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The words speak for themselves, but I shall return to them briefly…


You are being manipulated much more than you think

… Continued from Part 2

These are the days of two incomes, a decline in marriage with more divorce, bigger houses, and empty hearts. And a proliferation of kids with single parents.

Because they mistakenly believe they have ownership of righteousness, churches manipulate people into believing that love and morality are exclusively a religious domain. They don’t allow their own immorality to impede on their self-righteousness. Added to this is the manipulation of minors by men of the cloth.

We have become obsessed with celebrity, and the media manipulates us into believing that people of little virtue, talent or character are somehow important. More often than not because they have acquired notoriety, wealth or influence.

We have been manipulated into competitive living while at the same time we have forgotten how to laugh or even volunteer. Now, what was the name of that family across the road? And we don’t comprehend the difference between manners and civility. At least our kids don’t. Narcissism is rife, and men are particularly prone to it.

Enormous advances have been made in medicine, and future discoveries will increase significantly. More drugs are available for many illnesses, but the large drug companies manipulate who gets them and the price paid.

The vaccine for the world pandemic COVID-9 is a case in point. A vaccine was found in various countries in “record time,” but the wealthiest nations were the most advantaged.

There is, however, still much less wellness. Mental illness, at last, has been recognised. We have succumbed to domestic violence where men manipulate women resulting in a death almost weekly. Record amounts of money is thrown at the problems without really addressing the issues.

Women have had enough manipulation, and recent events have highlighted their plight but, men still rule the world.

They manipulate women to maintain a perceived physical, academic, corporate and sexual dominance. History records their manipulation together with the ongoing incompetence of the government.

People live longer but are less happy, and the incidence of mental health has become a social problem. We mumble a lot without saying much, we seldom love meaningfully, and the joy of sex has degenerated into casual opportunism where women are manipulated.

It is a time of enormous profits, little leadership, “shallow thinking and superficial relationships.” A time in which technology is making extraordinary advances, but our intellectual reasoning seems unable to appreciate its capacity for good without the word ‘profit’ attached.

We are exploring outer space all the while diseases are polluting our environment and our souls.

We allow ourselves to be manipulated by exaggerated, flamboyant rhetoric designed to heighten a sense of alarm or simply gain our attention.

Unscrupulous people manipulate our social behaviour, and the young fall victim to the persuasive influence of debilitative drugs.

And the purity of our playtime, our sport has been manipulated by the corrosive effect of money and drugs.

And the cheats, in turn, manipulate us with their lies.

Continued Sunday with… “You are being manipulated politically. Here’s how.”

My thought for the day

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  1. Susan Wilson

    The greatest and most damaging manipulation of all time is that we think our own thoughts. Our thoughts or impulses come from one of two energies – spirit or soul. We are vehicles of energy and those energies are available to us continually so when we are not aware of this fact we are being manipulated by our spirit to think we think – the original lie that separates us from our divine nature and energetic connection to the divine love that we are.

  2. Mark Grieveson

    Sadly I feel Susan Wilson’s comment comes close to an attempt to manipulate in that it refers to a religious theory that has no provable basis. That said, it is up to all of us to critically think on all claims from whatever source and separate the wheat from the chaff for ourselves

  3. leefe


    More divorce is not necessarily a bad thing. At least people who are in violent, abusive, controlling marriages are able to get out, and get out with minimal stigma. It’s a vast improvement on the days when they were supposed to just suck it up.


    Thoughts come from the brain. That at least is a physical entity of whose existence and operation we have significant evidence. No-one has ever been able to produce the teensiest bit of scientific evidence for the existence of the “spirit”, the “soul” or the “divine”.

  4. Martin Trama

    The points you make while valid John are not new. I was watching Australia in Color last night and not only was white male priviledge more common but divorce after the pill was introduced, soared. I do think fear in the shape of loss of power drove and drives the search for the familiar. My view is that Conservatives have more of this fear and in turn use fear to manipulate to secure this power. Howard and his white picket fence racism was a case in point. Enough fear and we get a Trump with a vacuous slogan ‘Make Anerica Great Again’ or the self styled Sco Mo with his religious quackery. Personality politics is all about this fear mongoring, hell the Libs did not Hide it with their Get Bill slogan. Aussies chose a corrupt con artist over a guy offering to fix what they were whinging about. How easy it is to trade the illusion of security for decent welfare benefits, an anti corruption watchdog and affordable housing for the battlers.

