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I told you Abbott was naked

Abbott’s not wearing any clothes. His nakedness is now impossible for our lazy mainstream media, and in turn mainstream voters to ignore.

I often complain loudly that Abbott got a free run in the media during his time in Opposition and while he was campaigning (sloganeering) for the top job. Someone said to me the other day that I shouldn’t blame the press for giving Abbott this free run, because Abbott did do his very best to keep his plans as secret as his daughter’s design school scholarship. I can’t deny that Abbott and his colleagues tried to hide their moral nakedness from voters until it was too late for us to do anything about it. They clothed themselves in Labor bashing, in three-word-slogans and in yellow-vest-wearing-banana-stacking-fear-campaigns and produced a thin policy pamphlet full of promises that have now been broken.

But hang on folks. Hang on. If Abbott really did fool the media into thinking he wasn’t naked, and they in turn fooled voters, why is it that untrained amateur writers like me were spot on in our analysis of Abbott long before he became PM? Why did the open letters I and others wrote to Abbott, numerous times, so miraculously predict, like crystal ball reading savants, exactly the type of Prime Minister we have ended up with? A nasty, bigoted, sexist, rich-loving, poor-hating, expert-deriding, anti-science inarticulate thug who embarrasses the nation every time he opens his mouth? Why, when so many of us were saying that Abbott wasn’t wearing any clothes, did the mainstream media do their best to sheath the man in Teflon coated budgie smugglers, which enabled him to unleash his wrecking ball so shockingly on a mostly unsuspecting public? What I’m saying is, how did people like me see what was coming, but the mainstream media didn’t? Or worse, if they did, why didn’t they tell us?

I am upset by the Abbott government in varying degrees every day. There have been lower than usual points, like the commission of audit, the release of the budget and every policy within it, the lies about Gonski funding, the Royal Commission witch hunt into Julia Gillard and unions, the war-mongering in the aid of a poll boost, and just this week, a discriminatory stance to ban female Muslims wearing religious clothing in Parliament House. This last one seemed to finally crack the veneer of ‘nothing-to-see-here-move-along’ mainstream press reporting of the Abbott government, with, frankly better-late-than-never impassioned and obviously entirely outraged writing from the likes of Waleed Aly and Peter Hartcher. As a side note, I can’t help but wonder if Fairfax will notice the spike in traffic to these articles now that they’re finally revealing the real Tony Abbott and the justified outrage at the way he behaves.

But let’s not forget that this dog-whistling-with-a-mega-phone, Cory-Bernardi-look-alike Prime Minister hasn’t changed a bit since we first met him as the aptly described by Paul Keating ‘resident nut job’ from the Howard government. Tony Abbott has always been a creep. Tony Abbott has always wanted to wage an ideological class war on Australians and he is relishing his opportunity to do this as Prime Minister of Australia. Australians are suffering from the results of this war, as the naked-man-wrecking-ball smashes through our social welfare policies, education funding and the core pillars of universal health care. I know no one likes a know-all who says ‘I told you so’, but I totally did tell you so. Because it was obvious. He was standing right there and all I had to do was look at him, scrutinise for a millisecond and I knew what a disaster PM he was going to be. I’m not naïve enough to expect that the mainstream media would describe the coming disaster in quite as colourful language as I do. I understand the need for balance in journalism as opposed to partisan histrionics in commentary and blogging. But this doesn’t excuse mainstream journalists from doing their jobs. Please guys. Just some basic facts would be useful. Next time there’s a naked man, wearing red budgie smugglers that don’t even try to hide the horrors behind them, please consider doing your jobs and warning the public not to give this man the keys to the country.

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  1. MIssPamela

    “A nasty, bigoted, sexist, rich-loving, poor-hating, expert-deriding, anti-science inarticulate thug who embarrasses the nation every time he opens his mouth?”
    The best description of him I have read – thank you Victoria Rollison. I continually wonder (in despair) how we ended up with this disaster of a PM and it always seems to come back to the MSM, the fact they do not do their job and provide balanced reporting and the fact that there was / is a large enough group of brainwashed Australians (because of this unbalanced and biased reporting) who voted for him.

  2. Mieke

    … and also the most dangerous !

  3. kerrilmail

    Great article Victoria! I too am astonished that those who regarded Julia Gillard as a dud Prime Minister opted to leave their MSM described frying pan to leap into a fire even more real than those red glorified jocks on that total twat Abbott!!!
    As a protest many women are wearing the hijab in solidarity with our Muslim sisters.
    I say if you are unable or uncomfortable doing that then make sure you attend Parliament wearing something outrageous. Totally see through. Or very short and very low. Or best of all a pair of red swimmers??
    Ladies to accompany their swimmers with a flesh tone bikini top!

  4. Jeanette

    Kidnap TA and drop him into the conflict he has put us into, yes to deflect all that is wrong for our worst government in history and to try and recover some of his ratings. Rather than trying to consolidate relations with Muslim community it appears they are hell bent on driving a larger wedge. Let’s face it he’s a failed monk and is truly a mad ex monk. Whilst I sometimes feel intimated by anyone wearing head covering this includes mostly motor cycle helmets but even some caps pulled down over the eyes, I feel less intimated by women with headcovering. A long time ago it was mandatory for women in Christian churches to have head covered. Many still forbid the cutting of hair and do not allow makeup so where do we draw a line?

  5. Terry2

    The disturbing thing is that the complicit media, largely in the form of NEWS CORP, are still boosting the Abbott regime in the most outrageous way. After weeks of pestering the Iraqis to allow us to bomb their country together with the USA, Britain, France,UAE, Saudis et al they have finally given us a qualified and probably exasperated go ahead, yet today’s Australian frames it as a success of leadership and diplomacy by Abbott – this from Greg Sheridan:

    ” Abbott has conducted a textbook mobilisation of political support, institutional evaluation and executive decision making
    in the way he has gone about Iraq.”

