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Sydney Mockdown: The Delta Variant Strikes

“Dear customers, if you are standing there reading this sign you are part of the problem. STAY THE FUCK HOME! Best, Sydney.” (Note on store front, Sydney, Twitter, July 10, 2021).

It is proving to be an unfolding nightmare. For a government that had been beaming with pride at their COVID contract tracing for months, insisting that people could live, consume and move about with freedom as health professionals wrapped themselves round the virus, the tune has changed. The Delta variant of the disease has proved viciously wily in Sydney, New South Wales. Admissions to intensive care units are growing. The first death has just been reported. The number of infections recorded on July 10: 50; the number the next day: 77.

Of concern are the numbers of people who were moving in the community during all or part of their infectious phase. Of the 50 reported cases on Saturday, 37 of those qualified. “That is the number we need to get down to as close as zero as possible,” stated an alarmed Premier Gladys Berejiklian. “The only conclusion we can draw from this is that things are going to get worse before they get better.”

The 11am press conferences are proving grim affairs tinged by panic. The questions asked are the same as those in other states in Australia where outbreaks took place. What are essential shopping items? How many people are permitted in your home? On each successive occasion, the Premier seemed panicked, even shrill. “Zero means zero!” she has stated at various points. “No visits!”

The most telling element behind the surge of cases is the blithe approach taken to the health orders by the citizenry of Australia’s largest city. This is understandable, given the erratic changes in Berejiklian’s approach to communicating health orders. With an almost manic insistence on keeping areas of the city open, she has confused rather than clarified, hoping that the virus might be contained within various local government areas (LGAs). Erin O’Leary, manager of a café in Newtown, noted in late June the distinct irony of having the front of her store in lockdown, and the back, not. Andrea Chapman, owner of a design store, had a few words of wisdom that might well be ringing in the ears of the Premier. “Sometimes you’ve just got to hit everyone hard and everyone sucks it up, then we can move on.”

The Premier has been the victim of her own success, telling Sydney residents and those in New South Wales that the state was that different from the rest of Australia. They were the “gold standard” to be emulated by all in terms of containing the pandemic. On June 1, the often fawning Herald Sun from the Murdoch press stable praised the Berejiklian government for getting everything right where its Victorian counterpart had failed. “One state is NSW, led by a competent woman who has displayed a sense of proportionality throughout the Covid crisis and has kept people safe while ensuring their livelihoods and liberties are not needlessly destroyed, the other is Victoria.”

Through that same month, as the Delta variant was starting to show heft, there was no reason to worry: sagacious Gladys had things under control, as did everybody else. Those in Sydney could use their highly attuned “common sense” and “make individual decisions based on their own circumstances.” On June 18, she cautioned against mass gatherings. “Unless you absolutely have to, our strong preference is that you do not engage in any activity.” Business owners were left to decide on how best to operate in the changing circumstances.

Even as the virus had harnessed itself and trotted through the city, the Premier resisted any reference to the “lockdown” term, opting for the softer, milder “stay-at-home” order. Lacking the necessary gravity to be persuaded, individuals moved about with liberty, dropping off children before heading to work, or continuing visits to family members.

Sounding at points comically maternal, Berejiklian has been telling those in Sydney to be honest about where they have been for reasons of contact tracing. Some accounts supplied to the tracers have been inaccurate. Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant has admitted “having difficulty getting ahead of [transmission] chains”. “We haven’t got time to waste unpicking stories, going back, cross-checking and verifying.” Her advice: “It’s critical that [people] tell the truth the first time.”

Parties and gatherings are being held and a number of infringement notices have been handed out by police (167 of them on Friday alone). On social media, the hashtag “SydneyMockdown” is trending. The man behind Australia’s punchy response to combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Bill Bowtell, has been regular in his scathing assessments. “Nothing like lockdown lite. No outdoor mask mandate, retailing open and no kilometre radius restriction. Neither short nor sharp as in [Western Australia] or [Queensland].”



