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Witnesses wanted

These are serious allegations.

A number of independent journalists have been approached by a source for help in making public an incident they witnessed in a Canberra restaurant recently. This source is believed to be credible, however, the incident is yet to be confirmed. The incident is being made public in an attempt to encourage more witnesses to come forward.

The incident is alleged to have involved offensive behaviour from a prominent member of the Liberal National Party.

This member recently dined with associates in a restaurant where it was customary for diners to remove their shoes.

Apparently a lot of wine had been consumed and this person urinated in a friend’s shoe; an action he thought was quite hilarious.

It is also alleged that a witness was informed that to make this public would result in their ‘ruination’. It was said that this alleged threat was made from a member of the mainstream media.

We cannot and will not reveal the name of the politician until the incident can be fully confirmed.

What is equally disturbing about this alleged incident, are the threats made against the witness. This witness is extremely afraid yet needs to be assured that threats of this nature are illegal and support is available. All witnesses need to be assured this.

Only by making this alleged incident public and encouraging witnesses to come forward, will we know the extent of its validity.

We do, however, believe this story to be true, hence our decision to publish it. It will be spread widely across independent and social media.

It is in the public interest that these allegations either be verified if true, or dismissed if they are indeed untrue, because of the prominence of the person who is the subject of these allegations, and the high office he is likely to hold.

UPDATE: The use of the term ‘LNP’ was an error on my behalf, as has been pointed out. I should have said ‘federal coalition’.

It has also been pointed out to me by the source that the threat wasn’t actually made personally by a member of the media, but rather, that the member of the media had said that the coalition would ruin her and she was advised to remain silent.

Finally, if anyone is prepared to publicly announce who the politician was then I suggest that they have a sworn statement to back up their claim. If not, comments that name a person without supporting evidence then those comments will be deleted. It is not our intention to encourage speculation.

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  1. eleanawi

    OMG! This is very serious. How disgusting and lowlife if true. I have reblogged and I’ll share on FB and RT.

  2. PeteB

    wish I’d seen it -could be anyone in the LNP

  3. eleanawi

    People might be out. It’s Saturday. I shared it on Fb & Twitter. Very keen to know if anyone steps forward. What depths have we plunged on the right side of the scales? Unfortunate that the Right side happens to be the wrong side. It irks me every time to write Right.

  4. Min

    It’s all about standards of behaviour and the public’s right to know.

  5. sue

    If true the media person identity could finish off the barrackers.

  6. jane

    If true, it’s just another example of what grubs the Liars are. I wonder how barrackers will justify this behaviour if the report is factual.

    The liars have sunk to such depths, i really have no trouble believing this is true.

  7. Caroline Reid

    I would not know anything but would it be this night?


  8. John Edwards

    Unfortunately the hogans who support this motley crew will probably find this incident hilarious, and ‘prove’ what a great bloke this arse hole obviously is.

  9. Libs4afuture

    Sounds like a last ditch Labor beat up. Dead in the water ALP and take your extremist lap dog Greens with you.

  10. Barry Tucker

    Could the media person be the same one who threatened someone else recently over comments that were made?

  11. cuppa

    Sorry to be off-topic… but when I saw the username Libs4afuture I couldn’t resist posting this video:

  12. Michael Taylor

    Unfortunately I will be deleting comments that speculate on who this individual might be.

  13. archiearchive FCD

    Michael, I think you need to be a little more or perhaps less specific in this case. In my understanding, the LNP is a strictly Qld organisation. Do you mean this politician is a member the Liberal Party, the National Party or the LNP? Or should you have written “of the Right”? *gently probing for a half-dropped clue* 🙂

  14. Olivia Illyria

    Japanese restaurant?

    A Canberran food blogger:

    “Iori is an enjoyable and relaxed dining experience – as if you had just stepped into an actual restaurant in Japan! Be aware if you head there with a large group that the bigger tables are sunken into the ground and you will have to take your shoes off (ie don’t wear socks with holes in them!)”

    Hrmmm… Possibly?

  15. Shonna

    Why do LNP supporters always sound angry, bitter, resentful, perpertually pissed off with the whole world and positively bulging with a thoroughly unjustified sense of entitlement?

    Oh that’s right, cause their leader does too… weird. Wonder how many LNP supporters have thrown a punch at a woman who beat them too?

