According to Ernst & Young (EY), the renewable energy sector is approaching a situation where it does not need government subsidies.

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In whom can we trust?

According to Ernst & Young (EY), the renewable energy sector is approaching a situation where it does not need government subsidies.

By contrast, “G20 countries are subsidising oil, gas and coal explorers to the tune of $US88 billion ($100 billion) annually through grants, loans, and tax deductions.”

We have to ask ourselves – WHY???

Have governments sold their collective soul to fossil fuel and mining companies for a post-politics sinecure?

They sure as hell do not put the electors high in their list of priorities when it comes to providing much-needed assistance!

As far as Robo-debt is concerned, the government has not only admitted it acted unlawfully, and has undertaken to repay the money demanded from a multitude of Centrelink beneficiaries, many of whom paid up while not accepting that the demand was legitimate, but it has gone further, and is trying to head off a class action seeking damages for their illegal behaviour.

There will always be a few bad eggs in every basket, but the flawed process used by the government to identify those whom they then accused of having defrauded Centrelink, wrongly identified hundreds who either owed nothing or at least less than was being demanded from them.

And this is in a situation where Gestapo-like tactics are being used with people who are largely highly vulnerable.

It appears that the ill-fated algorithm was developed by Centrelink in response to a requirement from government that Centrelink raise revenue by recovering funds over-paid to recipients.

And this is the same government which has been begged to take action to recover outstanding tax from corporations.

Almost simultaneously, it is alleged that the ATO required its tax collectors to issue garnishee orders on hundreds of debtors, ignoring the circumstances of those affected. An investigation is underway, but the whistle-blower who revealed the situation is being sued by ATO, with more than 100 years imprisonment at stake.

What faith can we have that our elected government develops policies for our benefit, when it creates super-departments like Human Services (a ludicrously mis-named organisation, the way it offers its services is far from humane!), the ATO and – it has to be added – Home Affairs, all of which appear to create more misery than happiness, while allowing the corporate sector to flout the rules.

Is this really the sort of government we want?

And the fact that they are currently hiding from scrutiny, by preventing Parliament from doing its proper job, is further cause for concern.

The National Cabinet has done a good job to date, but they must still prevent the Coalition from withdrawing desperately needed financial assistance, and throwing thousands if not millions into penury.

I end as always – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

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  1. Bronte ALLAN

    We can NEVER trust ANY of this stupid, lying COALition mob, especially with failed Slomo from marketing in charge! Since this effing mob has been trying to run the show for about10 years, ALL they have ever done is tell lies, untruths & bent the story to fit their own agenda–always helping out the Media barons, the mining owners (especially coal!) pastoralists, transport magnates, manufacturing/industrial owwnersetc etc. To hell with having ANY policies that will help the working class, the poor, the unemployed & people on Welfare etc. ALL they want to do is allow all their wealthy mates to not pay tax or minimise paying tax in Australia. There “devotion” to anything coal, their determination to fly in the face of all expert, scientific proof about Climate Change. We are ALL bloody doomed UNLESS they are not kicked out soon, however far to many idiots who vote in this country are very “satisfied” (?) with this COALItion mob!

  2. Yes Minister

    Bottom line is that all Australian governments in living memory have been both financially and morally bankrupt, quite frankly ‘government’ as we know it is nothing less than organized crime. Not only is the legislature a total farce, the bureaucracy running the show, and the judiciary a rubber stamp for the whole shebang. Separation of powers never did exist in Australia. Personally I do not believe it is possible to repair something so utterly borked, if we want an honorable, ethical, accountable, responsible and genuinely democratic government we must scrap the whole crooked mess (legislature, bureaucracy and judiciary) and start afresh.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Corporate whoring, fixing, rigging, white anting, paying out, the whole loyalty donorization and subjection of government to the requirements as imagined by all conservatives, means that raiding, ripping off, exploitation, superabuse of the environment, criminal pollution, illegalities rejigged by insiders as law, all this has ruined our present and threatens our planet’s future. Guillotines and axes will no longer do, it must be, so it seems, organised vigilante executions and assassinations to prune, cut, trim, eliminate the CROOKS. So called democracy, a theoretical variation of electoral parliamentary government, is simply not alive, not working for all of us.

  4. Lawrence S. Roberts

    This LNP Administration is so obviously bent in its criminal direction; we have to wonder, do they know what they are doing?
    Do they think that they can get away with it. Taxing the workers and small businesses while the mining mates pay no tax and get subsidies. Hitting young families with child care in these hard times. Rorting an election, twice over, just to be sure.
    In more normal times, we could expect to see some of these culprits behind bars. Do they know something we don’t?

  5. Jack Cade


    They are not interesting in governing, just in the opportunities it offers them to line their pockets and the bank accounts of their corporate owners.
    Menzies was an arselicking draft dodger, but I doubt that he would have allowed 75% of the current federal coalition MPs to remain in his government.

  6. Andrew Smith

    It’s a pity mainstream media are incapable of analysis and interrogation vs. being mere stenographers or ciphers for political messaging on behalf of conservative policy (influencers).

    The clever libertarian trap has been having abeing electors become agressively neo-liberal focusing upon lowering costs and taxes, or reflecting attention ‘look over there immigrants’ while raising financial aspirations; meanwhile fossil and related corporates expect and receive benefits of socialism. Go figure…..

  7. New England Cocky

    I have been studying the LIarbral Nazional$ governments of the past 45 years and have yet to find one COALiiton misgovernment that ever did anything for the benefit of Australian voters.

  8. DrakeN

    NEC, I have been pollie-watching for at least half a century and have yet to find any government which worked for the benefit of the community with the exception of those few years 1972 to 1975.

  9. Jimmy

    The banning of guns is their only crowning glory.
    Not a bad record for all the years they have held office.
    But there is a multitude of arseholes who would like to reverse that decision.

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