The haphazard approach to public health policy is also to be found in the government’s response to shopping and trading practices. The decision to keep non-essential shopping outlets open, including large retail centres ripe for transmission opportunities, has meant free movement of both people and the virus. Berejiklian “thinks people understand what is required”; a stricter enforcement of orders would produce unintentional “suffering” to those who “can’t access something they really need.” Simon Chapman, professor emeritus in public health at the University of Sydney, could only express his bemusement. “It’s not rocket science to show that a place with large numbers of people in it is going to be far more of a superspreading environment than a place with small numbers of people.”

Within the New South Wales cabinet are the business-as-usual types such as Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, who argued with colleagues that the lockdown should not be extended to July 16. He now concedes that the already extended lockdown may well have to move beyond this coming Friday.

Looking wistfully at vaccination rates in the United Kingdom and the United States, Perrottet has this message for those in his state: “We’ve got to get to a point where those who want to have a vaccine, get access to one. And at that point, we’ve got to open up our society, and have the freedoms that we had operating prior to the pandemic.” Few would demur from this; the problem lies in the former remark: access to vaccines. On that score, Australians continue to dream, supply continues to be short, and the federal government continues to bungle. Gold standards have, in the meantime, turned into rusted metal.


Image from Twitter (@james_powditch)


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  1. pierre wilkinson

    meanwhile the MSM continue to say nothing of the failure of the Berejiklian government’s mismanagement compared to the scathing treatment Labor governments received… for succeeding in instituting effective controls
    shades of Ruby Princess mark II

  2. New England Cocky

    Now, now … you know that the NSW Gladbags Liarbral Nazional$ COALition is doing its inadequate best to appear to be attempting to approach the problem of upsetting Scummo’s preferred strategy of having the COVID-19 pandemic run rampant through the Australian population, weeding out the aged, the infirm and the medically challenged to allow more government spending on their mates in the foreign owned multinational corporations that keep the entitled unelected political hacks in their air-conditioned offices sipping lattes while workers and unemployed Australian voters struggle to keep food on the family dinner table.

  3. Canguro

    Opinion polls released this last week have Morrison’s approval plummeting, along with the government’s.

    Yesterday. Laura Tingles writes …“the Prime Minister, after being absent from public view for most of the week, re-emerged on Friday in an early morning radio blitz to herald a new arrangement…”

    She has to couch her language, I guess.

    She could have written that ‘the PM, faced with mounting disapproval for his lies, evasions & utter incompetency, reacted as he he wont to do and did his usual pathetic disappearing act, probably to get on the piss and immerse himself in porn binges for distraction while dressed in his favourite Hawaiian shirt and sarong along with the floral lei he’d worn the last time his missus allowed him near her, only to finally rouse himself from his moribund state of irresponsibility after numerous pleas from his panicked colleagues – ‘boss, boss, you need to get back to work.. the fucking ship’s sinking!’ – and to hastily compose his latest page of bullshit and lies to be flung at the masses through his favoured medium of garbage radio shock-jock pronouncements. Meanwhile, the testing of the electorate continues to show their deepening despair that this idiot is allowed to continue in his present role.’

  4. Pete Petrass

    I would like to think all the LNP voters out there are watching all of this. Particularly LNP voters in Labor states. Watching how the Ruby Princess (gladbags) infected the country, how Scummo and Co and Murdoch publicly smashed and ridiculed Labor states for their actual lockdowns, how Scummo and Co lauded gold standard gladbags and her contact tracers, and of course how Scummo and Co and Murdoch have all gone into hiding now that the Delta Queen (gladbags) has completely lost control of her latest outbreak. With people dying, on ventilators, in ICU and infections seemingly out of control Delta Queen continues to resist a REAL lockdown. And of course in the background there is good ole Scummo flailing about like the incompetent idiot he is and still trying to play the blame game on the vaccine strollout, still announcing lies and obfuscation, disappearing again for a whole week and of course wasting more millions on a “flat as a tack” ad campaign to look like he is actually doing something.

  5. Leoni

    I actually feel a little sorry for Gladys. She looks so alone up there in the spotlight. When Qld was in lockdown she was on the news every night berating our Premier. More often than not ScoMo was right there with her, also laying into Anastasia, and holding NSW (and Gladys) up as the Gold Standard State.

