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“Ye shall know them by their fruits”

On Wednesday, 20 July, The Prime Minister did three radio interviews. During the third on Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1, he was asked by the host Jase Hawkins to apologise for the “nightmare” of the vaccine rollout.

“Can you honestly say to me that the government has taken accountability?” he said.

“Like, I have never heard the word ‘sorry’ – ‘guys you know what, sorry, we did screw it up, but we are getting it right now’.”

For the entirety of the interview, Jase tried to elicit the word “sorry” from the Prime Minister. It was like trying to extract blood from a stone. He did, however, manage an admission of sorts that he was responsible for Australia being last on a list of nations well ahead of us with their vaccination programs.

He eventually conceded this fact but still refused to apologise.

“I am accountable for the vaccination program and everything that has happened in it.

“And I am also accountable for fixing it, and that is what I am doing.”

In Mathew Matt 7:15-20 of the Christian Bible, the author speaks of false prophets, saying you can spot false prophets by their behaviour.

It is a scripture that the Prime Minister would be very familiar with.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing”) for inwardly, “they are ravenous wolves.”

So, who takes responsibility for all the mistakes, lies, deaths, illnesses, billions of dollars of losses, quarantine failures and mental illnesses?

“Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

The Prime Minister continuously blames others, misleads and tries to lie his way out of situations. He has played a political game from which we have inherited so much misery and pain. He is responsible for the bitter harvest we have reaped. Consequently, he will be called out for his indiscretions until the next election.

One of the perils of writing articles of condemnation is that the person in question – midway through your writing – does an about-face and apologises for his actions.

And this is what happened. Before I had finished, I was greeted with this headline on “PM apologises for vaccine rollout failure, despite previously denying responsibility.”

The article essentially said that:

“Adelaide’s FIVEaa radio hosts David and Will told the PM: “The reason you’ve got 12 million people in lockdown is because you got it (the rollout) so wrong in the first place.”

“No, I don’t accept that,” Mr Morrison said.

The PM made similar deflections later on Wednesday on ABC radio:

“We’ve had our problems … many have been out of our control,” he insisted.

But after 24 hours of intense scrutiny, “Mr Morrison chose a different form of words on Thursday.”

Then is the space of 24 hours; on Thursday, he had changed his tune. He had been lying.

“I take responsibility for the things that haven’t gone as well as we have liked and I take responsibility for the things that have worked as well,” he said.

But when pressed by reporters on why he didn’t accept responsibility sooner, Mr Morrison said:

“I think I have been very clear that as Prime Minister I am responsible for the vaccination program and I also have been very clear that that responsibility means fixing and dealing with the problems that we’ve had.”

In a mood of utter disgust and dissatisfaction that what I had read could in any way be described as an apology, I went in search of some words of sincerity that might be apologetic.

The nearest I came across was in The Guardian:

“I’m certainly sorry we haven’t been able to achieve the marks that we hoped for at the beginning of this year,”

“Now hang on,” I thought to myself. Here we have arguably the worst public policy stuff up in the nation’s history, one that has cost many lives and will cost many more, and this is an apology. Simply outrageous

Perhaps in my haste to extract an apology from this buffoon purporting to be a leader, I have lost sight of the bigger picture. The need to have more people vaccinated. That this should be the main aim after all.

Or perhaps I find the apology empty because if he can find a few words representing an apology in this matter, he should be able to do so for the many other instances that require one.

For this reason, I cannot say that the apology offered is sufficient. It lacks grace and sincerity, and importantly it is devoid of anything that might restore the trust that has been lost.

It is difficult to restore trust in a leader who, when confronted by significant decisions (no matter the circumstances), allows his politics or religion to replace the common good.

We have so many lockdowns because Scott Morrison used his political judgment rather than his common sense and placed too much faith in AstraZeneca rather than putting in an order for Pfizer in July 2020.

He said that we were in the “front of the queue.”

When it became apparent that we were last, Mr Morrison changed his mind and said, “this isn’t a race.”

Contrary to the fact that we are in a race to save lives, Scott Morrison re-iterated in March and on no less than three other occasions, “it’s not a race, it’s not a competition.”

My thought for the day

Leaders who cannot comprehend the importance of truth and trust as being fundamental to the democratic process make the most contribution to its demise.

PS: “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

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  1. Gonads

    #Scummo will never admit he was wrong or he was at fault, a sociopath just can’t say those things.

  2. Keith

    We are very fortunate that the Premiers have been a wedge holding back the PM from opening up Australia far quicker than is safe. NSW provides the example of not closing borders soon enough.

  3. GL

    With regards to the LNP, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” should read “Ye shall know them by their eff ups.”

    All Scotty from Marketing has now are words, words, words, ad nauseam, that signify nothing and are without meaning. A little talentless nobody trying to keep his newly transplanted hair above water floundering in the middle of an ocean with no sign, except for Dutton circling around beneath him waiting for him to sink, of any help on the horizon.

  4. Awashwithcolour

    The pm is a bloviating expert of nothingness. He’s an abject failure when we need strong leadership the most.
    Surrounded by other inept nasty men and women who seem to delight in their own careers without an ounce of compassion and empathy for anyone. Many known for their cruel ideology.
    Liberalism is destroying our country and the planet.
    Covid 19 should have been a race. Now because of Gladys and scummo we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel in nsw.
    I sincerely hope at the next election voters remember the ineptitude of such useless people who purport to lead us.
    It’s not a race when it’s the sludge from that barrel oozing it’s lies all over the place and not having any idea how the hell we got here.
    I’m an Artist and I am no longer employed teaching in the Arts. During covid l have spent time painting pictures that no one can see in an exhibition and no one can buy from a gallery. This had been like this now for 18 months. At times l feel dejected that the only thing that matters to these people is bloody football and cricket games for the brain dead.
    I read recently that the last covid pandemic was in East Asia 25,000 years ago and lasted 20,000 years. 🙁

  5. Terence Mills

    Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk missed Friday’s national cabinet meeting because she was in Tokyo – OK that’s not news.

