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Australia’s Right is importing Orbanism: we can’t ignore it

Senior Australian “conservative” figures continue to attend conferences backed by illiberal Hungarian leader Viktor Orban. The Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) hosted its 2023 London Summit in late June, featuring Alexander Downer and Greg Sheridan as two of the five speakers. Australians must focus on connections between our Right with Hungarian fascistic politics.

Peter Browne of Inside Story recounted in early June that Greg Sheridan had just spent a week in Budapest again as a visiting fellow to the Orban-backed Danube Institute. This stay was followed by an effusive celebration of Orban’s illiberal Hungary in The Australian (3/6). Sheridan has previously appeared on the Orban speaking circuit, and was a notable part of its first appearance in Melbourne in 2016.

The MCC is superficially an educational institution that fosters conservative students and thinkers.

In fact it functions as a key part of Orban’s efforts to establish a Western and Christian bulwark that proclaims itself a staunch defender of “traditional” values. These nouns are dogwhistle codes meaning white, anti-Muslim and staunchly anti-LGBTQIA+. It is also antisemitic. George Soros, Hungarian expat and Jewish Holocaust survivor is demonised as public enemy No.1.

The MCC is part “think tank” aiming to push anti-EU and far right positions in Brussels. A Hungarian opposition party member described it as a key part of Orban’s “alt-right intellectual universe.” It is also part indoctrinator of conservative youth.

Frank Furedi, director of the institution, described a goal in 2022 to be the publication of an annual “Fear Barometer” measuring “What European people fear.” Orban’s Political Director chairs the MCC’s Board of Trustees.

In 2021, while Hungary’s health system struggled to cope with Covid19, Orban gifted USD1.7 billion worth of funds and assets or the equivalent of 1% of the nation’s GDP to the MCC. This act was described as part of his “unfettered kleptocratic corruption.” He is replacing an open tertiary education sector with one that fosters only the ultra-conservative values he endorses. The 11 public universities in Hungary are overseen by his “political confederates.” The grant ensured that MCC now “controls assets worth more than the annual budget of the country’s entire higher education system.”

The London MCC event was a celebration of the power of nationalism. The Hungarian account of Downer’s private speech translates to say that he asserts migration policy is used “against” nations. Migration that does not endorse the culturally dominant population brings electoral defeat, threatens political stability and gives way to extremism. In a previous Budapest speech, Downer slammed immigrant “Bantustans.”

Downer decried the Left’s divisiveness. His derisive use here of the term “identity politics” is another Right canard that aims to silence once again those who were erased from our public square in the past. The voices of women, Queer people, non-white and non-Christian people were not welcome in the shaping of our society; the Right fears the joyous vitality of polyvocality.

Downer depicts the refusal of the Other to accept dictates from a Christian rump about our lives as silencing Christians because their views are not “politically correct.” (In fact, most are delighted for Christians to practise their faith as long as they cease to grant their beliefs the status of divine mandate over us.)

In words that would delight Orban, Greg Sheridan celebrated the power of the strong nation, apparently describing national weakness as “provocative.” He located that strength in Christianity with Western Civilisation its treasured child. Liberalism, he apparently observed, “goes ‘crazy’ without its roots.”

Presumably that craziness is manifest in another of his targets at the event: the “green madness” which is the “new religion” taught in schools.

The account of the event has Sheridan criticise the EU’s ability to restrict whether “idea a or b” is more sympathetic to a nation. This account of Sheridan’s contribution does not mention which Orban-style authoritarian oppression objected to by the EU ought to have been allowed.

Former Israeli general Yosef Kuperwasser appeared to summarise the event’s theme in describing the nation state as a political entity that serves the “common good.” He characterises that as a people united by a “common land, a common culture and a common language.” He depicts the enemies of this “national idea” as both “globalization, but also Islamism.” In a warning that is core to Orbanism, he describes the threat of Islamisation of Europe, with those who aim to Islamise the world treating people who reject nationalism as “useful idiots.” Kuperwasser’s sentiments echo the violent ultranationalists in Netanyahu’s government in Israel.

Ron De Santis, presidential hopeful and Florida governor has made importing Orban’s fascistic politics into America his modus operandi. The broader influence of the European “traditionalists” has been intermingling with the American Christian Nationalist Right for years.

