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You are a burden we can’t afford

According to the ABS, the wealthiest 20% of Australian households, with an average net worth of A$2.2 million per household in 2011-12, accounted for 61% of total household net worth. The poorest 20% of households accounted for 1% of total household net worth, and had an average net worth of $31,000 per household.

This means that the wealthiest 20% of Australian households had net worth that was 68 times as high as the least wealthy 20%.

The most recent Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report finds that Australia has the second highest average level of wealth in the world and the highest median wealth.

In October 2012 ACOSS released a report showing poverty in Australia remains a persistent problem with an estimated 2,265,000 people or 12.8% of all people living below the internationally accepted poverty line used to measure financial hardship in wealthy countries.

The report provides the most comprehensive picture of poverty in the nation since 2006 and shows that people who are unemployed, children (especially in lone parent families), and people whose main source of income is social security payments, are the groups most at risk of poverty.

Over a third (37%) of people whose main income is social security is living below the poverty line, including 52% of people in households on Newstart Allowance. The low level of this payment means that when unemployment goes up as it is predicted to do, more people are thrown into poverty. The Newstart Allowance has not been increased in real terms since 1994 so households relying on it have been falling further behind community living standards and into poverty.

Two thirds of people on Newstart have been unemployed for more than a year and they clearly need more help than they are getting now from employment services. The Government only funds Job Services Australia providers an average of $500 to $1,100 a year to invest in training and work experience for this group.

The report also shows that there are almost 600,000 children living in families below the poverty line. About half of those children are in sole parent families, and one quarter of people in sole parent families are living below the poverty line.

The recommendations from the report were as follows:

“We urge the Commonwealth and state governments to take steps in their next Budgets to reduce poverty, by increasing income support for those in the deepest poverty, strengthening employment services for long-term unemployed people, and easing the high cost of housing for people on low incomes who rent privately.

High priority should be given in the next Federal Budget to raising the Newstart Allowance by $50 per week for single people and sole parents, and the cuts to income support for sole parents should be reversed or at least delayed.

Paid work is a key pathway out of poverty, and we need to see more investment in wage subsidies and training for people who are long term unemployed to make a difference to their job prospects. This should be implemented to stop recent increases in unemployment from becoming entrenched.

To tackle poverty we also need urgent action to ease housing cost pressures, particularly for low income people who are renting privately. People on social security and those in very low paid work receive Rent Assistance to help with housing costs, but at a maximum of $70 a week this is less than a third of typical rents for flats in capital cities and mining towns.”

I can only assume that the figures have worsened since this report was released as unemployment has increased and I am doubtful that you could find anywhere to live in Sydney for $210 a week.

The most important source of inequality in Australia is whether you have a job or not.

In the past, the pillars of egalitarianism in Australia were high wages, high home ownership and low unemployment. If we want to regain this position, we need to ensure that unemployment remains low and that low-income earners are able to buy into affordable housing. I see nothing in the budget that addresses this most pressing problem. In fact, quite the reverse. Expect an onslaught of investors as rich people negative gear their way to an income below $180,000.

Interestingly, Deborah James, the director of the International Programs at the Centre for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, said income inequality is:

“a drag on growth, because for a long time there was a consideration that increasing inequality would sort of lift all boats–you know, we raise the top and then the bottom will get raised as well. And what we’ve actually seen over the last many years, especially if you look at the last few years of the economic crisis, from 2010 to 2012, is that 95 per cent of the increase in incomes in the recovery has actually gone to the top 1 per cent.”

I guess Joe “lift the tide and all boats will rise” Hockey didn’t get the memo.

Financial speculation and the finance industry caused the global recession that we’ve been off-and-on living in for the last five or six years, and yet they haven’t had to pay for the damage that they’ve done. There is a growing call around the world for the introduction of a financial transaction tax to reduce the harmful financial behaviour and generate funds for much-needed public investment but the corruption in governments by the financial sector has made this virtually impossible.

This budget, like everything this government does, misses the mark on the true challenges facing our society – climate change, poverty, income inequity, affordable housing, equal opportunity for education, unemployment, child care, aged care, closing the gap for Indigenous people, mental health, hospital waiting times, tax avoidance, corporate greed.