    To some this type of manipulation and distortion of the truth may be amusing but I am finding it deeply offensive and an insult to even my limited intelligence. Those in the media who constantly repeat these lies do none of us a service and diminish not only their own integrity but also that of the profession of journalism.

    Just look at the photo – which I too find confronting : the emperor has no clothes !

  6. aravis1

    O YES! YES! YES! Victoria! I did the same, many of us saw through him from day one. The mainstream media have been whoring themselves. There is no other way to say it.
    That said, I have had to come to the conclusion that there is a solid mass of idiots in our country, who, sadly, vote. Makes me wonder if voluntary voting would be better for us.
    The one thing that cheers me now is that there must be a solid mass of more intelligent voters who did not take enough notice of politics, went along and voted for the Liberals because they wanted a change from the infighting of Labor. NOW, they have realised their error. My son who was a lifelong died-in-the-wool Liberal voter, and who still doesn’t really understand politics, has promised me he will never vote Liberal again while it is so neo-Nazi.
    So hopefully, in spite of the media whores, we will have enough votes to turf them out comprehensively so that they don’t get back into power for decades.

  7. Vicki

    Worth a read:

    This is Birmingham’s description of Abbott:

    “He started the week a tad discomforted by the greed and calumny of corporate Australia and regained some control complaining that he found the burqa a “fairly confronting form of attire, and frankly, I wish it weren’t worn”.

    Egregious hypocrisy much? This, after all, came from a middle-aged white man who seems to revel in confronting a captive nation with his favoured form of weekend attire; tiny red porno trunks that serve only to draw the unwilling eye directly to the most horrifying aspect of this hairy, dripping wet horror when it is thrust prominently and repeatedly into our slack and traumatised faces.”

    Read more:

    Would you believe one comment was that this article re Abbott was taking jounalism to new lows and demonstrates disrespect to our Parliament and our politicians – Abbott in particular. Was this person not in Australia when Julia Gillard was Prime Minister?

  8. Vicki

    I was also one those who banged the drum as loudly as they could re Abbott and what he was capable of doing to this country. I argued that he would damage Australia economically and socially and I am not even an amateur blogger- I just comment from time to time. People would not listen to arguments re climate change, our mythical debt under labor or that there would be return to workchoices etc. I was just a drum banging leftie/commie who didn’t know her arse from her elbow when it came to politics.

  9. Richard

    I completely agree with you concise description of this abomination of a Prime Minister. The facist LNP, aligned to media giants and the big end of town scares me.
    What scares me more is that 90% of the voting population seems to be asleep. I would expect that crowds would be demonstrating in the streets to remove this farce of a Prime Minister and his puppet government.

    Maybe they’re being distracted by the theatrical use of terror raids, sending Australians into a war that they don’t want to fight, Burqa Hysteria and Islamaphobia that he and his minions are using to make the general populace more amenable to our loss of rights.
    I can only pray [to any God] that Australia wakes up soon…
    Please keep up your excellent work.

  10. David

    I found Abbott’s latest whopper re when he knew of the order from the Speaker and President, not only bewildering but was astonished at his blatant stupidity. When confronted with revealing when precisely he became aware of the ban, he bare faced unhesitatingly, well a couple of ah’s, but as unhesitating as it is possible for the nutter to be. When asked he declared, ‘I was handed a note just before QT as I often am, put it in my pocket and read it later that evening’, not afternoon do you mind, but evening.

    Now, with his current stunting surrounding terrorism at home, his deep enthusiasm for and involvement in Iraq/Iran and troops overseas, MH17, budget catastrophes, claims of child abuse on nauru, one would expect a PM doing his job with the nations interests at heart, such a leader would not relegate a note from certainly one of his staff, hardly a messenger, containing such a matter of national importance, a matter he has been personally embroiled in, to his pocket, where it remained for another 5 or 6 hours

    Please!!! Mr PM, even for you that defies belief..
    My contention is, not only Abbott but Credlin would have been made aware of the Speaker and Presidents meeting by Bishop or at least one of her staff. Their relationship as as close to mother/son as possible without actually being conceived!! She would have kept him well informed.

    What I find odd about this latest deception, despite there being an obvious thick outside edge, Labor let it go through to the keeper without one appeal. I say “odd “, to be kind Mr Shorten is himself under some internal strife I understand, re his leadership. I can neither confirm nor deny that, but as we know if it walks like a duck……….it sure isn’t a dodo, or is it?

  11. M-R

    You weren’t alone, Victoria – you just had a platform from which to shout your beliefs. The rest of us who could also see how APPALLING he and his cronies were going to be had no such luck: we could only bitch to each other.

  12. donwreford

    Its all very well to persecute those of a religion, who have a commitment to wearing the veil over the face, but their is a more evil and sinister veil, that is with those who expose their face, and the motives of what they are up to is veiled, forget those who wear a veil, the second group, I mentioned, are far worst,the bare faced liars, and they are a growing mass and people like Abbott would know exactly what I mean.

  13. halsaul

    Excellent article Victoria – Particularly Davids’ comment re bare-faced, unhesitatingly lying whenever he’s caught out. We have a p.m. & party that is unworthy , unwilling and incapable of good governance. Wrecking the joint – is not an exaggeration. Radio Nat. today – Prof. George Williams-
    speaking on Australias anti-terrorism laws. These are described “internationally” as “hyper-legislation” – Countries like U.S.A. U.K. France even Israel do not have preventative detention laws where a person can be held – without proof – and forced to answer questions under threat of jailing for up to 10 years! Some had these laws enacted after Twin Towers but have rescinded them since. No other country has such draconian laws against freedom of speech with jail penalties. Howard government passed 48 such laws! Abbott Government is not funny – it is very very dangerous.

