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You Really Have To Admire Some Liberals!

Ok, you probably noticed something about the Monash Forum in the media…

But just in case you haven’t, basically, the Monash Forum is a group of backbench Liberals which includes Tony Abbott, Eric Abetz, Craig Kelly and a number of others who are even more irrelevant than the aforementioned trio. Their aim is to stop the “demonisation” of coal.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Coal has been demonised by a handful of Christians linking it to the fires of Hell and therefore it’s been associated with demons in much the same way that Matthew Guy has been linked to underworld figures just because he has the occasional lobster with a mobster. Totally unfair.

As is the suggestion that many of us heard as kids that Santa would leave lumps of coal in our stocking if we were naughty. How innaccurate! Clearly it’s only the very best children who’d be given lumps of that good-for-humanity coal stuff!

So anyway, this Monash Forum has the intention to remind us all how absolutely necessary coal is for cheap power. It takes his name from John Monash, a man who, while once very useful, is now – like coal – dead.

There have been suggestions that the group has evolved from the so-called “Monkey Pod”. Although the suggestion about evolution has angered some in the group because they don’t support evolution in any shape or form.

George Christensen has encouraged various Nationals to also join the group, prompting one Nationals senator, John Williams, to tell the media that while he’d yet to see the group’s pledge or manifesto, he’d texted back saying that he was keen to join because anything pro-coal was just fine by him. He further added that if AGL didn’t want to sell the Liddell power station, then the Government should compulsorily acquire it and run it. After all, it’s not like that would be socialism or subsiding an inefficient industry.

Anyway, the group is also suggesting that the Government should intervene and build Hazelwood 2.0 because well, it just should, because spending $4,000,000,000 on a new power station is no problem, just so long as it’s a coal-fired one and not one of these new-fangled renewable ones.

Josh Frydenberg told us that the Government and the Monash group wanted the same thing. As far as I can ascertain, nobody in the media asked him if that were the case, why did the group feel the need to form. I mean, it’s not like there’s a sub-group of Liberal backbenchers forming to press the case for company tax cuts.

Whatever, the group is assuring us that coal has a future and that there’ll always be a need for it. While some silly greenies believe that coal and oil will one day run out, it’s clear that the Monash Forum believe that there are sufficient fossils in the Liberal Party itself to provide coal in the future.

Yep, like I said, you just have to admire some of these Liberals. In spite of all the opposition from people who know what they’re talking about, they bravely go on, insisting that coal is the way to go. No, the scientists don’t know what they’re talking about. No, the industry experts are wrong too. And AGL, why on earth would you shut Liddell when just a few hundred million dollars will make it as good as new? Better even. The free market just doesn’t work sometimes because it doesn’t deliver the outcomes we want, and then we need to tweak it so that our biggest donors get the money in their pockets, so that they can continue to be our biggest donors… How many other people could go on in the face of so much opposition and continue to deny reality like that? I’m sure I couldn’t.

And no, this isn’t a threat to Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership. Of course not! Didn’t Malcolm once say that he could never lead a party that wasn’t as serious about climate change as he was. While some of you have taken this to mean that all his talk about climate change was just empty, populist rhetoric from a man who makes the characters from film “La La Land” look complex, I would argue that this is a promise he’s certainly kept.

There’s no way anyone could consider that Turnbull has led the party in any sense of the word.


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  1. blair

    I wonder how much renewable energy production would $4Bill buy.
    Just goes to show the Lib/Nats have been bought and paid for by the Fossil fuel industry, just get back under your rocks FGS!

  2. Keith

    A combination of ideology and large donations to political parties can stunt good policy. It has been reported that 20+ backbench LNP members are spruiking coal and the building of a new coal fired energy plant.
    The backbenchers believe that coal has been demonised.

    But, LNP views on coal do not compute with climate change:

    The Innuit, whose life style of hunting and fishing and townships are being hit through climate change.
    Or, Puerto Ricans still suffering from the impact of hurricanes.
    Or, Californians impacted by sea level rise, drought, aquifers at low levels, and huge out of season wildfires.
    Or, in late 2017 Alaska where temperatures in some areas were so high that electronic instruments were not able to compute beyond the algorithms that they had been set up with.
    Or, as atmospheric temperatures increase more water vapour is carried, the result being huge floods experienced around Earth.
    Or, Coral Reefs generally around Earth have been hit by coral bleaching.
    Or, grounding lines of ice sheets are moving towards shore.
    Or, permafrost thawing creating methane and CO2, also infrastructure is being damaged by the breakdown of permafrost.
    Or, food and water scarcity in some parts of Earth.
    Or, epidemiological studies display the influence of burning fossil fuels on health.
    Or, the American Petroleum Industry knew of the impact of the products they create ( Elmer Robinson and R.C. Robbins 1968).
    ExxonMobil scientists had warned their management in the 1970s of the effect of fossil fuels.