But don’t you worry about that, you people. There are investment opportunities a plenty for that top 1% as we sell off our assets and give away our resources and open up even more loopholes to allow them to avoid paying tax. As was reported in the SMH

“The latest tax statistics show 75 ultra-high-earning Australians paid no tax at all in 2011-12. Zero. Zip. Each earned more than $1 million from investments or wages. Between them they made $195 million, an average of $2.6 million each. The fortunate 75 paid no income tax, no Medicare levy and no Medicare surcharge, even though 60 of them had private health insurance. The reason? They managed to cut their combined taxable incomes to $82. That’s right, $1.10 each.”

This budget has sent a very clear message to the Australian people. Unless you have millions to invest (or hide), you will be considered a burden and treated as such.

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  1. Möbius Ecko

    Cannot believe some of the stuff I’m hearing on ABC News Breakfast at the moment.

    One Liberal MP saying that funding to health and education is actually increasing under this government and everyone is better off.

    And now a commentator from the Australian, who I’ve just muted saying that the financial reforms bought in by Keating were mostly of Howard’s doing against a hostile Labor party against them, and that Shorten should now be doing a Howard and help Abbott get through these reforms.

    The whole thing is being twisted around to make the Liberals the hero and saviour of the universe with Labor being the evil villain that must be vanquished, when the opposite is the case.

  2. johnlord2013

    Wonderful analytical skills Kaye.

  3. CMMC

    Reminds me of a sketch on ‘Alas, Smith and Jones’ about ‘How the Economy works’.

    The rotund Mel Smith appears in swimming trunks, next to a bath.

    Voiceover says ‘Here is the worker and this bath represents the economy’, Smith gets into the bath and it overflows.

    ‘The worker causes imbalances in the economy, so we need to regulate him…….with a chainsaw’

    Chainsaw wielding man advances on horrified Smith.

  4. DanDark

    Geeeez looks like I will be ringing Abc again today Kaye
    mmmm why are they letting people push Tony’s lies
    Its all Nazi propaganda to groom us, like libs have been doing for past say 6 years
    And people fall for it, cos they are convincing, its a slow form of genocide

    Because why else would Phony and Hannibal
    do what they are doing knowing full well
    where it would end especially for poorer or homeless people and children,,single mums
    people that don’t always have support systems.. they fall through the cracks and no one cares it seems
    People in this country starving, or having to turn to crime and prostitution
    Next they will be forced to adopt their children out to the…. the rich and barren

  5. Fed up

    This government is transferring government debt to the private citizen.

    What is worse, it is transferring all the cost, of providing a trained, skilled and educated workforce to our young people. Industry and government are abandoning their responsibilities in this regard.

    Our kids are expect to place themselves in great debt, to develop the skills that are necessary to enter the workforce.

    Is this fair. Does it make economical sense.

    This government, when it comes to the so called roads infrastructure, is not giving the states grants but loans.

    It is removing all regulations, and oversight of those left.

    If one thing is clear, with the Installation RC, it is clear, that business cannot be trusted.

    Combet, and Garrett were very clear in what they said. t. Yes, the scheme should not have occurred. NOT because it was not a good idea, but because there was no way the government could have prevented the operators from rorting the system, workers, home owners or government.,

    Combet was shocked to find the rorting still occurring, after he took over the reins. Yes, after the deaths. What’s more, he was talking about a great number of shoddy and crooked operators, including a big name or two.

    The reporting of what has been said by nearly all p[layers in this RC has not been honestly reported. Still, after watching for hours, I believe the Commissioner may hand down a honest report.


  6. DanDark

    What is Tony and murky murdochs vile grand plan
    Everything has been timed down to last second
    But I reckon the RC has not had the impact on people as Phony hoped
    Its been lost in all the budget damage control
    Its main aim is to crush safety nets, Unions, political parties
    A slow form of genocide
    so there is no one left to standup and fight for the people of this country
    especially about 80% of the population

  7. Fed up

    Maybe I is this government that is a burden, we cannot bear or tolerate.

  8. Stephen Tardrew

    The point is evidence demonstrates that as the wealthy get wealthier they are less inclined to share their wealth. Many see low income workers, the unemployed and poor as lazy lacking a sense of personal responsibility. However Thomas Pikkety has demonstrated more and more of the wealth is inherited so many perform little meaningful labour or creativity to become rich. This inheritance gravy train is only going to get worse. Furthermore, as noted, tax avoidance is the giant monkey in the room as wealth accumulation is actually encouraged and reasonable contributions to the country that made them rich ignored. Subsidies for the corporate sector are a blight upon democracy while people suffer unnecessary hardship. One has to be rather naive to think that corporations will not invest just because they do not get subsidized. If there is money to be made they will invest. Job creators bah! Note the vehicle industry is a special case whereby both workers and the economy suffer.

