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WE DON’T SERVE THE GAYS HERE! Innovative Marketing solutions

Are you a business worried about your right to refuse service to the gays? Well listen up and save Shelton’s bank roll for your legal costs and stop Brandis worrying about writing legislation to allow you to legally refuse service to the gays. I know he isn’t the Prime Minister Tony is, but Malcolm is always challenging us to be innovative, so here are my top three, yes top three – exclusive and free innovative ideas for you, to help you refuse service to the gays. There is no need to be worried! There will be no need to refuse service! It is in your control! Marketing is so innovative!

Uniform Revamp

The right uniform can have a very positive impact on your business. Professionalism and authority (authority is like nationalism but sexier!) are the two most highly rated indicators directly influencing consumer purchases. In a study by Suffolk University in 2011, it was found that Uniforms influence consumers on product knowledge and expertise more than the other six strategies; such as radio, television, internet etc.,

So the answer for your business is to revamp your uniform and just openly advertise your bigotry. That way the LGBTIQ community, their families and allies can walk into your shop and see clearly your deep seated hatred by your uniform. Be warned, they may give you the middle finger! But all is good. They will take their service elsewhere. It saves the embarrassment of defending your right to bigotry in court and the freedom to express your homophobia and bigotry openly. Here are some great choices below:


Call to Action Marketing

Call to Action marketing is an online concept to directly attract the ‘right’ people to your business by them clicking on your online advertising. This takes the right customers direct to your website for sales and sign ups! Great targeted marketing tool yes? And you could go viral!

Here are some solutions to keep all LGBTIQ people, their family and allies away. This way, not only will you attract other bigots just like you, but you will most certainly win the internet by keeping basically 70% of Australia away from your business!


Re-branding! (Not Re-Brandis – Re-Branding)

Re-branding is a great way to really revitalise what your company is all about! It allows you to express a newly invigorated heart and soul as the demographic for your product changes, or you want to really hit some of that solid target market. Re-branding can stir deep feelings within other human beings and connect them to your business.

If you want your customers to share your deep homophobic and and anti-gay feelings – what better way to sell this than to stimulate these feelings through a new brand! Hopefully these fantastic re-branding ideas will help you!



I hope you have enjoyed these free tips I have shared. There is no need to be worried about refusing same sex couples service ever again, with these new marketing tricks. I hope I have helped you and your business today to find new and inventive ways to express your hatefulness, homophobia and bigotry with the FREEDOM you desire!

Originally Published on Polyfeministix


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  1. Ian Parfrey

    If ‘Jesus says No Gay Allowed Here’ then he is a homophobic prick. Also a bit skewed with internal thinking considering that (supposedly) Man is made in his image.

  2. Anomander

    Any business refusing to provide goods or services to the gay community can rest assured that chances of litigation are negligible.

    Word of mouth about who you are will no doubt be distributed throughout the gay community… and their friends… and their friends’ friends… and friends, friends’ friends.

    You may end-up with fewer, or maybe, no customers. But at least you’ll know you stood firm and will have plenty of spare time to enjoy and ruminate upon your beliefs – and study why your competitor’s business is now doing so well.

  3. Annie B

    ditto … Anomanders’ comments.

  4. crypt0

    Well said Anomander.
    At the end of this process, everyone must be happy … the said businesses because they have done zero business with the gay community, have not been taken to court and have consequently been penailzed zero dollars, which as we know, is the most important thing. Plus of course, be safe in the knowledge that they have fought the good fight and possibly earned some brownie points from cory and others of that ilk.
    And the gay community will be more than happy because they have contributed not one red cent to the businesses as noted above, have done much good business with willing transactees, and achieved all they set out to do!
    Win win situation!

  5. Steve Laing

    Love it Trish! Love it, love it, love it! It takes an altogether stupid business person to not recognise the value of the pink pound or the purple dollar!! Ka-ching!

  6. Carol Taylor

    I concur with Steve, love it! I say, let them go for it, let them have their bigotry and in return supporters of Marriage Equality can publish a name and shame list of businesses to AVOID. You don’t want to make a cake for my gay friends, then I, sure as hell don’t want to buy from you.

  7. Trish Corry

    Thanks. I’ve had some mixed emotions from this from people who have just read the headline.

  8. Zathras

    Here’s a story about a homophobic pastor who was deported from Botswana for hate speech that didn’t seem to make the local media.

    Earlier, companies like PayPal cancelled his Church’s accounts for the same reason so there are some people and businesses out there willing to take a stand against the haters as well.

    I would like to see those for-and-against businesses publicly named so we can pass our own judgements upon them as they have done to others.

    Meanwhile here’s another interesting angle on how far prejudice goes –

  9. paulwalter

    Seems strange to refuse service to gays nearly fifty years after places in the USA and OZ began winding back refusal of service involving black people.

    Personally, I wonder how long business people with that sort of psychotic rigidity of thinking are going to last in business anyway.

  10. helvityni

    Hubby tells me that there was an era in Oz history when women had to have their shandies in a special Ladies’ Lounge; I hope they all behaved ‘lady-like’. There were also according to him special Ladies Reserves, Powder Rooms, and I believe even Ladies Restrooms….did they go there for an afternoon nap…?

    Poor girls needed a break before husbands came home after the six o’clock swill to fortify themselves with a chop and three veg din din….

  11. Kaye Lee

    They weren’t allowed to serve Aboriginals either which didn’t stop them from selling it out the back door – they just couldn’t come in.

  12. Terry2

    It wasn’t that long ago that chemists (pharmacists) of a certain religious persuasion would refuse to stock or provide advice on contraception, perhaps it still happens (?).

    I remember, as a very shy young man plucking up the courage to go into a suburban pharmacy in Brisbane and asking for some condoms only to be told quite bluntly by the pharmacist that he couldn’t help me and when I naively enquired where I should go to get kitted out he was unable to assist.

  13. helvityni

    No condoms, no birth control pills; no wonder some young girls fell pregnant to a great shame of the family.

    My neighbour who used work as a nurse told me about helping to find a home tor one of these babies. The girl was a daughter of a FAMOUS FOOTBALLER, HE could not be shamed. What about the feelings of the mother and the child…!

  14. Ria, Young

    Years ago, if a male and female shared a house, then they were judged and vilified because they were living together, now, if 2 males or 2 females share a house, then they must be homosexuals, but now the male/female situation is accepted. Why does everyone assume that friends, of either sex, cannot be friends without the sexual overtones. If 2 women, or 2 men, enter a shop together, will they be served, or will service be denied? Will they be judged by homophobics unjustly. What business is that anyway of anyone.

  15. Trish Corry

    Yes, a good point Ria. One of the questions raised by these businesses is not just arranging the wedding, but their rights to refuse service after the wedding. It is a really sick mindset.

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