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You better watch out

Peter Dutton would like to wish you a merry Christmas, and you’d better all damn well wish him one back.

Like the good Christian he claims to be, the minister for Immigration has decided to use the Christmas season to stir up more division and hatred among Australians. ‘Tis the season to be vigilant, yes Dutton is calling for people to “rise up” and defend Christmas against the dreaded scourge of “political correctness gone mad”.

According to the irrefutable testimony of a talkback radio caller named Jim, who attended a ceremony at his grandson’s school, not one Christmas carol was sung during the ceremony.

Dutton, the man responsible for imprisoning children on Nauru and Christmas Island in conditions where they are subjected to mental, physical and sexual abuse, is furious at the suggestion of school children not being allowed to sing Christmas carols.

“You make my blood boil with these stories”

Because according to Dutton, we are “a Christian society”. I’m not sure when that particular change to the Australian constitution was made but from now on if you’re not prepared to sing about peace and goodwill at Christmas time, you can expect the wrath of those who do.

Dutton linked the issue to the “Teachers for Refugees” campaign. Dutton doesn’t want teachers teaching students about how his department treats people seeking asylum by imprisoning them in remote Hellholes, he wants them teaching students about how Mary and Joseph were given refuge in a barn.

The talkback radio host, Ray Hadley, identified the “Left-wing” principal as the problem and suggested a reason they may be poorly qualified for the position.

“I think it’s a female”

Hadley had some words of advice for the principal.

“What she’s got to get through her skull: by doing it, she causes division, because the kids who want to hear the Christmas carols … suddenly target those minority groups.”

The principal is actually a man, but Hadley’s point still stands. What he’s got to get through his skull: if he doesn’t let children who want to hear songs about bringing good tidings to you and your kin hear those songs … they’ll beat the shit out of minority groups.

So there you have it minorities, if you don’t like living in Peter Dutton’s Christian Australia, go live in a country where religious fanatics run things.


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  1. Jan

    Not a Christian but I still look forward to Christmas songs. Anyway – since there are between 20 and 30 (I can’t remember the exact number) of holidays from mid December to mid January for many other religions it is a bit selfish and inconsiderate to think that Christmas is the most important or even the only holiday that is important at this time, or that Christian holidays are the most important holidays to observe.

  2. Terry2

    Interesting that neither Dutton or Ray Hadley bothered to check the Kedron State High School carols programme neither did they contact the school principal who Hadley assumed was a woman but is in fact a man.

    Hadley blamed “left-wing teachers” and the school’s principal, whom he wrongly assumed was a woman. “It’s insulting, it’s demeaning and it’s a farce,” he said.

    Mr Dutton linked the issue to the “Teachers for Refugees” campaign in which many teachers in NSW and Victoria wore t-shirts protesting Australia’s offshore detention camps for asylum seekers.

    It seems that this 2GB rant has been concocted as an anti-Labor exercise possibly based on false information : anybody know what the carols programme actually was ?

    Strange that Peter Dutton wants to see Christianity brought back int Christmas : there are several thousand people detained on Nauru and Manus who would like to see some Christian charity extended towards them.

    At this time of the year some may think of three wise men attending the birth of Jesus – you certainly couldn’t accuse Ray Hadley or Peter Dutton of falling within that category.

  3. jim

    Yesterday I received a Xmas card from George Christians and not a cheap Xmas card hell no a glossy calendar fridge magnet along with his smiling face on it no doubt payed for by us the taxpayer, xmas nothing to do with politics or is the rubbish bin its gone.

  4. Richard Grant

    Dutton is a fool he won’t be under our Christmas Tree.

  5. Matters Not

    Dutton is just keeping his profile up. He believes he has a prime ministerial baton in his knapsack and it’s just a matter of time before he’s called upon. While one may believe that he’s completely delusional – remember this is the Lbs we are talking about. The very party that gave the PM’s position to Abbott.

    Anything’s possible.

  6. Zathras

    We’re now entering the traditional annual Christian Persecution and Martyrdom Complex Season.