Nostalgia for past greatness and a mythical racial monoculture are imposing challenges on national and global politics. Australia is less damaged by this culture war so far: the US and UK are savaged by the impact.

We need to be watching the Australian names that embrace the Orban illiberal war on modernity: Quadrant, the Australian conservative journal, has been firmly entrenched within the Orban circuit. Former Quadrant editor and contributor, Brit John O’Sullivan is also the president of the Danube Institute. Reverend Peter Kurti from the Centre for Independent Studies and Notre Dame university is one who speaks in Hungary, listed with a who’s who of the Radical Right. He depicts “tolerance” as a tyrannous threat to religious liberty. Andrew Cooper also pays homage in Budapest. He co-founded Australia’s offshoot of the Conservative Political Action Conference, a body at the heart of Trumpist politics. Scott Morrison is connected through the IDU. Alexander Downer, Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews, Brian Loughnane (Peta Credlin’s husband), Mark Higgie and Greg Sheridan are there.

The fact that our emeritus politicians, Trumpist activists and strategists are joined by one of our most senior Murdoch journalists in this circuit ought to be deeply concerning. Surely this should be high on the list of points to be tackled by a Murdoch Royal Commission.


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  1. Uncletimrob

    Geeze Louise! I just shake my head at these rwnj’s.

    Here am I – and other teachers – trying to encourage some critical and creative thinking (Maths teacher, but yes Maths can be creative and critical), and we have these imbeciles on the front page.

    Thanks as lot Rupert and Lachlan!

  2. Phil Pryor

    The filthy, deprraved, rancid, murerous history of modern times right wing ratbaggery attracts the knobpolishing primitives, so, former right wing politicians and other Merde Dog maggotty misfits will answer the rollcall. Primitive, savage, mediaeval romanist rubbish, the Sheridan/Orban types, join with assorted supremacists, triumphalists, ubermensch fanatics. A corporate state, a compliant military, a prone population, the plantation of people and perverted politics, is a dirty dream.

  3. Terence Mills

    I guess a conference that features Alexander Downer and Greg Sheridan [the Barbie and Ken of the speakers circuit] as guest speakers is doomed not to attract too many delegates particularly if the Wiggles are playing around the same time.

    Although that’s probably being hard on the Wiggles who do at least attract a certain intellectual following.

    I wonder if they have a Big Red Car with one-term-Tony at the wheel !

  4. ajogrady

    Fascists have declared war on democracy and their weapon of choice is capitalism.

  5. Clakka

    Thanks Lucy, this article will fit well as a reference in my folio of ‘the bad’.

    Those quivering, craven beasts, not deserving of being called men, are the ultimate of losers seeking to attain power by wreaking havoc as they no doubt did in their dysfunctional childhoods. That they use guile and misstatements in their promulgations reveals that they know themselves to be liars and graspers at any cost to others.

    Thankfully Oz has had a taste of such perversity in our previous government, now rendered to an ever dwindling RWNJ opposition, and those so far caught out, either fleeing or facing the stocks. Despite Mudrock, their cover is blown and the people don’t like what is exposed.

    We need to keep a whether eye on the government to ensure it does not accomodate deceptive corporate influencers – such a mammoth task at present. In the main, it’s the young’ns we have to be concerned for, thank goodness for our state teaching standards, and the teachers.

  6. JulianP

    Thanks Lucy – excellent survey of matters to be taken seriously by all who value living in the present.

    Those of us in Australia who remember the history wars will know that the ‘culture wars’ continue on.

    A good example being the furore over initial efforts of the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilization to
    establish courses at one or other Australian tertiary institutions.

    For a quick overview, see for example:

    Throughout this whole episode there is/was the baleful influence of the Murdoch press.

  7. Andrew Smith

    Wheel within wheels and architecture of influence that has been adopted and shared in Oz, UK, US and Hungary etc.; many joke that there must be a .pdf file somewhere a la IPA’s wish list for Abbott, that authoritarians share and follow?

    Not sure Oz has much to learn, especially since colonial eugenics of the white Australia policy, analogy of Joh’s QLD etc. to be followed in recent decades by proxies (dog whistling), and meanwhile Orban’s team learnt new strategies after a shock electoral defeat in the noughties.

