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You are being manipulated politically. Here’s how.

… Continued from Part 3

This is the last in my series on ‘manipulations,’ and since I have been throwing a lot of mud on who does it, it would seem fair if I explained how they do it and why we should fight it.

So let’s start with lies. It could be argued that lying is ruining our national discourse. It has reached such proportions that finding the truth and reporting it is more important than creating a narrative where controversy matters more.

Lying in the media is wrong at any time; however, it is even more so when they do it by deliberate omission. Murdoch’s papers seem to do it with impunity.

In a piece for Independent Australia I put forward this proposition:

If we are an enlightened society, why do you think we need to enshrine in law the right to hate each other?

Surely you would think that an enlightened progressive free-thinking society would want to eliminate it, not legislate it.

It is not a question that requires great philosophical, ideological or even theological debate. It is a black-and-white question. After all, is it not, by definition, a prerequisite of the human condition?

We do live in an age of enlightenment, a period where the world has made enormous advances. We are better schooled, we have taken enormous technological strides in medicine and many other fields. We are, indeed, enlightened.

But at the same time, our intellects have not advanced our capacity to understand how to reason.

Indeed, if we were truly enlightened we would treat our fellow human beings with respect, love and faithfulness. We would do unto them as we would expect them to do unto us and we would strive to do no harm.

We would love life and live it with a sense of joy and wonderment. We would form our own independent opinions on the basis of our own reason and experience, and not allow ourselves to be led blindly by others.

And we would test all things; always checking our ideas against our facts and be ready to discard even a cherished belief if it did not conform to them. We would readily admit when we were wrong, in the knowledge that humility is the basis of intellectual advancement and that it is truth together with love that enables human progress.”

In another piece titled ‘Conservatives and social engineering’ which is but another way of manipulating us, I wrote:

Social engineering exists within “the Psychology of Politics.” That means that persuading people to think as you do is an important part of any democracy provided you are not being manipulated, lied to or fed propaganda.

I have seen many governments come and go in my lifetime. All incoming governments naturally implement their policies within the constraints that exist within the two Australian Houses of Parliament.

In 2013 I wrote a piece titled “The Abbott form of Social Engineering.” Not long after he had become Prime Minister it became apparent that he and his government had embarked on a conservative form of social engineering.

It was based on the aforementioned tactics of manipulation, lies, propaganda and hidden persuaders.

At the time I received a fair bit of flack for my views so I followed up with some quotes to put them in context.

It is said that American economist, Milton Friedman:

In one of his most influential essays, (Milton) Friedman articulated contemporary capitalism’s core tactical nostrum, what I have come to understand as “the shock doctrine.” He observed that: “Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change.” [Which of course is a variation on Machiavelli’s advice that “injuries” should be inflicted “all at once” – Naomi Klein, “Shock Doctrine”].

In other words, manufacture a sense of crisis and you can get away with anything starting with maximum harm. Therefore, Conservatives manufacture crisis at every opportunity.

In March, I posted a piece titled ‘It was as clear as mud, and it covered the ground‘ in which I made this point:

“Sorry, I just had to fit that digression in. Now back to Question Time and some background. Morrison had asked the Secretary of the Prime Minister’s department, Phil Gaetjens, to undertake an inquiry – to check if any communications between members of his office and the former government staffer Brittany Higgins existed. That was February 17.”

How the government delays reports, covers them up or buries them all together is unbefitting our democracy. Nor is the lack of transparency. This report is still to be released, and I feel sure that the prime minister will be exonerated.
You are also being manipulated when the government cuts $14 million from the national audit office after that office discovered actual improprieties and wasteful spending (such as the sports rorts and paying ten times too much for land for the new Sydney airport).

To finish, allow me to mention my favourite manipulation; the ‘myth. For example, take a look at my piece; ‘Who are the best managers of the economy: Labor or the Coalition?‘ In it, I expose this long-held myth that the Conservatives are the best managers of the economy.


So having hit page 4 on Google’s search engine, there is nothing more on this subject. My search has reached its inevitable conclusion. However, if the reader should care to hit the links on this subject, I’m sure there is a wealth of information to be devoured.

To all my friends on the debating sites who so readily criticise me on this subject, I have provided you with all you need to further your enlightenment. Bless you, one and all.

My thought for the day

I always used to say to my kids. Think beyond the answer. There’s sure to be another one lurking there somewhere.

PS: On the off chance that you are not now running to your psychologist, I have not mentioned how our first nation’s folk are manipulated or how a form of National ICAC might remedy all this and, of course, the uprising of Australian females.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    One day, one can hope, that gross, grubby, grotesque, garrulous, garbagebraiked, gasgutz foreigner Murdoch, a hjge media maggotty skinful of excrement, will be punished, denounced, his record assaulted for the criminalty of oppression it is. Murdoch’s decisions, orders, actions, influences, suggestions, his very existence, has led to murder, theft, humiliation, meek submission, occupations, intrusions, distortions, an endless list of offences from a raving rotter of megamassive egofixated obsession. As they say in Venice, observing the horizon, Far Canal.

  2. wam

    Apart from your thought, lord. you have cut and paste drivel.
    And my team are not fighting either.
    The christian scummo is ripe for a wipe out but labor has dropped the ball and has not attacked the man, much like my team

  3. guest


    you write of “drivel” but you have not specified what the “drivel” is.

    And you have not been paying attention to what Albanese said in his speech in reply to the budget. He listed many idiocies perpetrated by ScoMo and his supporters. It is a j’accuse list which everyone recognises as true and will be a good basis for attack in the election campaign.

    Your team has also “dropped the ball”, you say. You need to advise them about what they need to do to get your approval. Perhaps Labor could learn as well, if your advice is really good.

    On the other hand, it is possible ScoMo has already destroyed himself, with any luck.

  4. wam

    good one guest, did you read the first para? ” It could be argued that lying is ruining our national discourse. It has reached such proportions that finding the truth and reporting it is more important than creating a narrative where controversy matters more.” If: It could be argued that lying is ruining our national discourse. It has reached such proportions that creating a narrative where controversy matters more than finding the truth and reporting it. It would be less of drivel and closer to truth.
    Truth a word that is defined in Rashomon, a film foreign to lord.
    How about “our intellects have not advanced our capacity to understand how to reason.” that is drivel and lord has been a christian(I missed his post on how he stopped) so he knows the impediments to reason. Debate means ‘omitting’ to lead the listeners, readers into making a judgement in your favour. It is a normal tactic in debates. Truth is in the belief. Scummo is splashing cash to his advantage because there has been no limit to borrowing since 2013. Albo could calculate the spending and shoot it home but ???? Racism, sexism and hate are learned traits. They are reinforced every day. They can be reversed with Hate is one of those words that no longer have a meaning but rather have meaning to the individual. To me, and I am an atheist, it is a evil word. As for dropping the ball. The media will take up controversy but albo and labor treat the opposition(libs, nats and the loonies) as colleagues and roll with the punches cleverly disguised in the lying by telling the truth mode. Why doesn’t albo say that of only hardlynormal gave back his cash 10000 victorian businesses could get $4000 each. The morning shows would eat fryerbags? Sadly, guest I am not much of a writer but there are narratives that could create controversy and the media will jump at them. My teams, footie and political, do not seem able to capitalise on the man-weaknesses.
    Scummo et should have destroyed themselves for years but 60% of Australians prefer them to labor and 90-98% think the greens are loonies.

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