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The words speak for themselves, but I shall return to them briefly…


A government with such little respect

Like many other Australians, I am an avid sports fan. I competed for as long as possible, and when my body could no longer perform to my satisfaction, I turned to a daily routine of running, lap swimming or walking, to keep fit. Why do I tell you this? I like to think that I paid due respect to my opponents, who generally returned the favour.

Presently I am in awe of the respect shown by our Olympians to their sport, coaches and families. It all seems to come so naturally and enthusiastically and has been an inspiration to us all. In the same way, it is a pity our government couldn’t show us the same respect and inspire us into an uncertain post COVID-19 future.

Now, let us look at the lack of respect the government shows toward us. They represent us but use lies to do so. And in doing so, they show us no respect.

1 So much for truth and transparency when the former Attorney-General Christian Porter can have redacted evidence from his dropped defamation case against the ABC scrubbed from the public record.

Nine and News Corp (forget their motive) have been asking for the documents to be made public, but Justice Jayne Jagot ordered that the documents be ditched from court files.

There is no longer any excuse for the Prime Minister to set up an independent inquiry into Porter’s fitness for office. That might show us some respect.

Porter’s seat of Pearce lost some safe Liberal ground in a recent distribution and is now under threat from Labor.

2 Talking about redistributions, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Victorian and Western Australian changes are now complete. It seems that those skilled in these matters agree that the Liberals have lost one seat; the former seat of Stirling in WA has been abolished. The ALP has gained one; the newly created safe Labor seat of Hawke.

These same analysts agree that no seat has notionally changed hands as a result of the boundary changes.

3 Writing for The Saturday Paper last weekend John Hewson described our Prime Minister in these terms:

“He has accepted Barnaby Joyce back with no conditions – indeed, let him start to dictate climate and other policy. He has failed to deal effectively with claims of rape, bullying and harassment in Parliament House; has normalised pork-barrelling, corruption and wasteful expenditure; denies responsibility; is quick to blame others; and ignores the need for reform in response to the great social challenges of Indigenous recognition, child- and aged-care, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, mental illness and domestic violence.”

I have written in the same manner myself, and he is spot on, and Joyce is but one of many who has little respect for the electorate.

4 Morrison never seems to take charge when things are going wrong. He disappears then reappears to take the credit when things go right. He is gifted in thinking that he can make things better first for himself and secondly for you with the use of dishonesty.

We were in the front of the queue when the reality was, we were at the back of the pack. “This isn’t a race,” he said. How wrong he was. It is a race, and we are realising the price of his failure.

What sort of man would deliberately buy a lessor quality (AstraZeneca) vaccine after being offered 40 million doses of the higher quality Pfizer? Now we are paying the price for his stupidity with not enough vaccines to avoid lockdowns.

5 Whatever happened to those reports from Morrison’s chief of staff Phil Gaetjens? Morrison is still undecided as to whether he will release them publicly. I’m assuming that, like their ICAC proposal, they will let them lapse into the file of “no time left” before the election.

Like the Sports Rorts report that has never been published, a summary found there were “significant shortcomings” in the way McKenzie decided on the grant. But he also found that (Lord save me) how the minister’s office approved funds for different projects was not unduly influenced by reference to “marginal” or “targeted” electorates.

Where is the respect?

6 In the time I have spent writing for The AIMN, hardly a day has passed without the Government framing emissions reduction with all the negativity of Tony Abbott.

Writing for The Guardian, Katherine Murphy reported that:

“On Tuesday, the group Beyond Zero Emissions released a report based on economic analysis from ACIL Allen. This work found that establishing renewable energy industrial precincts in two Australian regions would create 45,000 new jobs and generate revenue of $13bn a year by 2032. The two regions the report identified were the Hunter in New South Wales and Gladstone in central Queensland. If you follow politics closely, you’ll know these regions will be heavily contested at the next federal election.

In the world envisaged by this report, dedicated renewable energy zones would support energy-intensive businesses during the transition to low emissions. I might need to repeat that sentence because the Coalition has spent more than a decade telling Australians that renewables and heavy industry are fundamentally incompatible.”