    Followed by a local ‘January 6 Capitol’ event or demonstrations, and on the recommendation of Israeli PM Netanyahu, former GOP electoral consultant Finkelstein (= Lynton Crosby?) was commissioned, leading to the Soros conspiracy and the ‘great replacement’ pertaining to Islam, immigration and the EU (no coincidence that it echoes Tanton Network Anglo nativism a la SPA, LNP/ON, media & some ageing Labor types).

    Another aspect is the influence of Koch linked architecture including many Anglo visitors linked to Tufton St. think tanks in London which have been accused of fossil fueled climate science denial, Russian influence and support for Brexit. The same visit Hungary which has hosted US faux anti-imperialists of the left John Mearsheimer (Charles Koch Foundation) and Jeffrey Sachs (Rockefeller formerly Exxon Foundation) kissing the ring of PM Viktor Orban while calling Ukraine to concede vs. Russia (but no guidance on how).

    Many shared interests with Putin, from the Anglosphere right too, strong antipathy towards the EU (tepid on NATO), liberal democracy, climate science, environmental protections (vs. fossil fuels), labour rights, open society, minorities, women and empowered citizens.

    The future for Hungary? May hinge on future demographics, already well into decline with ageing & shrinking population, that while many describe it as white Christian nationalist, the majority are swarthy, few if anyone go to Church (though Hillsong have just set up) and the patriotic solution, emigrate…. made too easy by the passivity of the middle class, working age and increasing mass of ‘pensioner populism’, with strong influence of ‘collective narcissism’.

  8. Max Gross

    Let’s not mince words: if it walks like a Nazi and talks like a Nazi, well, it’s a fucking Nazi!

  9. Barry

    Ajogrady, yes, the good old fascists. The cosy clubs of fascism – big businesses bedding down with corrupt pollies or nazi groups of bully boy losers who strut around zek heilling one another, both are knowingly or unknowningly destroying democracies. What a choice.
    I’m not sure to what degree capitalism is to blame.
    I’d also add communists of all stripes to the list of those working against our freedoms. It helps to understand that communists claim they are practising ‘socialism’ and that ‘communism’ in its pure form is yet to happen. Am I supposed to believe the wealth of society will be fairly distributed after the social revolution has finished? Sounds a bit like the Labor Party plan to fix housing after the Future Fund turns its unguaranteed profit. It’s another hollow promise to keep the chattering class occupied with dreams.
    I watched 2 videos recently and can say communism is in the ascendancy as current events mirror what was forecast in the videos.
    #1 ‘Hidden Agenda – Merging America into World Govt’. This was an interview conducted by G Edward Griffin with Norman Dodd (1982). Norman Dodd was former staff director of the Special Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations (1962). Mr. Dodd reveals that the major foundations have been promoting an agenda that has little to do with charity or good works. The mandate that the foundations were working on involved changing the character of America from Individualism to collectivism and creating world govt.
    #2 ‘Red over Black’ examines communism here and features ex-communist Geoff McDonald (1984). The communists have a plan and they’ve already infiltrated most institutions in the West via the UN and its program offshoots. People can exercise their freedom to ignore what is happening, but zzzzzzzzs won’t help.
    To see the communist’s plan laid out in a more detailed way, another interview by Ed Griffin with ex-KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov (1984) is instructive. The communist agenda as practiced in today’s Russia is to defeat America through psychological warfare and demoralization. Sound familiar?

  10. Clakka

    Yes Andrew Smith,

    And what of Hungary? With Orban fucking it over, what have we to fear, a crumbling state on a suicide mission by the rollator brigade.

    Orban and his band of international monoculturists are a dying breed with a past-glory seeking antediluvian mindset, their pathetic latch on to neo-xtian fascism America style will do them no good at all as the world seeks to rapidly modernise. They might perhaps open the door as Lukashenko has to the brutal vicissitudes and whims of the kleptocratic Putin and his Wagnarian militias. As discovered by the folk of Sudan, Mozambique, Central African Republic, Mali, Libya, Sudan and Madagascar and now invited by West African republics, it’s a recipe for division, disempowerment, murder, destruction and pillage of natural resources. Not a solution to the problems actual and perceived of past colonialism.

    The ‘west’ is now seeking to get its act together to put paid to this foul moneyed belligerence, even China now is sticking its neck out against it. There’s no time to waste with the rapid onset of Mother Nature’s leveller of anthropomorphic climate change.