  14. brightr6

    why why why the whole box and dice

    rudd came much much closer to winning the election than anyone cares to admit !!!

    The ALP itself is as much to blame as anything the LNP did to win government similar to the Crean versus Beasley and the Latham affair gave John Howard a walk in opportunity !

    in Syria who do you assign blame to the most : the Shia and Sunni factions not being nationalist allowing extremist agitators ; or the USA and Israel Iran and the Saudi for their agitant actions !!

    In the final six to eight weeks the fabulous campaign of the LNP orchestrated by none other than the Maestro Murdoch was to plaster Abbotts face everywhere with anything ~~ridiculous comments physical prowess family photos with the daughters and wife so long as his face was on every front page and also all the ALP web sites building up to election day the whole concept being to blanket out any light and opportunity for Rudd to redefine himself his time schedule already being tight to communicate to the electorate!

    The ALP was only too keen to rubbish Abbott and give no space to Rudd and his climb into the electorates mindset! Repeated attempts to ask ALP sites to emphasise Rudd and stop advertising Abbott were met with blocking from ALP sites!

    In an Antony Green style analysis Abbott had a clear decisive win in the election but when assessing the closest marginal seats it came down to 50,000 votes a feasibly achievable turnaround if the ALP had supported Rudd instead of inadvertently supporting the Abbott campaign and there was a lot of hostility in the ALP camp divided over the whole Gillard Rudd affair instead of a comprehensive ALP concerted effort against Abbott and the LNP

    There is a certain kind of blindness within the ALP that is their achilles heel like when Dr Jim Cairns trusted Sir Robert Menzies about publishing his book Whitlam was livid and sacked him for the conflict of interest clearly the astute Cairns completely underestimated the political acuteness of Menzies also totally misread Pol Pot anyway the point being the ALP gets stuck on wrong directions and find out the hard way! At the moment everything is criticise Abbott and his cohorts dont you think the public have heard this theme endlessly to the point they dont listen any more as with any problem people dont want to hear the moaning people want to hear the solutions how are the unions restructured and better positioned to represent their members and they are !!! How is the alp revamped and it is !! Is Shorten the leader to replace Abbott oops sticky point …. who else is there !!!

    The simple point being made here is that one of the significant complicit factors in the demise of the ALP and therefore the rise of Abbott and the LNP is the self destructive potential of the ALP itself particularly by people trying hard to help the ALP sometimes they have to stop patting each other on the back thinking all they have to do is run down Abbott and start selling the ALP effectively to the whole electorate

  15. Pudd'nhead

    Can we sue the MSM for the bias that delivered Abbott and his lot to us? And what is to be done with the US citizen, Murdoch, who so avariciously wants to kick the b’jesus out of our only trusted informant i.e., the ABC. Are his objections made to advance the profitability of his TV businesses with the added benefit that the ABC’s delightful demise would further allow the continued concealment of the destructive moves his chosen monkey stooges have imposed on us and will continue to impose on us until our community says enough, their having already been allowed enough rope to rob us of our knowledge of political skullduggery, deplete our well-being and upset our social stability? Perhaps we could hold a rally where someone could hold a sign up behind Bill worded in the manner of the Julia sign so easily ignored by the putative PM. I suggest “Monkeys swing on bars – its time to bar our monk.” I’m sure Bill could muster one of his tired smiles in front of such sign and if he failed to turn to it, could (Abbott-like) deny the existence of the sign or that it had anything to do with him.Then again for the great Australian Labor Party, the party of my family for well near one hundred and twenty years, I cannot really recommend a juvenile game with signs.

  16. John Fraser


    Abbott sent 6 F-18s + a flying fuel tanker + an AWAC and 600 Air Force personnel to the Middle East 2 weeks ago.

    And since then he has been trying to get them into the action.

    He keeps coming out with "updates".

    Yesterday was the latest.

    Abbott, whatisname Defence Minister and Defence Force Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin standing beside him he said :

    "Cabinet has authorised Australian air strikes in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government and in support of the Iraqi government," Mr Abbott said..

    And most Australians could believe Australia is now at war with the 'Death Cult".

    Right ? …….. after all there is the top brass from the RAAF standing beside him giving credence to his bullshit.

    Wrong !

    For 2 weeks now Abbott has been bullshitting Australia.

    The Iraqi government still has not given Australia permission to drop "boots" or bombs onto Iraq Sovereign Territory.

    That's the naked truth.

  17. John Fraser



    So Rudd burns down the house and then calls the fire brigade and somehow people are supposed to thank him.

    Shit thats as bad as Howards war Part 2.

  18. Jane Salmon

    Perhaps Abbott could cover his empty promises with a burqa. BTW bike riding can damage the prostate and cause impotence in middle aged males. So it’s probably all just for show.

  19. Mungo the Cook

    As Mincing Poodle might say –

    You bastards! You vicious, heartless bastards! Look what you’ve done to him! He’s worked his fingers to the bone to make this place what it is, and you come in with your petty feeble quibbling and you grind him into the dirt, this fine, honorable man, whose budgie smugglers you are not worthy to kiss! Oh… it makes me mad…
    (With apologies to Monty Python for the budgie smugglers bit)

    Loved your post. I’m sure you don’t mind if I use your succinct analysis of the naked-man-wrecking-ball:
    “A nasty, bigoted, sexist, rich-loving, poor-hating, expert-deriding, anti-science inarticulate thug who embarrasses the nation every time he opens his mouth?”