    One of the seminal points of justice and equity is that every person who has a job is a necessary and meaningful contributor to the economy and should be rewarded as such. There is absolutely no excuse for near poverty wages. If the cleaners don’t clean we are in the shit. This constant devaluing of manual labour feeds into the elites sense of their own self-importance as democratic values of justice and equity are trodden down by those who think they are special. Without people doing mindless repetitious jobs there would be no wealth. Well guess what we are so special we are all going to die so what makes the wealthy, educated and privileged special? Of course it can only be their opinion of themselves.

    We can admire creative people and enumerate business acumen appropriately but not a the expense of the poor and marginalized. This should be a primary tenant for any democracy based in justice and equity. Everyone should receive a reasonable minimum wage so that the tax base can assist the poor and marginalized to live satisfactory lives. This has nothing to do with econometric modelling it is simply to do with the values of the society and if we want to follow those values we, as intelligent and creative beings, will find a solution.

    That the conservatives cruelly debase those who require assistance is a reflection of a twisted and inhumane view of humanity.

  9. edward eastwood

    Much of the problem lies (now there’s the key word) with the Neo-lib insistence of ‘lifting all boats’ wiil lift the economy and every one will be better off.

    Even George Bush Snr. called this theory ‘Voodoo Economics’.

    This mantra however, has been chanted ad infinitum, ad nuseaum, that even most politicians from both sides of the political spectrum, not to mention the ‘finance experts’ -Greenwood, Martin, McCrann, believe it!

    It is of course utter bullshit; here’s part of the reason why.


  10. Kaye Lee

    These are the other sources though I did try to include the pertinent information from the various different articles. Sitting here in my office I am not actually doing my own statistical analyses, merely collating what others have written and passing it on.

  11. Stephen Tardrew

    Once again thanks for the great links Dan and Kaye much appreciated. I am a bit shitty this morning.

  12. diannaart

    Gina is on a mission: the $2 per hour week – she understands that hard work for long hours is all it takes to become wealthy. Gina is happy to report she has her top scientists devising the million hour week. We can all be wealthy – no more excuses.

  13. petergarciawebb

    “But don’t you worry about that” A Queenslander. We in Barnet’s asset rich but now increasingly development poor, Western Australia have some empathy with Queenslanders. Your excellent comment makes me wonder about the real message of this Budget.
    That it will inevitably and perhaps irrevocably damage Australia goes without saying (almost). As does the fact that it demonstrates yet again that Tony Abbott has no idea of the harsh reality of life faced every day by two and quarter million people. Living in a third or fourth world in our Lucky Country.
    The rich live on the poor. It has always been so. The message then is not that if you are poor you will be considered a burden and treated as such.
    Rather it is that if you are not yet poor, you will become so, and if you are poor you will remain so, in order that the rich can also remain so.

  14. Dan Rowden

    Kaye Lee,

    Sitting here in my office I am not actually doing my own statistical analyses, merely collating what others have written and passing it on.

    I acknowledge that you acknowledge this but every now and then I worry that the fine line you walk between collation and plagiarism gets crossed. This could present a potential problem given that AIMN is technically a commercial site (Michael generates revenue from it, however humble). I think it would wise to pay a little more attention to proper citation. It’s up to you but I do worry about it in the context of the expressed wish that AIMN had a wider readership. If that were to happen it would absolutely become an issue.

  15. Kaye Lee


    I am actually from NSW but Joh was a constant source of quotable quotes.

  16. Fed up

    One must catch Pyne’s out burst re the FM on ABC 24. According to him, the students should be grateful for the advantages he is giving them. All I seem was a few words, yelled at her. Wonder what would have happened, if the lady stud, and reply to their questions.

    All Pyne has done, is transfer the cost and debt related to education from the government to the young. Yes, he is giving them debt. Will be able borrow…………Pyne’s rant.

    Expanding equity and opportunity, by giving the m more debt??????????

    It appears that government is now about handing out debt, to it’s citizens.

    Pyne expects Shorten to come out and condemn., He claims they would do that, if it was a Labor MP.

    Sorry Mr Pyne, you and your leader, in the part. led the abuse against Gillard and other Labor MP’s. on a daily basis.

