mention of conferring additional ministerial powers on Scott Morrison, and the governor general needs to explain if this omission was his own decision, that of his staff or a request from the then prime minister.

    The GG’s official program as well as the office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General’s annual reports, are available publicly and are a record of all official duties performed by the Queen’s representative whilst in office : this official record belongs to the nation, it’s an archive that is a part of our history. Yet, despite it making references to the swearing in of other ministers, and other meetings with Morrison, the four separate dates in which Hurley gave Morrison the additional powers are omitted as if nothing occurred.

    How can this be ?

  12. Wam

    The rabbott cannot lie because he has a pure heart and is doing god’s work. Scummo’s god let’s him lie his arse off My gray god defeathers crows. Sitting in port Elliot, listening to the trilling magpies is a marvelous start to the day.
    ps Terence,
    Soldier asks questions not?

  13. New England Cocky

    @ Michael Taylor & Terence Mills: Never underestimate the infidelity of COALition pollies. As others have noted here on AIMN, there remains an undercurrent of intent that ”professional” scribblers have yet to discover.
    ALL FIVE of the secret ministries gave the respective Minister unlimited paramount power to do literally anything. Ask yourself …. Why would a normal thinking person want or need to hold ALL those positions ….. simultaneously?
    It has been suggested elsewhere that the unprincipled alleged rapist unChristian Porter was the necessary source of the legal analysis leading to these secret Ministries. Certainly Scummo IMHO would have found decoding the legalese of legislation a difficult task.
    Now ask yourself, ”Why are these five gg appointments to these five (5) secret Ministries NOT found in the gg Official Diary? Did the gg have a bad day on five separate occasions”??
    Or, was this payback for the about $18 MILLION gift of Australian taxpayer money to the Future Leaders Ltd ”charity”?? What is/was Hurley’s connection to Future Leaders Ltd??
    Now fit this matter into a world perspective. The removal of Scummo’s QAnon mate & his wife from Kirribilli House by Australian security. The 6 January 2020 Trumpery attempted coup in the USA. The unlimited madness in Downing Street London.
    As a long established political sceptic believing that the Liarbrals only ever look after their personal pecuniary interests, this scenario has all the hallmarks of a dry run to see if it could be done, and what were the public reactions and immediate consequences.
    Never underestimate the self-indulgent mind ….. but wait while more evidence seeps into the public arena to form an opinion.
    Time for Australia to become a republic having an Australian borne head of State.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    How is it that Murdoch’s journalists knew about the appointments (they are publishing a book about it), and News Ltd editors and Murdoch himself didn’t know ???

    Its just gobsmacking. Murdoch didn’t know ???? Beggars belief. The crinkled old scroat didn’t know ??? Pull the other one !!!!!!

  15. RomeoCharlie29

    Leaving aside the GG’s curious role in this affair, as a retired journalist the questions that exercise my mind revolve around the ‘scoop’ Benson and his co-author had, but sat on for two years, and which, even when revealed, took a couple of days to build. We’re they abiding by the ‘respect for confidences’ clause in the journalists code of ethics? Or did they just not realise what they had? I imagine some of their colleagues, even though they are Murdoch hacks, might have some questions for them, and maybe even their News Editor. Benson is partnered with Bridget McKenzie of funding rorts fame but did he tell her? If yes then how come she didn’t blow a whistle, or at least secretly noise it around, and if no, should she feel aggrieved that her partner sat on such a momentous bit of knowledge? Either way interesting dinner table conversation there.

  16. len

    There’s more clarity in this one column, in terms of analysis of current events and pertinent questions that need to be answered, than a whole year of ‘reporting’ from the 4th Estate lamestream DOA media. Besides hiding the real intent of govt, about the only useful purpose the msm serves is to provide the public with a handful of facts from which the public can glean highly-obscured cases of fraud.
    MSM is a synonym for Endemic of the Corrupt. Put them in lockdown for 15 days to flatten the curve of corruption.