Over to you, Scotty. And show some respect.

7 The Prime Minister has apologised and accepted responsibility for the slow vaccine rollout.

“I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to achieve the marks that we had hoped for at the beginning of this year,” the PM said on Thursday.

“I take responsibility for the vaccination program. I also take responsibility for the challenges we’ve had.”

Does that pass as an apology? What do you think?

8 Speaking of apologies, I posted this on Facebook last week and received some criticism from those deemed to be unsuitable for the Astra vaccine:


Isn’t it rather odd that the people who refuse an AstraZeneca jab are the same cohort who vote for the LNP? (70 and over)

It was insensitive to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to take the vaccine, and for that, I apologise.

9 Alarm bells ring when I turn on my computer to read this headline in The Guardian: Coalition to spend $19,000 send Tony Abbott on trade mission to India.”

Where is the respect in that?

10 Back in the time of Sports Rorts while in caretaker mode or, to be more precise, in the fortnight between 27 March and 11 April 2019, the Government announced 70 appointments to boards, statutory bodies and tribunals, and diplomatic postings. One in five of the people appointed to government bodies in that fortnight had links to the Liberal or National parties.

11 Did you know that Australia doesn’t have a comprehensive formal parliamentary set of rules governing the behaviour of our MPs.

Yes, where is the respect?

My thought for the day

The danger in looking back is that we lose the will to go forward.

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  1. Craig S

    #Scummo is a “Blister” he only pops up after all the work is done.

  2. BB

    The Liberal party and Morrison do not and never will have any respect or represent the majority of Australians, they only represent and have “respect” for the top 10% of the top end of town, the elites, corporate pirates, royalty, the upper end of the church hierarchy, only the sections of law and justice that have been bought, some generals, etc, and themselves.

    They have limited “respect” for the next 40%, as long as there is considerable kowtowing, and large under table donations.

    Zero respect for the next 30% and only throw them a few crumbs, called trickle down… Law of the jungle still dominates.

    Then actively persecute the bottom 20% of society and seek to impose the most draconian austerity measures and reduce the poor to sub human living conditions, kick them when they are down… Stomp on their heads… Show no kindness!
    This makes liberals feel good. We are helping them to become better people, by showing them tough love, so they learn…

    Liberals revel in having zero morals, zero empathy, zero compassion, such human kindness is to Liberals a sign of weakness, therefore only the weak have such weakness in them and will forever be weak and be despised by Liberals.

    The liberals mantra, their modus operandi and agendas/policies in government are “God helps those who help themselves”, “only those with wealth deserve to have wealth” and “a fair go only for those born with a silver spoon up their arse”…..!
    “If you have a go, you get a go”… well maybe, there are many hidden caveats, lots of barbed wire hoops to jump through.

    Liberals are inherently greedy selfish RW bastards, they are born that way, it’s inherited, in their DNA, there is no redemption for liberals, even good ones are simply liars and bullshiting themselves.
    Throwing a few pennies to the poor makes them feel “Oh so Good”, yeah right!
    Like the so called goodness and benevolence of “christians”, Liberals are an oxymoron, a contradiction, all pseudo love.

    Liberals actively seek to dumb down education for the majority of citizens, by making education very expensive, so only the rich can afford to become educated. And as for education in Humanities that is a huge no no.
    Keep the population dumbed down, ignorant, pliable, and fighting amongst themselves for the few shekels left over.

    Subtly and insidiously take away all rights and freedoms that past generations went to war for to protect democracy.
    Bring back slavery, it’s good for the economy…

    Ah yes, Australians are being royally rogered, asleep at the wheel is an understatement.

