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The year that was


Author’s note: On Facebook, I post on a daily basis continuous political commentary. Here is a selection. Please vote for one of the following or nominate your own:

1 Scott Morrison has been promoted to Social Services Minister. Start praying for pensioners, the disabled, those looking for work etc. He demonised those seeking a better life. Now it’s their turn.

2 The government’s own Climate Change Authority has questioned the effectiveness of “Direct Action” saying the scheme won’t deliver on long-standing emissions reduction targets.

Can’t be any more direct than that.

3 Has Australia ever elected a Prime Minister so ignorant of technology, the environment and science? So oblivious of the needs of women and so out of touch with a modern pluralist society.

4 The PM continues to tell the blatant and obnoxious lie that households received $550 of their energy bill as a result of the repeal of the carbon tax. Total bull. Now on top of that he sees it as his greatest achievement for women. Words fail me.

5 Today the characteristic that most defines modern Australia is “diversity”. In all its forms, together with multiculturalism it defines us as a nation. People of my generation and later should divest themselves of their old and inferred racist superiority.

6 The murder of three people in Sydney was carried out by a deranged, religious fanatic with a criminal record. It was not by a terrorist organisation. People should keep this in mind.

7 Joe Hockey confirms bigger budget deficit; admits Coalition failures in communicating policies. True, but they still cannot bring themselves to admit it was unfair.

8 Hockey’s current budget dilemma reinforces how stupid it was to curtail the price on carbon. However, he could easily fix the problem by eliminating the 15% tax discount given to high income earners. It is nothing more than a legal tax dodge supplemented by low-income earners. It’s worth $12 billion plus PA. What about it Joe. After that you could look at the billions given to mining companies in subsidies.

9 Do you really think my chief of staff would be under this kind of criticism if her name was Peter as opposed to Peta?” Mr Abbott asked the ABC’s Lyndal Curtis.”

“Do you really think I would be attacking the Prime Minister in the manner I do if her name was James and not Julia” John Lord thought.

“I think people need to take a long hard look at themselves with some of these criticisms” to quote the PM.

10 George Brandis wins a Walkley award for his “what is metadata” interview.

Well-deserved too.

11 The art of international diplomacy.

Our PM plans to “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin. Once a thug always a thug?

12 In an attempt at self-justification the PM is telling lies to defend lies already told. It never works.

13 It is said that truth is the first casualty of war. Unfortunately it is also the first causality of Australian politics.

14 My condolences to all those Coalition supporters who were wetting themselves at the prospect of Julia Gillard slitting her wrists at the Royal Commission. Particularly the Liberal National Chat Page.

15 Ah the law is a strange thing. Ashby brings charges against Slipper. After a long dalliance with legal argument Ashby drops the case. Slipper is left with a huge legal bill and Ashby’s lawyers say “No charge mate” There should be a law against it.

16 You would seriously have to wonder exactly what brand of Christianity it is that Scot Morrison practices. Fancy drinking champagne to celebrate sending refugees to one of the world’s poorest and most corrupt nations.

17 The list of companies avoiding tax is again headed by Murdoch. Others include Frank Lowy’s Westfield. It’s seems that it’s ok for them to lean but we must all lift. Common Joe change the law. Or is it the donations????
18 It would seem that the Abbott Government has given up on their remaining budget cuts. And it should be remembered that they were not opposed on the basis of prudence but unfairness.

19 The purpose of propaganda is to make you feel good about the wrongs being perpetrated on you.

20 The common good should be at the very heart of every political philosophy””When talking about the cost of living I think people get confused. There is a big difference between the cost of living and cost of lifestyle. A recent survey found that 56% of those complaining about the cost of living had taken an overseas trip in the same year. And a further 52% had reduced dining out from three to two times a week”

21 Australia does not, at this time, have a clearly articulated and legislated policy on climate change. Why.

22 Prime Minister Tony Abbott has denied he has broken a pledge not to cut funding to the ABC and SBS, telling Parliament his government had “fundamentally kept faith with the Australian people”.

Lying is wrong but lying to defend a lie is appallingly immoral.

23 Yesterday’s attempt by the PM to legitimise lying is like saying we are no longer communicating in English.

24 The most simple way to turn the profession of politics on its head would be to demand they tell the truth.

25 It may be a good thing that some asylum seeker children might now have a future but I find it chilling that Scott Morrison has effectively used kids as hostages to pass his legislation.