  17. GL

    RC29, I find it almost impossible to believe McKenzie knew nothing about the whole reeking mess of Scummo’s deception. She helped Rupert’s two little weasels, particularly Benson, by not saying anything until the book appeared, plus it looked good for her to be able to strike the classic overactors pose and profess to being shocked and dismayed when it finally blew up (all the while, no doubt, working out how many extra dollars from the sales of the book will flow into their bank accounts). And the Nats sheep will baah their approval of her stance.

  18. 2353NM

    What I don’t get in all of this is the media’s lack of knowing what’s going on and understanding when it was served up to them. On ABC’s Insiders this morning you had the usual suspects and host (all of whom claim and are paid to have special insight in the workings of Capital Hill) decrying Morrison’s secrecy over a long period of time and hammering Barnaby Joyce on when and what he knew. (You could almost feel sorry for him!!!)

    The really instructive thing is that the usual suspects and Joyce all claimed it was ‘public knowledge’ that Keith Pitt as Resources Minister was in favour of PEP11, yet Morrison announced it was not going to happen. Did any of the usual suspects (that claim to be aware of the inner workings of those of Capital Hill) ask Keith Pitt why his department – with him as the ultimate legislative decision holder – supported the project but ruled against it. If the ‘truth’ had come out (the PM made the decision) shouldn’t the media and then Opposition be asking how that works as the Resources Minister has the legislated power – not the PM. If there was some ambiguity around the ‘truth’ would one of the usual suspects look for FOI to get the actual decision document.

    Rather than attempting to manufacture narratives or passing off poor behaviour as ‘endearing features of behaviour’ as the media have consistently done with Morrison and others, time and time again; following the basic rules of logic and evidence gathering would have blown ‘multi-hat’ Morrison into the open some time ago. To make the lack of following the evidence even worse, when The Australian (of all places) actually published it on a Saturday – it took to the following Monday for anyone else to write something saying ‘hang on – this isn’t right’.

  19. Albos Elbow

    Scummo licks Poopert Murderer’s arse whenever he needs more cash. How else were the Sky News journalists the only one’s told about his power grab. Probably did some favours for Poopert while he was running the country on his own.

    Scummo should be arrested, charged and put in prison.

  20. Terence Mills

    This morning on Insiders Barnaby in a rambling interview said that when he assumed the Nationals leadership for a second time that :

    ” Well, I had negotiated an extra minister which we were not entitled to. I had another person on ERC [Expenditure Review Committee] which we were not entitled to … I had negotiated more staff than the National party, which we were not entitled to.”

    Not entitled to give me a break. He went into a negotiation with Morrison and managed to get agreement to the Nationals having an additional minister : Keith Pitt in Resources.
    Subsequently Morrison secretly had himself made Resources minister so that he could neuter Keith Pitt.

    Barnaby just cannot be honest … he should go !

    We need recall elections as they have in California : if an electorate elect a person who turns out to be a dud they can recall him or her and elect another person…..that’s the best way to get rid of Morrison and Joyce.

  21. paul walter

    Thinking the writer is pissed-off, but rofl, because it is so bad you have laugh or cry.

  22. Michael Taylor

    I was just having a bit of fun, Paul. 😁

  23. Canguro

    Michael, unless my browser is making executive choices around what it displays, it seems the Liz Cheney essay got pulled? Why?

  24. Michael Taylor

    Hi, Canguro. I took it down. I just got sick of all the shit being thrown around.

  25. Canguro

    Cheers, thanks for that. I tried to post a comment in defence of free speech; a lesson learned from you in my early days was that the website was an open forum for discussion & exchange of opinions and that it essentially had an egalitarian code of conduct; ad hominem attacks weren’t to be tolerated but everyone had a right to express a view. I appreciated your steerage on that matter.

  26. Michael Taylor

    It’s probably my fault. I didn’t agree with what was written but it was my decision to publish it. (A number of Binoy’s are not published, btw.)

    But … just because I don’t agree with an article does not mean I won’t publish it.

    On this occasion I was not prepared to sit back and watch the continued attacks on Binoy. I take it personally as it was my decision to publish it.

  27. Fred

    MT: Loved the article. The challenge is keeping up with ScoMo ‘cos every time he opens his mouth something comes out open to question/ridicule.