    I look forward to the day when we can gazette national public holidays to celebrate religious festivals, practice worship services openly, wear symbols of personal belief (such as crosses) around our necks and even adorn public spaces with pagan tree symbols.

    It’s a shame that the Solstice period coincides with celebrations of other religions but we must avoid the term “Happy Holiday” just to reinforce the cultural dominance of one belief in particular while claiming some sort of theological oppression.

    Dutton, Hadley and their hypocritical ilk are perfect advertisements for atheism.

    Their argument seems to be “I don’t practice what I preach because I’m not the sort of person I’m preaching to”.

  7. wam

    Hadley’s toxic point is his use of ‘female’.

    Are there any here who feel that hadley’s message is christian because women are not part of the church? This pope may do something for you, girls but it would be better to do something yourself.

    Daring ridicule:

  8. Florence nee Fedup

    I wonder how many who get upset as Dutton does, actually attend church with their family every Sunday. I believe not all stranded on Nauru and Manus are Moslem. Some are Christian.

  9. Kaye Lee

    We have entered this bizarre world where showing any form of tolerance or respect or even consideration is considered an unacceptable imposte! I think Zathras summed up the hypocrisy very well.

  10. brickbob

    This is just a carbon copy of the Republicans and Fox News in the US,ever since Obama gotelected they have been banging on about ”Liberals or ;; Progressives”” not singing carols or saying ”’ Happy Holidays” instead of ””Merry Christmas which was pure bullshit of course,and Dutton and Hadley and other ideology twisted bent insane morons are following this same tired worn out bullshit script.

    I strongly believe people like Dutton and Hadley are insane,and i use that in the correct context of the word.

  11. MichaelW

    If Dutton is your typical Christian I’m glad to be an atheist.

  12. Kaye Lee

    Seventh-day Adventists do not celebrate Christmas. They do not celebrate any religious holidays or festivals.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas or Easter because they believe that these festivals are based on (or massively contaminated by) pagan customs and religions. They point out that Jesus did not ask his followers to mark his birthday.

    Jesus never told His followers to celebrate Christmas, but He did warn us not to adhere to false, man-made religious doctrines: “And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men” (Mark 7:7). The truth is, Christmas and other non-biblical religious holidays constitute vain or empty worship of Christ.

    “The Saturnalia, the feasts of January, the Brumalia, and Matronalia are now frequented; gifts are carried to and fro, new year’s day presents are made with din, and banquets are celebrated with uproar; oh, how much more faithful are the heathen to their religion, who take special care to adopt no solemnity from the Christians” (Tertullian in De Idolatria, quoted by Hislop, p. 93).

    In Deuteronomy 12:28-32, God told His people to worship only in the ways He commanded, telling them “Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.” He explicitly ordered them not to copy or adopt the religious practices of the pagans, calling such practices “abomination [ s ] … which He hates.”

  13. Matters Not

    Anyone who wants to support the Principal, Staff, Parents, and Students and let them know Dutton is a dill – can use this address. Only take a minute.


    Just for the record. Kedron State High takes international students, arranges ‘home stays’ and the like.

  14. Ricardo29

    I wonder what lower depths Mr potato head and his crock (of shit) jock mate can plumb in their mock outrage search for ways to divide the community. Come on Malcolm, tell him to not be so stupid!

  15. helvityni

    Oh dear, is it Christmas again, do we have to have it every year…we just got over yet another chocolate filled Easter….

  16. Keitha Granville

    Oh dear, why does this time of year have to become a battle between Christians and anyone else ? For the majority of the country ( I don’t have any accurate figures but anecdotally I reckon it’s the majority) Christmas is for trees, presents, lots of food and drink, and holidays. A small number might go to church, some others might even know it is supposed to be the birthday of Christ, but that has been refuted many times. (he was most likely born sometime in September) Christmas was not celebrated as his birthday until the 4th century. It was never celebrated in the Roman Empire until 300 years later, and was not a practice of any early Christinas. December 25th was the pagan celebration of the birth of the sun.

