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This International Human Rights Day (10th Dec) could we find one journalist with enough honesty, enough integrity, enough sense of duty, enough understanding of Justice to ask our beloved ALP (I’m using sarcasm here) and our hated LNP why are they so excruciatingly silent about the treatment of one of their colleagues by the Coalition of the corrupt and savage human rights violators, the worst of the worst? (Was it Donald Rumsfeld who used the phrase to justify Guantanamo?)

Can one of them, one of the members of the local Third Estate get up from his/her couch and get out of their echo chamber where words of comfort and pleasure bounce off the walls and burst, like chardonnay bubbles on their lips and can s/he walk out of there and walk up to all those politicians-of-nothing and ask them, ask them in no ambivalent words, what do they think about how the Coalition of Egregious Human Rights Criminals are treating a man who has received the highest accolades and praises from the most eminent bodies of journalism and Human Rights Organisations for doing his/her job with the most fearless honesty? For shedding the light on human rights violations? Or are we to think that violations committed by one of us, are not violations at all but something other than that?

But we knew. We all knew that Assange’s days were numbered when our own PM, our beloved PM from our beloved ALP, (I’m using sarcasm again) the very same Julia Gillard, professed he was guilty even though our own Federal Police said “there have been no breaches of Australian law“! She was echoing the words of American later-to-be President, Joe Biden, who, in 2010, had called Assange a terrorist. Notionally, at least these two belong to a “left-leaning” party, a shameful misnomer if ever there was one, an appropriation of a title representing virtue by the representers of the vile!

What greater proof is there that Australia is but a dag hanging off America’s dirty bum?

We knew back then how the world really runs, how the game of world politics is really played and how, no matter how long the search and how honest the searching man is, the man who looks for an honest politician – with his torch lit, like the cynic philosopher, Diogenes of Sinope did in 5th Century BCE, Athens, he will not find him.

Today’s Diogenes is Andrew Wilkie, the Tasmanian MP. The poor man has been desperately searching for years now to find someone, some journalist who has fire enough in his belly and anger enough in his heart to shout louder than our beloved (satire again) Prime Minister, “Assange is innocent! Release Assange now!” Not one! Not ever! Fear and cowardice works like a vanishing cream and there’s enough vanishing cream in this country to make them all vanish!

There are others, of course apart from the Tasmanian MP, Andrew Wilkie. Some from the Greens, for example have enough wisdom, enough understanding of what is happening to our Assange, enough compassion and most importantly enough love for justice to yell with enough decibels about this shameless trampling of Justice by the powerful brutes of the world.

“The prime minister must get Assange home,” the Australian Greens leader, Adam Bandt, told Guardian Australia on Saturday. How many torches will it take and for how long must we search to find the justice seekers?

The pursuit of this innocent man has been going on for well over a decade. They pursue him with eager enough vehemence to match that with which the Furies pursued Orestes after he had killed his mother, until, with the help of the gods Apollo and Athena, inaugurated the first court of peers and Orestes was freed.

Have we, two and a half thousand years after Euripides wrote this tragedy, not have managed to erect a similar court of peers? If so, where is that court? If not, why the bloody hell not?

A few hours ago, the news emerged from that dark and wild dungeon of human rights violations, the UK judicial system, from the court where Assange is being tortured, that the journalist can be extradited to the identical dark and wild dungeons in the USA!

The silence here, in his country, is excruciating to our ears, to the ears of his fellow citizens and to those of his fellow humans around the planet.

People are praying that the Greens join the ALP! If anything should stop them from asking for that, it is this single issue on what the ALP does with the human rights of our own citizens.

Has the ALP uttered a word on this, I mean a word to follow Julia Gillard’s sonorous declaration?

There are other issues, of course, too many to list here but it is clear – far too nauseatingly clear, to me at least that this coalition of the Greens and the ALP, will be as of an orange and a potato. Nothing edible or useful would come of it. In fact the Greens will be corrupted and turned into something they never were, a part of the bi-partite monopoly.

Until wisdom prevails, until Justice emerges victorious and unscathed, unpolluted and undefiled we will have no democracy.


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  1. Ken

    Excellent article.

  2. New England Cocky

    Free Assange immediately!!

  3. paul walter

    Wholeheartedly agree.

    The gutlessness from so many has been offensive, from so many politicians and journalists who know better most of all, that it leaves a human being bitter and sick to the stomach.

    The studied attack on Habeas Corpus forms of law; and the perversion of justice through so called “law”, with many accessories after the fact, ends the the move from feudalism and returns civilisation to medievalism as surely as the massacre at Melos ended the brief Golden Age of Athens.

    As George Theodoridis says, The support of certain so called “progressive” journalists and politicians concerning this travesty has been the most disturbing facet of all.

  4. George Theodoridis

    Some booboos in the article. Don’t know what happened. Don’t know how to correct them. Anyone?

  5. The AIM Network

    George, where are the booboos? (Roswell).

  6. paul walter

    We got the sense of it..dont worry George.

  7. The AIM Network

    I just fixed a typo (removed a comma that shouldn’t have been there).

  8. George Theodoridis

    Rosswell, could I send you the corrected version, please. I’m afraid I do this all too often: send the unproofed version!

  9. George Theodoridis

    Just emailed it to you, Rosswell.
    With boundless apologies!

  10. The AIM Network

    All done.

  11. George theodoridis

    You’re wonderful!
    And i need to update my spectacles!

  12. paul walter

    According to nine media (Age, SMH, etc), it seems Assange may have suffered a stroke during proceedings.

    Perhaps a great subtitle could refer to
    “Julian at Colonus”

    And to whom should we apportion the mantle of Antigone.

    His lady, or that brilliant lawyer who has fought it out with him for so long?

    Sophoclean tragedy it its most fearsome.

  13. George Theodoridis

    Paul, I like the Julian at Colonus though it is a bit of a stretch… As for Antigone, I’d like to know if Assange has a daughter. She’d be the perfect candidate.

    Opening scene:
    Dear, dear Ismene! My poor, darling sister!
    Do you think Zeus has any more disasters to hurl upon our lives as punishment for our father’s sins? So far we have felt the weight of sadness, of destruction, of disgrace and even of dishonour.
    Now our king has stunned the whole city with this new law of his.
    Do you understand what it really means?
    Do you know what shame this new law will bring upon our brothers?

  14. john ocallaghan

    Thank you for this piece on the appalling treatment of Julian Assange by almost every politician and MSM outlet on the planet who have grovelled and licked the filthy boots of the most murderous evil war mongering corrupt government on the planet ……………. The same low life gutter rats who invited other gutter rats namely some of the worse Nazi murdering scum to come to America after the war to infiltrate their government and to help them further develop the Atom bomb after former Nazi scientist helped them with the bomb that murdered thousands of innocent men women and children in Japan………………………………………………… The same mob …….. well!…. we all know the rest of the sordid history of the US…… and if anyone doesn’t then you bloody well better hurry up and learn …. and stop supporting Biden or Trump who are just different cheeks of the same arse……………. Assange exposed their war crimes which is what genuine journalists should be doing……. and murdering war criminals like Trump..Hillary and Bill Clinton,and yes Obama as well who murdered more innocent people by drones than any other president…FACT!….look it up…… are the ones who should be in prison!…………………….FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!……..

  15. George Theodoridis

    Enormous thanks to you folks for your generous words.
    Assange is the true journalist and should stand as the paradigm of the occupation and a rallying symbol of a revolution towards a new form of journalism engined by probity and rectitude.
    Enough cowardice, enough timidity, enough retreat.

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