    These factors have been observed and are empirical facts.

    We expect politicians to make decisions using objective facts; but, this is not happening within the LNP.

  3. Alpo

    The Monash Forum is the rallying call for Conservatives to unite, in preparation for the big battle that will start within the Coalition as soon as Turnbull and his band will be trashed at the Federal election. The Conservatives will blame the Wafflers for the trashing and they will demand to take over the reins of the Liberal Party. Joyce will do the same, re: the Nationals… and they will start their Murdoch-led re-enactment of 2007-2013…. But they will be shocked to realise that the Country has moved on, Labor is rock solid…. and Shorten will lead the country to a Social Democratic future over the next decade….

    R.I.P. Liberal Party….. R.I.P. the Nationals…..

  4. etnorb

    Yet another great read Rossleigh! The only trouble I can see with this inept bloody “monash group’ is that it is totally comprised of stupid, flat earth, lying so-called ‘politicians” (I use this term advisedly!). Not a brain among them! So, anything they say or do is just total rubbish. God help Australia if ANYTHING this mob wants to do or say is taken seriously by anybody! Never read about such a useless bloody mob in this charade of a Federal Parliament, ever!

  5. guest

    So they think more coal would reduce the cost of energy – but what is the cost of cooking the planet?

    Keith @12:25 gives them more than enough clues. That they do not understand tells us why they on the back bench.

  6. Rossleigh

    Thanks, people. Of course, anyone who looks at the situation understands that the main cost of using renewables instead of the existing infrastructure is the changeover. It’s like me saying I couldn’t afford to buy a Prius (ok, don’t get distracted and talk about whether a Prius is really good for the environment – this is an analogy!). While I can’t afford to buy a Prius at the moment, the economics changes if my current car is breaking down and I have to have it repaired every few weeks and I’m considering buying a new car. It then becomes ridiculous to argue that a Prius is too expensive but that replacing my old car with a new Mercedes is just fine!

  7. diannaart

    I have no sympathy for Turnbull – although just being in the same room as the execrables, AKA the Monash platoon, must be hazardous to one’s health. Turnbull only has himself to blame – when you’re spineless this is what you get.

    That Team Ginger(vitus) AKA the Monash platoon are also readying themselves for what they believe is their rightful place – expect leadership challenge, leading to call for election… the silliness will continue.

  8. johno

    I wonder how cooked the planet has to get before these morons have a hello moment. Maybe they will keep denying to the bitter end.

  9. Ricardo29

    What frustrates these Luddites is there is such a lot of coal and it’s owned by their mates who donate to their re-election campaigns even while they are selling coal at a pathetically low price but in such quantities they have been making obscene profits. However they — the Luddites and the coal miners — can see the writing on the wall but are trying to put a finger in the dyke in a desperate attempt to keep the gravy train rolling (to mix a few metaphors). One could feel sorry for them for their stupidity but wouldn’t it be great if the Australian people, in their electorates, decided to put them out of their misery and, at the same time, relieve the rest of us of their idiocy?

  10. Glenn Barry

    Those super sized coal suppositories of wisdom causing these chaps to fill up with shit again, they’re full up to between their ears and it’s coming out their mouths yet again, the shit that is…

  11. Jaquix

    At least its putting all the worst troglodytes in the one basket. All we need now is a hot air balloon!

  12. Kyran

    “Didn’t Malcolm once say that he could never lead a party that wasn’t as serious about climate change as he was?”
    There used to be a joke about the Melbourne climate and its propensity to change, so it must predate climate change. It went along the lines of “If you don’t like Melbourne weather, just wait a minute.” Four seasons in one day was no competition for four seasons in one hour. Apparently our craven PM has the same propensity for change in terms of policy. “If you don’t like it, just wait a minute.”
    With regard to your reference to coal fueling the fires of hell, you may have missed this Easter announcement.
    The pope, the bloke with the funny white pointy hat and dress ensemble (but without the facial cloth worn by the KKK, who also espouse god fearing principles), was hosing down his own fire. Apparently, amazingly, allegedly, shockingly, controversially – hell doesn’t exist.

