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Let’s hear it for the ladies

Election diary No 11. Wednesday, 16 February 2022.

The first thing to say about the National Press Clubs ladies’ speech day was that Albo turned up; Scomo didn’t.

1 In one of those moments you cannot manufacture, Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins at the National Press Club expressed themselves in terms that honoured their femininity. They articulated their anger in a manner usually reserved for the angriest of men. It’s the men who have to modify their behaviour.

Let’s hear it for these courageous ladies.

Conspicuous by his absence, the prime minister could have given the occasion the potency of his masculinity. He had the opportunity to display some leadership, but he seemed to belong to another era. Like Abbott, he allowed the opportunity to pass through to the keeper, reinforcing the point that it’s men who are the problem.

Sure, he would have had to experience the indignity of exposing his lack of understanding of just what women were telling him. But he could have made the statement that he cared and was prepared to listen despite the alleged embarrassment it would cause him.

Instead, again he paints himself as part of the problem and not the solution.

Tame and Higgins delivered what could be a final knockout blow for Morrison, labelling him an abuser. Now it’s up to us to ensure that the final blow is struck at the ballot box!

In a tweet, Barrie Cassidy, former Insiders presenter, described their appearance thus:



The ABC’s Dannielle Macguire and Georgia Hitch wrote an excellent summary of the two speeches at the National Press Club.

In my reading, listening on this subject, I must say that most people miss the point. That is that men are the concern. It doesn’t occur to them, so women have to tell it as it is. It is our actions that have implications for others. Some men have never grown up. It can be seen in every sphere of life, from war to rape. The rise of narcissism and inequality and the demise of compassion is a male trait.

Unfortunately, the audience at the press club was comprised mainly of females. Even male journalists failed to front up. Were they in their absence making a point, or were they too embarrassed to do so? Anyway, two better speeches you are unlikely to hear again. It was a moment in time when women of today told men of yesterday that they needed to change. Not today, not yesterday or tomorrow. But immediately.

Of course, Andrew Bolt had a different take on the event. Writing in The Herald Sun, he lamented that:

“There was “unbridled hate” for Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the National Press Club today, says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

It comes as advocates for survivors of sexual assault and abuse, Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins, addressed the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday.

“Unbridled hate, not the slightest attempt to reach out to the Liberals to join in tackling an issue that should concern all of us,” Mr Bolt said.

Bolt would have his supporters, but obviously, he also misses the point. Reaching out to Liberals has no future in it. Given their record, it would be the last thing you would do.

At some time in the human narrative … in our history, man declared himself superior to women. It must have been an accident, or at least an act of gross stupidity. But that’s men for you.

2 Scott Morrison warned his ministers (as all Prime Ministers do) that disunity spelt political death. He told the party room:

“I’m going to lead, and I’m asking you once again to follow me to an election victory.”

After an all-night sitting and as dawn approached on Thursday, five Liberals ignored the prime minister’s advice and crossed the floor to vote against Morrison’s baby; the religious discrimination bill.

The show of faces was more extensive than expected and left senior figures somewhat bewildered.

News from the Senate was no better. They didn’t have the numbers to get its religious discrimination legislation through the Senate. Liberal senator Andrew Bragg also intended to cross the floor.

It wasn’t Morrison’s only problem. As per The Guardian, a “Fresh leak revealed Scott Morrison was rolled in cabinet over a plan to win back the renegade MPs.” Now, he was facing a boilover on the right.

The over-represented Australian Christian Lobby was so aggrieved it called for the legislation to be withdrawn.

Remember Morrison had told the Christian right after seeing same-sex marriage pass through the Parliament that he would give them protection. Religious discrimination would be Morrison’s major reform, the legacy of his prime ministership.

He also saw it as a potent political wedge against Labor as ever playing the political game. But the legislation failed to protect vulnerable kids. Once again, his political judgement was found wanting. It would greatly diminish his ability to raise the voice of religious discrimination in the coming election.

The wedge had become a reverse wedgie with a two-hand grip.



Channel 10 and the Australian were reporting that:

“Scott Morrison was rolled by his own cabinet, after presenting them with a plan to save his religious discrimination bill by also putting a national integrity commission bill back on the agenda.”

3 By the end of the week, or should I say three years late, Peter Dutton sought to even the score by saying that the five (who crossed the floor) had given assurances. Any Government that takes 3 three years to pull some relatively simple legislation together doesn’t deserve to govern.

Dutton also raised the spectre of Labor being connected to China, bringing yet another scare campaign into focus.

4 Come Saturday, the headlines in mainstream media outlets confirmed that Morrison had suffered another horror fortnight of political chaos. The following day, all three journalists on Insiders were aggressive in their condemnation of our governance.

Here are some of the major headlines:

Familiar tune: Morrison opens up his home amid ‘kitchen sink’ strategy, but will it actually work? (The Sydney Morning Herald).

Scott Morrison says he ‘understands’ Canberra antivax protesters amid skirmishes with police (The Guardian).

Discriminatory ‘sword’ may spill Coalition blood (The Australian).

The government lost a dramatic showdown on religious discrimination laws overnight. So, what happened? (The ABC).

Why the Liberals will not dump Scott Morrison … but the voters might (The Sydney Morning Herald).

Our hard-ball next PM? Peter Dutton signed up ‘to play tackle, not touch’ (The Sydney Morning Herald).