  16. carmel Nunan

    Threat was made from a member of the Mainstream Media! Perhaps 2 careers down the gurgler if it comes to light.

  17. Ned

    Why do Labor supporters not even know their political parties? As mentioned above, the LNP is a QLD party, and is probably not who you think you are talking about.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Ned, who said that the person who made the allegations is a Labor supporter?

  19. Roswell

    I love a good leak.

  20. CS still censored

    I wish there was a ‘Like’ button for Roswell’s comment. Very droll, sir.

  21. andyrob65

    What no peeing in pockets this time…..oh, by the sounds of it, there was.

    Waiting with baited breath, come on, more please 😉

  22. Leon

    Wish I saw it, this is truly distugusting behaviour. If there’s any possibility this could be a future minister or leader, it has to be investigated. This I would expect from children, toddlers.

  23. puffytmd

    None of these scandals are ever allowed to reach the light of day.

  24. puffytmd

    A lib peeing on a shoe is just practice for peeing on Australia.

  25. PeterF

    So, it is not about threatening to ‘ruin’ a person , it is about getting the name of the opposition party correct : wake up those of you who aren’t interested in finding out if this story is true. By the way, can anyone tell me if coalition members from Queensland are LNP members when interstate or only when in Queensland?

  26. Möbius Ecko

    Thanks Waz for proving what nasty pieces of work many ring wing supporters are. No amount words I could have posted could have done a better job of demonstrating what base levels of denigration they will go to purely to win at all costs for some misguided belief in self privilege and the innate need to be led like sheep.

    Notice that whenever a rumour or story, true or not, comes out on a Labor member, or indeed Union or Green, these same right wingers are all over the interwebs declaring them guilty and demanding the harshest punishment possible. Yet when it’s one of those they slavishly support, even when the allegations are based in fact, they come out in their numbers to mindlessly attack so as to obfuscate, denigrate, vilify and misdirect to protect the one they so blindly and unthinkingly support.

    As I keep stating, hypocrites.

  27. David

    Michael I doubt very much the courtesy ‘free speech’ can be attributed to the pathetic individual posting as Waz. Its raving is that of a disturbed person. Suggest unless it has anything of merit to add to the debate be given the permanent heave ho.
    he/she natural home is snuggling up to the likes of Akerman. Spare us the stupidity please, the matter is too serious for such rubbish

  28. andyrob65

    Mobius, spot on. Almost not a day goes by without an accusation of some kind towards a union/Labor individual. People are just so brain washed by what they hear in the MSM they are oblivious to the fact shit could happen by others.

    I am quite concerned about the future of this country when you have people that just want to throw muck without adding anything meaningful. The only thing I can put it down to is the persistent attacks by LNP/MSM have got into the psyche of peoples minds.

    Perhaps a lawsuit is an issue here Waz, as the resources of Murdoch etc are not available to fight one. I do not like your inferences of being a dole bludger and using legal aid. You are such a toss, get your mind back into reality.

  29. Joy Cooper

    If true, this is a disgraceful incident. It does ring true, however, as the type of childish, offensive behaviour that might be committed by a privileged privately-educated mindless fool with a born to rule mentality. They tend to think that with their “connections” they can get away with such disgusting actions without any recourse.

    These not-very-bright types are also lacking in any form of sense of right or wrong. This is only for the “lower (or lesser) classes” whom they mock & humiliate at every chance. Just ask any waitperson.

  30. JohnB

    The stunning lefty hypocrisy.
    Some “Liberal” allegedly pissing in a shoe at a private gathering and it has to be confirmed, revealed and we should all vote against that party.

    Eddie Obeid, Ian McDonald, Craig Thomson, AWU allegations – all just unrepresentative blips on the great and noble good of the Labor party.

  31. dafid1

    JohnB another Tory troll. You want hypocrisy/ Abbott 3 cases currently before the courts. PM nil. Ashby/Pyne/Brough/ currently before the High Court. PM nIL
    Get back under the bridge JohnB where you and your Liberal trolling mates reside in the filth.

  32. Michael Taylor


    Say goodbye to Waz.

  33. Michael Taylor

    JohnB, it was not a private gathering. It was in public, at a restaurant. It was witnessed by a young lady and her 2 year old child, among others.