  5. Terence Mills

    Have you noticed how the prime minister constantly defends hotel quarantine in our major cities by saying it is 99.99 per cent effective. This is despite calls over many months for the government to set up purpose built quarantine facilities close to our international airports and away from our city centres.

    We know that the PM has a team of political advisers or ‘spinners’ whose entire existence is centred on turning bad news into good news for our PM.

    Ask yourself, if hotel quarantine is so effective then where are the sporadic outbreaks of COVID coming from : is it the Howard Springs facility outside Darwin ? No, it is – as currently is the case in Melbourne – from lapses in hotel quarantine.

    So, why aren’t the spinners telling the truth and saying that one hundred percent of new infections, including the India variant, are traceable to hotel quarantine : well you know the answer to that, it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    Spin is all very well and some of it is just plain cheeky as was the case with the Upper Hunter by election. A by election that nobody said Labor could possibly have won as the seat was entrenched in National Party heartland and had been for over ninety years. Yet, when the ALP failed to win the seat and lost ground the spinners in the PMO together with Newscorp and Sky after Dark called it a devastating defeat for Labor – they are still trying to unseat the NSW Labor leader, Jodi McKay.

    The spinners enjoyed that one but to be selling hotel quarantine as a success is another matter. They are playing with public safety which ultimately leads to more infections and more lockdowns.

    Yes, we are being manipulated !

  6. Williambtm

    Whilst this has already been reported, it is essential to repeat this vital assessment continually. Thank you, John Lord, for your profound advice.

  7. DrakeN

    @Mark Grieveson, Susan Wilson exemplifies someone who has been successfully manipulated into a belief of the “spirit”, “divine” and “energy”, all of which is merely shamanistic reduction of religious indoctrination in one form or another.

    John Lord, it is so true that we are being, have been and always will be manipulated – but that is the nature of the human beast.
    Whether by persuasion, physical forcing, early indoctrination or outright lies, religions are outstanding examples of manipulation of the general population for the purposes of herd control and the gaining and retaining of wealth and priviledge. The lie of “original sin” adding to the guilt trips for behaving in ways which are fundamental to the continuation of the species – and gaining pleasure from them!

    “Added to this is the manipulation of minors by men of the cloth.”

  8. Terence Mills

    Here’s another example of government manipulation of the facts. When asked who would be paying for his legal costs in suing the ABC, Christian Porter said it wouldn’t be the government but failed to disclose who would be – rumour has it that it will be a Liberal party donor who doesn’t like the ABC.

    Porter said this :

    The ABC is obviously the only side in this matter that’s taxpayer funded and I hope that they’ll conduct the litigation according to their obligations as a model litigant and do everything they can to make it expeditious and to not argue things that don’t need to be argued and to keep the costs down. — Christian Porter

    So he wants the ABC to save taxpayers money by not defending their reporting too energetically : is he saying just give in and give me the money (damages) that I’m seeking.? Why not, Mr Porter, just drop this whole charade and save us all the cost of a lengthy defamation action ?

  9. Williambtm

    With this Christian Porter deviously plotted saga, this same person appears more like an enemy to the goodness of humankind. (Not unlike a destructive demonic presence dwelling in our midst.) Beware he has fulsomely aided the creation of the reprehensible anti-the-Australian-people L/NP political party with its love for treacheries in which they continually engage in against the best interests of our nation and its people.
    To me personally, a treasonous-lusting pentecostal cult of the most ruinously despicable intention.
    Their Hillsong evil mantra should be more accurately termed as a “Pentecostal Hellsong corporation.”

  10. David Stakes

    Murdoch is a master of Manipulation, and people believe every thing he prints.

  11. wam

    Wow, lord, you certainly have your own truth. Where did you get
    Single parents are more accepted in society than in the past and women are able to take nature into their own hands by manipulating sperm whilst divorce has set up single male and female families, Albo and Turnbull came from single parent families and shared parent families.
    Heard of the purple, green and white? That was a women’s movement. The harridans of recent times would do well joining WEL and understand the successful efforts of women in Australia.
    Yes, leefe, it is not long ago when priests using withdrawal of communion and threats of excommunication forced women into violence for the sake of god and children

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