    Assaulted the FM. God help us. According to Pyne they are getting the best deal. Raving on about getting cheap loans. So debt is OK for our students, but not for governments.

  17. Fed up

    Yes, I agree with many, that suggest the younger Bishop deliberately went to the two unis knowing the reaction she would get.

  18. petergarciawebb

    Kaye, You mean I have empathy with someone from NSW? Disasters bring forth strange bedfellows.

  19. Kaye Lee


    I was born in a little country town and I don’t live in Sydney. Does that help? 🙂

    Wait….I also lived in Scarborough between the ages of 1 and 2 when my father got an exchange teaching job over there so WA was part of my formative years (not that I remember it)

  20. Kaye Lee


    I understand your concerns about plagiarism but I did attribute all information to its original source. I could have said “he said that the ABS said” but I didn’t really feel it necessary. I do use cut and paste. If I was being paid and had more time I daresay I could paraphrase the information. All I am trying to do is pass it on.

  21. scaper...

    “Gina is on a mission: the $2 per hour week ” I bet no one here read Gina’s article in full, published in the Australian Resources and Investment magazine because I doubt any here would qualify for a subscription. Being a foundation member of ANDEV, I have a subscription and Gina makes a valid point in relation to our competitiveness in the global market.

    The statement was taken out of context to feed the left’s thirst for confirmation bias and to feed their fetid hatred. The fact that you lot fell for it is a reflection of a lack of common sense. A classic case of pissing into the wind.

    No clue to what is going on whatsoever!

  22. petergarciawebb

    Thanks Kaye, my sanity is partially restored.
    Re plagiarism. The view I take on my sadly yet to be successful blog is that attributed quotes are fine providing they are mixed with a suitable percentage of original comment. As yours, in my limited experience at least, always are.
    More strength to your keyboard.

  23. Kaye Lee

    Ah yes, our wonderful Gina, queen of the corporate handout.

    “How Australia’s richest person, mining heiress Gina Rinehart, secured a $US694 million ($764 million) loan from American taxpayers is surely one of the great ironies of the capitalist system, reports The Australian Financial Review.

    In return for the US government loan, Hancock Prospecting will purchase American mining and rail equipment from Caterpillar, General Electric and Atlas Copco. The Export-Import Bank says their involvement will “support” 3400 US jobs.”

  24. diannaart

    @ ‘scaper.

    Could you please provide link to Gina’s article? I do not subscribe to “Australian Resources and Investment magazine” for which I can only apologise for such a lapse. However, am very willing to reconsider Gina Rinehart’s philosophy on attaining wealth.

    Thank you


  25. Fed up

    Why does the great lady live in Singapore, I believe// Could not possibly be, to get out of paying her fair share of tax.

  26. Fed up

    Wonder where scaper has been for so long?

  27. Fed up

    Repost of Hockey at NPC on. ABC 24. No better the second time around.

  28. Kaye Lee

    I think it should be a condition of approval for all mining developments that they use Aussie products (like steel) and Aussie workers. Forget 457 visas. If we have skills shortages then train our young people and unemployed to fill them.

    “Mining equipment manufacturer Caterpillar has announced it will cut up to 200 jobs at its Burnie plant. ”

    “BlueScope Steel will close two of its production facilities and cut 1000 jobs as part of a restructure aimed at returning it to profitability.”

    Read more:

    “the Abbott Government has quietly reopened a visa loophole that will allow employers to hire an unlimited number of foreign workers under a temporary working visa, potentially opening the system to widespread rorting….the Coalition’s loosening of 457 visa requirements looks like another measure aimed squarely at undermining local workers’ pay and conditions, while at the same time keeping the throttle on population growth and capital’s share of profits.”

    Coalition launches 457 visa class war

  29. Stephen Tardrew

    After reading those links my mind is about to explode. The accumulated information is just enormous added to Kaye’s great articles there is such a wealth of critical analysis one wonders when MSM is going to start a critique covering the broad scope of LNP infractions.

  30. Kaye Lee


    I read Gina’s poem. I am also aware that Gina and your friends at ANDEV and the Minerals Council helped pay for Christopher Monckton to tour.

    Do I REALLY want to read Gina’s musings on how to make her richer?

    I find it interesting that the US insists on Gina buying US products to boost US employment as a condition of giving her a loan but we don’t impose the same conditions on mine approval. Goes along with buying US jets I suppose.

    I also find it interesting that a very rich woman who you tell us is very business savvy is choosing to go into debt for an investment. Perhaps our government should follow her lead?

