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I just want to say…

There are a few things I’ve been meaning to say, and now is as good a time as any.


I don’t always get the time to thank people individually for their donations to The AIMN, so I’ll take the opportunity here and now to thank everybody who has, and who continue to donate. I know it’s an old cliché, but we would be lost without you.

The mere fact that you support The AIMN honours us. We must mean something to you and I trust you are being rewarded with your investment.

Getting locked out of The AIMN

Just a reminder that you do not need to login to The AIMN to make a comment. Login is only for authors and admin.

We notice that a number of people are still getting locked out of The AIMN due to login failures. One of our admin unlocks you if that happens.

It dawned on me that some people may be getting locked out when they attempt to click on “Like” at the bottom of each article and they are asked to login first. This facility isn’t run by The AIMN, but by our blogging platform, WordPress. As such, only those with a WordPress profile can successfully click on “Like”. Yes, it is an oddity but not one I can work around.

My apologies if you are one of those people who keep getting locked out through this method.

Please note that this only locks you out of logging in. You may still comment if locked out.

What’s in a name?

Why are we called The Australian Independent Media Network?

When we began in 2013 we were a group of six independent social media sites who came together as one. The name explained exactly who we were, though the name was only going to be a temporary one.

Eight years later nothing has changed: We are still The Australian Independent Media Network.

Is it too late to change it now? Probably. And besides, we remain split over this. But nonetheless I’ve spent eight years trying to come up with something a bit more catchy (like The Political Sword, New Matilda or Independent Australia) but I always hit a blank.

So – just for the fun of it – I thought I’d put it to you. Do you think we should keep our name? If not, do you have any suggestions?

PS: Keep it clean. We would like to keep our “G” rating. 😉

Like what we do at The AIMN?

You’ll like it even more knowing that your donation will help us to keep up the good fight.

Chuck in a few bucks and see just how far it goes!

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  1. Anna

    I’m used to the AIMN – I’ll get confused if you change now
    Me me me I know 😉

  2. Mark Shields

    Just keep the AIM in whatever name you use, its idiomatic title is perfect. So far your aim at breaking through the political/corporate spin has been fabulous. Aim’n High is my hope for this network, if not it’s future name.

  3. RomeoCharlie29

    Yep, I vote to keep AIMN, got used to it now and can find the keys pretty easily even if they are spread around.
    And can you stop it capitalising the initial letter of my email address?

  4. John Boyd

    Fine with me…I sometimes worry that we are just talking to ourselves, but I find the forensic contributions often so useful.

  5. RosemaryJ36

    Please change nothing! And I agree with Mark!

  6. Intimit

    AIMN, ok it’s a 4 letter acronym of difficult derivation at 1st glance but after dipping ones attitudes in its inkwell of erudition it fits fine.

  7. Michael Taylor

    Be assured that we won’t be changing. 😀

  8. Roswell

    How about Roswell Media?

    What’s not to like about that?

  9. Carol Taylor

    But Roswell, if we called it Roswell Media after yourself then people might think that it’s a porn site. 😁

  10. paul walter

    Well, that should ramp up hits!

  11. Michael Taylor

    Roswell, you’d only turn it into another … wait for it … “Fox” News. 😂

    Yup. That was bad.

  12. Keitha Granville

    I like it, it says what it is – Independent. Not a lackey of some business mogul or government.
    Just keep on doing what you do so well.

  13. Consume Less

    AIMN is good. Don’t change it.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

  15. SAScorpion

    Keep up the great work and your name truly reflects the articles presented which are much better than the commercial media crap

  16. Sharon

    I like it the way it is, even if I get confused if talking about it and call it the AIMNewsletter – instead of Network!!

  17. jon chesterson

    I like it, its poignant and accurate to form and purpose, and Network is not a corporate or Liberal (perhaps I should say) political, but really that would be partisan concept, so I like it all the more. It is not possible nor wise to be apolitical or non-political, such a passive position or role is society today is like saying to a vegetarian don’t eat fruit and veggies, nothing true, good or wholesome would survive.

  18. Vikingduk

    Yep, Roswell The Truth Is Out There Media, that works.

  19. Jano from the Gong !

    To, Mick Taylor .

    Just a suggestion , Dear Mick ..

    I like AIMN .

    .But whats wrong with a fresh coat of paint, to add some new sparkle to the joint ! …….

    How about – NEWS SLEUTH MEDIA – AUSTRALIA . ( Forensic , Independent , Reporting ) …………………

    , I hope this suggestion , might wet some appetites at this wonderful establishment ! – …………………………………………….

    Food for thought ! ………………..

    Cheers from wollongong ,, Jano.

    you never know ? ….

  20. Michael Taylor

    Good suggestion, Jano.

    One thing that makes us hesitant to change our name is the cost involved. Our web designer/web host would have to set something up that whenever someone accesses the site from a shortcut or from typing in our current URL will be redirected to our new name.

    At $132 an hour they’d make sure they stretched it out to be a 4-hour job. ☹️

  21. Jano from the Gong !

    OK ..cool Mick ..Much appreciated ,,

    And i understand, and get the costs incurred , ….etc ….

    Was just hoping to inspire some thing- forward looking , All good Mate ,,

    May be , in the future , when circumstances are looking up … !

    No harm in suggestions , Dear Mick ..

    God Bless , from Jano …

  22. Barbara

    I like the name as it is, have been following for a couple of years now and enjoy reading the wonderful contributions from your regular writers and of course, the comments. Such a refreshing change from the dross dished up as news and ‘facts’ elsewhere. Always look forward to opening up the permanent tab on my little iPad to read the latest from AIMN.

    Both my husband and I contribute to a few ‘real news’ sites as we strongly believe they are a vital umbilical to the truth in this time of Murdoch and tame mainstream media, including Auntie! Shame more people can’t wake up and smell the truth. We both, always and at some ‘risk’ lol, ply our wares to all and sundry in the hope that at least some seeds may be sown. We always also recommend all of the independent and non mainstream news sources to anyone within earshot!

    We are both sick to death of the bullshit situation this country is in and want a better place for our beloved granddaughter who is only 15 months old. I currently despair and can’t love her enough.

    Kind regards to you both and thankyou for the sterling, honourable job you do.


  23. DrakeN

    Michael and Carol, I have become enamoured of the AIMNetwork name – it suits the whole shebang to a ‘T’.
    Not so much as a network of independent media, but a medium for independent minds.
    I have learned so much from the depth and breadth of both the editorial contributions and the comments.
    So AIMN might be repurposed to Australian Independent Minds Network, in spirit if not exactly in name. 😉

  24. New England Cocky


  25. Kathy

    Michael, glad you said that you’re not changing the name. The AIMN is too well known now.

  26. Michael Taylor

    You’re safe there, Kath. 😀

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