  3. Kathryn

    Morrison is up to his sanctimonious, bible-thumping hypocritical, misogynistic and depraved red neck in corruption! Not only is he NOT a fit person to be Crime Minister – taking the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award as the worst, most corrupt, laziest and non-achieving PM in our nation’s political history – he is, most certainly, NOT FIT to be in parliament and not even fit to be walking the streets! The man is a shamelessly arrogant, self-serving, rorting, smirking political parasite who ticks every box as a stone cold, malignant sociopath! If there was any justice in this nation – which there isn’t (for as long as the unconscionable miscreants in the Morrison regime undemocratically rule our nation with a fascist iron fist) Morrison, Porter and so many other despicable, anti-social predators that line the cabinet of the LNP should be DISMISSED, charged and jailed!

  4. wam

    oh lord, loved this so much I had to repool myself to recool.
    Number 4 has been my constant reminder for labor to stir and with glad taking the jabs from regional NSW?? Stir the pot plibalb???
    Number 9 reminds me of balham’s eugene quills. India, eh, wonder if the rabbott is vaccinated???
    The respect n parliament is not needing rules beyond honesty. This concept has been expunged from parliament by the plethora of member trained in lying and dishonesty and by the removal of the base clerks who used to monitor the honesty of political claims. No pollie wants to return to that sort of honesty.
    The moment of the games, for this old softie, is the presentation of the gold to emma by emily. What, a superb gesture!
    Your thought is odd, from a man of history?? There is no forward without looking back?

  5. Phil Pryor

    Lordy, a list of eleven paragraphs out of many possibilities, hardly enough. This conservative gang of huns in office is a treacherous disgrace to the nation and all its citizens, as it never ever aims to tell (as the law asks) the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Lies, fictions, propaganda, draft scripts, imagined plots, fantasies, dreams, hollow announcements, nightmares, suggestions and hints, frauds, coverups, anything at all, but not an aim to tell honest direct truth. But what can we expect from a drenched in superstition fool who will believe any time honoured (hah) rubbish of the mind, any past concept of magic, wizardry, myth, legend. ALL the hard line religious self deceivers KNOW that ALL the others are WRONG. They do not question their own “faith”, as it does not need any support from fact, science, observation, proof. No photos, fingerprints, voice recordings, DNA samples, evidence of any kind is there, or asked for, just blind essentially lying “faith”. That guides so many leaders who are merely followers of superstition, when not following orders of donors and controllers. We have no hope of real progress, planned forward thinking, some decency of shared vision, under a P M who is such a lazy, lying. lowlife self deceiving fraud. His talentless team is often worse, sand in the gears, lead in the saddle, bowelbrained and shitskulled. So, let us add in spirit to this list, adding the unfair, selfish, incapable, undereducated, uncivilised, deceiving ranks of this federal government and hate it out of office by action and comment daily. They have failed us miserably in duties, poor handling of environment, hopeless planning of supply, quarantine overseeing, refugee persecution, bribery and corruption for mates, insiders, donors, supporters and the raving media maggots under Merde Dog the Foreigner. Sad.

  6. New England Cocky

    @3: Barnyard Beetrooter Joke has been reported in New England MSM as ”doesn’t care whether you like him or not”.

    @4. Scummo has ”stolen” the Nazional$ Standard Operating Procedure of taking the credit for the work done by others without acknowledgement.. Barnyard Beetrooter may be Minister for Roads but he is very slow to fund the Tenterfield NSW By-Pass that Tony Windsor had achieved funding for in 2013. Probably trying the John Anderson strategy of ”vote for Nazional$ or get not funding”” seeing that Anderson has been Beetrooter’s campaign manager at the last two elections.

    @5 The Gaetjens Reports likely contain damning evidence that the feral Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment is corrupt to the eye brows, so Scummo cannot allow that information to reach the electorate before the next election because claiming credit for corruption tends to dampen voter enthusiasm for the messenger.

    @7: ” I also take responsibility for the challenges we’ve had.” Scummo IS THE PROBLEM … from the demand to disembark Hell$inger$ from the Ruby Princess so they could get home for lu nch, to promoting going to the football without a facemask (to help spread the COVID-19 infection) to FAILING to purchase/secure adequate suitable vaccine supplies to FAILING to roll out the vaccines in an appropriate and speedy manner. The real GOLD STANDARD OF INCOMPETENT MANAGEMENT!!