    Re: Liz Cheney… Apologies if I contributed to your discomfort. Dr Kampmark certainly is a conversation/all out brawl starter. Is it possible to request of him to 1: stick to the real facts and, well this will be difficult, 2: make his argument in a way that it passes the “Pub Test”. Some of his contributions immediately incite “what a crock…” whereas others do try to argue logically for a non-mainstream perspective.

  28. Lambchop Simnel

    Michael, just blame Labor.

  29. Terence Mills


    It’s interesting that the Conversation has all but shut down comment on its articles largely because they don’t have the resources to moderate comments and they are worried about claims for defamation.

    It seems that the High Court decisions in the Voller case has thrown the whole issue of the law regarding the publication of defamatory material into some confusion. The High Court has found that organisations hosting or facilitating online or social media content can be exposed to the risks of being found liable for comments made by others.

    The media companies had their own Facebook pages which were open to third party comment, they argued that they should not be liable for defamatory posts on Facebook pages that they hosted, because they did not control the material being posted. The High Court disagreed and the media companies were found liable in defamation.

    The difficulty we face in Australia is that we have no constitutional right to freedom of speech and communication, something we will need to address if we are not to be ruled by defamation lawyers.

    This is a useful summary of the Voller case and the rationale of the High Court.

    Just to add to the confusion, the Victorian Supreme court found Google was the publisher of a defamatory article by the Age in 2004 because its search results were instrumental in communicating the content to readers.
    But on appeal a majority of High Court justices found Google was not the publisher of a defamatory article as it was a search engine that only provided hyperlinks to such content.

    The law in Australia on defamation is far from settled and is becoming more confused. We need some definitive action by our parliaments to give clear guidance to publishers, website hosts and online contributors.

  30. Douglas Pritchard

    Some of the saddest moments in my old age is to watch my grandsons reaction to any tendency to robust discussion.
    He chose law as a profession, and is good at it.
    So he is in a permanent state of fine balance, and control, and its a direct result of what Terrence has put forward.
    Oh.. for a forum where seemingly intelligent adults can gather to discuss issues of the day without the risk of being sent to Coventry because it conflicts with the aspirations of an ignoramus like Morrison.
    This pub is a blessing.

  31. Michael Taylor

    Hi, Terry.

    Yes, it does play on my mind at times re defamation. As publishers, Carol and I are aware that we could find ourselves in hot water if a bit of slander is thrown around. We feel though, that we are fortunate to have wonderful commenters on The AIMN who don’t stoop that low and we are not only proud of them, but also – and I’m not trying to be boastful – sort of proud of ourselves as well for owning a site that has developed into one that attracts such commenters.

    It’s a different matter on Facebook, sadly, where I’m an admin in a number of groups. (It’s like a full-time job being a moderator in the Facebook cesspool.) Daily, for example, I’ll see a comment such as “Morrison is a murderer” and my first action is to delete it pronto. Scott Morrison has never been convicted of murder in a court of law so the owners of those particular groups could find themselves in court over defamation if they’re not careful. “Howard is a war criminal” is another such comment that does the rounds daily. The AIMN Facebook page is lucky in that our commenters there – as on this site – are in the upper echelon of maturity and intelligence.

    Hi, Fred.

    It’s all good. Not a problem. I’ve always welcomed your comments and will continue to do so. Yes, Binoy can be a bit controversial but I think he can at times be misunderstood. I like to believe that his articles offer neutrality, that is, he reports on both sides of a story. It’s a pity – an extreme pity – that things he might have said a few dozen articles ago that attracted some resentment finds that resentment carried into all his articles since.

    He submitted an article yesterday, and while I was nodding my head in agreement over what he had written I chose not to publish it because I was not prepared for the hysteria from a few commenters who are hell bent on making life miserable for not only myself, but for the hatred and vile the good doctor was likely to receive. (The article was about something bad China did, and how Australia is bad for now doing the very same thing. Naturally, of course, he would have been labeled a “China apologist” even though he was not being a China apologist. It’s sad that I’m now at the stage where I won’t publish an article because of the anticipation of hatred a vile being thrown at him.)

