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Ok, I guess most of you have read that scurrilous story about Sophie Mirabella “pushing” Independent, Cathy McGowan out of a photo with the Assistant Health Minister, Ken Wyatt. Sophie is talking defamation because this story appeared in “The Benalla Ensign” and Ms Mirabella emphatically denied that it happened, suggesting the alleged witnesses were just part of a smear campaign. Interestingly, fellow Liberal Ken Wyatt doesn’t seem to have made a public comment. Perhaps, he didn’t see anything because Ms. Mirabella is right and there was nothing to see, so it’s hardly worth saying that he didn’t see any push and it’s best to simply keep mum and hope that nobody asks you to describe what happened because it’s hard to describe something that you didn’t see. Whatever, a simple: “I was staring at the plaque and when I looked up at the camera, Cathy had morphed into Sophie but I have no idea how that happened!” would help Sophie’s case no end.

Sophie, to her credit, announced that she’d say no more about it, before deciding to bring it up on local radio by asking Cathy McGowan to tell everyone that it didn’t happen. When Ms. McGowan refused to do so, Sophie moved on to talking about policy which was probably her biggest mistake since not pushing Cathy McGowan the first time around.

Apparently, according to Ms. Mirabella, Wangaratta Hospital missed out on $10m because the ungrateful wretches of Indi chose an independent over a staunch Liberal warrior. It was a done deal, or in Ms. Mirabella’s own words:

“I had a commitment for a $10m allocation to the Wangaratta hospital that if elected I was going to announce a week after the election. That is $10m that Wangaratta hasn’t had because Cathy got elected.”

Of course, I may have misunderstood that. Certainly Scott Morrison thinks so. He described the way her comments are being reported as a “gross mischaracterisation”, assuring us that there “was no public commitment to that hospital funding before the last election”. Although he was silent on what he and his mate, Sophie, may have decided in private.

Now Scott and Sophie have a great relationship. Just last year, Mr Morrison told us how he missed Sophie and “Sophie’s representation has been something really lacking in Parliament”, while Sophie assured us that Mr Morrison “will be the next conservative prime minister of Australia”. I presume that, given what a socialist Turnbull is considered amongst the ridiculous Right, then Mirabella’d claim that she hasn’t been proven wrong yet.

But, as the ad says, wait there’s more!

Apparently, Ms. Mirabella – determined to disprove the old adage that if you plan to get out of a hole, stop digging – went on to explain what she meant. Apparently, Cathy wasn’t able to get to the top of the list for hospital funding – McGowan lacked the “ability” and the “knowledge” to get Wangaratta funding – ok, if Sophie had stopped there, maybe someone could have thrown her a rope and she could have crawled out because the hole wasn’t all the way to the earth’s core – but when she added “and the contacts”, she sort of gave the game away.

You mean things like funding for HOSPITALS isn’t done in some objective way with a clear set of criteria? I’m shocked, shocked to discover that such an important process can be influenced by politicians.

Now, it’s one thing to tell us what we all know. Or should know. People with the right “contacts” can get money for the projects, but it’s quite another to suggest that if you don’t elect the right person, you’ll be punished by a vindictive government. Of course, one could be kind and suggest that there was nothing promised and Sophie was merely suggesting that she had the all the qualities that meant that she was 100% sure that she’d be able to make an announcement a week after the election, but like her prediction with Scott Morrison being next conservative PM, she was simply wrong.

Although, that does beg the question: If Sophie had the ability, the knowledge and the contacts to get $10m for Wangaratta Hospital, why didn’t she? Just as a private citizen. Why didn’t she just use all her skills and contacts to get extra funding for it anyway?

Well, all I can say is that it’s lucky for Mr Turnbull the campaign hasn’t started yet because if it had, it’d be off to a really shaky start.


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  1. paul walter

    She is a has-been; a burnt out, narcissistic, sleazy lala land loser. Go away and digest your super .

    The Drum tonight had dificulties in trying to figure out what she playing at. One panellist suggested the real problem is to do with preferencing arrangements in Indie that could see McGowan out despite her general popularity.

  2. diannaart

    Hoping the neo-con virus of foot-in-mouth-disease puts a merciful end to Mirabella’s aspirations.

  3. Michael Lacey

    Sophie the kind of person who, when someone first meets her, they don’t like her. But when they get to know her better, they hate her.