    @9. Is the $19,000 travel grant to Toxic RAbbott a one way ticket to Churchill Canada on an international jet having infected cabin crew?

    Enough!! JL I admire your tenacity recoding the dismal underwhelming Scummo feral COALiiton misgovernment and look forward to removing them form the Treasury benches at the first opportunity.

  7. Consume Less

    I’m happy enough with the lesser quality Astra Zeneca.

  8. Carol Taylor

    Consume Less, it’s not about what vaccine is ‘better’ than the other, it’s taking into account medical history and the advice of one’s medical professional. For myself, my doctor (two GPs, same opinion) said that because my father was on the cusp of having to have both legs amputated due to blood clots that they would rather I wait for the Pfizer. This is not about being a “vaccine snob” it’s about what you consider the best option based on medical advice. I currently do not qualify for the Pfizer being in the wrong age group nor can I have the AZ based on medical opinion. This government is so inflexible that it does not cater for anyone who doesn’t fit into their criteria..instead it’s take it or leave it. Morrison of course made sure that he himself had the Pfizer.

  9. Michael Taylor

    It’s the same with me. Four deaths in the family from clotting (eldest being 52-years-old) and two near-deaths, plus because of Lupus I have a high risk of DVT, two GPs have said I’m that 1 in 10,000 who is at risk of clotting.

    The risk is so high, that their recommendation is to stay isolated until Pfizer is available to everyone, which they think should be next month. According to the Dept of Health’s website (as reported in The Guardian), AZ is being discontinued after September.

    The GP’s reasoning is sound: If I did take the chance and had AZ now, it would be 12 weeks before I could have my second shot. Within that same timeframe I would have had both Pfizer jabs.

    Nonetheless, I hate that, despite the opinion of two doctors that I should not be given AZ, the government tells me that I HAVE to have it.

    I wrote to the Dept of Health asking why I cannot have Pfizer, given my family’s history and my doctor’s opinion. They gave me a two-page reply telling me what a great job the Morrison govt was doing in their handling of the pandemic and that if I have any concerns I should consult my doctor (which I’d done in the first place, hence my letter).

  10. Michael Taylor

    PS: I hate that this government is playing with people’s lives.

  11. Carol Taylor

    Indeed, that is what is happening Australia wide. The Morrison government provides advice to consult your doctor, then when your doctor comes back with advice which doesn’t fit into their narrative, the advice is to “consult your doctor”. And around and around we go…

  12. Michael Taylor

    Yep. Rinse and repeat until you find a doctor who agrees with the government.

  13. writtenword09

    There should have been several different types available from the start. That way everyone could have followed their health professionals advice and possibly have had both doses by now.

  14. BB

    Well said Carol, Michael, many cannot have the AZ jab, not because at present there’s no choice, but for medical reasons.

    I consider myself fortunate in my chosen lifestyle living way out bush so that I have always been in a true sense, self isolated.
    Because NO BLOODY WAY will I ever consider having the AZ jab. I’m an over 60s aussie, yes, but I’m not senile or stupid!

    I will wait for the Pfizer vaccine to become available for us all, as it should have been from the start. “A fair go for all eh”, Bah!
    I refuse to become a potential dead statistic to cover up for Morrison’s TOTAL 100% incompetence in the purchase of Pfizer.

    AND anyone trying to intimidate me in any manner whatsoever or shame me into having the AZ jab can go F themselves!
    I have read a few articles recently by some ‘journos’ trying to do exactly that, it’s disgusting the gutter level of some ‘journos’!

    It really pisses me off with Morrison’s humbug attitude, his blatant hypocrisy, in trying to promote the AZ vaccine, due to his penny pinching bullshit in the original purchase of Pfizer, to cover up for his incompetence and atrocious handling of Covid.

    To underline his arrogance the bastard had the Pfizer vaccine. NOT the AZ vaccine! And to compound his arrogance put himself 1st in the Pfizer vaccine queue. Screw the lot of you plebs, I am the PM. I always come 1st. I am a supreme deity! A miracle!