  31. Kaye Lee

    You have to be f’ing kidding me….

    “On page 57 of this year’s No.2 we learn that the government will get rid of one of the human rights commissioners, which will save us $1.7 million over four years. The budget does not specify which of the commissioners will go, but it was later confirmed it will be the Disability Commissioner role, currently filled by Graeme Innes.”

    We make the IPA’s Tim f Wilson the Commissioner for bigots and get rid of our Disabiltiy Commissioner? This country has gone mad!

  32. Fed up

    The interview with Jackie Kelly on ABC 24 Weekend Breakfast is worth catching up on.,

  33. Fed up

    As for the Commissioners. I heard some A,,,,,,.” from the IPA I believe, saying that all should go, that they are not needed.

    If one has a problem in this area, it should be up to the local member to sort out.

    Could one imagine taking such complaints to the likes of Morrison or Andrews.

    I think it could have been on Drum.

  34. Kaye Lee


    Just wondering if you were present at this rather informative meeting about media manipulation? Or does ANDEV have private audiences with our Lord of the Fruitcakes? I note you guys requested that he be the person to give an address at the University of Notre Dame (guffaw). Do you have any idea what that does to your credibility?

    Could you also congratulate Tony’s favourite scientist Ian Plimer for me

    “GINA Rinehart has appointed controversial climate change sceptic Ian Plimer to the board of several key family companies.”

  35. Dan Rowden

    Gina’s Other Poem

    I own a bunch of lovely coal.
    I dug it from a great big hole.
    My IQ is roughly forty
    Oops, did I say something naughty?
    I’m rich and fat and in denial
    My Cardiologist’s on speed dial
    I want to pay my workers nil
    To afford my tax avoidance bill
    I’m such a fan of four five seven
    But I can’t get hold of f’ing Stefan
    I want to make them all eat cake
    But scoffing it was my mistake
    You think I care for your opinion
    But to me you’re just a f’ing minion
    I don’t believe in filial piety
    I put my faith in Gawd almighty
    You wanna hate me, well form a queue
    Cause my stupid children hate me too

  36. DanDark

    What a bonza Dan R
    Great poem
    says it all

  37. Stephen Tardrew

    Christine Milne slashing and bashing on ABC TV. Great response. We need an national ICAC now.

  38. Möbius Ecko

    Two major job losses announced yesterday here on the South Coast of NSW.

    So the march to relatively high unemployment begins, another ideological trait of these conservatives.

    Nothing is more certain than they will cook the books. Those working for the dole or not receiving it won’t be counted as unemployed and many other methods will be used to jig the figures. The unemployment figures by a long shot have never reflected the real numbers. The gap between the stated figures and the reality will become a chasm, as will the increase in the underemployed, which is the real target of this government. In other words create an underclass of working poor.

  39. DanDark

    I have just rang channel 7
    And said “why are you letting your journalist be hoodwinked by Hockey at the press club
    Look up genocide and sociopath, there are 2 forms, mass massacre or a slow form of genocide
    He can’t answer the questions, but then rambles on with very deliberate words, to almost hypnotise them, to then try and justify why they are going to starve people,
    there is no safety net, I have 6 kids and for the sake of them and my country, this propaganda to attack the vulnerable and then justify it to, the rich and journalists has to stop, we need help, not a soap box for these inhumane men to commit genocide”

    He was asked if they would show their diaries after Mark Bairds comment”
    Hannibal replied, ” well all they would see is meetings meetings meetings, documents, documents, ”
    “what about sitting smoking big fat cigars, and then dancing in his office with his wife to this is the best day of my life, then he came out and totally screwed us, for everything he can
    dosnt make sense to the poor, what is he celebrating,the demise of the people”
    She said”she would pass it on”

    Look up extremism, it is a group of men, with extreme views, then inflict them, on the weak
    They keep women out, cos it’s not in their DNA to be so extreme, and then harm their own children etc, fits in with Tonys Taliban plan

  40. Dan Rowden


    Stay off the phone, mate. Seriously.

