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Is Scott Morrison guilty of cloning Donald Trump?

Amid the trumped-up support of Donald Trump, you might remember the time he made some lewd comments, on a recording, about women. The one where he mentioned grabbing them by the p#ssy.

At the time, his running partner Mike Pence said “I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them.” After that episode, he continued to come out strongly in support of his partner:

“Pence vigorously defended his running mate against the claims and promised evidence casting doubt on the claims was about to be released.”

Pence said Trump personally assured him that the allegations were untrue:

“Before the day is out, there’ll be more evidence publicly that calls into question these latest allegations.

Stay tuned. I know there’s more information that’s going to be coming out that will back up his claim that this is all categorically false.”

Nothing eventuated.

In the same breath, Pence also defended Donald Trump’s use of the Tax Code, racism, and the disgusting remarks he made against the Army Capt. Humayun Khan.

He defended Trump against what he said were unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct made by multiple women.

We are entitled to ask the question: How is it possible for a man who places his belief in God above all else, including politics, able to defend a man who is so obviously at odds with the teachings of Christ?

Is he not sinning in defending a racist misogynist who has little time for righteous behaviour?

Are we not also entitled to ask the Australian Prime Minister and his deputy, who display the same God-fearing traits, why they both defended Trump’s actions.

Well-know journalist Dennis Atkins concurs:



How is it that godly men married to the ten commandants and believe in the absolute Christian tenants of faith, love and truth can defend a known narcissistic liar and cheat? If you are a Christian, then perhaps you should ask your God.

Too often, those of faith hide behind the omission of facts and actions. They deny things that can be proven to be true. In front of their God, they deny their actions.

In my knowledge of faith, every time Scott Morrison tells a lie or puts into action a policy that will hurt people, he sins. He cannot have it both ways.



Morrison’s refusal to criticise Trump’s behaviour – let alone accept that the violent mob was incited by Trump – can only mean that he condones it. Even now, he continues to imply his admiration for the man.

But then their policies and decisions show that they are both opinionated, self-centred, narcissistic, and without empathy. The only difference is that Trump thinks himself a genius.

In a survey conducted by The Australia Institute, 56% of respondents agreed when asked whether Morrison should either criticise or condemn Trump for his role in inciting the riots. In comparison, 26% disagreed and 18% were unsure.

The Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, was circumspect in his response to what he called “effectively an insurrection”, saying there was “no doubt that both the words and actions of Donald Trump have encouraged this activity.”

I agree with Dennis Atkins. We have a weak, spineless and character-free Prime Minister.

My thought for the day

Religion does not have a monopoly on morality. Or anything else in my experience.

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  1. Bronte ALLAN

    Both of these lying incompetent buffoons, (supposedly) “religious” bigots could not lay straight in bed! Although the Trumpet is the bigger bastard, in my opinion, they are both tarred with the same brush. Your excellent & factual article informs us of just what these two dickheads are–real bastards. Misogynists, who both believe in “fake” news, when they are the ones telling it! The yanks have done the right thing in getting rid of their anchor weight, here’s hoping we will do the same to SloMo when the time comes.

  2. New England Cocky

    Now JL, here you go again without thinking about the tenets of the Hellslingers Cult of Greed & Paedophile Protection.

    1) Members are allowed to do whatever is necessary to achieve a financial gain that will be shared (10%) with the Cult. Remember, there are always dispensations available for those who can purchase them.

    2) Saying nothing and doing nothing regardless of the consequences of omission is a satisfactory defence in all situations.

    3) Foreigners are dangerous, especially when they cannot afford to fly into Australia, because they obviously come from communities where the community good is a major consideration in all decisions.

    4) Having a reported 13/22 Federal cabinet Ministers being Hellslingers ensures that all our foreign owned multinational corporations will continue to have unfettered operation to remove Australian resources at will at negligible expense.

    5) The US Capitol attempted coup inspired by Trumpery et al shows what can happen if, and only if, the membership of the Nazional$ Party increases beyond 100 members holding MDB water licences.

  3. Henry Rodrigues

    Well said NECocky. The most committed and unrepentent hypocrites are the bible bashers, here, there, and everywhere .Nothing is too base for them, as long as its serves their political and social goals. Imagine using the same hand to wave the Bible as grabbing pussy, The irony never ceases to amaze. Of course, Scummo doesn’t see any thing dirty about that either, after all, he loves his wife and children. takes them to Hawaii for ice cream and fun in the sand. Such a nice guy is our Scummo..

  4. Andrew J. Smith

    Interesting how Morrision is all front and mouth on claiming Australia Day and the First Fleet (for skips or WASPS), and of course Google/Facebook on behalf of Australian media players i.e. mostly NewsCorp.

    Not sure if he would be prepared to take on NewsCorp, 9Fairfax or Seven regarding issues of competition, diversity, quality content , reach, breaching standards etc.; like Google and especially Facebook, media, commentators and MPs are dependent in having their messaging disseminated and amplified by Facebook, or indexed as news on Google…..

  5. wam

    An odd post, lord? Cloning trump? A trump clone? I hope so because trump’s aura is gone, he is shown himself to be gutless under pressure and an avoider of responsibility. Given the opportunity scummo will defeat himself. Can albo put some pressure??? The monopoly the bible religions have is is the propagation of the real truth by selecting. Biden is catholic, albo is catholic, scummo is hillsong. Compatible? NEC well said: in layman’s terms, jews, christians, muslims and hillsingers can legitimately lie if they are avoiding threats to faith or they are leading to a godly outcome with a pure heart. When the lie is not a lie. Thus the rabbott was opus dei and could not lie even when he said he lied such is the power of belief. It is time for politicians to be questioned as to the beliefs that drive their decisions..
    ps it is odd your state,, lord, refuses cricket australia’s acceptance of jan 26 not being australia day but NSW does??

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