    “While the Vatican conceded that Scalfari, an atheist who struck up a friendship with Francis in 2013, had held a private meeting with the pontiff before the Easter weekend, it said an interview had not been granted.
    During the meeting Scalfari asked the pope where “bad souls” go, to which he was quoted as responding: “They are not punished. Those who repent obtain God’s forgiveness and take their place among the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot be forgiven disappear. A hell doesn’t exist, the disappearance of sinning souls exists.””

    So, there you go. If hell doesn’t exist, our parliamentarians have nothing to fear from their actions. Other than the hell we have to endure from their imbecilic theatrics. It is only fair to cite hellfire and damnation when discussing the recent blasphemous behaviour of devout catholic MP’s in Victoria who defeated a bill that was meant to address how the hell we fight our annual hell, the Australian bush fire season.
    Not to worry, the pope had access to water. From the same article;

    “The controversy came as Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 prisoners at Rome’s Regina Coeli prison on Holy Thursday. Among the inmates were two Muslims, an Orthodox Christian and a Buddhist. He told them: “Everyone has the opportunity to change life and one cannot judge.””

    With regard to your sentiment about the cost the changeover being in the infrastructure, well, Mal’s on it.

    “Alinta Energy has confirmed it has been approached by the Turnbull government and is interested in purchasing AGL’s ageing Liddell coal-fired power plant immediately with a view to extending its life for five to seven years.”

    “Dimery [from Alinta] said his company had “been approached about our interest in buying and running Liddell for five to seven years past AGL’s current closure date of 2022”.
    “We are open to that proposal; it fits with our strong desire to maintain reliability and affordability for customers as we transition to a lower-emissions energy sector,” he said.”

    “Dimery said Alinta would make a nonbinding bid by April, followed by a period of exclusivity for due diligence and would like to take possession of Liddell by September if AGL agrees to sell it.
    He said it could contract with AGL to provide energy from Liddell until 2022 to satisfy its need for power until then, suggesting this was “not a deal-breaker for [Alinta]”.
    Dimery said it was “only interested in this transaction if it is commercial”, rejecting the need for government subsidies.”

    Watch for the ‘policy’ to be refined, particularly the bit about ‘government subsidies’. It’s enough to drive you insane. Thankfully, our helpful religious leaders are on the case. In other recent news;

    “The Vatican is to hold a training course for priests in exorcism next month amid claims that demands for deliverance from demonic possession have greatly increased across the world.
    The Vatican-backed International Association of Exorcists, which represents more than 200 Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox priests, said the increase represented a “pastoral emergency”.
    According to a priest from Sicily, the number of people in Italy claiming to be possessed had tripled to 500,000 a year, and an Irish priest has said demand for exorcisms has “risen exponentially”.
    Last year, the Christian thinktank Theos reported that exorcisms were a “booming industry” in the UK, particularly among Pentecostal churches.”
    And, later in the same article;
    “But, he said, “some Christians are sometimes treating mental health issues as if everything is spiritual. So if someone tells a church leader they are suffering from depression, sometimes the response is that everything can be treated with prayer. The extreme end of that is exorcism.”
    The report quoted one chaplain, who said he had “never seen anything I would say that looked like demonic possession, but I’ve seen plenty of people who have been told that’s what they’re experiencing by other Christians”.”

    So, Mr Brisbane, there you go. When these Nuph Nuph’s are exorcised, everything will be better and nobody will have gone to hell. Accept the Paris accord, which went to hell a long time ago.

    “Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 were again the highest on record when unreliable data from sectors including land clearing and forestry are excluded, according to consultants NDEVR Environmental.
    Even including land clearing, overall emissions show a continued rising trend, which began in about 2011, putting Australia’s commitment under the Paris agreement further out of reach.
    The rising greenhouse gas pollution comes despite continued decline in emissions from the electricity sector, following increased renewable energy generation and the closure of Australia’s dirtiest coal power station, Hazelwood.”

    As for the land clearing and the forestry industry, what the hell. As it is an unsustainable environmental practice, any assistance is not considered welfare. It’s a ‘subsidy’.

    Yep, you really have to admire them.
    Thank you Mr Brisbane and commenters. Take care

  13. Henry Rodrigues

    We all know that this is a very ill disguised ‘in your face’ insult by the dickheads in the LNP, to torpedo the witless, gutless, spineless poser from Point Piper. That much is clearly evident. What the people want and need, is for the so-called journos and commentators of the ‘free’ press and commercial TV and Radio outlets and the ABC and SBS, to come out and call it as it is. Alas the silence from the political dimwits and chattering classes, is deafening. So much for democracy. Besides, poll # 30 is not far off.