  41. DanDark

    Only way to fight back,question the sociopath
    They hate, last thing they want,they have to lie to then cover other lie
    Soooo I say we need to be active, phone, email, anything to get other people to start really listening, and not just to the precise, demonising, spin, lies

    I have to do something I have an 8 year old girl, the others range from 19 up to 35
    I have 4 grandchildren, it’s the kids, my kids and others of the single mums, like me
    The unemployed,I have a 19 year old, can only get part time work, we live in small country town
    So he will have to move, he will do what, starve, I give my son in uni money every week, so he does not starve, whilst their father dodges his books, and has done for bout 30 years now
    I work as a cleaner, bloody hard for rich people, and the gov, be stuffed if I am going to lie down and die nor my children, oh and my parents won’t last long either,

    I am woman and hear me roar………

  42. DanDark

    Dan my ex husband is also a pedophile, my then oldest daughter in her teens was his victim
    No justice for her, the poor can’t fight the rich in court, not back in 1997
    We tried, so I hold faith in karma for this exact reason
    I have to or else become bitter and twisted, so yeah karma is good
    So always round he has got off Scott free

    If single mothers are cut off the knees, these pedophiles will come out in the mass
    Cos they use money, anything they can to groom, get the trust etc
    God help our children……
    But then again Tony is a catholic, and well that says it all

  43. Stephen Tardrew

    Great poem Dan.

    Mobius: this is only the beginning. Somehow I don’t think rigging the figures is going to work this time.

  44. DanDark

    Never underestimate someone’s stupidity
    I used to say this to my son
    Now he says it back to me, when I am confused about someone’s actions

  45. Kaye Lee


    I agree with you about getting in touch with politicians every way we can. They may not listen to what we say but they will at least be keeping score of calls or emails for and against. They love their opinion polls. I went off on the phone – I now have learned to write what I want to say. I get too angry ad-libbing, there is too much to be outraged about. Making mothers fight for their kids is not a good idea – we get mean.

  46. DanDark

    I have got 6 kids
    I have learnt to be concise,emotionless and quick
    Or else yes the message you are getting across is lost
    I can’t type very well, very slow, and make lots of mistakes, usually spelling, but I can spell mostly very well, when in hand write
    We all have our own weapons Kaye
    An army dosnt just have soldiers, it has all sorts of secret ammunition
    Keep writing
    I write to, I will post one I wrote to brandis, just before he fell on his sword

  47. DanDark

    Show details

    Hey Sinodinos,watched you on Lateline,trying to answer questions
    Well how silly do you think the average punter is?
    YOU and Phony Tony are trying to stooge the people again
    with your finance advice cronnie mates,
    To help strip away protections with
    these finance frauds is beyond belief,

    Your words are trick words
    Yes a lot of word,s amounting to nothing
    Trying to convince people it will be OK,
    we are the “adult gov in charge now”what a joke

    You and the rest of the grumpy old white Blokes
    pretending to run this country, are past your use by date.
    I have seen many views on these WIND back of PROTECTIONS
    the result for customers is grim,going backwards in time again
    (which is the LNP’s mantra,the backwards mens club))
    Many people do not like what you are about to do
    There is a lot of criticism by the experts out there

    March in March next weekend
    Sir,your Gov is about to slide into oblivion
    The “mice” are on the move
    Check out youtube,a great video
    called Coalition Blues,its a great tune
    written all about you and the rest of your inept gov

    Your propaganda is not working,and Tony knows it
    Hockey’s been a bit quiet lately,his been taking a pounding
    Because he tells porky pies,and lots of them

    So Tone’s plan to push you out in front of camera to
    spread your destruction on innocent people,
    and taking away protections.
    To keep your mates in the finance sector happy
    I would reconsider

    As for the documents you wont release,until “its the right time
    and not the wrong time”,what is that?
    The contempt you are showing
    towards the voters is gob smacking, at the least

    OMG What are you hiding,more secrets,like the SOB,your concentration camps
    you are running in Manus and Nauru etc etc etc etc etc

    I look forward, to your imminent retirement, from politics Sinodinos
    You are not worthy of high office…….

  48. bobrafto

    Hi Kaye

    I believe the argument below should be perpetuated to counter the miner’s fuel rebate entitlement. It’s from the ABC the link is below.

    “In governing circles now the entirely imaginary linking of tax gathering to spending is called “hypothecating”. The word has meaning in relation to private financial transactions but it doesn’t hold together when you apply it to the vast comings and goings of government finances. The fungible nature of government revenue defeats any claim to be hypothecating.

    In addition to this fictitious connecting of tax gathering and spending, there is an equally invalid disconnection claimed between paying tax and receiving services. The idea that a taxpayer can be exempt from charges because they don’t use the public service provided is invalid. This is the theory by which, for example, farmers and miners are exempt from paying the tax on their fuel, courtesy of the diesel fuel rebate, for vehicles that don’t use public roads.