    Now it is all falling apart and … where the bloody hell is he?

  6. Phil Pryor

    One must hope, against experience, that the slow and silly part of the Australian electorate will more and more see the P M, Mr. Scott, Loudgob-Bullshit as a menace, an enemy, a pest, a TRAITOR and a lazy idiot in failing his duties, for supply in vaccines, arrivals only of vaccinated people, old retirees homes, etc, quarantine, are federal responsibilities being ignored and abused by stupid liars. We have never ever had such filthy collusion in mediocrity and negligence, with bent foreign controlled media in cahoots, and an absolute turd back in as deputy P M, the hopeless Barnaby Beersandrootem. Where is the minster for HEALTH? Or is it for unnecessary sickness and DEATH?

  7. Kathryn

    Hmmmm, it looks like the Minister for Vacuous Announcements aka the bone-idle Sloth MorriSCAMMER has taken yet another runner to avoid being seen anywhere near his fallen “Golden” girl, sad-eyed Glad, and thereby trying (and failing) to avoid the catastrophic chaos and ensuing dysfunction of the once Golden Standard State’s fall from grace!

    If there was an OLYMPIC GAMES for hollow, sanctimonious, yellow-bellied cowards, Morrison would get Gold, Silver and Bronze in EVERY event! He has been caught playing Hide and Seek for months now! Can’t hold a hose (during the worst bushfires in NSW in decades); Doesn’t have the balls to sack criminal predators like Porter, Taylor and Tudge and other appalling miscreants hiding away in his cabinet, completely f*ked up the vaccination roll-out and DESPITE being the undeserving recipient of the fifth highest political salary in the world, delegates 80% of his job to the States especially in relation to quarantining and organising an effective national vaccination program! Truly, Morrison is about as useless as a chocolate teapot!

  8. skip

    hello lemmings

    Adverse Reactions

    Adverse Reactions in Clinical Trials Adverse reactions following the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that have been reported in clinical trials include:

    injection site pain, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, fever, injection site swelling, injection site redness, nausea, malaise, and lymphadenopathy (see Full EUA Prescribing Information). Adverse Reactions in Post Authorization Experience Severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, and other hypersensitivity reactions (e.g., rash, pruritus, urticaria, angioedema), diarrhea, vomiting, and pain in extremity (arm) have been reported following administration of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine outside of clinical trials.

    Additional adverse reactions, some of which may be serious, may become apparent with more widespread use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

    The Nuremberg Code (1947)

    Permissible Medical Experiments

    The great weight of the evidence before us to effect that certain types of medical experiments on human beings, when kept within reasonably well-defined bounds, conform to the ethics of the medical profession generally. The protagonists of the practice of human experimentation justify their views on the basis that such experiments yield results for the good of society that are unprocurable by other methods or means of study. All agree, however, that certain basic principles must be observed in order to satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts:
    1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

    just be terrified suckers

    have a nice day

    oh by the way . . .

    Oh, and try the auto-bio of MX

  9. king1394

    Let’s not forget the incredible pressure from business owners to keep commercial activities going. The contrast that has been made between the problems of individual illness and death within the population and the higher value being given to having no interruptions to trade needs analysis. One wonders why it is not obvious that if people are afraid of possibly succumbing to serious illness , they won’t be shopping

  10. Jack Cade


    As I think I’ve posted before, a leading British consultant specialist said that Pfizer is an utterly unscrupulous company. It charges a couple of thousand dollars for products that cost a few cents to produce. It also attempted to block South Africa – suffering an AIDS epidemic – from buying a cheap rival AIDS treatment and had be hauled before world courts to resolve it.
    US Pharma famously said that they are not interested in cures; cures affect their bottom lines.