  20. Joe Banks

    Excellent, Victoria. The MSM in this country (and not just the Murdoch media) are, I believe, entirely responsible for the political disaster we have today. I kept asking: what is it they can’t see. And I was mostly told: they don’t want to see. But no intelligent journalist could possibly ignore ‘the bleedin obvious’ week after week, month after month. To me, it just didn’t make sense. Maybe Australia has just experienced a sort of collective insanity because the evil that was about to be inflicted on us had, in my perception, flashing lights and blaring sirens. But very few seemed to notice. Maybe we will never know what happened. There seems to be a hint of contrition creeping into journalism (not Murdoch’s yet) but it will never make up for the ‘perception blindness’ that infected most of the journalists in this country for so long… And here we are with a bunch of insane and incompetent people running the country. I now say: the MSM got us into this mess; now it is their job to get us out of it – start seeing and reporting ‘the bleedin obvious’ please.

  21. Ruth Lipscombe

    Excellent analysis of the unbelievable lowlife posturing as our PM!
    What are we doing to ensure his end as head of Australia is coming SOON .
    Where are the ethical pollies we want to replace him with???

  22. Bill Davis

    Look, Abbott is a jerk and certainly Victoria’s article is accurate, and pretty darn good for an “untrained journo”.

    But as much as I hate the Abbott Government, why is the supposed opposition willing to allow passage of even more draconian laws to give the ASIO boys free reign to trample on our civil rights using fear mongering of the highest order. Both sides of the political game seem to be captured by Neoliberalism, and absolute fealty to our US lords and masters. While we do need our media to work, asking corporate owned media to change its stripes seems an exercise in futility. The corporations have won, and are already in transition to removing as much of our democracy as they can.

    Abbott is only the Puppet, corporate power is the real enemy!

  23. Le blogeur gai

    Unfortunately, Abbott seems likely to get a second term, and it could be sooner rather than later.

    Abbott knows just how unpopular he is and so all this chest thumping about terrorism, national security, terrorism raids, war etc is just an attempt to shift the polls, and given that Bill Shorten has become the “me too” guy, going along with Abbott on everything, it just may work.

    Dog-whistling the rednecks, racists, bigots and xenophobes worked for Howard in the past – rallying their support around the incumbent government in times of war. Abbott believes it is what can save his arse too. Burqa bans – called for by the likes of Cory Bernardi and George Chrtistensen – just fan the flames of a race war that has been started by the Coalition. Anti-Islamic sentiment is rising. Assaults of Muslims are on the rise as are acts of intimidation, and vandalism of Muslim’s property.

    If, as I suspect will happen, the polls do reverse for Abbott, then I suspect that he will choose to go to an earier than anticipated election – possibly a Double Dissolution to gain full control of the Senate in his own right.

    And at the moment, it’s a matter of “Where’s Labor. Where’s Bill?”

    Shorten is increasingly being viewed as weak and ineffectual, and one only had to listen to Anthony Albanese’s recent address to the National Press Club to know that the wrong man is leading Labor.

    Shorten has no “mongrel” in him, no passion, no spark.

    Unless Labor replaces him as leader, I cannot but believe that he will do a John Hewson and lead Labor to defeat at the unloseable election.

    And if Abbott does get a second term – and manages to get control of the Senate – that’s when all hell will break loose and the REAL damage will be done!

  24. Ford Prefect

    The corporate media was doing its job. That’s why we have the PM they deserve.

  25. Olivia Manor

    Sadly the LNP consists of mini Abbott clones. No such thing as a moderate Liberal anymore. Fascists the lot of them! It won’t be long before they’ll parade around in military uniforms.

  26. corvus boreus

    I implore any further writers posting articles on the AIMN to refrain from utilising gratuitous imagery of anyone, including(especially) the person currently occupying the prime-ministership of our nation, clad in revealing swimming attire.
    I think it is a pictorial bodily physicalisation of issues that risks demeaning the level of political debate, discourages participation by the physically/visually squeamish, and verges into the realm of tabloid imagery.
    Would you approve posting (moistened) swimwear shots of Jacqui Lambie to ‘help’ dismantle her ideological fallacies and misconceptions?

  27. Rapscallion

    For goodness’ sake, will someone, anyone, everyone please stop referring to the burqa as ‘religious clothing’. It predates Islam and is not mentioned in the Koran, which speaks only of ‘hijab’, denoting modesty. It is ‘Muslim cultural clothing’ for some Muslims in some countries, but it is not Islam. As long as people get this simple fact wrong it’s impossible to have a sensible discussion with anybody about it.

    While I can see the decent intentions of this article, it misses that which is, to me, the most salient point of the vile government’s handling of this burqa non-affair and virtually everything it has turned its hand to recently. It’s certainly not Abbott’s unsavoury incompetence, nor the seeming split this week between Abbott and Bronwyn; it is the obvious control which Peta Credlin has achieved over the government of this country. This is, to further hack a hackneyed metaphorical catch-phrase, and without wishing to slight big Clive, the elephant in the room. Anyone writing about politics without delving into her control is missing something big. BIG. And unutterably outrageous.

  28. Kaye Lee

    Credlin has not escaped our attention – how the hell could she when she is firmly planted at the table of every conference of world leaders. Instead of having experts in diplomacy, trade, security, climate change, cultural differences, advising our Prime Minister we have our own unelected Rasputin pulling up a chair and calling the shots.

    The puppet masters

    Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s chief of staff, is the biggest control freak in Canberra – with the notable exception of Kevin Rudd. She travels everywhere with the opposition leader, pulls Liberal MPs into line when they veer off message, and is driving the Coalition’s relentlessly negative agenda.