  14. wam

    It is possible that Australians have forgotten who is with Canada and the US as the worst polluters and still imagine we are miniscule emitters? Is it possible we don’t give a rat’s arse about man and the natural climate change? New islands outnumber the old which disappear???
    Despite, sun, wind and tides, most of my facebook support coal or nuclear.

  15. Glenn Barry

    Joyce on 7:30 this evening spruiking the coal retrospective and chanting cheaper power prices – he really is a complete non-entity making his last pitch to Gina that he can be of some potential use in the future

  16. Terry2

    From today’s Australian :

    ‘Former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer has demanded MPs behind the ginger group the Monash Forum change its name by sunset Friday.

    Mr Fischer is chair of the Saluting Monash Council and has joined General Monash’s great grandchildren in objecting to the use of his name.

    Earlier Monash’s descendants asked the newly created energy lobby group to change its name, saying their ancestor would have been “a proponent” of green energy technologies such as wind and solar power.

    Any suggestions as to what this group of muppets should now call themselves ?

  17. Kaye Lee

    Gina’s jocks? Monckton’s monkeys?

  18. Keith

    Coal Collaborators?

  19. Zathras

    As far as sinking polls go, both Abbott and Joyce are the gifts that keep on giving.
    On the 7:30 report last night, I was waiting for Joyce to threaten us again with $100 lamb roasts.

    It’s obvious that electricity prices are rising and that new infrastructure will be expensive but they seem to have forgotten how their own fetish for the privatisation of essential public utilities have brought us to this point.
    Months ago, after the stunts and coal-worshipping commentary I concluded that this government was going to somehow use taxpayer money to build a new coal-fueled power station but didn’t know how.

    Meanwhile I’ll just sit back and witness the spectacle of watching a car crash in slow motion.

    If Turnbull still has a remnant of honesty or self-respect left, he’d call them out or just walk away.

  20. Cubism

    “Murdoch Forum”. They wouldn’t even need to change the initials on the back of their jackets. On a related note, I love the term ‘Monkey pod’: I have this vision of a bunch of jabbering primates shooting off into space together – I wish they would.

  21. Glenn Barry

    New name – Moron Forum…too derogatory?

  22. diannaart


    No. Too complimentary – Abbot’s Arseholes are not sufficiently intellectual to qualify as a forum.

  23. Rossleigh

    Mm, perhaps “The Suppository Of Coal” would be an apt title for the group…

  24. Kaye Lee

    “Christian Coal Crusaders”?

  25. diannaart

    May I amend that to:

    Kristian Koal Krusaders?

  26. Zathras

    Klean Koal Kommandos?

  27. Glenn Barry

    I think there’s an opportunity here for me to explore collective nouns conjoined with derogatory adjectives – my fun for the evening – I’ll try to not be too offensive 😀

  28. johno

    COALition Mark II

  29. Terry2

    Interesting report this morning.

    The spokesperson for the Monash Muppets Kevin Andrews, says that they have considered the polite request from the Monash family and the more strident request from former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer that they change the name of their group by sunset Friday, but they have decided to dig in and all of their members will huff & puff, be stamping their little feet, holding their breath until they go blue in the face but they will not change the name.

    Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Sky actually took the time to interview Kevin Andrews ; probably the most interest that has been taken in him in a decade.

  30. Glenn Barry

    dianaart, Kristian Koal Krusaders is really quite sensational

    Intrarectalcrasiosis Coal Institute

    Sycophantic Coal Symposium

    Asshole Coal Assembly

    Imbeciles for Coal Congregation

  31. Rossleigh

    Perhaps we should start a group espousing such things as a republic, renewable energy subsidies, an increase in the minimum wage and whatever other policy you want to add. We could call ourselves the “R. G. Menzies Mates”, before politely considering any request to change the name, before telling them to bugger off because we think Menzies would have more in common with us than the bastards masquerading as the government.

    (Yes, I am aware of Menzies’ faults so you don’t have to list them. Although it’s a free country and you can. Just like the Monash Forum can appropriate the name of John Monash whether his family like it or not! Speaking of Menzies, you all do know that he won the 1961 election on Communist Party preferences, don’t you? He was only returned by one seat and Jim Killen had to rely on preferences from the Communist Party who thought that Labor wasn’t left enough!)

  32. Rossleigh

    Btw, I rather like the ambiguity of “Christians For Hell-fires” as a name for the group.

  33. Kaye Lee

    It seems the “30” members is actually 7 – Abbott, Andrews, Abetz, Kelly, Goodenough (who didn’t realise what he was signing – how encouraging), Joyce and Christensen.

    What a motley crew of yesterday’s men.

  34. johno

    I bet Roberts would love to be in.

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