    But who the hell cares ? Peter Dutton can keep his small minded bigoted thoughts to himself and let the rest of us ordinary generally friendly citizens get on with celebrating Dec 25th however we choose, with or without carols.

  17. Carol Taylor

    Yes the reference to “she’s a woman” was in..ahh, it’s a woman, so that explains it all…no wonder it’s pc gone mad, it’s a woman… And then there’s the inference that asylum seekers might bring Christmas down wonder they deserve the torture they currently endure.

    Basically it’s the same right wing extremism, create a problem where none exists. Is the hijab a problem for you? Is halal food a problem for you? Is Christmas a problem for you (apart from the damage done to one’s finances and the amount of absolute junk in the shops)? Then we’ve got a right wing nut job ready and available to make sure it is.

  18. sharon

    But it is Christmas wether people like it or not as much as it pains me to agree with Peter Dutton on anything. You dont have to be christian but the holiday is for Christmas and it should be merry Christmas and not happy holidays. Those that dont want to participate at school can go to another room as they do with other things parents dont agree with. We dont eat meat and the smell of a bbq actually makes my son feel ill but we DIDN’T expect the whole school to stop having sausage sizzles.

  19. Kaye Lee

    It’s all so trivial. Where is his compassion for the people of Syria? Where are the words of hope for the people of Manus and Nauru?

    When have you EVER heard this buffoon speak with gravitas about anything? He’s a cop who has been told stop the boats, we don’t care how, no oversight, tell em nothing, deny everything – Mr Abbott said that while his government “deplores the use of torture we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances difficult things happen”.

    Sharon, I don’t think the school expects you to stop celebrating Christmas either 🙂

  20. sharon

    Maybe we should have holidays on the important days of all religons.Then everyone could learn about each others beliefs and perhaps become more tolerant of each other. Just a thought .

  21. Klaus

    What the hell is Dutton about. I am not sure where he lives but within a circle of 20 km around my place, I can visit 10+ official Christmas carols.

    Who is disallowing this. In what kind of warped world is this man living? Oh, I know. He actually knows better.

    He spends his entire day thinking “How can I sow hate, how can I get these damned Muslims to commit crimes against white ones? How?”.

    That describes the criminal idot to a T.

  22. Jaquix

    Dutton makes my blood boil …..

  23. guest

    Ah, yes. Remember when schools were “free and secular”? Religion in schools was for the religious schools, not the secular. But of course religion, more specifically the Christian religion, crept into “secular” schools because there were some people (still are) who believe Oz was developed on Judaeo-Christian traditions.

    Ask anyone what those traditions are and answers would be mixed and varied. Most religions have similar moral precepts to Christian morals. The variations come with which god has directed humans to believe what trappings go with each religion. Even in the Christian religion there are variations which divide one group from another.

    So what is the truth? The fact that few people actually go to a Christian church in Oz suggests that Christianity is not taken all that seriously.

    History bears that gloomy fact by the number of Christian believers who wage war; by the way some believers dictate how people should love someone else sexually; by the hatred expressed towards innocent people and their children…And they are just examples of behaviour from the adherents.

    When we ask the theologians to explain Christianity, there are are some strange things we are asked to believe. No wonder people become muddled and confused and drift away. Somehow the doctrine does not match reality.

    The Dutton catechism does not help at all either. It is a narrow, bigoted, holier-than-thou attitude unbecoming a so-called “Christian” country.

    The Coalition advocates that school principals be given freedom and authority to run their schools as they and the schools see appropriate. Then along comes the Dutton cookie-cutter demanding that all should be the same. As someone said a long time ago: “One law for the lion and the ox is oppression.”

  24. Carol Taylor

    Sharon, if you don’t like happy holidays, then most definitely don’t go to America. Christmas is also around the time Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, so I should imagine that happy holidays fits all circumstances. It’s just trying to make an issue, a very substantial distraction to stop people thinking about “minor details” such as the blow out in youth unemployment, the possible impending demise of our AAA rating due to the LNP’s mishandling of the economy, our non-existent climate change policies etc. Who cares about about such things when we’ve got the difference between Merry and Happy to worry about….