    “She’s tough, she’s a player, she makes demands, she gives directions, she bawls people out,” says one Liberal insider; “She’s not afraid of stabbing someone in the front if she needs to,” says another.

  29. billly moir

    Wowowo what a beauty, a great read! I understand the rabbott and little billy has blocked its transmission to the offices and homes of politicians. Loved the monty python reference maybe little billy is the parrot???

  30. mars08

    …We pledge ourselves to serve the people of Australia for their benefit to the very best of our ability.

    We are determined to honour our commitments: to scrap the carbon tax, to stop the boats, to get the Budget under control, and to build the roads of the 21st century.

    We will be a problem-solving government based on values, not ideology.

    We will strive to govern for all Australians, including those who didn’t vote for us.

    We won’t forget those who are often marginalised: people with disabilities, indigenous people and women struggling to combine career and family.

    We will do our best not to leave anyone behind.

    We aim to be a calm, measured, steady and purposeful government that says what it means and does what it says.

    We hope to be judged by what we have done rather than by what we have said we would do…

    Our fearless lord, master and protector… Canberra, 8 September 2013


  31. xiaoecho

    corvus boreus…… I am glad Victoria posted that unseemly image of Abbott. At the time the photo was taken he was LOTO and, knowing he would be photographed, and as a public figure, he should have had more of a sense of propriety about his swimming attire. The photo perfectly illustrates Abbotts lack of awareness to others needs and sensitivities, not to mention his braggadocio. I disagree with your plea to censor images posted to this sight. A picture can tell a thousand words and quite often does so. Victoria knew what she was doing and chose an appropriate image to accompany her piece.

  32. mars08

    About half of the Australian electorate voted for a reckless, self-serving, gormless, impulsive, ignorant fool who spent years and years talking down Australia and the economy. Every damn day the simpleton would be on our TV screens jibbering about the dreadful state of our nation and undermining the public’s morale. And the clueless MSM, rather than ridicule him, did their best to spread his poison….

  33. corvus boreus

    He was, indeed, Leaping Outta The Ocean(LOTO) in the photo.
    Obscenely, by his record, he may have been claiming ‘entitlement reimbursement’, at public expense, to do so(although, if so, this is not mentioned in the article).
    Without accompanying reference, the masthead photo seems a gratuitous appeal to visceral loathing based upon explicitly confronting and potentially nauseating imagery.
    Ps, I broadly and generally agree with the thrust of the articles’ text (it being mostly broad and general), I just do not want to be subjected to a successive fashion parade of A. Abbott with his tackle wrapped in thin strips of cling wrap of various colours (see similarly disturbing pic accompanying the ‘bad v bad’ article by S. Stinson).

  34. Kaye Lee


    Would you prefer the kissing series?×349.jpg×0.jpg

    There’s a million of them…..

  35. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    Absolutely prefer those, there is only depictions of social ineptitude and inappropriate placement of facial spittle in your photographic sequence, no shink-wrapped genitalia displayed by an aging exhibitionist.
    If one wants an appropriate accompanying image for an article on the current prime-minster, there are(courtesy of the internet) plenty of images of monkeys in formal wear eating custard with silver spoons.
    No more posts showing spandexed bonabo bits or baboon posteriors to enhance informed political debate, please.

  36. nedkel

    corvus boeus, Abbott chose those bathers very deliberately to show the world his so called manhood and his absolute contempt for everyone else, for every cocept of decency and to abuse ever person who might have any respect for politicians.

    In my case it certainly confirmed Abbott as a thug, a womsn hster and a bully, totally unsuitable to be elected as a dog catcher let alone as a MP and PM. And Abbott continues to prove today that he has never been elected as an MP or PM since he still holds dual citizenship and will continue to do so until the day he dies as no authority is prepared to enforce the Constitution against Abbott, or permit an action to get before the courts.

  37. corvus boreus

    I certainly wouldn’t make the same assumptions of motivations and opinions regarding the (similarly attired) man in the background of the photo.
    In lieu of other information, I would assume he had donned the ‘dick-stickers’ primarily to practise or compete in a swimming activity.
    Any conclusions I have drawn about Mr Abbotts’ unsuitability on account of being a thug, bully or womsn hster have been drawn from his record of conduct, comment and legislative performance, not choice of sporting attire.
    I hold (sort-of)private opinions as to the aesthetic appeal of the appearance of Tony in speedos or lycra-wear(I want to gouge out my own eyes).
    I make an angry public assessment when I hear he wants us to foot the bill for him to do so.

  38. Anne Byam

    Putin is 6 years older than Abbott. The ONLY two political leaders anywhere, who have ever shown their abs, their pecs, and anything else that might be worthy of showing. In Abbott’s case it is very little !! ??

    Abbott’s ‘manhood’ ?????? was supposedly shown in the lithe build of the man – plus all that hairy chest thingy – and the abs. For a leader to get out in public – ‘pose’ for a photo op. in next to bloody nothing is an utter disgrace. Not even Putin went that far. Putin rides horses, dives, ski’s, does martial arts. etc. etc. ………….. Abbott rides bikes. …. Bikes don’t buck, or rise to the surface if in a diving endeavour — enuf said. ( Not that I am on side with either of THOSE two ). Just a comment about the ridiculous and insouciant attitude our own PM ( retch – vomit ) …. shows to the world.


    Have read everything here and agree with 99% of it. Great article Victoria. Too many good posts here to comment on or add to. They are sufficient unto themselves …. in my humble opinion !! Good stuff.


    mars08 ……… your list of recent Abbott commentary, that was delivered by Abbott, in trying to continually con our country – are sufficient – and well sourced. What a load of bullshit this Abbott creature spouts.

