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The Trickle-up Conspiracy

Henry Johnston’s article, NO WE CAN’T (AIMN, 13/02/2020) begins “Try as I might, I cannot pinpoint the exact moment or instance, when the world’s conservative parties shifted from extolling tradition and practising good manners, to embracing corruption and malfeasance.”

It’s more complicated than that, but there is a timeline that accurately reflects how this mess was created.

In Australia, the rot began with the Conservatives plotting the dismissal of the Whitlam government in 1975. It spelt the end of democracy in Australia although it wasn’t considered so at the time. It took a few more years to engineer the right conditions and the right man.

Two years earlier, US President Richard Nixon, took the US off the Gold Standard, freeing up the dollar and increasing its value against foreign currencies. It was effectively a coup by the corporate sector in the US over its government, ending their democracy with the stroke of a pen.

The coup in the US was barely recognised by anyone at the time and importantly, gave the Corporate sector valuable time to plan and position themselves during the Ford/Carter administrations to find the right conditions, the right man, to enter the White House. They found him in Ronald Reagan.

With Reagan appearing to be at the helm, those who were dangling the puppet strings manipulated every corner of the financial services industry, preparing the evolution of a “trickle-up” system that saw a small handful of very wealthy people become mega-rich and incredibly powerful.

But that was just the beginning.

They became so rich and powerful, they were able to control what the government did and didn’t do. They then looked for the right people to spread their ideology across the globe. In Great Britain, they found Margaret Thatcher, in Europe they found people like Germany’s Helmut Kohl and France’s Giscard d’Estaing who embraced this new world order without question.

This rape of the world’s financial system was cleverly shielded under the very attractive banner of, “wealth creation,” a term which resonated well with middle-class America. It ensured its continuation regardless of who was subsequently elected in the US and across most western governments.

In Australia it began, oddly enough, with the election of the Hawke Labor government in 1983. They stayed in power for thirteen years aided by a cosy relationship with the US administration, US corporations and the subsequent support of the captains of industry here.

Hawke and Keating deregulated the financial markets, something the compliant media still tell us was a good thing. Slowly but surely, the one stumbling block that stood in the way of the trickle-up economy, i.e. the trade union movement, was minimised either through government legislation or partnerships; somewhat ironic since the architect of the reforms was its former boss.

Then came the Howard era, with a conservative outlook so far to the right that they redefined the definition of wealth creation and opened the floodgates for the financial industry to exploit a cashed-up, ignorant public, even further.

From the beginning of the Hawke/Keating era through the Howard years to today, many middle-class entrepreneurs have gained great wealth, thanks to greedy bankers, insurance executives and super fund managers, all too ready to put risk ahead of sound management and enjoy the spoils.

It was in the 1980s that the pioneers of wealth creation who forged the pathways we were encouraged to admire and adopt, set off on their reckless pursuits with breathtaking speed. People like Alan Bond, Christopher Skase, Robert Holmes a Court and a host of other mega rich, wealth creators became the darlings of the media.

They showed the way while compliant governments turned a blind eye to corruption on a scale so big and so important to growing national economies, they were judged too important to fail…..until they did, of course.

It was great while it lasted, but anyone with half a brain knew it couldn’t last. But when the crash came in 1989, it was the wealth creators who survived and continued to prosper. The millions of Mum and Dad investors who had climbed aboard the gravy train lost billions. But, in a paternalistic pattern of condescension, they were considered and referred to, as collateral damage, victims of a necessary market correction, so the media reported.

As those shaken, but not destroyed, wealth creators regained their composure, the process restarted, with the corporate giants still able to manipulate markets and national governments worldwide, ensuring it was business as usual. Today, they are so powerful, no political party can be elected without their approval.

What we have now, is a world financial system so interconnected, so interlocked, it resembles a pyramid with its foundation made up of most of us, the little people at the bottom, arranged neatly across a vast expanse of highly controlled, concentrated purchasing platforms, where we exercise our purchasing power with hopeful but hopeless expectations.

We toil long hours with no option but to continue toiling hard, competing with each other for less than 5% of the net wealth, a reward just enticing enough to keep us keen enough to want to work for more. We offer up our services, our labour to those just one rung, one platform, above us.