    On that basis people who don’t have children at school can ask for an exemption from the proportion of spending that goes to schools, and pacifists can ask for a 1.5 per cent tax cut because they disagree with military action and are prepared to take their chances without an army. If you are not outdoorsy, why pay for National Parks.”

  49. Fed up

    Nothing but slogans and platitudes from Abbott on Insiders.

    Nikki, where is the money coming from. suggest we stick with the PPL scheme we have had for the last three years. Most seemed happy with it. Nearly 6 billion there for starters. leave the MMRT in place.

    Two of the women on Insiders good value.

    It was pointed out to Nikki, it is not about where the money is coming from, but what the government is responsible for.

    If I could have got to the march toy, by banner would be “ABBOTT: WHY??????????????????”

    Nicki, Labor has never said there is no problem within the structure of the budget. I fact they have been slowly working on it for years. That deficit was trending downwards.

  50. Fed up

    If I could have got to the march toy, by banner would be “ABBOTT: WHY??????????????????”

    If I could have got to the march today, my banner would be “ABBOTT: WHY??????????????????”

    Yes, why why wy

  51. taxpayer

    Well how do the umemployed afford all their drugs and mobile phones and cigarettes. No work no dole.
    They could be put to tidy up the cemeteries and give respect some of the old graves. Flowers could be put on them. Put them in Nursing homes and they can take people for a walk in wheelchairs. Put them to work in the Childrens Cancer Wards and do something worthwhile if they do not wish to be employed in supermarkets and Cafes etc. A lot of unemployed have grown up with no responsibility encouraged by their home life as they see their parents live on welfare in public housing paying little rent, no mortgage, maintenance or pay for repairs to their home and never clean them up. We have people arrive from overseas and get jobs within a week. Trouble is a lot of Aussies think work is a dirty word. Single mums want heaps of children they cannot even bother to take care of and they grow up the same.

  52. Fed up

    ABC 24 Hockey at ACCOSS conference. Not going too good.

    taxpayer, where is your evidence that the unemployed choose not to work?

    What happens when one reaches retirement age. What does retirement mean.

    When one is reaching retirement age, many that hace fulfilling job and good health actually6 choose to work on, Yes, many stay at work.

    For others. they choose to retire from the work they are doing, from paid employment.

    People do not retire from life. Do not become a drag on society.

    Many find to their amazement, that their health improves. Many get a new least on life, Most find themselves very busy, doing things, they have wanted to do all their lives. Yes, retirement can liberate one.

    Many find themselves working harder, contributing to their families and the community.

    Yes, the money they spend, keep many employed.

    We, the retired, are a part of society. We still contribute for most of our retirement in a big way to society. Yes, the small pension we get. allows us to do this.

    We buy coffee, we go on holidays. We still pay taxes, as now we rely so much on regressive taxes, such as GST. We pay our rates. Many even drive cars.

    We are a important part of the economy. Take money from us, and many will suffer. Suffer in a big way.

    We still have to replace that rusting guttering.

    Some become political activates for the first time in their lives. Many join and add to art.

    Retirement does not mean that one is nearly dead and a drag on society.

    Retirement is simply just another stage in ones life. Yes, we are babies, then children, then workers, now retirees.

    The community would be further behind, if it had to pay for the volunteer work these people do. Much of it essential.

    I am sick of the people who keep moaning about the cost to taxpayers. Nothing about the improvements, that comes from the taxpayer investing in physical and human infrastructure. Nothing about the good that comes from money taken off the taxpayer. Nothing about how much their taxes can save the nation down the track.

    This idea that the individual is the only one that gets benefit from the education and training they have under taken, is short sighted and not true.

    The truth is, the nation and industry will go backwards, if the nation does not produce a well educated and skilled workforce.

    Mr Hockey, you say you know where we are coming from. Mr Abbott, you say you get that. NO, neither of you are hearing, or I suspect capable of hearing.

    Yes, Stella is right, neither of you giving f*.

    Student are marching across the country this afternoon.

  53. Fed up

    I hope we can get a full transcript of Hockey at the ACCOSS conference. Was turned off when getting interesting.

  54. Fed up

    There were only about 20 people surrounding bot Bishop and Mirabella. Just watching video now. More noise than danger.

  55. Fed up

    Chris Bowen now at NPC ABC 24

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