  11. Bill

    Hi skip, re Adverse Reactions and “safe and effective”: once upon a time, ‘safe’ meant “secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss”. Those were the days.
    I read a report out of Spain this week that a Pfizer vial was independently examined and was found to contain graphene oxide, a high-tech industrial compound that has no place in the human body. Any undeclared substance deliberately put in a vial voids Pfizer’s exemption from liability. All that need happen now is for the evidence to be give to the courts for their consideration.
    Is the TGA checking on the contents of vials being imported or is it a case of tick and flick? If a Nuremberg 2.0 happens, all aspects and actors will be exposed.

  12. GL


    I call utter bullshit on your supposed report!

    “Dr Jane Ruby”, who you didn’t mention, is yet another raving right wing nutcase. She claims to be a “health economist.” So you and Skip, and to a certain extent Jack Cade can shove your conspiracy and pseudo science garbage up your anal sphincters.

  13. John OCallaghan

    Morrison is now known as “Blister”… he turns up after all the hard work is done! …

  14. Bill

    GL, I can’t be bothered with another word slop from Politifact but the Forbes article by Bruce Lee is laughable in its naivity: “claims circulating that the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is around 99% graphene oxide. This despite the fact that graphene oxide does not appear on either the FDA or CDC list.” Pfizer is a company fined $Billions for illegal activity.
    To disprove the Spanish findings the TGA could seize without prior warning a number of vials from batches and test. Won’t happen will it? There is no accountability with vaccines. From top to bottom it’s on the inoculated person to check ingredients and verify that what is stated on the insert is safe and that nothing extra has been added. DYOR and good luck everyone.

  15. Jack sprat

    Gladys’s gold standard proving to be just flaking gold paint covering a cheap smelter base alloy .it was only a matter of time that spin and luck would stop the spread of the virus in NSW.Brad health Hazzard living up to his surname by saying we shall just have to learn to live with the virus .

  16. GL


    Check this out:

    “Claims that a study from the University of Almería, Spain, found graphene oxide in the… etc etc.”

    There is no conclusive evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains graphene oxide

    Shall I keep going? No? Better still, supply a link to the supposed research and not have to rely on your unsubstantiated opinion. If you can’t or won’t then you go and keep living in your little fantasy world and keep reality locked out.

  17. skip

    gosh dang GL mebbe take a Bex and have pharma lies down

    few facts bouts your fizzer $$$daddee . . . .

    In 2003 Pfizer paid $6 million to settle with 19 states that had accused the company of using misleading ads to promote its Zithromax medication for children’s ear infections.

    In 2004 Pfizer’s Warner-Lambert subsidiary agreed to pay $430 million to resolve criminal and civil charges that it paid physicians to prescribe its epilepsy drug Neurontin to patients with ailments for which the medication was not approved. Documents later came to light suggesting that Pfizer arranged for delays in the publication of scientific studies that undermined its claim for the other uses of Neurontin. In 2010 a federal jury found that Pfizer committed racketeering fraud in its marketing of Neurontin; the judge in the case subsequently ordered the company to pay $142 million in damages.

    In 2007 Pfizer subsidy Pharmacia & Upjohn agreed to pay $34.7 million to settle federal charges relating to the illegal marketing of its Genotropin human growth hormone.

    In 2009 Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion to resolve criminal and civil charges relating to the improper marketing of Bextra and three other medications. The amount was a record for a healthcare fraud settlement. John Kopchinski, a former Pfizer sales representative whose complaint helped bring about the federal investigation, told the New York Times: “The whole culture of Pfizer is driven by sales, and if you didn’t sell drugs illegally, you were not seen as a team player.” As part of the settlement, Pfizer had to enter into a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services.

    In 2010 Pfizer disclosed that during a six-month period the previous year it had paid $20 million to some 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals for consulting and speaking on the company’s behalf. This was the first time the company had made public its spending of this kind.

    plenty more . . . . pharmacom . . . . so disgusting!!!

  18. GL


    Um, Bex? It’s a bit hard to take a powder that was removed from the shelves in 1977 because of it’s addictive qualities and other side effects. Wakey-wakey Skip, it’s 2021. You must work for one of Pfizer’s opponents because you seem to take glee in posting their monetary fines, etc.

  19. Michael Taylor

    “take a Bex…”

    Hmm. Bit below the belt, that one.

