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Point Piper PM is giving people the booms all over the place. Promising an ideas boom, but delivering instead a booming stinky mess, you can see the disappointment written all over the faces of Australians as their worst fears are realised: Turnbull is the same Abbott. But now, instead of just having a turd of a PM, we have a turd covered in glitter and polished into a giant skid mark across the country.

Boom! The sound of the hopes of a generation destroyed when they realise $100,000 degrees are back on. The Turnbull government has literally admitted they think it’s a really bad thing that Labor opened up university places to young people who would never have had a chance at social mobility without higher education. Kick that ladder out! How dare those poor kids try to better their lot. Don’t they realise it’s their fault they were born poor and they should put up it and that if there’s no longer a manufacturing industry to employ them, then that’s their fault for not being able to afford to get an education, and if they dare go on the dole because they can’t find a job, then that’s their fault too and they’re really just lazy, dole bludging leaners. Or something like that.

Boom! The sounds of the cash registers filling up at private colleges. At the same time, Turnbull is keen to encourage more dodgy private education providers to open their doors to profit-making ventures which make money by saddling vulnerable aspirants with debts they have no chance of repaying, who have no interest in actually educating, and instead put all their effort into rorting government-funding and moving all their money to offshore tax-havens before any of their students even have a chance to graduate. Ain’t profit grand! Point Piper PM sure thinks so.

Boom! The sound of the public education system hitting the floor as Turnbull drop-punts it out-of-bounds-on-the-full, rejecting the notion that his government has any responsibility to fund public schools. At the same time, he cosets private schools safely into his bosom, ever determined to ensure they remain the privileged enclave of those entitled to the right connections to make lots of money. Point Piper PM is showing his true colours and no doubt there’s more of this public education bashing to come in the May budget. At least he’s honest!

Boom! The sound of wannabe expectant mothers’ hearts sinking as they realise that Point Piper PM wants to destroy the Paid Parental Leave scheme. He is schmaringly-smart enough not to actually use the term ‘double-dipping’, but will treat parents as double-dippers anyway. Just to add to the general anxiety of bringing a new future-tax-payer into the world, mothers who are expecting right now have already been told by Centrelink that their PPL is at-risk, even though this nefarious policy hasn’t actually gone through the Senate and therefore is just an aspiration, most unhappily for the government. You can guarantee, however, the wrecking will happen if the Libs win another term. Christian Porter confirmed this on RN this week. So, even though a mother’s employee-negotiated-maternity-leave-scheme is none of the government’s business, and is something she’s likely had to compromise in other areas of her employment contract to get in the first place, Point Piper PM is determined to penalise everyone who has an employer funded scheme, no doubt with the end-goal of encouraging employers to scrap their schemes altogether, destroying a system an entire generation of feminists fought for, and won, and if we lose, we will never get again. Thanks a lot turd face!

Boom! The sound of the nation’s heart breaking at the realisation that Point Piper PM has no plan, is making things up as he goes along, doesn’t know how to develop policy, has no interest in a social safety net, doesn’t believe in public education, doesn’t encourage social mobility, would prefer tax cuts for rich businesses than investment in nation building, is all talk when it comes to technological innovation while at the same time destroying Australia’s chance to leap-forward with high speed internet and is more interested in Cory Bernardi and George Christensen than he is in gay marriage and climate change. Perhaps Turnbull just isn’t as smart as he claims to be. Maybe his one real skill is white-anting and bitching and sniping and winning leadership spills. Maybe, that’s as good as he gets. I mean, did he really think Abbott’s unpopularity was just due to Knights and Dames and onion-eating and undeniable-unsuitability-for-the-job? Did he miss that we were all a little upset about Abbott’s budget and we would get just as upset about it if it was shoved down our throats for a third time? Apparently so.

Boom! The sound of me saying ‘I told you so’, and to be fair, the sound of Point Piper PM also saying ‘I told you so’, because he has told us many times that he is a free-marketeer and anyone who understands what a free-marketeer is wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised at Turnbull’s political priorities.

Boom! The sound of Australia’s boot hitting Malcolm Turnbull’s bum as we kick him out of office at the yet-to-be-specified-when election. Never has there been a more exciting time for Australia to rid ourselves of another wrecking ball PM. And let’s hope we’re never to be fooled again.

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  1. Geoff Andrews

    Turnbull has always been a mouth for hire – it’s in the nature of a barrister and politican to at least try to hum the tune of the paymasters of the Point Piper pragmatist. He may have had a social conscience and sound personal philosophy once but I’m afraid that the dictum “lose it or lose it” now applies.