    Although frequently an internal problem for Oz, in external matters such as Putin, Orban, and global neo-Xtian fascists and their flunkies, it can be beneficial that we have a significant dose of scepticism and tall poppy syndrome.

  11. A Commentator

    Viktor Orban –
    * Plugs into a populist racist sentiment
    * One of the very few EU or NATO leaders that seeks to accommodate Putin
    Yes he’s definitely a fascist dud

  12. Cool Pete

    Fortunately, his attempt at entering politics died in the bum, but Lyle Shelton is another admirer of Orban and Hungary. And a dangerous man were he to get near the levers of power.

  13. Steve Davis

    From Pearls and Irritations — “What do the governments of other US allies, including Hungary, Norway, the Philippines, and the former puppet government of Afghanistan, possess that Australian governments do not? The answer is a conception of genuine sovereignty, and obligations to transparency that are foreign to Australian governments, particularly the incumbent Albanese government.”

    For all of Orban’s faults, and I’m sure they are many, he at least seems to be protecting Hungary’s sovereignty.

    We could do with a bit of that around here.

  14. A Commentator

    “protecting sovereignty”
    That’s code for using extremist Abbott style refugee policy, or John Howard’s “we will choose who comes here…”
    Pathetic excuse for fascist policies

  15. Steve Davis

    He’s at it again, he just cannot help himself.
    AC is once more looking after the interests of the managerial class.

    The last thing the managerial class wants is for nations to pursue policies that protect national interests, and so independent decision-making is undermined at every opportunity.

    And as a result of Australia failing to protect our national interests we see headlines such as this on the ABC site today — “US military analysts to embed in Australia’s defence department…”
    When the item was first posted the analysts were referred to as spies, but we can’t have the public exposed to the truth, and so the managers moved in.

    Also in regard to Australia’s interests, we see Denis Bright’s latest article explaining the danger of not protecting national sovereignty.

    Lucy Hamilton has written of the power of words, but when AC equates “protecting sovereignty” as a ”pathetic excuse for fascist policies” the only thing he is empowering is the managerial elites, because he is dis-empowering national sovereignty.

  16. A Commentator

    Lucy has written an outstanding article about that demonstrates the risk of Orban style politics.
    I’ve reinforced that with an additional point.
    You, however, choose to reflect positively on Orban.

  17. Steve Davis

    And I’ve made the point that Australia could do with a lot more protection of our national interests.

    Do you disagree with that ?

  18. A Commentator

    The article is about the risk of following the fascist politics and policies of Viktor Orban.
    Unlike you, I’m not willing to endorse any of his policies.

  19. Michael Taylor

    I’d rather endorse a warthog.

  20. Steve Davis

    Why am I not surprised that AC has tried to sideline a comment about protection of sovereignty?

    This is standard practice for AC, diverting attention away from any subject that might undermine the influence of the managerial elite.

    But putting AC to one side for a moment, I ask readers to consider the benefits that might flow to Australia if we pursued an independent foreign policy.

  21. Fred

    Lucy: Good article. Hungary and Turkey, both members of NATO, have leaders that give cause for concern. Mind you the attack on democracy/judiciary by Netanyahu in Israel would have some in the LNP salivating at the thought of doing the same in Australia.

    SD: Agreed, we need to protect our national interests, BUT that does not mean adopting an Orban style approach to do so.

    BTW, Your introduction of “Classism”, vis. “managerial elite”, into the discussion is extremely disappointing. I disagree with your assertion “The last thing the managerial class wants is for nations to pursue policies that protect national interests, and so independent decision-making is undermined at every opportunity” The “managerial class”, effectively the “middle class” is an outdated addition to the Marxism style class concept fitting between “capitalist” and “working”. I fail to see how the “managerial class” would want for lessening of “protection of national interests”. On the contrary, the last thing the managerial class wants is being open to challenge by any foreign power.

  22. Steve Davis

    Hi Fred,

    If you read my original comment again, I did not advocate adopting an Orban style approach. Far from it. I acknowledged his many faults.

    There’s a strong whiff of Orwell’s “two minutes of hate” about the direction of this discussion, and I’m not referring to you Fred.

