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Women demanding respect in the workplace isn’t being “emotional”

By Annasis Kelly  

It seems, to some so-called journalists, they consider women who have to remind men to be respectful in the workplace as being “emotional” has shown exactly why there was a Woman’s March after the mishandling on the Brittany Higgins issue in Parliament House. They expect us womenfolk to be quiet. To be any louder than that is being “emotional”. Well, I would be angry if I was grabbed on the buttocks by a fellow worker and being hit with suggestive talk. I would be angry if I was raped by someone I worked with, too. I would be angry if I was shown disrespect just for being a woman. In fact, it is being disrespectful. And anger is a normal response.

The men who have written these “articles” have no idea why we are angry, but like to use the same things that try to keep us under thumb. But if the shoe was put onto them and they were hit on by someone who they didn’t want to hit on them, they would be angry too. Of course, they would no doubt use violence to rectify their actions. Then they go “but I was angry”. Yeah, mate, the same thing but instead of using our fists we use our collective voices.

It is common sense and respect not to treat women like they are a piece of meat. If you don’t like that type of behaviour directed to your wife, sister, mother, daughter; don’t do it towards someone else’s. This isn’t emotive – this is logical and to reduce it to “women are just too emotional” for having their boundaries entrenched puts you into two categories. One, someone who does not respect women and their boundaries and, two, not fit enough to be talking about this topic.

For those who consider women speaking out about this as being a “leftie” whatever happened to being human? Did you forget that? Human rights and dignity are not a left or right scale of political madness, it is the epitome of human existence. We are far off in equality for many reasons; the thinking that a woman speaking out about injustices as being “emotional” is one of such examples. But by saying that women are being emotional because they are speaking out about travesties and workplace indecencies, just shows you do not want equality at the end of the day.

Well, guys, the 1950s called and they want their ideology back.

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  1. Graham

    There is an American joke about how to determine if your “flirting” with or suggestive comments are likely to be welcomed by a female work colleague and that is to ask: Would you be willing to hear it from a male colleague in a prison?

  2. paul walter

    Do you really believe that the likes of Dutton, Morrison, Abetz, Porter or even the alleged woman Cash have the empathive equipment to comprehend when they inflict pain on others, Annasis?

    They couldn’t respond appropriately over asylum seekers, indigenes and unemployed people on welfare re ROBODEBT, workers or the aged and disabled to name just a few categories. They seem to in fact enjoy inflicting humiliation and pain a lot of the time.

    The question to consider relates to pathology and social conditioning.

  3. Josephus

    It is naive to imagine an ethical past . This immigration nation was founded in part by men who abused aboriginal women and hunted their men. Now white women are speaking out – good . But it is much worse for the remote non white communities as two of their elders reminded us at the Canberra march and rally. Now all women are angry together . Wipe that smirk off your fat face we have had enough .

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