  4. kerri

    And why did Sophie make her choice to wait until after the election to announce the $10m when announcing it before the election would surely have contributed to her election prospects?
    Am I smelling BS?
    Oh and I can’t resist reminding everyone of Soohie’s kindness towards her ageing, Altzheimer suffering lover whom she disenfranchised from his own offspring?

    Michael Lacey an article earlier this week was headed “Why do people dislike Sophie Mirabella when they first see her? Because it saves time”

  5. Rossleigh

    Thanks, Paul, for reminding readers of MIrabella’s best qualities. It’s important not to just focus on the negative.

    However, I suspect that she was endorsed as part of some plan by the Right to ensure that Turnbull isn’t re-elected…

    Then again, I’ve often thought that most of the front bench is part of some Labor plot to ensure that the Liberals are unelectable.

    diannart, if the neo-cons didn’t exist, writing satire, creating art and understanding the yin and yang of all things would be so much harder…
    Although, I am prepared to give it a go!

  6. Rossleigh

    Michael – I suspect that this is the politics of envy because you lack the ability to get $10m for a hospital of your choosing!

    kerri – If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck… It’s probably Barnaby Joyce. As for what you smell, I suspect you should write to Sophie and suggest that if she’s got any good contacts, then maybe she should get some funding for Indi before the socialists distribute everything fairly!

  7. diannaart

    Not gonna thank you, Anomander, you have succeeded in adding to my store of shit I wish I didn’t know. Sophie is ALL of the above mentioned AND a “socialite” too

    (social aspirant + parasite = socialite).

  8. brickbob

    I suspect we all know what Mirabella is all about, but more of a worry to me is the people who vote for her, to me that is the scary part of Mirabella and her ”” supporters””’ are they just easily conned or are they like her or are they just misinformed? i dont know the answer, i hope they are just misinformed.””””””

  9. Stephen

    It really does go to show how shallow and vindictive conservatives are as people.

  10. wam

    the comparison between sophie, as the rabbott’s exceptional woman, and gillard as his nemesis was the measure of the man the people of indi were the odd ones out for their rejection of the coalition let us hope there are many seats that drop the coalition stooges,

  11. silkworm

    You see that little kiddie over there dying of cancer? You wouldn’t want that kid’s death on your conscience now, would you? Elect me, or the kid gets it.

  12. Free Thinker

    Rossleigh, I was briefly moved by your very touching words that Scott and Sophie have a great relationship.

    After all, Sophie needs a great relationship, because wasn’t she slurred by that devilish character analyst Paul who asked the rhetorical question, ‘ Why do people usually dislike Sophie so instantly ? ” then offering his answer, ‘ Because it saves time ‘

    Thus I was moved at the beguiling vision of Sophie being sounded defeated by Cathy, and of Scott somehow losing his own seat at the coming election. And their great relationship could then continue out of parliament.

    Ah, if only !

    But then I was hit by the disturbing realpolitik of Australian luckiness. For example, Barnaby has already risen well beyond his level of competence, and many people have hardly noticed. How lucky is that for Barnaby ! And how lucky too, that he has a great relationship with someone called Gina.

    No, I was then overwhelmed at the prospect of Scott as PM, Sophie as his Deputy ( After all, if we are to believe Scott’s noble words, they have a great relationship ! ), Michaelia as Minister for Employee Suppression, and a re-cycled Tony because of his self evident embarrassment of skills, overseeing a bold mega-ministry of his own choice, and so doing, combining his four favourite portfolios in the following order of importance : Minister for Truth, Minister for Cycling and Men’s Fitness, Minister for Women, and Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

    No it couldn’t happen, ……. or could it ?

    There is much work to be done in the next 10 weeks. And too, beyond July.

  13. Michael

    Funny that – my local member was practicing his captain’s call by promising $10m – of taxpayers’ money – for Brookvale Oval way back in 2010 – but captaincy was denied him and has made everyone pay.

    LNP is just one sucker of a magnet for shallow tin people.

  14. mark

    she’s enough to put you off greeks.mark

  15. Garth

    Thanks Rossleigh. I still find it hard to believe that if Sophie had organised $10M for the hospital why would they wait till AFTER the election to announce it. Indi in 2013 was known to be a tight race so why wouldn’t they have done all the porkbarreling they could. Either the funding wasn’t actually there (in which case Sophie is lying and the liberals are now trying to cover her proverbial) or, it was there and the bastards sat on it when Sophie didn’t win. I don’t see a third option and either way they look small, grubby and petty. Pretty much keeping to form, actually.