We are, by necessity, subservient to those above us, who themselves have become slaves to those on the rung above them in a forever upward elevation that gets smaller and smaller the higher it goes. Those on the very top rung can only be removed by governments with the will to uphold the principles of justice and equality.

But justice and equality are not on the minds of such governments, or those at the top who put them there, thus enabling this tiny group the luxury of looking down to watch the world they have orchestrated, behave as it was destined to do.

They watch our world twist and turn as they choose. They watch as things they orchestrate in one part of the world impact upon other interconnected parts thousands of miles away. When something goes wrong in one part of the world, it filters through to the rest. This is their plan, their new world order.

The 2008 Global Financial crisis should have made that reality abundantly clear to us all.

There will be more GFCs, but such events are of minor concern to the rich and powerful. Such events are a necessary part in the execution of their ideology. Their hold on power will never be challenged because those who could challenge, will never gain political power long enough to reset a course that would lead to a more equal society.

This juggernaut is now in total control and most people don’t even know it. Most baby boomers measure their wealth and the improvement in their lives by comparing their standard of living with that of their parents or that of people they see being oppressed in third world countries.

Little do they realise, their wealth came at the expense of those same oppressed people whose national resources were procured either illegally or under duress; an inconvenient truth perhaps, but who is asking.

We have all been conditioned to measure wealth in terms of our personal material assets and the general wealth of the nation in which we live. We don’t give much consideration for those nations who surrendered their resources for us to achieve what we have accumulated.

We look at our lives and think we are so fortunate, so blessed to live in such a wonderful country without ever realising how much of our democratic rights we had to surrender to get here. We compare ourselves to other nations drowning in poverty, torn apart by wars, famine and plague, not for one minute realising our good fortune was at the expense of theirs.

Our exposure to the despair of other nations, other peoples, is also part of the broader plan of the trickle-up conspirators. We are warned not to be complacent for fear that we too could become them if we don’t work hard and aspire to even greater success.

Yes, we can help them, donate to them, send food and other necessities. We can even call for government action to eradicate the atrocities that we have inflicted upon them. Send in troops even. But we must never forget how important it is to continue to prosper. It’s all part of the broader plan.

The irony of this mess is that those in the middle of the pyramid, who have the luxury of looking down one or two rungs, who would criticise those below them for not working hard enough, whose good fortune came at the expense of third world exploitation, these are the greatest supporters of this appallingly unequal system without realising they are as despised as the rest of us by those above them and the architects of this system.

They are the conservatives who only think of today. The governments they so proudly support don’t look too far ahead. They don’t need to. The trickle-up economy is in charge. They just wait until they are told what to do.

We reap what we sow.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Conservative character types think of self, me, ego, the inner self, the self in action and pose, more me, ego. Then the outside, a feed, bed, root, activity, pose, etc. They are not so interested in other people or things, though such objects exist and may have to be accommodated and recognised. As for family.., well, neighbourhood, get out of it, society, poo, the world or universe, forget that. But just in case, Aunty’s old superstitions relieve and offer intereconnections with society in a vague way. useful for connections. Justm get on, accumulate, have fat around the psyche and plenty in the hump of uncertainty, for life’s seasons are not reliable, like everyone and everything else. Just look after number one, to excess, just in case… get it, keep it, hoard it, kill to protect it, there’s a plan for life, only the self’s life. As for all you staring stupidos EFF off! Hey, a career in politics might just guarantee all this, insure it by legalised crime and support from fellow types, at a distance of course.

  2. DrakeN

    We are but ‘Sheeple’: To be fleeced at ever opportunity until we are led “…like lambs to the slaughter.”

    Thank you John Kelly for this observant, erudite and timely piece: It is a pronouncement of the course of, and current state of, our unrecognised vassalage.

    We have been conned by the UnHoly Trinity of Commerce, Politics and Religion into being no more than sources of greater wealth and priviledge for those who manipulate us, and the world around us, for their own vainglory.

    But: ” ‘t was ever thus” and, I suspect always will be “…forever and ever. Amen”

    P.S. John, can we use this as a reference and/or quote in other publications?