  34. JohnB

    Was it Wixxy Waz ?

  35. Michael Taylor

    PS – I have added an update to the post.

  36. JohnB

    It was a private gathering in a restaurant, from your description here. Yes, in a relatively public place but it was not a public function, right ?

    But the correspondents here have still not addressed the utter hypocrisy of the ALP over this and numerous issues.

  37. Kenacko53

    If it’s true that a “prominent” coalition member did urinate in a shoe, then all I can say is, that’s the best part of them gone!

  38. JohnB

    “It has also been pointed out to me by the source that the threat wasn’t actually made personally by a member of the media, but rather, that the member of the media had said that the coalition would ruin her and she was advised to remain silent.”


    The original allegation made here was entirely false, and the “Member of the Media” presumes they would not be treated nicely if they made their statement public,

    I would think that members of the police force would not treat me nicely if I made disparaging remarks against me, that is entirely different than me claiming that they actually threatened me.

    “Finally, if anyone is prepared to publicly announce who the politician was then I suggest that they have a sworn statement to back up their claim. If not, comments that name a person without supporting evidence then those comments will be deleted. It is not our intention to encourage speculation.”

    But you are quite happy to publish these allegations and throw the dirt in their general direction without aiming at a particular individual.

  39. cuppa

    Kenacko, Lol!

  40. Michael Taylor

    JohnB, you come across as someone who sees no problem with such an incidence. Or perhaps you would only be happy to condemn it if it were a Labor politician.

  41. Susan Morris-Walton

    If this really happened, there is no way any threats or intimidation of any sort, would shut any witness’s mouths. No way. If, by some remote chance, it turned out to be what? it would be gossip for gossip’s sake, and wouldn’t change anyone’s mind on who to vote for…except [perhaps] in that person’s electorate..even then, I doubt it.

    There are a lot of dikheads in government and politics..this person would simply add to the list. People still vote for dikheads.

    Tim Mathison, Julia’s live in {lover?} has been done for drink driving 4 times…a far greater piece of gossip than this rubbish. Julia {allegedly} has stolen money from union members, this far outweighs some idiot supposedly piddling in a shoe.

  42. cuppa

    Vote for the Readhead not the Dickhead.

  43. Karyn

    Roswell and Kenacko, I love you both.

  44. Karyn

    Hahahaha and Cuppa. I love you, too!

  45. Joy Cooper

    Personally, I find the Coalition barrackers’ claims that such behaviour ,as alleged here, are minor infractions appalling. It makes one wonder how they have brought up their own children, if they have any.

    The alleged facts are that a senior Coalition member was witnessed allegedly urinating into another person’s shoe. (Ho ho such fun japes chaps) While this may have been a “private” function it was said to have occurred in a public place, a restaurant no less. Health issues abound for a start. If you or I urinated in a public place we would, rightfully, be arrested immediately. But oh no not in this case. Disgraceful. It is more than just stupid gossip it is an offence. So is threatening someone either directly or obliquely.

    Susan Morris-Walton. For your info Julie Bishop also has a “live in (lover?)”. Continue with your adolescent smears. They don’t do you any credit as an adult.

  46. David Black

    Isn’t “alleged facts” an oxymoron?
    This story would have hit the fan if there was any substance to it. The restaurant would have gone banzai and the police would certainly have been involved.

  47. Truth Seeker

    Maybe whoever it was took their cues from the DLOTO, who tried very hard to piss on the Indonesian Ambassadors credibility? And in so doing further eroded her own, if in fact that’s possible 😯

    Cheers 😀

  48. dave the brickie

    wasn’t a rugby player recently fined and outed recently for peeing on field as did Scott Waters when playing in Perth many years ago.The local rag had a photo of it and in early editions which showed ALL of the detail and had to be changed.Come on,give some names………I will support any court costs.

  49. Jo

    The veracity, or lack thereof, in this story is overshadowed by the petty horror of the idea that peeing on anyone’s anything is either a joke or funny. It’s neither.

    It is classic bullying behavior at the lower end of an ugly scale.

    If this is what this man does for his friends, I cringe to imagine his attitude toward us, the great unwashed.

    If, in fact, this story is true, I fervently hope that this man will be outed, and that the voting public will, metaphorically at least, return the favor in September.