  16. Jaquix

    You have to wonder at the intelligence and competency of the panel who selected Mirabella as the Liberal candidate. She actually seems quite unhinged. Heard she had a chance at getting in on preferences, scary thought. Hope that thought galvanises Cathy McGowan’s supporters.

  17. Michael Taylor

    I’ve moved into her electorate since the 2013 election. I’m happy to announce that I WILL be putting her last on the ballot paper.

  18. Steve Laing -

    She really did let the cat out the bag on this one! What a blunder!! And given the denials by ScoMo, you kinda know that it must be true. The more independents in parliament, the better!

  19. Jaiden

    Don’t be too hard on Sophie. She still has the emotional intelligence of a 6 year old.

  20. paul walter

    Nicely put, Silkworm.. a glimpse into the pathology…frightening, isn’t it?

  21. Terry2

    So it seems that Peter Dutton – who was the shadow Health Minister, and went on to be Australia’s worst ever Health Minister – was the one who made the $10 million commitment prior to the last election.

    The question is, why Sophie didn’t mention this as part of her election campaign ; is it because had she mentioned it and not been elected but with a new coalition government in place it would be seen by the electorate as a binding commitment on the part of the coalition ?

    Why mention it now and if you look at the Sky coverage she said :

    “I had had a commitment for a $10 million allocation to the Wangaratta hospital that if elected, I was going to announce the week after the election, you know that. That is $10 million that Wangaratta hasn’t had because Cathy [McGowan] got elected. “

    When she said ” you know that” she looked at a man who nodded agreement : who was that man ?

    Mirabella – who obviously went to the Michaelia Cash School of Charm – is finished in public life and should immediately be sacked from that sinecure position Abbott appointed her to at the Australian Submarine Corporation.

  22. Kyran

    But wait, there is still more.
    Banana’s has weighed in with his own admonishment;
    “Mr Joyce said it was not up to Ms Mirabella to comment on federal funding, and the only person who had the authority to make such a statement was the relevant minister.”
    From an article this morning aptly titled “Sophie Mirabella slapped down by Barnaby Joyce over Wangaratta hospital funding comments” on the ABC site.
    Hmmm, wasn’t he the bloke accused by Windsor of pork barrelling?

    “And then, without any shame, he said it. ‘You know, Tony, until you decided not to run I had the money for the Armidale Hospital, as well as the funding for the Legume to Woodenbong Road.’ I was outraged,” Mr Windsor wrote.

    “I sat there thinking this bloke is an idiot to tell me this. This is a classic example of why the Nats are a waste of space.

    “Here they are back in business. But even before they are elected the first thing they do is take the electorate for granted by withdrawing funding from vital projects because they think they have the seat in the bag.”

    This is the government going to a campaign with “We got nothing, just trust us.”
    I’m tipping alcohol sales are going to go through the roof over the next few weeks.
    Thank you, Mr Brisbane. Take care

  23. Adrianne Haddow

    The women of the LNP are indeed paragons of womanhood.
    So compassionate and gracious, models for the rest of us. Not.

    Entitled Bronny, moaning Mirabella, Michaela Screech, the minister for bad health Ley and that smirking ninny that sits behind the yobs in parliament, are just the type of shining examples we hope our daughters don’t grow up to emulate.

  24. Salstarat

    Sophie Salmonella is so typical of the truly VILE and loathsome women that seem to generate towards the liars, cheats and thieves in the LNP cabinet! Dopie Sophie is a particularly toxic and vindictive harridan when one casts their memory back to her standing gleefully in front of the malicious “Ditch the Witch” sign (cruelly referring to Julia Gillard) in the company of the conniving, self entitled, serial helicopter passenger, Kerosene Bronnie and the equally unpalatable Phony Abbott!