    All designed to to try and sell himself as a great leader to us Aussies. We will NOT fall for all that crap……. ultimately. I do believe and trust, that we have more collective sense than to fall for his fear mongering, and then, his softy-soapy rhetoric that is supposed to ( cynically ) appeal to the general populace.

    I am waiting with something akin to reckoned glee, …. to when Abbott falls OFF his bloody bike, big time, once and for all.

  39. randalstella

    OK. Seems just about everyone does not like Abbott;and just about everyone agrees with why. And just about everyone knew this for some time. No one seemed to need telling. OK so people here are in agreement. And the article is passionate; even if its headline does not apply to those who agree with it – although it’s hard to know who else were expected to read it.

    And the last sentence is a weird stretch, as if expecting the attention of the MSM,and somehow getting that attention by warning them about what men who profile their genitals are really like. (They’re not like ordinary swimmers?) Boy, this Abbott guy sure is a priapic beast. Fancy coming out of the water like that. Exhibitionist fascist dog.

    Trouble for me is he looks a pussy compared to some of the officials with whom I have had to wrestle ‘social policy’.

    Now how about some discussion about how to get him out of power? Hating him won’t do it. Pseudo-humiliation of him in beach-undies won’t.
    How about some more discussion on how important areas of policy are going realistically between LNP, Labor and Greens, and that PUP bunch? What is likely to survive as platform for the next election; and what difference would this make to the voters?

    As the esteemed Raven has written, there’s something a bit weird about 2 recent sightings in these parts of the near-naked Accursed One. What is the point of that? It suggests images of hope are scarce these days.
    Maybe what might add hope – paradoxically as it might seem here and now – is the publication of some articles that not everyone agrees with; and/or not everyone did not need telling about.
    It might mean real debate.
    Too risky to try? Now you might appreciate how the Labor Party seem such a policy-mute collective these days. People are afraid that saying something new and different, however fact-based, might have adverse consequences for them. They’d rather agree with each other, on customary attitudes, about what they already knew. And the name for that is Abbott.

  40. Dickless Tracy

    My girlfriend reckons that Abbott has a small and very inspiring dick and wouldn’t touch it with a 25mm pole. She finds him to be a profoundly ugly example of manhood.

  41. Anne Byam

    @ randalstella ……… well said. Darned near impossible for a debating team – all of whom are on the same side – to debate amongst themselves. It all runs ultimately, quite dry.

    Belonged to a debating team years back, and on occasions we would divide and take the opposing side ( debates were between societies, as well as ‘in house’ ) …. only to practice our skills at argument, and discourse, with decency and discipline. Must admit it sometimes ended in hilarity.

    But I doubt an honest debate here would end up that way. We do need to put the ‘other side’ if for no other reason than to open more options for consideration, thought / opinion.

    Who’s going to start it ? It is 1 a.m. so it won’t be me.

    Go for it randalstella. Let’s see where it might lead. ( to more open debate I would hope ).


    p.s. If anyone stands up as “Devil’s Advocate’ in these comments – please let no-one call them a ‘liberal troll’. !!!

  42. John East Gippsland

    The MSM did do their job in that they did everything that their boss Murdoch expected of them. He’s the elephant in the room here, assisted by fellow owner Reinhart and others like Singleton, Stokes, Packer Junior, Gyngell and Scott of the ABC.

  43. Bettsie

    Agree Victoria, I too was astounded he was voted in. All his ‘grubbiness’ was evident when he was LOTO. His rampant sexism and racism were there for all to see. This and his constant lying was never challenged as the media had made its mind up that Julia Gillard had to go. The fact he only appointed one woman to cabinet and the declared himself Minister for Women came as no surprise to me. Had he any concern for women, he would have moved quickly to quell the inane debate on the niqab and offered his support to all women from all race, all religions…He said he would be a PM for all..what a joke.

    Every day there seems to be some new ‘stuff up’ which had escalated into Australia at war again in Iraq and a country divided on race hate and bigotry. Slow clap to Australian media…and the gullible voters who believe their tripe.

  44. aravis1

    Absolutely, corvus boreus.
    randallstella: I see your point. The talk about Abbott is probably an outlet for the revulsion we are feeling and as such is healthy. But another subject worth discussing would be the ALP, and how we believe this party should be improving its image and declaring its policies, will have to think about this…

  45. Di Pearton

    Great description of Abbott, and I agree that it was obvious what kind of PM he was going to be, as he had been in public life forever! And yes, ALP ( Rudd) almost forced people to vote for LNP, but they did not win by much, and a LOT of people did not vote. I believe that ALP has to lurch to the left to distinguish itself from LNP, and even make a coalition with Greens.

  46. halsaul

    Just having my brekky and you send me “the kissing series”……don’t think I can keep it down. Just saying, if I saw a man “kissing” women like this I would, grab the kids and get far far away. Open mouth? Beyond inappropriate.

  47. sir pistofalot-More

    Well written Victoria,Totally Correct in Your Appraisal Of “HIM” Every Move Every utterance Out of his Mouth For ever Lying We are all in the Middle of Witnessing the worst ever PM Australias has ever ever had, So He will always be remembered . , Most of the MSM supported this Buffoon Via mainly Murdoch etc, And this same support will TRY and Keep him In Office, I Believe he is going to visit our forces in the Middle east In Camaflauged Budgie smugglers and on His Bike and having statues in his image erected around Australia my biggest wish now being is to become a Pigeon / Seagull or maybe a Pelican

  48. Kaye Lee

    Sorry bout that. I have to say I find all the kissing in politics nowadays quite offputting. Who goes to work and kisses their colleagues? Or total strangers? It’s as bad as all the hugging in football!