  50. Jo


    I wonder does the restaurant have a bookings record…

  51. Pingback: Witnesses wanted | lmrh5

  52. Bacchus

    The restaurant would have gone banzai and the police would certainly have been involved.

    Not if the restaurant wanted to continue to receive patronage from any coalition members, and NOT be “ruined” by the all-powerful party and their media acolytes 🙄

  53. David Black

    You people are desperate to believe that this incident ever happened.
    If it did, it will be all over the ABC and the Age by this time tomorrow.
    If it didn’t, this story will be remembered as a cowardly piece of pseudo-journalism.

  54. Gilly

    The real problem with the whole, alleged, event is not the childish behaviour, but the threat to ruin somebody who might report the event. The event may be part of the private life of a public figure, and as such not the highest priority, respecting privacy etc.
    The threat to ruin is an other matter entirely. “The coalition”, a supposedly responsible institution, would abuse any responsibility and authority it may have. That miss use of position and power given for the good of the nation, for personal purposes.

  55. Joy Cooper

    The point is, It isn’t part of the “private” life of a supposedly public figure if this alleged incident happened in a public place i.e. a restaurant. If it had happened in their hotel room or somesuch THEN it would be private. Still disgraceful behaviour. Someone else would have to clean up the idiot’s revolting mess. As an ex-nurse I can tell you mopping up another person’s urine isn’t pleasant. Why are people whitewashing this.

    The MSM are possibly scared for their jobs & any transgressions by any Coalition figure seems to be off limits as witness the recent Ciobo incident on Lateline. Not a peep to be heard of his dreadful act outside of Twitter.

    Do agree that intimidation of any person by whomever is bullying & abuse of the highest order & should be dealt with./

  56. andyrob65

    I have no pissific knowledge of that happening! hahahahahaha

  57. Paul

    The trickle down effect- demonstrated on a night out. Possibly one of those bonding sessions of the ‘Born to rule” set

  58. J.Fraser

    Its always possible it was a Labor person ….. trying to wash some of the bullshit of the boots of one of Murdoch’s lackeys.

    Bunch of lickspittles that they are.

  59. Ryan

    Ok..this is the sort of rumour mongering that we can happily write of as being crap. There are no witnesses, no identities only allegations without the slightest shred of substantiation. Until this utterly and totally unverified incident can be confiremed we can only assumed that it never happened.

    Consider this: In 1980 I was living in a hall of residence associated with a large university. A now prominent member of the ALP decided that it was, as an 18 year old, “funny” to defaecate into a washing machine that was shared by other college residents….

    Believe it, or not..

    …and if push came to shove, I think that this can be verified.

  60. mischmash1m

    Murdoch has a lay buy on Australia for Tony.that’s a fact now..hard to believe ..even harder to believe aussies believe his shite…btw How can Credlin be only ‘accused’ of drink driving when she was obviously breath tested, and over the limit? Should’t that be ‘fined’ for drink driving, it would be a fine for any of us of a lower calibre. Notice how all LNP stuff ups IF released by our grubby media seem to disappear off the radar within 24 hours…I had a well fed tradesman dispute me on Gonski today because he said he didn’t want a red head in charge..What do you say in reply to that? These disturbing media victims are going to stuff up the future for our kids and our fragile environment.. so lets STOP the Abboatt!

  61. Indolent

    This article has to be a piss-take. ‘Witnesses Wanted’ because someone allegedly urinated in someone else’s shoe. Even Bob Ellis wouldn’t bother with this little bit of scandal. It’s clutching at straws comrades. I’m a disaffected Labor voter and can tell you that this sort of sanctimonious moralising is one of the reasons that the once great Labor party now finds itself in such a parlous state.

  62. archiearchive FCD

    What odds is Tommy W offering on the name of the culprit? I wonder if there was some fine cotton in the liner of that shoe – – –

  63. David

    indolent..the Oxford lists disaffected as
    discontented and disloyal, as toward the government or toward authority. ill-affected, malcontent, rebellious.
    The Labor Party is well rid of you. Abbotts lying, racist, homophobic, misogynist, filth ridden rabble should suit you nicely.

