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Day to Day Politics: The Trump Report.

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Author’s note: The arrival of a blatant liar, one who has taken it to unprecedented levels, as the 45th President of the United States necessitates close scrutiny. The Trump report will appear regularly in Day to Day Politics.

We have reached the point in politics where TRUTH is something that politicians invent and convince us to believe rather than TRUTH based on factual evidence, argument and reason.

Here is an example of what is now called ‘Post Truth’.

Donald Trump wins the presidency and people think that he will change and begin acting like a president. Fools they are.

Clinton wins the popular vote. There is no argument it’s the truth. A fact. Donald doesn’t agree and insists, without any evidence mind you, that:

In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

Now I repeat, Clinton received 2.4 million more votes than Trump. It’s a fact. Trump is attempting to discredit the count despite officials only finding 4 documented cases of fraudulent behaviour.

Staggering isn’t it that an incoming President would seek to lie to such a degree before even being inaugurated. But this is Donald Trump after all.

So during an interview his incoming Chief of Staff Reince Preibus is asked about Trumps view that he also won the popular vote, he agreed. I kid you not.

”it’s possible” that a huge chunk of the vote was cast illegally. The interviewer John Dickerson was nonplussed. “Let me ask you as an incoming chief of staff: What do you do when “[Trump] says something like millions of voters voted illegally in California and you know that’s not true?”

Astonishingly he answers, ”Well, I don’t know if that’s not true … there are estimates all over the map on that, and here’s the problem, no one really knows.” Dickerson responds: ”But you think millions of people?” says, ”It’s possible.” Has truth degenerated so far? What are we to expect in the future if he is using ”WELL ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE” now.

Dickerson was aghast: ”I guess the question is, when you’re president, can you just offer a theory that has no evidence behind it, or does he have to tighten up his standards of proof?”

Now make sure you are sitting for this one. Preibus suggests that the idea of evidence as exactly the kind of tired, elite ”conventional thought” that Trump would be doing away with.” Translated it means truth is old-fashioned and you can’t believe it.

In another interview when asked a similar question by George Stephanopoulos, Vice President elect Mike Pence said ”It’s his right to express his opinion,” it’s refreshing” and one of the reasons he won the election. Stephanopoulos countered, “But why is it refreshing to make false statements?” Countered with allegations of false statements, Pence added. ”Look, I don’t know that is a false statement, George, and neither do you.” Later, when asked to provide evidence, Pence added: ”He’s entitled to express his opinion.”

Now you would think that a Vice President who says that his Christian faith is the most important thing in his life would know the truth when he heard it.

Welcome to the post-truth era folks. They crucified Hillary, believing she lied. Trump well……..

My thought for the day.

”You see now he is saying that what I thought he said is only a figment of my imagination. That what I think I thought he meant is not what he meant at all. That when he says something and I take it to mean one thing he has the option of saying that what I thought I heard was not what I heard at all. It was only my interpretation of what he meant. I mean, did he say what he meant or did he mean to say what he meant or was what he meant really what he meant.”

Information for this post was garnered from Vanity Fair.



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  1. Deidre

    Thank you for the Trump report. It will remind us that nothing can be taken at face value.
    I thought we had hit rock bottom with lying politicians, but Trump takes it to an unprecedented level.
    Will the msm keep on repeating the lies or will they finally do their job and call them out.

  2. Caroline

    Watch the YouTube clip of Kelly Ann Conway saying he’ll be the president so he’s acting presidential then saying she didn’t say it 2 secs later.

  3. kerri

    The Scientific mind evaluates and categorises information to seek proof or evidence to prove or disprove truth.
    For the religious mind to accept facts or evidence whilst maintaining a belief in an irrational and unproveable reality that they must accept to maintain faith the truth is more rubbery.
    This forced dichotomy of belief (Orwell’s doublethink) leaves the faithful wide open to abuse as they accept the words of others over evidence put before them.
    Religion, for all it’s assertions, cannot by it’s very nature, represent truth as at it’s core it is based on a lie.

  4. Markus

    Do you think that there was confirmation of illegal voting and people voting multiple times in the last US election would have anything to do with the statements? Winnig the popular vote means nothing in the US voting system. If you want to look at liars what about Hillary and her charities

  5. Kaye Lee

    I am absolutely horrified at what is going on in the US. I watched the interview on CNN with Trump voters who believe there has been voter fraud. When asked for their source, they said “Google it, it’s all over facebook.”


