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2020 is over! And it’s about time, too!

Oh what a miserable year!

Bush fires, recession, a pandemic causing death and economic destruction, social upheaval, the country being run by a hopelessly incompetent government… 2020 had it all.

The AIMN has written widely on all of these disasters – as have all media and news sites – so I see no need to revisit them here. Let’s look forward, not in the rear-view mirror.

What might 2021 bring? I like to believe it will bring hope. Hope that our governments and our people have learnt from the disasters of 2020 and that we can all be better prepared for when disasters might strike again, be it 2021 or the years beyond.

Yes, the pandemic will still be with us but we all hope that in 2021 we can defeat it. 2020 has been a wasted year, but let’s not waste what we have learnt from it.

I feel for our friends in lands beyond, though, who will enter 2021 in turmoil. In the USA it is apparent that Donald Trump will not depart from the the White House willingly or peacefully, and he has stirred his base up to the point where violence may erupt. All will be revealed in the next couple of weeks as we see which path the country takes. And in the UK the Brexit deal will have the member countries in a state of confusion. Boris is a master at that.

Moving on…

In 2019 the readership of The AIMN increased by 8 per cent over 2018, and in 2020 it grew by another 6 per cent. Clearly we have had much to write about! It would be different in a perfect world – what would we have to say? It is ironic that our two consecutive years of growth have been driven by the wrongs of the world, the disasters that have befallen us, and poor governance.

Whatever path 2021 takes you on we hope it is filled with good health and happiness. After the miserable year just passed, it can only get better.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2021. We always enjoy and treasure your good company and the contribution you make to The AIMN.

Michael and Carol.










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  1. Roswell

    All the best for 2021.

  2. RomeoCharlie29

    Dear Michael and Carol, happy new year to you and thank you again for hosting this site. Sitting over breakfast in the rural area just outside Darwin, fans turning lazily overhead as I look out over our small lagoon I am thankful for the fact that we have been spared the worst of lockdowns because of the swift actions of our (Labor) government. Early on we faced some restrictions with restaurants and other places closed, social distancing in place and a few restrictions on movements but nothing compared with effects experienced elsewhere. Throughout this year we have been thankful to be able to enjoy normal interactions with family and friends, and have never been deprived of the joy of our only grandchild, aged three, and the light of our lives. I do not write this to boast but to express my sadness for those who have been deprived of such pleasures.

    As the New Year begins I want to express my hope that our Fedeal government, led by the hopelessly flawed and incompetent Morrison and Frydenberg, realise there obligations to those in our society who have the least and restore what they have cut from their benefits. I hope for more enlightenment on our treatment of refugees and climate change, possibly with a lightning bolt revelation about their continued support for fossil fuels.

    I also hope that, as one of the few media sites giving some recognition that Labor DOES have policies, we will see less of the denigration of Albanese and a wider recognition that Labor will do a better job than the current shower of incompetents and, not to put too fine a point on it, criminals and liars enriching themselves and their cronies at our expense.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Romeo. We are lucky to have such great state leaders who know how to act/react to a crisis. Our federal leaders have failed us.

    The thing I will remember most about 2020 is the devastation on Kangaroo Island (where I grew up). As the island burned I kept a brave face, but when I heard that the firefighters needed counselling because of the distress from hearing the koalas scream while they were burning to death, well, the tears just flowed. Even now I have a tear.

    The tears flowed again a week later – though this time they were tears of relief – when I heard that our old farm house escaped destruction even though the fire went through the farm. The homes of 86 other soldier settlers weren’t so lucky.

  4. DrakeN

    Likewise, Michael and Carol, I wish you and yours the very best for the coming year and the many to follow.
    “The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.” – which applies just as much to domestic matters as it does to international affairs.
    ( I was very careful not to juxtapose the “matters” and “affairs” 😉 )
    All-along-same-ting to the rest of the crew here who, together with your good selves, are instrumental in bringing forward matters which are constantly, and deliberately, either ignored and/or misrepresented by the mainstream commercial news media.
    Thank you all.

  5. Kerri

    Thank you both for your hard work and wisdom!

  6. RosemaryJ36

    Being able to post in the AIMN to relieve the increasing frustration over government incompetence has been a lifesaver! Thank you, Michael and Carol.

  7. anne byam

    Michael and Carol – – –

    Wishing you a very Healthy, Safe and Happy New Year, & with many thanks for the continuing excellent production of your AIMN site. I DO read 95% of articles, even though these days I rarely comment. Most of my thoughts have been written as comments, already by others !!!

    Anyway, the very best to you both in all that you do – here and in your personal lives.

    Hugs, Annie.

  8. Michael Taylor

    Everyone is too kind. Thank you, all.

    And I just remembered – The AIMN is 7 years old today. Happy birthday to us. 😀

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