  2. Michael Taylor

    Geoff, I not only think he’s available for hire, but can also easily be bought. It’s obvious he sold his soul to the hard right in order to get the top job.

  3. David

    Ah Victoria, that went down beautifully with the poached eggs on rye, terrific read. I have posted the link to Twitter.

  4. Geoff Andrews

    Whoops! Should be “use it or lose it”. I blame Labor, of course.

  5. BadAbit

    LNP No Plan, No stand and No Idea!! Boom! Good one Victoria my sentiments exactly. Truffles is a sham!

  6. Jexpat


    Unfortunately, Labor did open the door to this: “The sounds of the cash registers filling up at private colleges,” despite having every reason to know at the time what a dismal failure and a rort it’s been in other nations (particularly the US) where its been adopted.

    Not that the LNP wouldn’t have proposed the same- and not that they haven’t run with it like drunken fools in Pamplona.

    It just makes it all that much more difficult to criticise or walk back.

  7. diannaart

    Indeed Jexpat, Labor IS to blame for a lot of the problems we now face – did Hawke/Keating never stop to think that their economic rationalist changes would not be taken up by the Libs and gutted for everything that favours the 1%?

    That said, before Victoria has a conniption, I will be placing Labor first on the lower house ticket – simply because we cannot move anywhere positive while the LNP holds power. I cannot recall such a collection of savage right wing nutters in one place, unless it is the IPA, or the USA, or the Melbourne Club… whatever.

    When Labor is back in power, we have our best chance to ally with other progressive parties – yes that includes the Greens – because Labor will need all the help it can get.

  8. nurses1968

    As the Panama Papers unfold, it will be of interest to see if Point Piper PM dallied

    Private companies of which Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is known to be a director:

    Turnbull & Partners Pty Limited – created 1998, private investment company
    Turnbull & Partners Holdings Pty Ltd – created 1987, private investment company
    M.B. Turnbull Pty. Limited – created 1998, private investment company
    Wilcrow Pty. Limited – created 1998, private investment company
    Pokana Pty Ltd – created 1981, private investment company/trustee of self-managed super fund
    Bonalil Pty Ltd – created 1985, private investment company
    Felix Bay Ltd – created 2000, not for profit company/trustee of the Turnbull Foundation
    Bonedale Pty Ltd – created 1987, intermediate holding company

    A selection of some of the corporations in which Malcolm and/or Lucy Turnbull invested from time to time, as set out in his Members’ Interests statements:

    Want Want China Holdings P/L, – Chinese company, food manufacturing
    Hochtief AG – German company, construction. Taken to court by Australian Securities & Investment Commission for alleged insider trading of Leighton Holdings (now CIMIC) shares
    Melbourne IT Limited – incorporated Australia, domain registration company
    Prima BioMed Limited – incorporated in Australia, German-Australian company, biotechnology
    Porsche Automobil Holding – German-based holding company, automobile manufacture
    Rubicor Group Limited – incorporated in Australia, contracting & recruitment services
    Seadrill Limited – incorporated in Bermuda, offshore deepwater drilling
    CVB Financial Corporation – incorporated in U.S., holding company for Citizens Business Bank
    Siemens AG – German company, industrial conglomerate. Certain Siemen managers were allegedly clients of Mossack Fonseca in the British Virgin Islands tax haven after corruption scandal *
    Salzgitter AG – German-based company, steel production
    Volkswagen AG VORZ – German automobile manufacturer
    Centric Wealth – incorporated in Australia, financial services
    Lexmark International (?) – US company, printing and imaging equipment
    New World Energy Ltd – incorporated in Australia, renewable energy
    Tarazz Pte Ltd – incorporated in Singapore, IT *
    Australia and New Zealand Banking Group – allegedly facilitated clients use of Mossack Fonseca in the British Virgin Islands tax haven *
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia – allegedly facilitated clients use of Mossack Fonseca in the British Virgin Islands tax haven *
    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – incorporated in The Netherlands, automobile manufacture
    Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR ETF
    BHP Billiton Limited – incorporated in UK, approx. 19 subsidiaries incorporated in British Virgin Islands, diversified resources, alleged client of Mossack Fonseca in the British Virgin Islands tax haven *
    ETFS Physical Palladium Shares – shares issued by ETFS Palladium Trust aa company providing specialist investment solutions
    Panoro Energy ASA – Norwegian-based company, exploration and production of oil and gas resources in West Africa
    SPDR S&P 500 – incorporated in US, exchange-traded fund
    Orocobre Ltd – Argentinian-based company, industrial chemicals and minerals
    Magellan Flagship Fund Limited – ASX-listed investment company
    Forte Energy – incorporated in Australia, minerals company focused on the exploration, evaluation and development of uranium and energy-related projects worldwide
    JPMorgan USD Emerg Markets Bond – incorporated in US, exchange-traded fund
    iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund – investment fund
    iShares iBoxx $ Invst Grade Crp Bond – investment fund trading in U.S. investment grade corporate bonds *
    Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund – incorporated in US, exchange-traded fund
    Annaly Capital Management Inc – US-based company, mortgage real estate investment trust
    Avita Medical Ltd – global medical technology company
    Revo Pty Ltd – Australian-based company, custom computer programming service
    Goldman Sachs Private Equity Funds – part of a US-based investment group specializing in fund of funds and direct co-investments with 21 entities registered in Cayman Islands tax haven. The firm invests in other funds that invest in leveraged buyouts, growth financings, natural resources, venture capital, and distressed securities. It also acts as a co-investor in direct investments. The firm seeks to invest in private equity funds located in the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Latin America, and Asia *
    Zebedee Growth Fund – incorporated in Cayman Islands, hedge fund *
    Bowery Opportunity Fund – incorporated in Cayman Islands, distressed debt *
    3G Natural Resources Offshore Fund Ltd – Cayman Islands-based, hedge fund *
    Predictive Discovery Limited – incorporated in Australia, gold and uranium exploration company
    Vanguard Health Care ETF – incorporated in US, exchange-traded fund
    CVC Global Credit Opportunity Fund – incorporated in Cayman Islands, hedge fund *
    MSD Torchlight Partners Ltd – incorporated in Cayman Islands, hedge fund *
    Seven Locks Enhanced Fund Ltd – registered in Cayman Islands, double-leveraged equity fund *
    Elbrook Offshore Fund Ltd – registered in Cayman Islands, hedge fund *
    Brookfield Wells Street Offshore Fund – Cayman Islands-based, pooled fund global real estate equities *
    Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund IV – US-based company, global commercial property portfolio.
    First Eagle Global Fund – incorporated in US, long-term growth of capital

