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A message from your Chairperson

By James Moylan

Dear Comrades,

The Politically Correct Peoples Association has had a terrific twelve months. I write to thank our all of our thoroughly indoctrinated members for their efforts and also to remind you that we are once again entering the secular holiday season. So it is time to redouble our efforts. Yes we are on the verge of victory; but we are still yet to win in our war against ‘Christmas’. However the fight is ongoing.

First of all I would like to point out that it is obvious that our enemies are on-the-ropes. By any objective measurement it is apparent that we are winning in our battle against the ‘red menace’ (colloquially called ‘Santa’). All you need to do is to walk down the main shopping street in any town across our country to see that nobody dares play ‘Christmas’ propaganda tunes in public anymore. Also most shopkeepers have simply given up trying to promote this insidious ‘festival’ at all. There is barely a piece of tinsel or sprig of holly to be seen!

But nonetheless we must all remain on guard. If we lift our feet from the necks of these ‘Christians’ then they will soon creep back into positions of power and influence. We will once again see members of this cult openly attesting to their beliefs in our parliaments and on our media outlets. We will once again see citizens bandying about gross insults like ‘Ha%$# Chr#$&@^$’ and feeling content to rip our arboreal friends from the sanctity of their quiet forest glades to be stuck into pots and tortured by hanging heavy objects from their quivering limbs. Thank secularism that nobody wastes their time with office parties anymore. At least our commercial sector seems to have totally abandoned the practice of celebrating these sick bronze-age mythologies.

However despite our overwhelming success in suppressing any mention of ‘Christmas’ in our media or in our shops; there are still actions that you can still take on a daily basis to ensure that our society does not slip backwards. Remember that you must be quick to suppress any mention of this evil cultish celebration wherever and whenever it is encountered. If we are not vigilant then these ‘Christians’ will once again feel free to gather together in their temples and worship their sky-fairy whenever they want. We will once again see millions of garish cult symbols festooning all of our houses and city streets. Our Godless Marxist inspired battle must continue or we will soon be knee-deep in wrapping paper and glazed-eyed children. Unscrupulous traders will be selling truckloads of cheap trinkets designed to spontaneously fall apart after three minutes of handling. Again we will be subject to endless reams of commercial propaganda featuring animated animals shopping at large department stores.

However it is obvious that our final victory is only a few oppressive, intolerant, fanatical, steps away! All due to your hard work. So I would like to thank all of the members of our vast and powerful multinational socialist conspiracy for helping us bring these cultish propagandists to their knees and for helping to banish these magical superstitions and practices from our society. Our success to date is apparent. Our ultimate victory is assured.

So have a happy summer break everyone. I wish you all a quiet and uneventful series of entirely secular public holidays. And also a happy progression into the new calendar year.

Your fanatical Marxist overlord,
James Moylan


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  1. townsvilleblog

    James, I fear you are suffering from delusions of grandeur ole’ chap. Christmas is for the children, we should allow them a childhood, even though we understand that the concept has changed over the years from the festival of giving that it once was to now being merely an extension of yank consumerism. As long as we are careful in what we give and don’t shovel even more money into the bowels of the foreign multinational corporations who do not contribute a cent to the welfare of any Australian, and make sure that we look after our families with a good feed on Christmas Day, I personally don’t see the harm in it. I am not a politically correct Leftie, though I remain committed to the views of the traditional Left such as raising ordinary Australian workers’ pay and conditions and caring for the 1,101,000 unemployed and the further 1,002,000 under-employed and wish them all the best for the period.

  2. Freethinker

    James, go easy on the bottle it can affect your reasoning.

  3. OrchidJar


  4. Michael Taylor

    Nope, that didn’t work, OJ. It was caught up. Back to the drawing board I go. ?

  5. John Kelly

    And a happy NOT CHRISTMAS to you with a good dose of NOT GOODWILL.

  6. Denis Bright in Brisbane

    Hope the AIM Network will continue to operate in the holiday season. Thanks to James Moylan, Michael Taylor, John Kelly and others for their commitment during 2016.

  7. Jaquix

    And dont forget Kaye Lee ! And all the other authors. And those whose comments are interesting, educational and thought provoking, Big thanks from me to TheAIM for helping keep me sane…..

  8. James Moylan

    Thanks everyone (including those who simply don’t seem to ‘get’ my brand of snarky sarcasm)
    I thought it was blatantly obvious that this was a response to all the talk about ‘the war on Xmas’ that we hear so much about all the time.
    But then I thought it was blatantly obvious that Trump was unfit for office.
    I suppose the only ‘take home’ message that is available on this page is that I am very often at least as deluded as many of the people who read my stuff.
    God but I love human beings.

  9. David1

    Well I loved it JM…beats the crap out of the gibberish preaching from a certain group of (4-1) in the Senate. Long may your tinsel tickle your whatchamacallit

  10. wam

    santa claus is for children and long may the fat happy man exist.
    my enduring memory was sitting in midnight mass watching candle wax dropping on the old bloke in front the revenge of the whales????