    I’ve also been on the receiving end over some of our articles. One, in particular a couple of years ago which was critical of a Labor stance – and I totally agreed with the article – found myself being almost speared to death and ever since those same people have called me a Liberal sympathiser. So I know how it feels.

  32. Michael Taylor

    Hi, Douglas. Great to hear.

    We’ll always allow comments on this site. It’s a simple process to delete a comment that crosses the line and equally as simple to block trolls.

    We don’t enjoy deleting comments, but there are times that we have no other option.

  33. Terence Mills


    The Ben Roberts-Smith case, where Roberts-Smith is suing the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Canberra Times for defamation over a series of reports he alleges are defamatory, could potentially stir up our politicians to revisit defamation law.

    It is patently ridiculous that the parties have spent millions in legal costs, tied up court time for months and when a determination is finally given it will make little difference to Roberts-Smith and any damages may only be token compared with the lawyers feast that surrounded the case.

    If Roberts- Smith had not had the financial backing of Kerry Stokes it would never have gone this far.

    Peter Dutton sued refugee advocate Shane Bazzi, and succeeded in the first instance but then lost on appeal.

    Geoffrey Rush sued the Daily Telegraph and was awarded almost A$3 million but his career has been severely damaged. Had he let the matter pass then perhaps it would have all gone away without international publicity.

    Craig McLachlan was acquitted of seven counts of indecent assault and six of common law assault against four women during a run of the Rocky Horror Show musical in Australia. He then sued the ABC, Fairfax and one of the claimants in defamation but later dropped the case allegedly due to the family stress and the costs. His career was damaged to the extent that he wasn’t invited to the Neighbours farewell.

    Clive Palmer and Mark McGowan defamed each other in a war of words over Covid-19 with Palmer receiving damages of $5,000 and
    McGowan was awarded $20,000.

    The list goes on – there are no winners except of course the lawyers !

    The law needs to be reviewed.

  34. corvusboreus


    This one will do his bit to save you any pre-emptive angst over potential negative reactions to Dr Kanpmark’s articles.

    Not only will I not make comment on any of Binoy’s articles I will henceforth refrain from commenting on the broader AIMN forum.

    Cheers for all the chats and have a nice life.

    Corvus out and gone.

  35. Michael Taylor

    cb, I was having a bad day.

    You are always welcome to comment here and generally I enjoy reading your comments. You have a wit that appeals to me.

    I may have over-reacted, but I have I’ve been going through a rough time and I blew up. You are not the reason why I did.

    Sometimes when a person is going through some bad shit it doesn’t take much to light the fuse to the powder keg. I apologise if what I said offended you. It was unintended.

  36. GL


    What’s with Corvus’ rather petulant and childish comment at 3.54 pm?

  37. Michael Taylor

    Terry, in 1971 my cousin in America sued the pet store from who he’d bought some goldfish. The poor little critters died the the after the purchase.

    He was awarded $30,000.

    True story. My mother was there at the time.

    Only in America.

  38. Michael Taylor

    GL, we’d all been having fights on Dr Binoy’s (now deleted) article. I can’t even remember what the article is about… even though it was only yesterday. 😳

    Gawd, I can remember stuff from sixty years ago word-for-word yet I can open the fridge door and wonder why I’ve opened it. Double 😳😳.

  39. The AIM Network

    The article was about Liz Cheney.

  40. Michael Taylor

    Actually, cb, I’ve had a rethink.

    We have never deleted any of your comments (and if we have, it would have been for litigious reasons, though I don’t recall any), we have never threatened to ban you from this site, and nor have we had any reason to, yet you have a dummy spit over one of my comments and have declared that because of this you will no longer be commenting on The AIMN.

    This is probably a good thing. Although I do generally enjoy your comments – as stated above – your previous comment tells me you lack the maturity to accept any criticism, intended or not.

    The AIMN is clearly not for you.

  41. Lambchop Simnel

    Terrible about the Goldfish. You would have thought, a second day of life for these robust little fellows and it shows the unethical nature of the yanks. Still fish’n chips that night, one supposes..