    What exactly did Morrison know back then in regards to the problems, issues with AZ that he chose to have the Pfizer jab?
    Yet he had no qualms in putting all the vaccine eggs into the AZ basket. People should not forget Morrison’s callousness!

    What the F is wrong with so many people that they cannot add up 2+2 to make 4… Talk about being gullible voting morons.
    Sucked in by all the misinformation and propaganda by the insidious MSM, the biased RW media, lackeys to the L/NP!

    Morrison knew damn well AZ is very suss and dangerous! To all those people trying to defend Morrison’s bs, WAKE UP!
    You do Australia a disservice, and your morals stink. Think about that next time you pen a bs article defending the L/NP!

  15. Carina McNaughton

    It annoys me no end that Morris cum narrative is its your fault we have lock downs because you won’t get AZ. Everyone waiting for Pfizer is vaccine hesitant. What a old load of BS. Mortiscm if you had ordered a choice of vaccines we wouldn’t be in such a predicament.

  16. Ian Laidlaw

    Well, about the Covid jabs, I’ll advise that I have had both AZ vaccines and NO side effects. I had a heart attack at 44, now 70, Many angioplasty in 1996 and a stent inserted in that September. A quadruple heart bypass in 2004, another stent inserted in 2018 using a bypass graft to achieve this. I exercise every day on a stationary bike (20 minutes) and do 20 sit-ups. I am on many medications associated with my heart condition, namely blood thinners twice per day. (apixaban) My aim is to stay on the green side of grass for many more years, I hope I do. Perhaps I was lucky with the vaccine, the option was there and I took it, I have put my life in the hands of eminently qualified people to keep me breathing. Have the vaccine.

  17. DrakeN

    BB, I am one of those people with a propensity for deep analysis and risk calculation and who has continued to live a modestly benign lifestyle despite being largely incapacitated by a chronic health condition.
    If you somehow imagine that for a reasonably healthy individual the risks associated with the AZ vaccine are of significance by comparison with those associated with this nasty virus and the probability of contracting it and likely suffering long-term debilitating consequences, then you are sadly deluded.
    And no, I am not about to engage in sexual intercourse with myself on account of your diatribe.

  18. BB

    A propensity for deep though eh, so what went wrong this time eh, lol
    Why did Morrison have a Pfizer jab if there is nothing wrong with AZ?

    I don’t have to somehow imagine, I just keep myself informed.
    Unlike some who are very much deluded, taken in by all the spin.

    The use of the word FUCK is common contemporary vernacular.
    And certainly makes damn sure the message is understood.

    Diatribe, oh you mean you can’t handle someone being candid.
    We all have aches and pain, so don’t presume or assume.

  19. Roswell

    I like to think I’m a logical chap, and I always listen to the scientists and medical specialists.

    If a doctor tells you that you’re that one person in ten thousand who is likely to have clotting, I wouldn’t mock it. Place yourself in the shoes of that person. As one of the 9,999 it is hard to do, so the best I can offer is a little empathy.

  20. Mark

    BB, Morrison, as the designated leader, had to be among the first vaccine receivers so as to set an example for the punters to follow, especially with this plague of anti-vaxxers out and about. The only ATAGI approved vaccine at that time was the Pfizer. Thus he had no choice. It was the the only option. It was not based on any advanced info.

    Do try to keep up!

    At that time, mRNA vaccines were considered to be more risky, more experimental, given their track record re usage with other animals. Indeed, their use may prove to be more problematic in the longer term. History is littered with unforeseen consequences when it comes to new drugs.

    Here’s a link that may help.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Mark, that’s interesting why Morrison received Pfizer. I wasn’t aware of that.

    But it begs the question: If Pfizer was the only vaccine that had been approved, why did he not order more of it?

    The USA made a blunder in reverse: 60 million doses of AZ were signed, sealed and delivered in anticipation the CDC (or whoever it is) would approve AZ for use in the USA. But AZ didn’t pass the test and didn’t gain approval. The last I heard – a few months ago – was that they were going to donate them to India.