  20. skip

    so sorrry not a bex GL bot hav an oxy/ritolin or have a . . .

    yeah just ‘trust’ pharma . . . . .

    From Reuters:

    Purdue OxyContin settlement would rank among largest in pharma history
    By Reuters Staff

    4 MIN READ

    (Reuters) – OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP has reached a tentative multibillion-dollar agreement with some plaintiffs aimed at settling thousands of lawsuits over its alleged role in the U.S. opioid crisis, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

    The settlement could be valued at up to $12 billion, they said, which would make it the largest such settlement in U.S. pharmaceutical history.

    The following are some of the largest previous U.S. legal settlements involving the pharmaceutical industry.

    ** Merck & Co $4.85 billion, 2007 – Three years after it pulled its widely used arthritis pain drug Vioxx from the market over safety concerns and following several product liability trials, Merck agreed to pay nearly $5 billion to settle most of the 60,000 lawsuits alleging that Vioxx caused heart attacks and strokes. Kenneth Frazier, who was the company’s general counsel and oversaw the litigation and settlement strategy, became Merck’s CEO on Jan. 1, 2011.

    ** American Home Products Corp (Changed name to Wyeth) $3.75 billion, 2000 – Three years after the weight-loss combination popularly known as fen-phen and used by millions of Americans was pulled from the market because one of the two drugs was linked to serious, potentially fatal heart valve problems, a federal judge approved a $3.75 billion class-action settlement. The agreement called for money to be distributed to those hurt by the drug, with payments of up to $1.5 million depending on severity of injury or duration of use. The total included $1 billion set aside to pay for future medical checkups.

    ** GlaxoSmithKline Plc $3 billion, 2012 – GSK agreed to plead guilty and pay $3 billion in criminal and civil penalties for promoting drugs such as antidepressants Paxil and Wellbutrin for unapproved uses, failure to provide safety data for its Avandia diabetes drug and for paying kickbacks to doctors.

    ** Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd $2.4 billion, 2015 – The Japanese drugmaker agreed to pay $2.4 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits alleging that its Actos diabetes drug caused bladder cancer. Takeda did not admit liability and said the claims were without merit but agreed to settle to “reduce the uncertainties of complex litigation.”

    ** Pfizer Inc $2.3 billion, 2009 – The settlement for improper marketing of 13 drugs included a $1.3 billion criminal fine for promoting the now-withdrawn arthritis pain drug Bextra for unapproved uses. The practices were exposed by six whistleblowers. Pfizer had acquired Bextra with its purchase of Pharmacia. The case included off-label promotion of the anti-seizure drug Neurontin.

    ** Johnson & Johnson $2.2 billion, 2013 – J&J agreed to the settlement to end civil and criminal investigations into promotion for unapproved uses of its antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega and for paying kickbacks to pharmacists.

    ** Abbott Laboratories $1.6 billion, 2012 – Settlement resolved civil and criminal allegations that Abbott promoted anti-seizure drug Depakote for uses not approved by U.S. regulators. Abbott agreed to plead guilty to one misdemeanor violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and enter into a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the U.S. government to oversee its compliance program for five years.

    ** Eli Lilly and Co $1.42 billion, 2009 – The agreement settled criminal and civil charges that Lily promoted top-selling schizophrenia drug Zyprexa for unapproved uses and patients, including for children and the elderly. The resolution included a criminal fine of $515 million and up to $800 million in a civil settlement with the federal government and U.S. states.

    Reporting by Bill Berkrot; Editing by Leslie Adler

  21. Bill

    Hi GL, I didn’t mention Dr. Ruby as I’ve been reading from the original work. You will need to juggle a number of scientific principles. That skill evades all journalists and ‘fact checkers’ to date, but I believe you can handle it.
    Try this – Official Interim Report of Pfizer’s Vaccination Vial Analysis Explained by La Quinta Columna (30/06/2021)
    MagnetGate The vaccine-magnet challenge phenomena began in May this year and didn’t believe it at first. Then I read into Magnetogenetics.
    If the graphene oxide story is true and Pfizer has included it deliberately in vials, then: the 1st fatal error they made was not thinking about the possibility a group of pranksters would stick magnets on their arms and that the videos would go viral; and, the 2nd fatal error is they didn’t entertain the possibility a group of researchers with access to an electron microscope and other equipment would find the graphene oxide. Best laid plans of rats??
    I wouldn’t like to be working for the TGA and pretending there is nothing to see here.
    Here are a few VAERS reports on magnetics: 1341704-1 , 1315754-1 , 1310975-1

  22. GL


    Your petty childishness does you no favours. I couldn’t find an old Bex, does raspberry sherbet sound like a good replacement instead?