26 Less informed voters unfortunately outnumber the more politically aware. Therefore, conservatives feed them all the bullshit they need. And the menu generally contains a fair portion of untruths”

27 When asked about the Green Fund at a joint press conference with President Hollande the PM said that we already had a Direct Action fund of 2.5 Billion and a Clean Energy Finance Corp 10 Billion fund. The only thing wrong with the answer was that the first won’t work and it is Government policy to abolish the second. His lying knows no bounds.

28 What would an intelligent 18 year old about to vote for the first time think of this statement yesterday by our PM?

“As for Australia, I’m focusing not on what might happen in 16 years’ time, I’m focusing on what we’re doing now and we’re not talking, we’re acting,”

29 The G20 meeting gave Prime Minister Tony Abbott a powerful stage to articulate his vision for Australia. So he spoke about his inability to pass his unfair budget. Now that’s statesmanship for you

30 In 2015, 500 workers who benefited from Gillard’s edict that non-faith-based workers be allowed in our schools will be replaced by chaplains sourced predominantly from big Christian organizations. This in a secular public school system is fundamentally wrong be you religious or not.

My wife is upset that we didn’t get the carbon tax refund when every other family did. I’m struggling to give her an explanation.


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  1. Peter Ball

    Gold , it shows what a trashy government we have . Yet those with nothing will vote Liberal – I think its for the Snob Value . Then get kicked in the Guts and told by Abbott and Co it was good for them, it goes to show how uneducated and brainwashed by the Murdoch Media the simple Australian is

  2. Graeme Henchel

    Twas on the good ship Tony
    Where all the crew were phony
    They had no clue of what to do
    But make up more baloney

    Captain Tony kept on lying
    Distracting and denying
    Into your eye, he’d tell a lie
    Then lie that he was lying

    The first mates name was PETA
    You wouldn’t want to meet her
    She kept tight reign on Tony’s brain
    And no one could unseat her

    The treasurer’s name was Hockey
    A big buffoon, quite stocky
    His budget plan, went in the can
    And now he’s not so cocky

    And then there was perfidious Pyne
    An odious man most prone to whine
    This silly smuck has his head stuck
    Up where the sun don’t shine

    There was a nasty man called Scott
    Who’d let asylum seekers rot
    A Christian jerk with a vicious smirk
    Like Christ, he sure was not

    The foreign officer was Julie
    Treated asbestos claims quite cruelly
    With her coiffured hair and deadly stare
    She’d plagiarise unduly

    The richest guy was Mal
    He’d play up to lefties well
    But his polished prose got on the nose
    When he backed his lying pal

    George Brandis was the legal man
    Though twas pretty hard to tell
    he set his sights on bigots rights
    Now his ego’s not so well.

    The Climate guy was Hunt
    A receding little runt
    His climate stance was left to chance
    A “stuff the planet” punt

    No one forgets that fool Abetz
    He really is a shocker
    He screws with joy the unemployed
    That man is off his rocker

    The medical man was Peter Dutton
    His GP Tax is best forgotten
    Access to health based on your wealth
    A policy that’s more than rotten

    There was a lass, Fiona Nash
    Could block a website in a flash
    Said twas her staff that made the gaff
    And nought to do with donors’ cash

    McFarlane was the industry bloke
    in strange robotic tones he spoke
    Car industry rooted, renewables neutered
    hundreds of companies going broke

    Sinodinos was the Finance wonder
    ICAC saw him moved asunder
    Was he Arthur or was he Martha
    Dodgy donors, major blunder

    Bernadi was the religious nutter
    he had his thoughts down in the gutter
    gay rights would creep onward to sheep
    This utter nutter uttered

    Then there is Mathias
    He’s one of the best liars
    He helped the banks but gets no thanks
    Cos his FOFA laws were biased

    This mendacious ship had run aground
    Their lying powers diminished
    The Murdoch press couldn’t fix the mess
    And Tony’s time was finished

  3. David K

    That $550, surely it’s worthy of a fact check from the ABC?