    My apologies if that news about donating them to India is now outdated. It’s not something I’ve followed up.

  22. Mark

    Not here to make excuses for Morrison – ever. But a modicum of accuracy tends to help those who might be interested in such notions.

    Ideally, Morrison would have preferred an effective vaccine to be ‘designed’ and ‘manufactured’ locally and at one stage he thought he had that via the University of Queensland. But it wasn’t to be because it gave false positive readings re AIDS. Not a good look!

    Briefly, Morrison bet the rent on AZ designed in Britain (Oxford University having a starring role). Turned out to be bad political choice for a whole range of reasons including possible payback for BREXIT.

    As for timelines, try this link. “Pfizer COVID vaccine first to be approved in Australia”

    But well aware that people will believe what they want to believe.

  23. Michael Taylor

    Mark, the link isn’t working. ☹️

    Morrison’s first mistake was to shoot his mouth off, when proudly declaring that Australia was “at the front of the queue” when it comes to a vaccine strategy.

    It was a bit like former English cricket captain, Tony Greg declaring that he would make Australia “grovel” – before the Aussies belted his team off the park.

    I’ve never been one for those who shoot their mouth off.

  24. BB

    I had a look at the Link you provided but see no mention where the only ATAGI approved vaccine at that time was the Pfizer.
    Maybe you can put up a more exact link to the actual spot where that info is on the Historical Safety Concerns site..
    Yes I get that as the supposed leader of Australia, (he’s no leader in my eyes but a total liability), he needs to set an example, but he has not set any example other than one of hypocrisy, grandstanding, attempting to big note himself and avoiding responsibility and accountability, and has a bunch of similar rorting egotistical bs lying deviates as his ministry..
    But getting back to Morrison and the setting of an example as “our leader” he being the smart arse that he is then tried to strong arm the Pfizer deal, big tough leader that he is, by Penny Pinching the purchase of Pfizer and royally rogered it, even though the Pfizer Covid vaccine was you say the 1st to be approved in Australia, great result eh, so he then put all the eggs into the AZ basket.. A really dumb move as nobody with any nous puts all one’s options into one basket, right. But Morrison has no nous.

    And as for a modicum of accuracy where Morrison is concerned, the man simply does not deserve any, and I am quite happy to muddy the waters as that is the modus operandi of the entire Liberal government.

    Anyway the part of your post that I absolutely agree with you on is… People will believe what they want to believe

  25. BB

    Yeah GL,
    Let’s hope the shit really hits the fan this time as it’s a total disgrace.
    Brian Huston is a very good friend of Morrison and his MENTOR…FFS!
    Morrison tried to get Huston an invite to the White House on an official visit but was knocked back.
    Pentecostals are a cult, gibberish glossolalia, believe in miracles, Morrison will avoid questions, time for another holiday.
    One has to question Morrison’s choice of friends, a person who protects pedophiles and a fanatical believer in QAnon.
    Morrison is not fit to be the PM of Australia!

  26. Michael Taylor

    BB, Morrison – for some unexplainable reason – reminds me of a poem in one of my text books in high school. I only remember the closing lines, but to set the scene, a bloke who was hopelessly drunk stumbled into a gutter where there happened to be a pig. He was enjoying the company of the pig until some passerby, in utter disgust, mumbled (these are the lines I remember):

    “You can tell a man who boozes by the company that he chooses.”
    And at that the pig got up and walked away.

    Can’t work out why it reminds me of Morrison, but there must be a reason somewhere in my head. Maybe it’s the company he chooses.

  27. BB

    Can’t blame the pig..

    Indeed Morrison’s choice of “friends” is a disgrace to the office of PM.
    Will Morrison now call in the Fixated Persons Unit to arrest Brian Huston and Tim Stewart as security risks?

    (They could share a cell with that other dangerous actor, Kristo Langker)

  28. Michael Taylor

    BB, it’s beyond me how Tim Stewart received a security clearance.