  23. A Commentator

    advocates Putin’s economic model
    advocates Orban”s sovereignty protection model
    It’s interesting that you find things to admire in fascists

  24. Igor

    Fascism is the blending of corporate greed and govt corruption and is predicated on ignoring the public good. It’s starts off as a soft shoe shuffle and smiley face version of ‘progress’ and over time gets harder and harder, eventually morphing into totalitarianism and systems of One Party rule. Fascism, borne of selfishness, provides no long-term benefit for any economy. What do you think Public-Private-Partnerships are? Aus is well-advanced down the road of soft fascism, call that socialism if you like, and the average person won’t understand that until they have a virtual begging bowl in their hand, waiting like good little puppy dogs with big eyes for the next gov handout.

  25. Steve Davis

    “advocates Putin’s economic model”
    Article, date, and time please.

    ”advocates Orban”s sovereignty protection model”
    Article, date, and time please.

  26. A Commentator

    Don’t bother with that.
    ° You’ve said Putin has overseen an economic miracle- Russia has turned it’s back in the west, and that Australia should learn from this and follow. You even said “what have we got to lose?”
    ° You’ve said, on this thread, “we could do with a bit of that here” in reference to Orban”s sovereignty protection model.
    ° Admiration of fascist policies deserve to be called out.

  27. Lucy Hamilton

    Igor’s comment is hilarious. They refer to “state capture” by corporations – or corporatocracy – as socialism. 🤣

  28. Phil Pryor

    Is Igor a ridiculous A I product or a real silly sausage? Pasting these phrasings together for a mosaic of artificial “sense” is self deluding, if there is an actual self. Some study, research, experience, balance, professional knowledge might assist…

  29. Igor

    Lucy, Labor & LNP are not under the thumb of their corporate sponsor-lobbyists @ big oil, big agriculture, big pharma, big media etc?
    You believe that?
    Pfizer says to the LNP ‘jump, but no questions about our products now!’ and LNP said ‘yep, no questions, right you are [wink, wink]’.
    The US Military Industrial Complex, a syndicated corp, famous for war crimes, says to Labor ‘jump – can you supply Ukraine with weapons to implicate your country, ready yourself to prod China for US?’ and Team Yes, in its permanent Operation Wet Lettuce mode, say ‘yes Siree’.
    When was the last time a Labor politician crossed the floor on a conscience vote?
    They are all in, all bought and paid for, and with a bit of luck, they are all going down.
    Labor & LNP are 2 wings of the one dead duck of corporate greed.
    They need to be excised from the public debate.

  30. Michael Taylor

    Is Igor a ridiculous A I product or a real silly sausage?

    No, just an artificial sausage.

  31. Steve Davis

    The straw-man technique of false argument was probably exposed as devious and unethical about five minutes after humans began speaking, but AC seems to think it’s still worth a shot.
    It involves misrepresenting an argument (creating a straw-man) then arguing against the misrepresentation.

    AC ‘s misrepresentation includes my push for an alliance with Russia, (false) my push for “Putin’s economic model” (false) and my push for “Orban’s sovereignty protection model” (false).
    Let’s deal with Orban first.

    As far as I’m aware his sovereignty protection interests are mainly in the area of stopping asylum seekers and refugees. That’s his “model”, and one that I do not support. I seem to recall that I voiced support for asylum seekers here a couple of months back. AC’s use of “model” is classic straw man.

    In regard to Russia, AC stated on another thread that I pushed for an alliance with Russia. When challenged to quote the comment, there was silence. His creation of an alliance was classic straw man.

    AC claims “ You’ve said Putin has overseen an economic miracle- Russia has turned it’s back in the west, and that Australia should learn from this and follow. You even said “what have we got to lose?”

    Do you see what’s happened here? AC has already walked away from his reference here at 8.50am Aug 1st to “Putin’s economic model.” Straw men have a short shelf life in AC’s universe.
    But his comment is just a re-wording of my original point. Why he thought he could get mileage out of that is beyond me. Here’s my full comment about what we could learn from Russia’s economic turnaround.

    “The lesson, if acted on, requires thinking Australians to de-couple, not just from an economic ideology that is sociopathic in origin and intent, but also a de-coupling from the USA, the USA being the power that enforces conformity to economic dictates. Russia was able to de-couple when they were in a far weaker position than us, but they had the foresight and the courage to do it. Do we have the courage to de-couple? Because that is what it would take. Courage. And a walking away from a small-picture view of the world.”