    Sophie Mirabella has a long history of deception and malevolent behaviour. In 1995, she began a live-in relationship with Colin Howard, then dean of law at Melbourne University, who was forty years her senior. The relationship ended in 2001, although they remained close until his death in 2011. Her relationship with Howard was later the subject of a bitter dispute between Mirabella and Howard’s adult children. Mirabella held power of attorney over Howard’s affairs from approximately 2007, and pursuant to his 1997 will was executor and sole beneficiary of his estate following his death in 2011. Needless to say, her abuse of her role as Power of Attorney over Colin Howard’s estate became the subject of raised eyebrows. Anyone capable of such treachery is, no doubt, capable of ANYTHING! This is EXACTLY the sort of contemptuous, conniving, self serving mongrels that flock to the cabinet of the LNP. Mirabella, Arthur Sinodinas, Bronwyn Bishop and so many more … ALL of them, corrupt to their bootstraps, arrogant and unspeakably self entitled!

    There was good REASON why Indi threw Salmonella to the kerb … she is a frightful, screaming harridan (just like McFailure Trash) and Cathy McGowan WIPED THE FLOOR with her! Stand your ground, Cathy … Mirabella is using her act of vile aggression as a pathetic excuse to get her name back into the papers. This creature really DOES believe that any cheap, tawdry publicity … no matter how negative … is better than being in total obscurity which, you can be sure, she will sink back into in record time!

  25. helvityni

    Sophie is not my choice…but then again when I’m buying a new lipstick, I tell the girls behind the counter: You know in that MIRABELLA shade. They always give me the right colour. We all have our uses…

  26. Aortic

    Well said Salstarat, this vile woman’s personal machinations should have precluded her from any involvement in the preselection process. One would have thought her actions previously inside and outside of Parliament would have indicated to those in the Liberal hierarchy that this was not a suitable person to represent their party and values. An indication, I suppose, of what a grubby malicious game politics has become.

  27. Wayne Turner

    A horrible person,from a horrible party,with horrible policies (for the few they have).

    Any party that would have her AGAIN pre-selected,should be unelectable,if we had a majority of informed,intelligent and decent people.

    A product of the “faceless men” of the Liberal party.

    “STOP THE WASTE” indeed.

  28. lawrencewinder

    Poor Sophie “Pit-Bull”…. the perfect epitome of the talent-less harridans that so appeal to Liarbril party pre-selectors. What a mongrel bunch this ruling rabble is.

  29. paul walter

    Off topic, digressing, but gotta go back to the thread starter header, “Sophie’s Choice OR When a Woman Gets Too Pushy”.

    There must be a difference between someone like disruptive Mirabella, devoid of any positive philosophy of life, perhaps at the borderline of a personality disorder and people like Plibersek, Rhiannon, Hanson Young or Wong, or even McGowan who seems pretty “straight”, who “assert” to a sustained degree, to a purpose in pursuit of a worthwhile objective?

    If “pushy” equates to asshole and mindless destructive, Sophie fits the bill.

    In the right context “pushy” could be construed to mean constructive assertiveness…think Joan of Arc.

    But what a difference between two subsets of people!

  30. Trish Corry

    This is appalling and we had Campbell Newman threaten the same thing in the QLD election. If you don’t vote for the Liberals you will miss out on funding. It seems to be a natural train of thought for the Liberals state and federal. The Liberals need to be wiped out and just remain as a stain on our political history.

  31. Kronomex

    That photo of Mirabella reminds me of a certain plastic item that can be purchased from naughty adult shops.

  32. jake

    I reckon she would be good at that.

  33. Salstarat

    Kronomex, yes, indeed .. considering that 99.99% of the Loathsome Nazi Party are WHORES to the Murdoch/IPA agenda and to the top 0.01%, the non-taxpaying leaners in the mining industry and other huge multinational grubs, Sophie Salmonella is indeed a Lady of the Night, or should I say, a Lady of the ultra-Right (and I use the word “Lady” completely out of context in this instance). This despicable woman is a conniving, scheming CRIMINAL who should be in jail. Does anyone out there actually KNOW what happened to the funds she managed to illegally rort out of Colin Howard’s Will that she and her husband (Mirabella) so obviously manipulated to their benefit? Surely, as a matter of justice, this disreputable, thoroughly discredited cow didn’t get away with this crime? My God, it beggars belief that this staggering stone cold sociopath is making a re-appearance as yet another corrupt LNP bottom feeder – being hurled back into an electorate that despised her! Indi need to stomp on this woman and ensure that she is voted out so resoundingly that she can NEVER EVER EVER show her smug, self entitled, sneering face in public again. Justice for the Howard family MUST be seen to be done – and Salmonella’s massive defeat would be a great start!

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