    During the preliminaries for my security clearance just about everything I’d done or said in my life was subject to intense scrutiny. It lasted for a couple of months. If I was a supporter of QAnon I’m certain that I would have failed.

  29. Mark

    Here’s the exact quote if the link doesn’t work this time,

    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has granted provisional approval for the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, clearing the way for its use in people aged 16 and older.

    The approval comes a year to the day after Australia registered its first cases of COVID-19.

    The vaccine, which requires two doses at least 21 days apart, is the first candidate to be approved for use in Australia.

    Yep – first candidate to be approved for use in Australia. And those who follow the debate would know that.

    If the link doesn’t work, one could always try and Google. The first link was to the recent history in Australia. The second link was to the US which documents more broadly. Again that should be obvious.

    And I’ll leave it at that point because I see no point in childish name calling.

  30. Michael Taylor

    I don’t need to try Google. I doubt that you’re trying to mislead us.

  31. BB

    I note that the operative word is ​provisional

    So Mark, if you as you say Pfizer was the 1st chosen preferred option of vaccines,
    why has Australia ended up with only AZ and a very limited supply of Pfizer?

    Because Morrison then stuffed up the purchase of Pfizer through being pig headed.
    Because he saw the AZ as been a much cheaper option.

    This is the point, not some irrelevant past pedantic point about which vaccine was 1st approved, albeit provisionally and which then fell through because Morrison is a cheap nasty penny pinching fool, to the detriment of Australia, and the primary cause of why Australia is now mostly in LOCKDOWN..
    And we still only have limited supplies of Pfizer, with the states fighting over what supplies there are.
    That’s the Federal Liberals modus operandi, pitting Australians against Australians.
    Thanks Scotty, you’re a real bloody hero…!!!

    And if it’s ok for Morrison to change the narrative to suit his story, (lies), well then the leader sets the example you say, yes…
    So I am quite happy to keep my narrative that Scotty chose to have the Pfizer jab as he knew the AZ was suss.

    Do try to keep up!

    (woops, sorry if that comes across as childish)

  32. Michael Taylor

    BB, you make sense. Logic wins every time. 👍

  33. Mark

    So BB, according to you, Morrison:

    knew the AZ was suss.

    How? When? And by what means? Thus what source did he have that was unavailable to all the scientists involved – (locally and across the world)?

    Are you aware that Science, generally speaking, proceeds on the basis of evidence? Or to put it another way, science, at its best, doesn’t start from an a priori position but reflects. It’s a posteriori – defined in terms of:

    A posteriori is a term applied to knowledge considered to be true based on experience, observation, or existing data. In this sense, a posteriori describes knowledge that requires evidence. A posteriori comes from Latin and literally translates as “from the latter” or “from the one behind.

    But perhaps the biggest problem is the endorsement comes with the endorsement – that logic wins every time. LOL.

  34. Michael Taylor

    What a shame. My endorsement is mocked. I am shattered. LOL

  35. BB

    Well Mark, logic is logic and you can’t go past logic, but as you don’t seem to be a logical person,
    you are going to be forever disappointed.. How sad is that…😔
    But hey never mind the logic stuff, here is a simple question for you, answer me this riddle Mark.

    What comes at the end of a question

  36. BB

    Aye GL.
    Well done Patrick, it will for sure put a Khyber Pass up scotty’s backside…. 😁
    Heads will roll.

    I call scotty’s disingenuous attempt to keep what should be public knowledge…
    The Notional Cabinet

    And I love how the kids of Australia have a firm understanding of Liberal bullshit with the excellent comment.
    “I’ve seen smarter cabinets at Ikea”

  37. GL

    ““Good teams know how to win when they’re behind,” he said. “Good teams know how to win when it’s even. We’re a good team and in the past three years we’ve demonstrated it.“”

    I almost choked on my coffee when read the above from Scotty from Marketing. Three new vomit inducing slogans? He’s just becoming more and more desperate to prop up his crumbling Tower of Babble.

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