  4. Graeme Henchel

    Consumer confidence reaches new low
    Unemployment heading for the sky
    Blame and excuses from Smokin Joe
    Hypocrisy at an all time high

    Complaints that Credlin plays too hard
    Julie and Peta don’t get by
    Abbott plays the gender card
    Hypocrisy at an all time high

    Bishop and Robb go to sabotage Lima
    Hunt stays home, who knows why
    Rebadge foreign aid to make us seem greener
    Hypocrisy at an all time high

    GP tax to be no more
    Senate wouldn’t let it by
    Plan B, GP to charge you more
    Hypocrisy at an all time high

    Education changes have senate block
    Pyne can’t understand why
    Ad campaign to sell this crock
    Hypocrisy at an all time high

    Morrison’s reward for tormenting refugees
    Social services, another Orwellian lie
    “Christian values”, Certainly not his
    Hypocrisy at an all time high

    Abbott the minister for Aborigines and women
    It’s enough to make you cry
    A cynical sick joke from the mendacious monk
    Hypocrisy at an all time high.

    Hockey’s budget is worse than ever
    Seems lying and berating won’t fly
    These economic policies aren’t too clever
    Hypocrisy at an all time high

  5. David K

    Great stuff Graeme, I would have been sorely tempted to use another word in Hunt’s verse though.

  6. Loz

    Great article and I too am waiting for my $500.

  7. mars08

    Minor quibble about point #6.

    At this time, we don’t know who fired the fatal shots.

  8. John Kelly

    Can anyone tell me when I can expect my $550 credit in my bank account?

  9. John Fraser


    I'm busy ironing out my carbon tax $550 refund.

    There are some wrinkles on the image of Pyne's head that are hard to straighten.

    Also some of the numbers are very,very difficult to get straight.

    My wife laughed at me as she flew off to N.Z.

    If I hadn't felt so "confronted" by all the "terrorist chatter" I might have heard what she was saying in between the laughter.

    She won't be laughing when she opens her xmas present and finds its a copy of Harpers Bizarre.

  10. Richard

    Merry Christmas John,
    I’m Voting for ALL 31…. That’s allowing for your wife’s unexplained, missing $500.00.

    I still can’t understand why hundreds of thousands of people aren’t protesting in the streets over this troupe of monkeys trying to run the Country [into the third World].

    Is the general populace asleep at the wheel? Or, worse yet, comatose…

  11. stephentardrew

    Have a great Merry Thing that doesn’t make sense.

    Great article as usual full of Dum, Dum misspeak and stuff that wasn’t written down so doesn’t matter.

    Oops some was written down.

    Oh well need a new lie for the old lie about the lie I didn’t lie about.

    My deep and thoughtful speeches are legion amongst the stupefied and ignorant.

    Still gotta get the rest to stop thinking as well so I will use my magic Peta stick on em.

    God I am such a deep strategic thinker. Just ask Dad.

    Oh well time to go and scare the living crap out of the plebes.

    Being the Lords right hand man is so much fun.

    Can’t work out the funny horns, pitch fork and pointy tail though must be in disguise.

    Anyway Merry flatulence.

    Addendum Dum Dum: You got the $550 in your invisible stocking that is tied into the balance of payments stretching out to year 2050. Just a short flow on mediated by the passage of time.

  12. lawrencewinderWinder

    Someone else got my $500.00, too.
    I hope that the “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (aka IPA) are well satisfied with the mess their theoretical mindlessness is making of a once civil society.
    May they choke on their xmas pudding.

  13. Michael Taylor

    My footy tipping improved from the moment the carbon price was introduced. It went pear-shaped as soon as Abbott repealed it. 🙁

  14. Judith W

    First Stop the Boats, now Stop the Claims. Centrelink’s Claims website has been inaccessible for two days this week. Coincidence?

  15. pappinbarafoxPappinbarra Fox

    Why don’ commenters call direct action for what it is – command and control – a descriptor of communist economic processes and roundly condemned by right wing market governments everywhere. In fact those same governments came up with the market system ie a price on carbon and Carbon trading permits that this Abbott government ridiculed when Gillard adopted it. Now they are using and crowing about a command and control system that failed gloriously in the soviet bloc.

    So Abbott and his colleagues are evil communists.

  16. pappinbarra fox

    Oh, yes and I got $0.68 carbon tax abolition reduction on my power bill. I can hardly wait for the next one. At that rate it will take 670 quarters to get my $550.00 or for the mathematically challenged (yes I am talking to you smoking Joe) that would be 167 budgets (assuming at least one per year.)