  11. wam

    always considered the santa’s little green helpers ‘loonies’ but admired their principles and the sincere belief in the equality of women.
    It was so disappointing to see them join the rabbott to vote down the price on carbon but that just confirmed them as loonies.
    Sadly, their principles, sincerity and sense of equality disappeared when the 4 boys silenced the women before the election and became a pragmatic party of diludbransim.
    Both the shonky deals made by loonies and xenophon may have some positive outcomes but Landcare and South Australia are not confident.
    There is a silver lining and it was pleasing to see the diludbransim women finding their niche in handing out the chocolates to the protesters.

  12. David1

    warm….. 🙂

  13. Annie B

    hmmm … not sure whether to launch into a history of Christianity ??? 😉 which would leave me pretty chilly anyway … or leave the ‘snarky sarcasm’ ( your words James M ) … exactly as where & how they are meant to be, a bit of fun poking and …. whatever.

    But I WILL second ‘Denis Bright in Brisbanes’ comments … and his thanks to AIMN and authors. And especially to Michael for keeping his hair on and his demeanour entact, when overseeing appropriate comment ( or not ) on so many articles here.

    Good onya all … and may everyone have a Merry 23 days approach to Chris-miss.


  14. paulwalter

    Screw Xmass.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Yes, Denis, Jaquix, Annie . . . We will be here over the holiday season, though I’m sure that some of the authors will be taking a well-earned break.

  16. Matt

    Well Christmas has not been Christmas for at least a few years now. Look at any signs or pictures of Christmas – do you see any Christian symbols? All have been removed – you see Christmas trees, baubles, reindeer – but no crosses, Christ child not even any angels – more likely to see fairies. Christmas is now a heathen festival of God-knows what – consumerism perhaps?

  17. corvus boreus

    Indeed, approaching the festival traditionally celebrating (amongst other things), the birth of Christ, I am not seeing much public adornment with decorative representations of the Roman punishment apparatus later used to tortuously execute him.

    I am starting to see plenty of lovely nativity scenes though (usually complete with miraculously coiffured newborn).

  18. Jaquix

    I always think of Christmas as a fanily/folk festival, and enjoy it for that reason, much as Americans treat Thanksgiving.

  19. Annie B

    Agree with Jaquix, Corvus and Matt …. in much of what was said by them.

    I am not religious, but did honor the birth of the great Jewish man Jesus, on his alleged birthday – many years back. …. Theologians and anthropologists have now pretty much agreed that the 25th December could not possibly have been the birth date of Jesus, so I wonder, what is the point ( for avowed christians ). There is much to be found on the Net, to underscore these recent convictions and proofs.

    Jaquix – I think viewing it as something akin to Thanksgiving, is an excellent idea. …. and maybe Matt, the emphasis on pine trees, baubles, fairies, koalas, landscapes, bells and holly is indeed more appropriate, if one wants to celebrate just a special day on the calendar to connect with others. …

    For us in the southern hemisphere, it would be super to have a hot Turkey dinner with goodies, and the accompanying ‘plum pud’ ( all traditionally English fare ) … to be held in our winter – July ? … and be labelled appropriately …. however I doubt it would ever happen 100%. …. The whole thing is way too entrenched.

    There are “Christmas in July” celebrations now held, but should it be labelled Christmas ?

    Not sorry that corvus boreus, raised the historical fact of the Roman type barbaric punishment, dished out to thousands with T structures holding dead and dying ‘felons’ subsequently lining the in-bound streets as a deterrant to those who would break the law. To read some christian literature, it seems that they believe Jesus and the two thieves on either side of him, were the only recipients of this dastardly type of sentence. Not so. … It was typical of the times…. That however, does not lessen the wicked act towards a man of substance, intelligence and radical thought – who wished to promote his own religion for the sake of those who chose to follow. He was an extraordinary man in history.

    Yes Matt – I agree – Christmas has indeed become a pagan festival of consumerism. A day of hype + fun, bulging bellies, sweating cooks in the kitchen ( in Australia ) …and spoiled rotten children.

    Maybe we should all bite the bullet and set aside this day ( or some day ), as one to ‘give’ to others less fortunate than ourselves … give the kids ONE gift each, and explain to them where the rest is going. The hundreds / thousands of $$$ spent … going to reliable charities to help others.

    THAT would be in keeping with what it originally was thought, or designed, to be.

  20. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    For me, Christmas has become a simplish day. Presents for each of my children and my parents. Family lunch with my children and then the trek across Melbourne to join my parents at my brother’s home.

    I’m not saying ‘Happy Christmas’ yet. I’m saying it when we’re on the doorstep. But I do appreciate what AIM Network does for all of us. Like someone said above, it helps to keep my sanity and is one of my vehicles to express my complete opposition to this monstrous Liberal National Party Coalition Government and Neoliberalism in whatever form it takes.

  21. Michael Taylor

    We’re much like you, Jennifer, keeping it as simple as we can. With our extended family in seven locations spread all over Australia we could take it in turns in who we visit, but nah, we just like to spend the time at home and with each other.

    And thanks for the thumbs up for The AIMN. Kaye Lee once called us a family, and you know what? It feels like that at times. It’s a great feeling to have so many friends here.

  22. Matt

    Well that is a nice sentiment Michael.

    Christmas may still be about gift giving – I tell my kids the biggest joy should come from giving a gift to someone else to make them happy, rather than getting presents. I see your final sentence above as a little gift to your loyal readers and contributors.


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