    What is news is that the Qld Deputy Premier, Steven Miles was not invited to take her place. Worse still, it seems that Scott Morrison actively sought to exclude Miles from participating in the absence of Palaszczuk.

    This is an insight into the character of this prime minister. Evidently he thought that Palaszczuk should not have attended the promotion and presentation of Queensland’s bid for the 2032 Olympic Games in Tokyo and this was a punishment.

    It has been noted by various commentators that while Dan Andrews was laid-up with his back injury, Victorian Deputy James Merlino attended national cabinet as his deputy as a matter of course- no quibbles.

  6. wam

    plenty of good warm today, lord, the pool cool went with ‘For the entirety of the interview, Jase tried to elicit the word “sorry” from the Prime Minister.’ The approved technique of the modern journalist is have a sensational outcome in mind and listen not to the interviewee but to the plan? Sorry that was not fair. But scummo is shifting shit like a D9 and how warming is that?
    ps awashwithcolour – your maud lewis?

  7. king1394

    As has been said before, in the context of the 2019 bushfires, Morrison lacks foresight, which then he translates into a winge of “How could I possibly have predicted this?”. Is the PM surrounded by people who apparently keep him in cotton wool and protected from information?

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    If anyone is wondering what that thing is, protruding from Scummo’s posterior and which he constantly strokes, either out of pain or ecstacy, its his well publicised and much cherished Gold Standard which
    uncannily looks like his favourite state premier Galdys Shagbag, with lollypop eyes and docile demeanor.

    The two most inept, useless, moronic pair of leaders we have ever had the misfortune to rule over us.

  9. Keitha Granville

    I wish I had faith that the electorate will punish him for his multitude of failings, but I suspect not. He will come up with a new plan at the enxt election, hand out goodies left right and centre – and the foolish swine will fall for it again.

    Maybe all the unemployed, the himeless, the pensioners, the broken small busnesses, maybe they’ll be enough to sway the vote. I hope.

  10. Phil Pryor

    It’s a nightmare, having a useless, lazy, lying, non worker, non achiever, backstabber, blatherer, bullshitting adman, a dodging eternally dodgy dickhead, in public life, making decisions about people’s lives. Morrison is totally ill-eqipped for any positive contribution except for comments on superstition, fantasy, brainless elation, the overconfidence of the saved, blessed, anointed. There’s more brains in a can of petfood, which might serve as the symbol of a new congregation of submissive fools. Not me, and not you.., for we want decent, honest, planned, future aware government, for all of us.

  11. Kathryn

    To use John Lord’s quote: “The Prime Minister continuously denies, blames others, misleads and tries to lie his way out of situations” does, in no small way, reveal ALL the RED FLAG WARNING SIGNS of a cruel, narcissistic SOCIOPATH. There can be no doubt that the bone-idle Sloth Morrison ticks every box as a manipulative, cowardly, pathological liar who, combined with his appalling lack of empathy, deluded grandiose ego, total lack of remorse for any wrongdoing and his callous disregard for the rights or feelings of others, shows that Morrison suffers from ASPD (antisocial personality disorder).

    History has shown that, down through the ages, sociopaths – and psychopaths – are attracted into a political career, or any other career, where they can manipulate and control the lives of others. There are many politicians who can be regarded as stone cold sociopaths: Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump et al – and some of them (Hitler and Stalin) could even be described as psychopaths, leaving a trail of misery, corruption and even genocidal murder behind them. Admittedly, Morrison has not stooped to that level, however, we should never underestimate how dangerous it is to be under the jackboot of a sociopath.

    Sociopaths have absolutely no regard for others’ rights or feelings and their ONLY priority is to enrich and empower themselves often at the expense of others and/or manipulate people to advance their own self-serving agenda. What makes Morrison even more depraved is the fact that he tries – and fails – to hide his sociopathy behind a very thin, transparent cloak of religious hypocrisy! Sanctimonious bible-thumping hypocrisy is an extremely offensive trait which reveals a total lack of insight into their own depravity, relentless lies and their willingness to rise to power through the backstabbing betrayal of others. Morrison’s appalling betrayal of Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull, no doubt, reveals a relentless and malevolent cold ambition that disregards anyone and everyone in order to satisfy his OWN need to rise to the top by any means, fair or foul.

    Being ruled by a sociopath who doubles as a bible-thumping hypocrite, without a shred of insight, foresight and not one iota of remorse, has resulted in some appalling incidences of callousness, ineptitude and an increasing, ever-growing list of self-serving corruption used to serve himself and other psychopaths – like Peter Dutton – within his cabinet. If you click on the following link, it will provide this long, long list of the blatant corruption and ineptitude committed by Morrison, thanks to

  12. BB

    Morrison is egotistical, vain, conceited, he will never let a genuine sincere apology pass his lips. The most we can ever expect from Scott Morrison is a pseudo apology, a Claytons apology.
    He can shove his non apology up where the sun don’t shine!

  13. Washed

    I truly fear the unwashed will return this pack of criminals to govt, the unwashed are lambs to the slaughter, and why…….i really don’t know.

    front row seats to lies/rorts and John Doe just fobs it all off, simply amazing

  14. Florence

    If a person can never admit or acknowledge they make errors, how do they learn? How can we trust them not to continue making mistakes?

  15. New England Cocky

    @Phil Pryor: Once again you have nailed it so very accurately.

    Scummo is unfit of rthe purpose of prim Monster and is likely the worst Pm since Federation in 1901, including Billy MacMahon and even Toxic RAbbott.

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