    And then we had Trump’s national security adviser retweeting an article accusing Clinton of all sorts of crimes including pedophilia which caused an armed gunman to go to the supposed “scene” of the pedophilia ring with a gun because he was doing as Flynn told him to – deciding for himself.

    General FlynnVerified account

    U decide – NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc…MUST READ!


    “So let me repeat: The man who has been chosen to be the national security adviser to the president tweets dangerous, malicious, unproven conspiracy theories that have now led to a near disaster at a local family restaurant.”


    STOP with your ridiculous lies and conspiracy theories – you are causing untold damage

  6. Alison White

    The reporters need to stop the lies and obfuscation in their tracks. Cut out their mics if need be. Challenge the lies each and every time.

  7. Keitha Granville

    It is never going to be possible to stop politicians from telling lies. The truth is uncomfortable. Trump wanted to win, that’s all, he has no notion of what is involved in the role as he simply wanted to win the race at any cost. So now he has to find ways to keep the focus on Clinton, or China or anything else that will take the viewer / listener from truth. It is going to be interesting to see how he handles actually doing the job. Perhaps he thinks he can just throw up his hands and declare the country bankrupt as he has done in his businesses.
    For all those who continue to peddle rubbish about Mrs Clinton, put up or shut up. If she is a criminal bring your evidence to the authorities to investigate. Oh wait – they did and they found nothing illegal.
    Agree Alison, there needs to be much more probing from the media when lies are told.

  8. Keith

    Great article, John

    A little more evidence that Trump has joined the swamp.

    It is interesting that Jill Stein has requested recounts in 3 significant states; the Republican response has been to try and squash those recounts through the Court system. The question is why would the Republicans seek to squash recounts?

    As with Abbott, it would seem that if you take the complete opposite view to Trump, you are in the ball park.

    Trump is a huge worry having already put the Chinese off side; Australia needs to distance itself from Trump.

  9. wam

    It is pleasing to see you take a break after all your great effort on politics. Trump may not be a patch on our liars but he is more important in the scheme of things because he is only the leader of the world(almost).
    Loved ‘google it’, that is the two edged sword in that it is remotely possible that something positive may result!!!
    Do you think he will google it anymore than the rabbott?
    ps Have you seen the one nation facebook page, dick has??- do you have trumpetists in your facebook friends read their beliefs? Have you discussed hanson’s ‘getting things done’ with one nation supporters? Have you family who have always voted liberal and think the greens are loony(oops I used to add principled, honest and needed by Australian politics but the dixxbransims have wrecked that trilogy and only loony remains)
    As for ‘truth’ and ‘christian’. Any look at the phrase will scream ‘faith’?
    Can there ever be any truth in faith???? Do religious people believe there is only truth in faith?
    What has happened to the concept of a secular state??

  10. Niall McLaren

    “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

  11. David1

    Markus….Kaye Lee debunked the absurd contention you made with typical right wing ‘fek the facts’ I am correct so there fashion. I am going to wait for your reply to that reasonable question from Kaye Lee and remind you of it, or will you do what most BS artists do….run for cover?

  12. Kaye Lee

    And as for “Hillary and her charities”, I would suggest it is you, Markus, who should have a look.


    Unlike Trump, the Clintons’ financial dealings are open to scrutiny. The Conversation article actually look at the facts and I find nothing untoward – in fact they are doing some very interesting things.


  13. patriciawa

    I don’t like your latest format – e.g. The Trump Report deserves a post of its own and not crammed into your day to day commentary.

    I am finding it hard to navigate your site. Is it just me? I really do want to contribute and have a worthwhile exchange on an issue as we used to. Is it just that my ageing brain can’t take in as much detail as you are now offering?

  14. Wayne Turner

    Anyone that believes Trump is gullible,and clearly ignorant.A shame about the rest of us…

  15. wam

    Trump has to be gullible because he is so inexperienced in anything outside of ‘boss’. He will be lucky to get to the next thanksgiving and the nasty pence will be in charge and he is not simple with nothing for which to be thankful. But I am prejudiced so WTF they voted for him..

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