    In short, all I did was ask a question. No mention of models or alliances. I asked people to consider the benefits of an independent economic stance. Does that make me an admirer of fascism? Only in the eyes of those intent on protecting the interests of the elites.

    Anyone in any doubt about my reference to “an economic ideology that is sociopathic in origin and intent” should check out this at the ABC today.

    From the ABC article “Even worse, they have become obsessed with an economic article of faith that decrees that unemployment needs to rise to keep inflation in check.” We are tied to an economic system that is both blind and cruel.

    And I really should thank AC for giving me the opportunity to elaborate further on this important matter.

  32. Lucy Hamilton

    Igor. I agree that our main party politicians (and the cooker look-a-likes from the RW mini parties) are well under the sway of their corporate funders. I’m just massively entertained that you tie that to socialism. It sounds like you might be writing out of Eastern Europe where those labels are utterly confused in application. Eg. The bigger fascist of the moment would be Putin and he calls everyone else fascists, denying the label for himself.

  33. Andrew Smith

    I wouldn’t get too ideological in trying to describe Hungary etc., it’s an opportunistic mash like elsewhere, apart from Serbia & related Bosnia (Orthodox & Russian linked) in turn, regional relations are cool, but that is partly historical; whatever it takes or whatever works?

    Hungary’s sovereignty, in some respects, especially younger generations and working age, is predicated on the EU from which it has received much funding over past decade plus, given mobility opportunities for youth or students, working age and adults.

    However, on the other hand the government has overseen consolidation of media, less independent judiciary, keep opposition divided (too easily….), promotion of Christianity (& much investment), universities managed by state funded foundations, a favoured large circle of businesspeople or businesses (rumours of corruption, esp. if recipients of EU funds), of late gaining influence over/with key companies in telecomms etc., gerrymandered regional electorates dominated by retirees or pensioners, with youth and brain drain; sounds quite familiar inc. aspects of Australia?

    For ideological influence, one would cite Anne Applebaum (who called out Danube Institute visitors after Putin’s invasion, leading to Abbott’s advisor to do a rapid ‘reverse ferret’, also allegedly spy), she explained that the likes of Putin and Orban are products of their own past system, early ’90s Orban had actually been supported by a Soros foundation promoting democracy etc..

    Orban critics describe his party Fidesz, as a bunch of ‘Commies’ due to the influence of Kadar (leader in ’80s) inc. state companies (with foreign partners), state largesse etc., and again one would cite the NP/QLD NLP and Joh’s QLD as apt analogies, up against fractured opposition that struggles to unite and gain traction in media.

    Challenges they now face are high inflation, budgetary issues, health & education is suboptimal, ongoing ‘peacock dance’ between EU and Russia (bob each way), emigration and demographic decline. On the latter Orban has said Hungary needs 400k working age (= 1 million in Oz), but must be Hungarian suggesting neighbouring poaching from the border diaspora…. facts on the ground? Increasing immigration from the Mid East and Asia, but not advertised while anti-refugee agitprop runs in media…..

    Orban did say something quite witty over a decade ago, when asked about his Roma or gypsy grandmother, his response was like ‘you need different coloured balls to play snooker’, suggesting an understanding of the need for diversity.

  34. Steve Davis

    Fred, here’s a link to an article I just came across on the managerial class, that you might find interesting. The author’s thoughts are of a wider range than my more simple concept (that I probably got from Chomsky) and a few bits don’t resonate with me, but it’s thought provoking, it has little gems scattered throughout, and it exposes some problems with modern education priorities.

    Like this gem — “Which is pretty much the story of elites historically. Tom and Daisy (from The Great Gatsby) were sheltered by more than money: they had social position, networks, “education”, and most of all Fitzgerald’s “vast carelessness”: they were so confident of their own superiority that they really didn’t care very much about ordinary people. That’s today’s PMC (managerial class) : the main danger they pose to people like you and me is the fatal collective, ingrown confidence that they and their ideas can never be wrong, and that in the end nothing is ever really serious. If they break something, it doesn’t matter.”

    On reading that passage I immediately thought of Boris Johnson, because I’ve long believed that Johnson, and Cameron before him, were PMs who considered Parliament as a mere plaything; an extension of university politics in which actions have no consequences.

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