  25. stephentardrew

    Dr Evil loves Jesus. I am sure the contradictions would elude Mr Not So Bright.

  26. Ella

    The only Xmas message I have for Mr. Dutton is from a cartoon I read in one of Mr. Lord’s piece:

    Don’t forget to hate refugees as you set up your nativity scene,
    Celebrating a Middle Eastern couple desperately looking for shelter.

  27. jimhaz

    I would be on Dutton’s side, but I don’t personally recall singing carols at my Christian Brothers school some decades ago.

    I for one will never use the term Happy Holidays. I find those who proactively cater for the whiners amongst the minorities on small issues like this to be quite pathetic. If carols were specifically banned I’d complain to the Education dept.

  28. helvityni

    Take a look at the man’s face, a face of a shrunken hearted, unhappy, mean-spirited person, he must be scaring the kids off the their sand pits, birds off their branches, and brown-skinned people off the town square……

  29. totaram

    As far as I am aware, muslims consider Jesus to be a prophet, and they actually follow in the Judeo-Christian tradition, whatever that may be. That is why Islam is considered one of the Abrahamic religions(see Wikipedia if you like). So there. I have no idea what the fuss is about.

  30. David Fernleigh

    He would have been right at home in Nazi Germany

  31. townsvilleblog

    Dutton is nothing special, all he is, is an ‘evil’ extreme right winger, who ‘hates’ “people” especially those of less wealth than himself, he and his tory mates are cutting pensions, cutting childcare allowances, anything and everything that they can think of to hurt ‘everyday ordinary Australians.’ They are all pure ‘evil turds.’

  32. William Friesen

    I went to a state primary school end of year concert. The best song was an Aboriginal dreamtime themed song with the line”There are no reindeer here, only silent nights, sixty thousand years before Jesus Christ”. Blood boiling now Dutton?

  33. Gangey1959

    Hopefully, when the delightful bunch of brats we elected to parliament put on their own christmess pageant for the electorate’s entertainment, p dudone, as such an enlightened being, will be given the role of the messiah, and in such role will be nailed to a cross.
    Then may the funding be cut.

  34. jimhaz

    [I have no idea what the fuss is about]

    It is about schoolies being proactive “so as not to possibly offend” driven by sycophant teachers in love with the whole motherhood realm.

  35. Graham Houghton

    Well he should start the revolution by setting a good example to us all by letting the concentration camp inmates on Manus and Nauru join Australian families round the Christmas barbecues to celebrate Saturnalia. Or is that above and beyond his version of Christianity. Bloody hypocritical little thug.

  36. crypt0

    Perhaps it’s time to do Christmas like the Olympics …
    You know … like every four years, and usually in another country …

  37. Bacchus

    But a quick glance at the Kedron State School’s website reveals there is no shortage of Christmas cheer at the north Brisbane school.

    On December 2, the school held a P&C Christmas stall and Christmas concert, which featured carols.

    The school’s online diary also advertised the Kedron Church of Christ Christmas concert on December 4.

    And in her final newsletter of the year, the principal wished families a “safe, happy Christmas” and celebrated the recently held “magical Christmas evening”.

    The school also held an end of year concert on December 7, which included performances by students.

    It is understood the offending song was sung at the end-of-year concert.

    A spokesman for Education Minister Kate Jones said Kedron State School’s principal was a dedicated and hard-working leader in her school community.

    “It would be smart for Peter Dutton to check his facts before talking down a great local state school,” the spokesman said.

    “We should be supporting school communities as they come together to celebrate the great work of all staff and students throughout the school year.”

  38. Phil

    Absolutely classic illustration of how shock-jockery operates. Some bozo with a typically anglo name like Fred, or Jim allegedly calls the shock-jocky and sets off a diatribe of festering indignation, tut-tutting and derision to feed the prejudices of the gormless audience gathered around the radio to share in the humiliation of some lefty do-gooder, bleeding-heart, religious or gender minority or ‘other’ undeserving frat with outsider status.

    If the despicable Dutton had not been elevated way beyond his capabilities, he’d no doubt have slunk to the level of shock-jock – he certainly likes to fraternise with them.