    Your continual posting of links that ultimately lead to conspiracy/anti-vaxxers and, no doubt, right wing nut job sites does not help in furthering your argument. What’s next, the alien lizards that are living inside the moon are causing…oh wait, David Icke beat me to that one.

  23. Roswell


    Your petty childishness does you no favours.

    I agree, GL.

    I’d go as far to say that skip is making an idiot of him/herself.

  24. Gl


    Refer to the first line of my previous comment.

    The article is: “Sydney Mockdown: The Delta Variant Strikes.” and has absolutely nothing to do with the money crap you banging on about!

    Grow up you petulant child. Reply if you like but I’ve had enough, and I suspect others feel the same way. Either post something relevant or shut up.

  25. Bill

    GL, a couple of questions: If you google ‘magnetogenetics’ do you get a screen filled with links to webpages that describe magnetogenetics as ‘fake science’ or ‘conspiracy theory’? If you visit the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting site, do you get re-directed to conspiracy websites? If you have read the presentation by La Quinta Columna and want to ignore it that’s your business. If you don’t want to do your own research and continue to rely on the mush being thrown up by a totally conflicted and corrupted media and paid lobbyist hacks advising govt that’s your lot.

  26. GL


    Re: US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting, this where it falls down:

    “Strengths and Limitations of VAERS Data

    When evaluating VAERS data, it is important to understand the strengths and limitations.
    VAERS accepts reports from anyone. This also allows VAERS to act as an early warning system to detect rare adverse events.
    VAERS collects information about the vaccine, the person vaccinated, and the adverse event. Scientist obtain follow-up information on serious reports.
    All data (without identifying patient information) are publicly available.

    VAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning that reports about adverse events are not automatically collected. Instead someone who had or is aware of an adverse event following vaccination must file a report.
    VAERS reports are submitted by anyone and sometimes lack details or contain errors.
    VAERS data alone cannot determine if the vaccine caused the reported adverse event.

    This specific limitation has caused confusion about the publicly available data, specifically regarding the number of reported deaths. In the past there have been instances where people misinterpreted reports of death following vaccination as death caused by the vaccines; that is a mistake.
    VAERS accepts all reports of adverse events following vaccination without judging whether the vaccine caused the adverse health event. Some reports to VAERS might represent true vaccine reactions, and others might be coincidental adverse health events not related to vaccination at all.
    Generally, a causal relationship cannot be established using information from VAERS reports alone.
    The number of reports submitted to VAERS may increase in response to media attention and increased public awareness.
    It is not possible to use VAERS data to calculate how often an adverse event occurs in a population."

    So the anti-vaxxer/conspiracy clowns use it to try and bolster their spurious bullshit.

    How conspiracy theorists are using a CDC database to spread misinformation and fear

    Magnetogenetics is a fairly new technology and appears to have its uses in the medical/neurological fields although I think there will be more years of study before it is, maybe, accepted as standard practice. But, as is usual, the anti-vaxxers/conspiracy nuts have seen it and completely twisted it to suit their lunatic agendas like they with most technologies, medical or otherwise.

    I started here on my search (screw calling it “googling”, it’s a search) –

    It gave me reasonably simple rundown on the field.

    I also found this article this morning –

    Also had a look at the National Center for Biotechnology Information but the articles are far more technical and, easily admitted, more difficult to understand.

    All in all I think we have to go to the old adage of “agreeing to disagree” and leave it at that. At least you didn’t go down the road of childish petulance like Skip.

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