    Malcolm Turnbull’s last Register of Members’ Interests statement dated December 2013

  9. nurses1968

    “When Labor is back in power, we have our best chance to ally with other progressive parties ”
    “WE ” have?
    Since when have you been a Labor member?
    It will be 2019 or 2022 before Labor is likely to have a realistic chance, and all the family heirlooms will be sold of by then.
    I am looking for career opps overseas

  10. diannaart

    “WE” – As in all humanitarian Australians.

    An expansion of understanding, that Labor must come to recognise that not all of the left are as one-eyed as their rusted on members.


    Good Luck O/S

  11. nurses1968

    For someone so vehemently anti Labor as you appear from your continuous comments
    “THEY” rather than “WE” may have their best chance, however, I don’t see the Greens figuring in that equation

  12. Kaye Lee


    diannaart has stated several times that she will vote Labor. Are you trying to make her change her mind? Gawd I hate this sort of bickering. It is so counterproductive. I also thought you said you weren’t a Labor member. Is a social conscience only allowed to card carrying paid up members of a political party?

  13. David

    Kaye Lee well said

  14. nurses1968

    Kaye Lee.
    I’m not a Labor member and don’t presume to tell them how to do their job,
    If you think they are on the wrong track, either join and try for change from within, or support the Party who best meets your ideals other than Labor and take your chances.
    “Are you trying to make her change her mind?”
    No, but it seems her mind changes constantly.Would you like some examples from the past week?I personally couldn’t vote for a Party I found so objectionable, so often

  15. diannaart


    No, but it seems her mind changes constantly.

    I’m right here, you know.

    Example(s)of constantly changing my mind, please

    I can hardly wait.


  16. Kaye Lee

    I make my contribution in the way I see fit nurses1968 and I work damn hard at it without the aid of any party. Thanks for your advice, I won’t be taking it.

  17. diannaart


    If you have indeed been following my posts you would know why I am making this choice to vote Labor.

    That said, I don’t gives a rat’s what you think, N1968 – you are more into attack than discussion – although I had been giving you the benefit of the doubt, until now. Therefore, say whatever you like, make up any bit of caustic slander towards me, your mind is capable of – I won’t be responding. I agree with Kaye Lee – this petty bickering is a waste of time.

    I am happy to discuss my reasons for voting Labor this election with anyone who is courteous and interested in my reasons.

  18. Random

    Hey Geoff, I thought the “lose it or lose it” comment was actually more apt. Meaning; lose any previously stated ideals, or lose the job you crave… All lose, no win.

    Well written Victoria, thank you.

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