    Mourning, if you have had to resort to self censorship, with the fear slap suiting, another nasty tactic.

    . Soft power can stifle democracy, even for objective folk, as we have also seen with such media luminaries as Emma Alberici.

    In the meantime, congrats Terry on a couple of relevent posts, what he’s exposed is something akin to the ABC24 news I was watching just half an hour ago that also carried appalling ommissions on news stories .

    Like the Cosmic Hum, you’l lnot even be aware of it you are born into it, and the great pity of dumbing down.

  42. Fred

    MT: Oh, there is a lot of pain coming your way in the future because it is only a matter of time until Labor gets on the nose. Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed frequently as they fill up with the smelly stuff no matter their political persuasion with 3 terms being a couple of years too long.

  43. Michael Taylor

    Fred, Labor has done one thing that really pissed me off, but I won’t go into it.

  44. A Commentator

    Just letting you know that I have a think skin, and I’ll continue to comment!
    You’re welcome

  45. Michael Taylor

    AC, at last! Some good news. 😀

  46. Terence Mills


    $30,000 for a deceased goldfish : can you imagine the damages that would have been awarded for a ‘resting’ Norwegian Blue parrot :

  47. Canguro

    With apologies to AC @ 3:40 am, but as a former proof-reader… I rise like the trout to the lure.

    I have a think skin
    A thoughtful epidermis, hah!
    How cuticle is that!

  48. Michael Taylor

    Canguro, I don’t think AC has skin. I’d guess that he has scales, but if not, then quills. The human echidna!

    PS: I’ve known AC for many years. He’d be enjoying our stirring.

    Keep it up. 😀

  49. Phil Pryor

    Canguru and M T will be pleased to observe that our resident Pachydermous Pontificator has a think (sic) skin. Think.., well, perhaps, as in dogmatic rigidity, but thick.., yes, as in avoiding inconvenience to rigidity. But we all learn, navigate, assess, through comment and have our own rights as well as a duty to observe that all have rights. We are actually lucky there.

  50. A Commentator

    Spelling and grammatical errors should attract far more ridicule.
    People are too polite

  51. Michael Taylor

    Just letting you know that I have a think skin…

    All jokes aside, I do appreciate you letting us know, AC. I’ve often wondered.

    Your honesty is welcome.

    Myself? I have slink skin. Or is it pink skin?

  52. Michael Taylor

    I have one problem with my skin: I have too much of it. 😜

  53. Harry Lime

    The stench around our previous Prime Liar continues to expand…he’s backing himself into a severe naughty corner.I hope Albanese doesn’t waste too much time on this fiasco…I would have imagined a well constituted ICAC would eventually deal with this,and plenty more.Between Morrison ,Porter, Taylor,Robert and the conga line of crapulous crooks, there’s enough material to rival the longevity of Home and Away,with more sinister characters and a mind boggling script.Confiscated those passports yet,Albo?

  54. Douglas Pritchard

    A true cynic would deduce that this talkfest has been overworked, and therefore something far more tacky is going on behind those closed doors while we disembowel Morrison.
    For a start we do not question whether his decision on Aukus remains valid because I seem to devote a lot of time watching a war where, as time goes by, the arms industry are going gangbusters, and I regret not buying more shares in tanks and fighter planes.
    He was responsible for a whole swag of dollars going to France for absolutly nothing, and we are now dependant on US or UK and an open ended contract.
    An utter scoundrel.

  55. Terence Mills

    Oh dear !

    Newscorp are suing online newsletter Crikey in defamation !

    Lachlan Murdoch says that Crikey is using the legal threat from Newscorp to drive subscriptions in Crikey, a statement of claim lodged by the co-chairman of News Corporation alleges.

    This claim is largely due to the fact that international media organisations have reported on the David and Goliath lawsuit which has, inevitably, drawn a lot of traffic to the Crikey website.

    This could end up hurting the Murdochs and may also destroy Crikey.

  56. LambsFry Simplex.

    Terence Mills, on the back of that comes the information that the ABC squibbed running a story on it yesterday.

    Why can’t the new government turn the Murdoch execs and psychotic board out, so that the ABC is returned to the nation?

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