  17. stephentardrew

    John thanks for the stellar work during the year.

    Hope to see lots more.

    Have a great and Merry Christmas as is your way and thank you once again for your wonderful contributions.

    The Outlines of Meeting
    At the airport waiting for destiny
    To slip into journey’s end
    Having arrived before leaving
    A mind prepared in hope
    That things would be different
    Yet they remain the same
    And on arriving and returning
    Nothing had changed except
    The memories that fade into past
    Leaving behind vague recollections
    That diminish with time
    Revealing nothing at all
    And I sit in awe at mind and time
    That so easily leaves behind
    The never returning hope
    Captured in times gone
    Lost to presents future desires
    Of wasted moments and false wishes
    Forgetting that truth is in the moment
    Not lost to past memories
    Or future expectations
    All happiness resting in the present
    As immediate-seeing falling softly
    In Love’s perfect contentment

  18. Anomander

    I have never been more frustrated, disillusioned and perpetually angry about any government in my entire life.

    The number of attacks being launched by this government is unparalleled and we will all pay dearly now and into the future if we can’t somehow find a way to get rid of them as soon as possible.

    Every day I think things couldn’t possibly get worse, only to be confronted with an ongoing slew of farcical announcements, attacks on a wide variety of everyday people, diminution of our hard-fought rights and entitlements, ongoing destruction of our environment, outrageous lies and obfuscation, and general behaviour ill befitting a group of people changed with managing our country.

    None of their decisions or assertions are questioned, the consistently media fails to hold them to account, and they are given free rein to commit atrocities with virtually no repercussions.

    The only avenue available to us is to voice our disapproval on social media and sites like this, unable to act in any way to collectively force a change of government before it is all torn apart.

    Worst of all is the feeling of utter helplessness. Raging impotently as they tear apart all that is good with our nation, dividing our people and fragmenting our society, all so they can hand more of our assets and our money directly to their wealthy benefactors and puppet-masters. Yet we sit idle, toothless, unable to address the destruction, or for many – complacent, flaccidly accepting or utterly disinterested in government actions that will eventually affect their lives, yet too stupid to see the repercussions or unwilling to act because it’s all too hard.

    I for one am sick of it. Sick of being so angry all the time. Annoyed with arguing with people who are so insularly focused they are incapable of seeing beyond their nose. Fed-up with watching our country being sold-out from under us. Angry in the obvious knowledge we and our children will be worse-off. Frustrated ate the array of false ideology and powerful forces being levelled against us.

    But most of all, I’m sad to watch the decline of a great country due to apathy, ignorance and stupidity, as we all sit and watch our future being eroded before our very eyes, yet seemingly unable to stop it.

  19. Gregory T

    When Tony Abbott go’s to confession, are his sins submitted in scripted form ??

  20. rangermike1

    John, I have been doing some checking and it appears all our $550 bonuses have turned up in some Swiss bank account. The custodian being Tones something or other.

  21. Florence nee Fedup

    pappinbarra fox, now you cannot afford the 2 coffees a week it would have bought. How will your budget survive.

  22. Colin

    Graeme – wonderful stuff – you’re definitely on a roll – when’s the book coming out and will you get Tony to do the preface?

    John, as usual, a brilliant and comprehensive list of entries from the buffoon, oh wait there’s only 31 entries (counting the late one contributed by your wife) – you’ve missed out a few thousand!

    Bloody hell, what a coincidence, seems only the contributors here missed out on that magnificent carbon tax bonus – ain’t that weird!

  23. John Lord

    Colin I do on average three every day but the well is deep.

  24. Annie B

    John ….

    A very very late response ……. this one got shuffled off the 1st 50’s page, due to the inordinate number of emails I get in my Gmail account. So I missed it, until now.

    First ….. Happy New Year to you and yours. May 2015 bring you health, prosperity, peace and everything that’s good and helpful.

    Secondly – this article is great – and gives brief, if chilling reminders of the stuff-ups of the LNP over this past year and a bit.

    I won’t suggest how many more LNP indignities and gaffes might happen this new year. …. we can hope ?? Maybe none ? ,,,,,, which would certainly give us all a bit of a breather, if nothing else. 🙂

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