  49. Sunum Norbu

    This seems a bit unfair toward thugs.

    … “A nasty, bigoted, sexist, rich-loving, poor-hating, expert-deriding, anti-science inarticulate thug who embarrasses the nation every time he opens his mouth?” …

  50. Natasha

    It is so odd that the progressive leftists are the strongest defenders of a medieval clothing.

    Basically, the progressive left is in agreement with that Muslim mufti who said a few years ago that a woman’s body is like a piece of meat which attracted flies if it was not covered up.

    You can not see more pathetic side of the progressive left than this.

  51. stephentardrew


    I warrant no labels unless you are a mind reader. Left or right have a variety of opinions so stop the ideological bashing and listen to the actual discussion at hand. It is this type of ideological divisiveness that is actual the problem.

    I suggest you discuss rather than name call. It is so much more democratic.

  52. Anne Byam

    @ Natasha ….. raising the subject of just ONE Muslim mufti – making an horrific statement a few years ago, about women ‘being like a piece of meat” , does not relate in any way whatsoever as to how the ALP ‘leftists’ ( so called ) …. see any form of outfit for anybody.

    Catholic Nuns, until the late 1980’s, wore what WAS ‘medieval dress’ …. their long black robes consisting of two skirts, a wimple and black veil, rosary and cross – and scapular. Each denomination of Nuns wore slightly different versions — — not a soul turned their heads, nor blinked an eye at these habits, seen many times in many places. Catholic nuns NOW wear normal ( somewhat subdued ) clothing, a lapel pin of a cross, or perhaps a neck chain with cross, and even pierced ears, ear-rings. They do not cover their heads, except with an occasional scarf or plain hat. Now it is difficult to tell them from the everyday public, unless being able to see the little cross on their cardigans or jackets.

    If anyone wants to be outraged about clothing, I think it would be at a leader politician in the world, who shows off his abs, his bodily hair, and just about everything else in tight fitting bathing whatevers, which is really EXACTLY like getting outside in his underwear. In fact it’s worse. My husband wears underwear that is of the same type as Abbotts swimwear – but is in fact way more concealing than those ‘bathers’ !! Abbott often stands with his hands on his hips, fingers splayed inwards – a classic stance by any man who wants to attract the eyes of anyone towards his ‘manhood’. This displays distinct ‘leanings’, but I won’t go into them here.

    As far as ‘pathetic side of progressive left’ is concerned. You are waaay off base with that statement. It would be more likely to be conservative ‘rightists’ …. who would complain about the hijab or head scarf worn by Muslims, and particularly the burqa ( as heard recently from our esteemed ‘leader’ ( pffft ) who ultimately had to back off his ridiculous original statement ).


    An experiment was carried out in one of the cities recently ( not sure where ) …… where a man continually verbally and at times physically – by grabbing at a bag being carried, attacked a ‘Muslim woman’ and a ‘Muslim boy’ wearing a solid kufi ( the crocheted headwear, similar to a Jewish yarmulke ). The number of people who approached the ‘aggressor’ and told him to shove off … get lost, move on, leave her / him alone, and other verbal attacks, was a delight to behold. I was very proud at that moment of viewing, of being Australian. If I can find the link, I will post it – it was a “social experiment ” to guage reactions by normal Aussie folk to abuse of Muslims. Admittedly, it may well have been edited, but there was enough in it, to suggest that ordinary Aussies won’t abide that kind of racial or religious taunt.

  53. aravis1

    Natasha, you have in fact demonstrated a common failing of the lunatic Right – to attack, with no logic and distinct absence of fact. I suggest you read more carefully and reflect before you make ridiculous statements.

  54. Möbius Ecko

    Anne Byam that was on Sunrise this morning, and they interviewed the men who set it up.

    I don’t normally watch morning fluff TV but this was a good piece and demonstrated how many good Australians are walking the streets ready to come in and defend someone being racially abused.

    Then again there are the minority of racists who Abbott is dog whistling to that are no emboldened, as they were under Howard, to become more open and aggressive.

  55. Matters Not

    Rapscallion said:

    For goodness’ sake, will someone, anyone, everyone please stop referring to the burqa as ‘religious clothing’. It predates Islam and is not mentioned in the Koran, which speaks only of ‘hijab’, denoting modesty

    I have already pointed that out with little effect or affect for that matter. As you say the Qur’an calls for ‘modesty’ in attire for both men and women. It would seem ignorance often wins the day.

    BTW, this article really demonstrates the difficulties or perhaps futility of what we are up against with IS. Are you aware that one of our allies in this nonsense is Saudi Arabia where in 2013 sixty six (66) ‘offenders’ were beheaded?

    Saudi Arabia’s state-sponsored religious curriculum remains the main source of Jihadi Salafi movements, including IS. School students are taught a very dogmatic and excommunicative ideology, which isolates them from other religions and branches of Islam, which are considered non-believers (Kafir). Saudi Arabia has supported Salafi movements internationally for decades by publishing, distributing and promoting extreme religious texts and views in Islamic and Western countries


    Fighting IS while remaining blind to the sources of radicalism in the region will ultimately be unsuccessful. It might restrict IS to particular territories and stop it spreading, but it will not eliminate the group or stop radical movements emerging in its place. The only long-term solution is to tackle the source of the problem

    A must read.

  56. MIssPamela

    This is the video mentioned above by Anne Byam and Mobius Echo.

  57. Anne Byam

    Thanks Miss Pamela and Mobius Ecko …. That’s the one.

    I think I found it through Facebook ( can’t quite recall now – being I go all over the place on the Net – … don’t we all ? ) …….

    I don’t usually watch morning fluff stuff on TV either …..

