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World Revision – Sponsor a Millionaire

By Richard O’Brien

For the cost of just 15% of your groceries, bills and sundry expenses per week you can sponsor a millionaire today and make a real difference. Your donation can help make the lives of millionaires throughout Australia better.

Millionaires like:

Gina, a 61 year old girl from Western Australia. When Gina’s father died she was forced to become Chairman of Hancock Prospecting where she attempts to support herself and her lawyers on less than $33 million a day.

Clive, a 61 year old boy from Queensland, where children like Clive are often conscripted into political office before they have had a chance to develop any notion of public service, fiscal responsibility or how the real world works. Clive’s extravagant lifestyle has meant he has been unable to pay income tax for six years.

Malcolm, a 61 year old boy from Wentworth. Born to rule, Malcolm has been afflicted with a severe case of expectation since birth. Forced to seek treatment in the most prestigious schools, universities and legal firms, many children like Malcolm often end up on the streets of Canberra selling their principles, or begging for votes from the plush cushioned benches of Parliament House.

By agreeing to pay a 15% GST and applying it to fresh food, you can help fund a tax cut for millionaires like Gina, Clive and Malcolm. Your contribution can help prevent the government from taking away the tens of billions of dollars in tax scams, offshore havens and corporate subsidies that help keep these children in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Sponsor a millionaire today, and make the world a better place – for them.


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  1. jim

    Ha ha Haaa love it although it does rings true alas.

  2. bobrafto

    As I don’t have the capacity of expertise and the research resources, I would dearly love someone to do an analysis of how much tax has been evaded for the past 10 years and a further analysis for 5 years out if Big Biz are allowed to keep evading tax.

    I would not be at least surprised if the figure was in the hundreds of billions in the past 10 years and I read that Exxon will evade $60 Billion in the next 3 years.

    We could have paid for the NBN, a bullet train for the east coast, free tertiary education, NDIS, we were a rich country that is now being PLUNDERED by Big BIZ and aided and abetted by Labor and the LNP.

    Big Biz largesse is now starting to be felt in the community from savage cuts to services and in aged care there is a service called Home Assist, these folk assist in finding tradesman at a subsidized price to fix up bits and pieces in pensioner homes to keep them in their homes instead of being sent to a nursing home being a huge saving for the government, now this body has to refer calls for assistance to Canberra and it appears these calls for assistance are being ignored or they haven’t the staff to fulfill the service.

    We are being robbed, no, plundered in an open brazenly manner with Big Biz and government giving the finger to the population.

  3. babyjewels10


  4. stephengb2014

    What this is of course is the lowest form of wit, sarcasm that is (but I like it)!

    Meanwhile I find it extraordinary that the Labor party and in particular the Labor shadow ministry cannot come up with similar words of wisdom which would highlight the hypocracy of this mob of chronies.

    Or are they saving it all up for the election campaign???

  5. Wally


    In general the rich do not have to evade tax or cheat because the system allows them to claim deductions against their income that a wage or salary earner cannot claim. A worker cannot claim the cost of travelling to work or for car parking but high earners can buy their own parking space in the CBD and claim it as a business expense. Our tax system does need to be reformed but not the way the top end of the feed chain want it to be done.

  6. Matters Not

    Richard O’Brien, that’s a very, very good article.

    But it’s the ‘politics of envy’. It’s ‘class warfare’. Or any other ‘pejorative’ descriptor that can or will be applied.

    That it speaks a ‘truth’ is neither here nor there.

    See above!

  7. bobrafto

    You didn’t really need to impart that information.

    Big Biz is evading tax, it’s that simple.

    Their round robin schemes have been contrived to evade tax and a court case against News was dropped when Abbott came into power.

    There is plenty of info on the net about this, do some research.

  8. Wally


    there is a big difference between avoiding paying tax by using loop holes in the tax system to your advantage than evading tax, the later is illegal. There are some exception like the News case you mention but in general companies and wealthy individuals are legally avoiding paying tax. When the system has gaping holes that allow tax minimisation to be normal practise the system needs to be fixed.

    All of the power companies send billions off shore to their parent companies as consultancy fees, this avoids paying tax on the money but it is legal so it is not tax avoidance. This is the type of scheme we need to rein in and it would satisfy the governments need for more revenue and with plenty left over.

  9. kerri

    Well written! But I wish you had included poor Twiggy who has to give free government advice to make ends meet?

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