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Turnbull Government ignores those most in need

On International Women’s Day comes this disturbing news from Canberra:

Domestic violence leave has been stripped out of workplace agreements across the Commonwealth public service on the orders of the federal workplace authority, which answers directly to Minister for Women Michaelia Cash.

Up to 30 public service employers – including Malcolm Turnbull’s own department, the giant Human Services Department and the Australian Taxation Office – are insisting on removing the right of their workers to take time off if they are victims of family violence.

It was only last year that Malcolm Turnbull vowed that he “will make Australia’s disturbingly high rates of violence against women his first order of business“.

Mr Turnbull has become well known as a Prime Minister who says one thing and does another, yet this display of hypocrisy on one of the most socially crippling issues in our country is appalling. The victims of domestic violence cannot be ignored, and one would think that those suffering from domestic violence, and their families, would need every level of support that is available.

But if you’re a public servant you will be asked to suffer in silence.



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  1. Garth

    I just don’t know what to say, I don’t. What would motivate them to do this? Is this particular leave option amongst a suite they are trying to repeal? I’m not surprised by any LNP actions to try and wind back workplace entitlements (it’s what they do) but if this is a standalone attempt to try and get rid of domestic violence leave then they have sunk lower than even my low expectations.

  2. Michael Taylor

    This is simply appalling.

  3. gangey1959

    As a public servant, because some dickheads voted for him, when Margie rips ta’s nuts off because he deserves it from someone and she’s going to be closer to him than I’ll ever get do you think he’ll be at work, and suffering in silence ?
    Our new mate turdbullshitartist had a piece in one otf the Melbourne papers over the weekend slagging off the micro-parties as a National Embarrassment that should be banned. Where does he stand on halfwits like bernardi and his far right cronies, or are they ok because they come with a lnp patch ?
    What a bloody disgrace they are.
    May they all burn.

  4. michaelattoowoomba

    Michael,Yes appalling,unfortunately,any real adjective that we could think of would be unprintable.Now the voters may realise ,like I did since before the last election,that Turnbull’s charm is like a cars mudguard,very shiny on top,mud and oily shit underneath.

  5. kerri

    Again it is all about the money and the tax paying peasants simply don’t count.

  6. Peter F

    Anyone who saw Cash’s performance in the Senate would understand this action. It is clear to me that she is the epitome of a modern Coalition representative.

  7. June M Bullivant OAM

    Truth and justice is being killed in this country, the LNP governments smile and laugh while they do it.

  8. jimhaz

    Actually, I think it is fair enough. A workplace is not responsible for bad things that happen in peoples private lies, although we already can get sick leave for accidents that occur in private life.

    People have to take ownership of their own lives, nor are workplaces mental health doctors and not responsible for taking action over domestic violence. Allowing people to take leave may enable them to “hide the bruises” and not take the required action to resolve the problem.

    The truth is that public servants can take other forms of leave for emergencies, such as a combination of Rec, sick, flexitime and FACS leave.

    Were I in control, then I’d get rid of the leave classification, and instead advise departments to act cooperatively and leniently with employee in stalker cases reported to police – even allowing leave in advance of it being earned where a person has to seek refuge ad cannot risk being found at work by the stalker.

  9. lawrencewinder

    Ahh, “Truffles”…. all form content!

  10. JeffJL

    @jimhaz. No. No. Do yourself a favor and watch ‘Hitting Home’ by Sarah Ferguson.

    All efforts must be made to encourage victims of domestic violence to break the cycles they find themselves in. The ability to be able to take ‘Domestic Violence’ leave provides a clear signal that the employer will support somebody trying to get out of that cycle. If you watch Hitting Home you will hopefully realise that your statement “People have to take ownership of their lives…” in domestic violence is. Removal of the leave will reduce victims options.

    One bruise from domestic violence that could have been avoided is too many.

  11. Carol Taylor

    This would be a pattern of behaviour for the LNP, profess concern and support..all the while ripping the funding. This is then to be followed by yet more expressions of concern, apparently oblivious to the damage being caused by their own policies. The term hypocrites comes to mind. Yet this government seems to get away with it, over and over.

  12. Pat

    I thought mal turn bull was a PM who says one thing and then does nothing. Just a thought.

  13. BadAbit

    In doing that Turnbull has tacitly committed violence agains vulnerable women.

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