  3. Ray Tinkler

    I have thought for a long time that we are living under the greatest pyramid scheme ever devised. A huge vacuum’s carpet tool, sucking up the wealth from the bottom and compacting it tightly for the benefit of as few as is possible, needed to maintain the flow. To those that operate this great machine, all other members of the world’s population, including even those complicit with them, are only dollars on legs that they would use and take advantage of in the blink of an eye, once there was enough incentive to do so.

  4. Andreas Bimba

    It looks like Bernie Sanders is about to kick the ball back into Reagan’s stupid face (if he was still alive).

  5. Stephengb

    Thank you John,
    An excellent article, be warned mate, telling the truth in public can be detrimental to a person’s health. Stay alert.


    Unfortunately I suspect that the planning for his accidental death or assassination may already be in train

  6. Josephus

    Quite a few leaders’ names are misspelt…
    We might also note the advent of Glasnost, then the fall of the USSR, which removed the fear of a to some more equitable social system.

  7. New England Cocky

    I wonder if John Kelly has read Gary Allen (1971) “None Dare Call if Conspiracy” and the subsequent five books detailing the takeover of American democracy by the corporate sector. It was planned in 1968 and exposed by Professor Carole Quigley (1968) A History of the United States (or something similar). All of Allen’s books are available on the Internet.

  8. John Kelly

    I too fear for Bernie Sanders well-being. There exists forces in the US who will not tolerate a self-styled socialist living in the White House.
    No, NEC, I have not read those books.

  9. DrakeN

    Just as there are the same forces which abhor fair play and justice.
    “Dog eat Dog” is the guiding principle and “The Devil take the Hindmost”.
    Inhumanity has been a guiding principle of the settlement of North America by Europeans.
    Priests and profiteers have continually driven their politics at the expense of the poor and unfortunate immigrants who were lured by the illusion of a “Land of the Free” and the myth of the “American Dream”.

  10. Michael Taylor

    John, when the left-wing media are fearful on Sanders in the White House … you start to wonder how big a target will be made of him.

  11. paul walter

    Interesting, the parallels between so called “moderates” in the USA and say, the Labor-right factions here.

    And the similar grinding to a halt of Brit Labor to the extent of sabotaging Corbyn and in fact, Labour and working class Britain itself recently.

    Something is deeply rotten and not just in the state of Denmark.

    John Kelly is right to ask why the Meltdown wasn’t the definitive wake up call. what’s more. Too late, already?

  12. Ian

    Thanks John, your article is remarkably honest and poignant, I would be very interested to here your thoughts on the future and what it will take to make the pendulum swing back in favour of genuine accountability and in the interests of the people .

  13. Spindoctor

    There are plenty of socialist dem grassroots politicians who have a target put on their backs already by Fox, GOP and the billionaires for daring to push for free US healthcare, free tuition, a living wage, housing for the poor, unions. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar etc are much younger than Sanders but determined to keep the pressure on and with a strategy that will continue even if they are killed. The Democrats, UK and Oz labor all face a huge task to end the forces lined up against them, Mordorc and conservative propaganda, billionaires and business interests funding elections and working behind the scenes, like the Koch’s to fund all manner of trolls, social media blitzing bots, slick cambridge analytica machines and ultra right wing terrorism. Fox’s Roger Ailes said Reagan wouldn’t have been elected but for Fox propaganda and Trump is exactly the same. Ending conservative media monopolies and supporting independent journalism is crucial to investigative reporting to reveal the real level of power and corruption going on. Stirring up the public to march enmasse against the crooked corrupt government needs just that one cause. Climate change, epidemics, bushfires, disasters, sports rorts corruption, money laundering, which one will be the key to bring down the whole crooked edifice?

  14. Deb

    The Whitlam dismissal was a coup.

  15. Stephengb

    I have said it before but I feel justified in saying it again.

    There will be no rising up, here will be no yellow vests, there will be no move to the Left.

    Far too many of those that might make a difference, that might be seen as a convincing resistence to the march to the Right, are locked into soul destroying debt, they have jobs thst bare,y enab.s them to live and retain their assets, and so will never rise up to threaten that existance (Yes an existance).

    The only thing that will make a difference is a catastrophic depression turfing all those ‘Just’ barely hanging on.

    Having said that, it is entirely possible that a second Great Depression is just around the corner.

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