    It WAS good to view though, wasn’t it. The last lady let the bloke have it in no uncertain terms. Good on her – and all of them who stood up to defend.

    Wonder if a certain politician might view it. And hey – it was shown on TV which is a good sign. Maybe Murdoch is not as smart-arsed as he thinks he is ?

    Have noticed quite a few newscast / newspaper articles in recent weeks, that have not been quite favourable to Abbott and his crew … so maybe MSM is waking up just a tiny bit ?

    We can but hope.

  58. Anne Byam

    @ rapscallion ………. ref. your comment (October 4, 2014 at 5:40 pm)


    ………… ” It predates Islam and is not mentioned in the Koran, which speaks only of ‘hijab’, denoting modesty. It is ‘Muslim cultural clothing’ for some Muslims in some countries, but it is not Islam. As long as people get this simple fact wrong it’s impossible to have a sensible discussion with anybody about it. ” ……………


    It IS mentioned in the Qur’an in fact …. although like so many notations in Bible, Qur’an, Hebrew writings ( old testament etc and Torah ) plus Buddhist, Hindu and Zen teachings – and any other forms of religion that attempts to qualify, quantify and denote, teachings , ……… it is somewhat nebulous, even enigmatic.

    But … the covering of the person is deemed to be required – for modesty and protection in the Qu’ran. How it is interpreted, is up to individuals I would imagine. It does not however, predate the Qur’an.,,,,,,,,,, Qur’an – Chapter 33, Verse 59 …… and Qur’an Chapter 24, Verses 30-31 do refer to modesty and the covering of the body. Whether that is a burqa, a hijab or a simple scarf – is ( today ) not understood by us, and is interpreted by the Muslims – followers of Islamic beliefs …. in their own chosen way.

    Musllims are in fact, more like we are – than we might like to acknowledge. There are ‘degrees’ of religious persuasion in all religions.

    ……… ** The avid, fundamentalist and extremist factions.

    ……….** The medium, orthodox and devout, but non-radical factions.

    ………** The people who believe, but do not automatically follow fundamentalism, radicalism – or even orthodox. They acknowledge their religion, but do not force it upon others, and indeed enjoy the best of both or all worlds …. while practicing their chosen religion.



  59. corvus boreus

    Basically, people who consume the flesh of birds are condoning the extinction of the Dodo.
    Ipso facto, so there!

  60. Anne Byam

    @ Matters Not …. The link you provided in your post was very interesting.


    Thing is, the Saudi’s want ( and get ) the best of all worlds.


    They are seen to be unbelievably wealthy ( and most likely, even obviously, are ).

    They own oil resources of vast and possibly unknown quantities.

    They are resolute in their dealings with Western civilisations, and the West virtually ‘obey’. Saudi’s call the shots in all negotiations.

    They advance good works in Western countries …. to the benefit of all, and of themselves.

    They enjoy the benefits of all worlds on this earth …. Western, Eastern, Middle Eastern, European, Asian and South Pacific. At the same time they strictly observe their religious beliefs, their harsh and unbending rules …. particularly with ‘offenders’ in their States, and their ruthless punishment of those offenders.

    Saudi Arabia is not a country to be meddled with – from ANY side. I hope the U.S. and Allied countries remember that, and heed it very cautiously..

    Beware – Saudis’ bearing gifts.

  61. Matters Not

    Anne Byam, thanks for reading the link, it’s the best I’ve read so far re the complications of this ‘war’ nonsense that Abbott committed us to in that part of the world.

    One thing that really worries me that the Saudis whose ‘practices’ are at the base of this problem are in denial.

    Further this Wahhabi Islam, promoted by the Saudis (note that Saudis is a plural and doesn’t require an apostrophe – you seem to have problems with apostrophes) provides so much money for ‘education’ here in Australia’.

    The MSM hers in Australia (again) refuse to delve into the complications of such issues.

  62. Anne Byam

    @ Matters Not ….. you are right …… I get my apostrophes all up the creek. Tried the new link you provided, but it came up asking for money to receive certain bulletins, and I was unable to access the article there. So I had to get to read it the long way round – through rummaging and searching. !! Interesting article at that ( once I got there ).

    I rather think the Saudis —- being a rather reticent lot on most matters, will remain tight lipped, and let the world figure it out. Not sure it is denial, rather than obfuscation on their part. ….. Saudis will NEVER give away their true intent. Which is why I said above here ” Beware – Saudis bearing gifts”.

    They do a lot of good works – but ……. for what real reason. Have often pondered on that.

    Wonder if the Emirates will still sponsor the Melbourne Cup this year, or subsequent years ???????


    @ brightr6 …. Oct 4th 1.58 pm post ………

    …………. ” The ALP itself is as much to blame as anything the LNP did to win government ”

    How right you are. I have so many times here and elsewhere, blamed Rudd for ‘helping’ Abbott win the 2013 election. People saw what they did NOT like ( Rudd ) ….. and blindly went the other way. Abbott should be very very grateful to his little chum, Kevin Rudd !!!


  63. Rex Alfie Lee

    For the most part Victoria Rollison has this complete but what she misses is how infantile this penis in budgie-snugglers is. He is as childish as someone can be in this position or not. The fact that he is grateful to Howard is comedic at best, this leader being the worst in my memory by a country mile until Abbott. Abbott has taken all the limitations of social mores & flung them into the trash whilst dancing an epileptic seizure in his red budgies. He is a f*ckwit of unbearable intolerance, a drunken monkey in a crystal cabinet, a child who has released the windows on a craft in space because he thinks he can get the moon for himself. Perhaps we should send him there…

  64. Michael Taylor

    a drunken monkey in a crystal cabinet

    You win the cigar with that one.

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