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United We Stand

By RosemaryJ36

It is not just the survivors of sexual abuse who are in a dark place – although theirs is darker than most – and whether there is the power to turn the lights on is becoming a moot point – whether we are talking about light globes or the current benighted state of the globe which is our home.

I do not believe in conspiracy theories and I have yet to see proof that a benign god exists. But I am increasingly convinced that there are dark forces abroad which are driving us to self-destruction. And those forces are not supernatural.

I find it increasingly hard to ignore the fact, that whenever dire warnings about the economy drive the Dow Jones down, dragging the other national markets in its wake, the rich continue to get richer.

At this point in history, more than at any other time, all countries need to be working together to coordinate efforts to slow, stop and reverse global warming and save the Earth from turning into an unliveable oven. 

And one small, but growing portion of the world’s population IS trying to generate action. Our children will be more affected than will their elders because the children have their whole lives at stake.

Instead, what is happening?

The world’s major leaders – of the USA, China, India – helped along by power seekers in the UK and Australia and some Eastern European countries, not to mention petty dictators in Africa and South America – are stirring up discord and creating wars, initially and primarily in the economic and environmental worlds, but also through religious differences in the Indian subcontinent, as well as elsewhere.

Trump – whose election has created unwanted waves around the world – is dragging us, among a few others, into action in the Middle East, because of a problem which he has created. 

His drive to become President was driven by a very personal ambition because his jealousy of Obama’s Presidency is driving him to undo all Obama’s achievements. 

Let’s face the truth!

The current POTUS is a sexist, racist, narcissistic, megalomaniac whose actions are dictated by his need for self-aggrandisement!

He is NOT a great man!

He will not make America great again, except in the sense of making it the world’s greatest pariah.

The time for diplomacy is over.

What is the point of worrying about the economy when the world’s lungs in Brazil are on fire?

Not only do we run out of oxygen by losing the trees, but their burning is releasing even more greenhouse gases to further pollute the air we breathe.

And scientist tells us that when we lose trees, we also lose water – so we are almost literally cutting our own throats.

The countdown to total disaster could end tomorrow if we all united in effective action. 

Yes – global warming will continue, but effective action on pollution, including emissions, gives us a real hope of preventing temperatures rising to unbearable levels.

We are seriously hindered by the stupid refusal of enough leaders to appreciate that their status in history would be unmeasurably enhanced were they to cooperate with others in rapid, effective action.

Put the country on a wartime-like emergency footing, prosecute polluters, set a carbon price and enforce it, develop a coordinated program to develop new jobs in renewable energy and storage provision as well as land and water management.

Ensure recycling facilities are widely established – at present far too many items intended for recycling are going to landfill.

This plethora of new jobs could employ the people currently involved in servicing the fossil fuel industries.

Stop creating law after law in relation to ‘security’ when you are simply damaging future security by ignoring the climate emergency.

The children will be on strike again on Friday 20 September.

Many of my friends and I, who are parents or already grandparents, will be out there, supporting their efforts.

Please join us and persuade governments that action which should have started in the 1980s MUST start NOW!


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  1. Kerri

    “The lungs of the world” bothers me a bit?
    I understand that the Brazilian government, being typically right wing/business favouring, is creating a situation where the rainforest is being depleted at an alarming rate. But I have always wondered why Brazil has to provide “the lungs” for the rest of the earth? What do other countries do to allow Brazil to continue as an active economy without having to carry the burden of being “the lungs of the earth” alone?? What price do we Australians pay for the oxygen Brazil’s forests provide?
    Surely by now we should all being trying to establish our own “lungs” in our own country?

  2. Kerri

    If Brazil is “the lungs of the earth”?
    Then surely Australia is a chain smoker?

  3. RosemaryJ36

    I understand that the Amazon rainforest in Brazil was the largest remaining area in the world of significant importance as a carbon sink, and continuing deforestation was already causing alarm. Then the devastating fires. There are other areas of rainforest such as in Borneo, where clearing land for profit is also causing concern, but the Amazon is the largest.

  4. Baby Jewels

    I’ve been to two local school strikes and will attend this third, with my daughter and three granddaughters. This one we have to make huge. It must impact every city, town and small village in Australia. The time for ignoring politicians’ inaction is over. We’re all feeling it and we cannot ignore science any longer. We’re allowing the greed of the rich to take precedence over our children’s future. We MUST rebel and it MUST be felt. We must FORCE politicians everywhere to act and in meaningful ways. I urge everyone to play their part, don’t leave it to others. Apathy has brought us to this place of greed overruling common sense and apathy must become a thing of the past.

  5. johno

    I had book on the New Zealand Kauri tree. Agathis australis, commonly known by its Māori name kauri, is a coniferous tree of Araucariaceae in the genus Agathis, found north of 38°S in the northern districts of New Zealand’s North Island.
    By 1900, less than 10 per cent of the original kauri survived. By the 1950s this area had decreased to about 1,400 square kilometres in 47 forests depleted of their best kauri. It is estimated that today, there is 4 per cent of uncut forest left in small pockets.
    The Mallee in Australia, how much of that is left, the Brigalow in eastern Oz and so on.

  6. johno

    The wealthy countries that have already benefited financially from deforestation could be paying the remaining (often poorer) regions to keep and maintain existing forests.

  7. RomeoCharlie29

    Well said RJ, A good place to start would be with the G7 and the rational leaders calling out POTUs and our own PM for their climate change denialism. As we have in the past, we will be at our students’ protest, representing the granddaughter who is yet too young to understand what needs to be done.

  8. Kaye Lee

    The latest GHG emissions tally, to the end of March, must be released by the end of this week. I don’t think releasing it late Friday will save them from scrutiny this time. The world is watching us.

  9. Kerri

    I agree!

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