The political week that ended in the toilet, literally (WAtoday).

Stood-aside MP Alan Tudge will recontest his seat, despite cloud of allegations (The Sydney Morning Herald).

5 George Christensen, the soon to depart extortioner of public funds, was found ripping off the taxpayer to the tune of $10,000 a month to feed like-minded nutters with conspiracy theories about “unelected global elites.”



In August last year, the federal Parliament condemned Christensen after describing COVID-19 restrictions as “madness“.

And the promotion of anti-vaccination, of course.

6 If you come across the word Cakeism (as used in politics), it means “You cannot be all things to everybody all the time.” Or “you cannot have your cake and eat it too.”

7 Monday 14 February, The Poll Bludger reports Newspoll 55/45 for Labor.

“Newspoll’s second poll for the year records no change on the major party primary votes since the Coalition’s disastrous result a fortnight ago, but a decline in Greens support and Anthony Albanese’s personal ratings.”

My thought for the day

Just because clowns govern us doesn’t mean it is a laughing matter.

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  1. New England Cocky

    Our self-inflicted wound of a Parliament needs a thorough cleanout of present incumbents with a track record of abusing their position by using taxpayer funds against the best interests of Australian voters.

    Still, the solution remains in the hands of ALL AUSTRALIN VOTERS!

    Vote anyone but Liarbrals in city electorates,
    vote credible local Independent or SFF in country electorates; &
    vote BELOW THE LINE for every candidate in the order of my preference on BOTH the House of Reps and the Senate ballot papers

  2. New England Cocky

    More lies & misinformation from Benito Duddo:

    ”Dutton also raised the spectre of Labor being connected to China, bringing yet another scare campaign into focus.”


  3. leefe

    “In my reading, listening on this subject, I must say that most people miss the point. That is that men are the concern. It doesn’t occur to them, so women have to tell it as it is. … Some men have never grown up.”

    Thank you for this. Far too few blokes are willing to say it.

  4. Carl Marks

    I don’t want to know about Poitr.

    Stories about corruption involving top ministers keep proliferating, yet msm often concentrates on the irrelevent, a lmost as a diversion from substantative issues.

  5. Keitha Granville

    I suspect the reason that not many men attended the press club was either, they left it too late to get a seat cos it was sold out very fast, or, they didn’t see it as being of any importance to them. That’s the point Grace and Brittany made very firmly. Men on the whole don’t care, it isn’t important. They’re too busy running countries and managing economies etc. (hahahahahaha)
    The ladies were brilliant ! If that kind of anger and vitriol is what’s needed to get something done, more of it please. I was impressed that Grace suggested she wouldn’t bother going into politics cos she’s worked out she can do more outside. How true. They suffered horrendously but laid their souls bare for all of us to see. Now it is up to us to make sure we VOTE LABOR.

  6. GL


    “…they didn’t see it as being of any importance to them.” I think pretty much sums the whole thing up.

  7. Sue

    John, true, and more power to Grace and Brittany.

    Interesting that while most are onboard with their mission, some in the media are not. What do you make of the Daily Mail article (15/02) – ‘Is it time for Australia to legalise marijuana? Grace Tame’s giant bong photo sparks calls for an end to war on dope’.

    Apparently the editor thought it a good idea to use an old photo of the illegal actions of a trauma victim on her journey to recovery to pretend this is a good argument to use marijuana for medical purposes. So, they couldn’t track down one of the 100s of scientific studies to support the idea?

    Some in media cannot walk a metre in someone else shoes but are happy to land an opportunistic backhander to an ex-Australian of the Year for speaking out against abuse. This shows a legacy media with near zero levels of empathy, out to silence critics of the old system.

    No wonder msm is dying.

  8. Ross

    A couple of months to the election. Just enough time to buy a spare TV remote.
    The main one will have the mute button worn out extra quick when the campaigning starts for real.
    Might get a new NO JUNK MAIL for the letterbox as well.

    A no dickheads policy and a vote, what could possibly go wrong.

  9. Kerri

    What does it say for the general representation of the people by the LNP that the majority if LNP politicians thought this man would be a good leader? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. wam

    A great read, lord,
    Not too sure about ‘ladies’ but these women were forceful enough to show that their treatment by scummo et al was not welcomed and his apology was off topic like the clp comments on my page, not one of which mentioned the abuse of women but described the action of the women as ‘disgusting’.
    It prompted this letter:
    t was scary to read a post, from an ex-NTNews journalist, on my page.
    He felt that the press club lunch was not the place for the pro-Labor political speech of Grace and Brittany.
    The long list of clp men and women agreed, the focus was the disrespect for scummo.
    Unbelievably one woman was so disgusted by the lack of respect she said she would never listen to the women again.
    Not one post mentioned the issue of abuse of women and children.
    How sad is that from the clp?”
    “As for respect for the PM?
    Who, reflecting on Morrison’s record of dealing with sexual abuse, his condoning of his parliamentary party’s disrespect towards their female colleagues and staffers plus his blatant protection of accused men, would not take Grace’s stance?
    Indeed, Finocchiaro, should show her stance on the abuse and mistreatment of women by Morrison and her clp that saw senator Dr McMahon feel unsafe at meetings.

    ps lord
    Your thought could be out of date as the clown has become a symbol of fear.

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