    Dutton should be put in the van.

  39. Carol Taylor

    Bacchus, surely the fact that Kendron State School boasts not just one but two School Chaplains might give pause for thought that just perhaps in spite of being a secular state school, that the school was yet to be entirely overrun with leftie, Christian-hating, latte sippers.

    Perhaps in his eagerness to have a go at Muslims, lefties, unions and female school principals, and to link them all in one foul swoops, that some schools (Kedron not included) might opt for secular end of year celebrations, not because of some secret Muslim agenda but because a number of parents object to their children having any form of religion foisted upon them. Perhaps Dutton should start blaming the atheists.

  40. jimhaz

    Thanks Bacchus for that. So pleased it was not a case of PCsm gone too far, but still sad to see another right wing media set-up that will stick.

  41. silkworm

    At my son’s school they held an Islamic Awareness Day and made all the kids wear headscarves to let them know how it feels to be persecuted!!!!! Then they force fed them halal food!!!!!!!111

  42. MichaelW

    How dare you? You’re letting facts get in the way of a (not so) good story.
    Don’t you know coalition politicians their friendly shock jocks, the Murdoch press are not interested in the truth, just bullshit.
    These good Christians who have never read a passage from the Bible in their entire lives. The most unchristian people to have set foot on (their) Gods earth.

    If there is a heaven and hell I know where most of the coalition party will end up and it won’t be the Pearly Gates.

  43. helvityni

    I’m with Crypt0, Christmas every for years sounds good, next year I want to celebrate it in France…

  44. Shane

    Hilarious! What a laugh!. Isn’t it funny that a little research and some uncluttered thinking will reveal the pagan/astrotheological foundation on which Xmas and the whole christian faith is based. This may horify many god-fearin’ christians, and they may want to curse me to hell for it, but I for one chuckle at the irony of it all……..Ho Ho Ho…

  45. Freethinker

    I am waiting to see what will be response of Dutton regarding today Court findings

    A court has ruled that Peter Dutton and the immigration department unreasonably delayed the citizenship applications of two former Hazara refugees, a decision that advocates say will provide hope to thousands who have had their cases “put in the bottom drawer”.

  46. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I have two responses.

    Response One

    Peter Dutton is not a Christian and we are not a Christian society in the true sense of Christ. Organised religions in the main often don’t qualify either, if assessed on their approach to equity and their total performance in seeking to emulate Christ.

    Peter Dutton is the Devil dressed in a suit with a portfolio of houses of several millions and who likes trapping vulnerable people in hellholes.

    Peter Dutton is an ugly excuse for a human.

    Peter Dutton is a prime candidate for the Hague.

    So now that I have established my response to Peter Dutton …

    Response Two

    Christmas is a lovely, family and friendly time which should not be ignored or superceded by another celebration.

    If people want to be inclusive – fine. So, the remedy to that is to wish each other good wishes for each other’s special occasions! Duh!

    It’s not rocket science.

  47. John

    To me it’s not the religion that christmas is based on that is offensive, its the fact that everybody who celebrates Christmas assumes that everybody else feels like celebrating too. It’s the inability of those people to see beyond their perspective and consider that this time of year might not be a happy time for many people.

    Secondly, as a religion the Christian religion is way over represented in our political system, which is supposed to be secular, but somehow seems to have been infiltrated by extreme christian ideology. At this current time, from my perspective in terms of humanity and my well being the right wing christian part of the liberal party is much more of a threat than the perceived threat of muslims and sharia law.

  48. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    no argument with me with your second paragraph. I venture to suggest that the same applies to them, as I identify for Duddon.

    Abbot, Kevin Andrews, Bernardi, Christensen immediately come to mind. Wonky ole Malcolm Muck likes people to believe he is a milder form but ‘milder’ can be interpreted as convenient in his case.

  49. Natasja Rose


    I’m not sure if the Sufferagette flag is entirely appropriate (thank you heraldic blazoning for teaching me latin colours), but since it was an organisation based on equality, I’ll go with it.

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