  64. CS still censored

    So has the phantom shoe-pisser been unmasked yet? This is serious business! :-p

    PS – Joy/Gilly – nobody actually threatened anyone. Read the update.

  65. Joy Cooper

    Indolent, it is NOT a minor transgression & I’m not being sanctimonious in saying that. This incident is alleged to have involved a “prominent member of the Coalition”. Any such behaviour, in a restaurant open to the public, by a prominent person, one who, no doubt, aspires to Government, is to be abhorred. People with these type of character flaws & are unable to conduct themselves as an adult have no right to be a lawmaker or holder of high office in this country. Don’t forget the little matter of public indecency. As I have said before anyone else would have been arrested.

    Clutching at straws indeed!! What sort of an example does this disgusting schoolboy behaviour set for the rest of society.

  66. Roswell

    A children’s book could be written about this incident. “Piss in Boots” would be a nice title.

  67. Indolent

    David, thanks for the pompous English lesson but I knew all that. Playing the man and not the ball is another reason today’s Labor part won’t be in government in a few months time.

  68. Truth Seeker

    If playing the man is what disqualifies a party from government then the LNP (Liberal National Party Coalition) are out of the race as Slipper, Thomson and Gillard to name but a few examples come to mind.

    Cheers 😀

  69. Möbius Ecko

    Indolent, projection much.

    Abbott and co I guess haven’t been playing the man, in this case woman in your eyes then. This right wing alternate universe on display again, but it’s a standard right wing projection answer.

  70. cuppa

    The old “I’ve been a Labor voter all my life but not this time” trick…

  71. CS still censored

    Dammit Roswell. You might be an evil pinko bastard, and a mortal danger to all that is good and pure in this world, but I’m actually starting to like you.

  72. Indolent

    Joy,did you get up in arms when Craig Thompson was accused of spending union members’ money on prostitutes or when Rudd allegedly visited a strip club or when Slipper sided with Labor and send unpleasant text messages? Maybe you are consistent in these matters but many are not. This sort of gotcha frenzy over an allegation is embarrassing and just looks desperate. I voted Labor in 2007 and for Whitlam, Hawke and Keating as well. This iteration of the Labor party bears no resemblance to the party of old. They are simply hopeless and should be sent away for a while to get their act together.

  73. Indolent

    CS, you have to admit that Ellis’s prose is fantastic even if what he writes is seriously disturbing. I have asked him to keep writing but call it fiction (that is don’ use real names) and suggested that if he did so he would be a best seller. Sadly he has not followed my friendly advice and has now banned me forever from his site.

  74. CS still censored

    I will admit to having thoroughly enjoyed a TV show, and then noticing Ellis was one of the scriptwriters. He does have talent.

    He’s still a c**t of a human being though. Even with fellow lefties, he seems to be involved in endless brawls and threats to sue. (I think it was John Birmigham of “He Died With a Felafel In His Hand” fame he was brawling with last.)

    I’ve never commented on his blog though.

  75. dafid1

    Indolent I would rather be pompous than a traitor to the kids of this country, a traitor to the working men and women of this country, a traitor to our environment, a traitor to the health of the nation, a traitor to the world wide envy of this country’s economy. A traitor to the pensioners who you want money ripped from. You are everything a traitor stands for, you are disgusting cosily tucked up in the same bed as the Tory’s.

  76. Joy Cooper

    Indolent (apt monicker BTW), actually, I prefer to err on the side of innocent until proven guilty as in the Thom(no p)son case. Peter Slipper has been found not have a case to answer to. Any texts between him & the egregious Ashby were between adults & conducted in private. He would have been encouraged to let his hair down by Ashby not realising he was most likely being set up. How could he have known Ashby was keeping these texts?

    As for Peter Slipper’s current case re expenses while using a cab which unbeknownst to him went outside the allowed area of the ACT. He apparently did not know there were such restrictions. All of this should never have even reached the court as he was not given any chance, as is normal, to repay the moneys involved. It all pales into insignificance when we remember Peter Reiths’s $50,000 phone card bill.

    As for Kevin Rudd “visiting” a strip club in New York, wasn’t he taken there as a guest of one of Rupert Murdoch’s senior minions? He certainly did not go there because he wanted to.

    All of these sound like politically motivated beat ups, especially the Thomson & Slipper cases, but as far as a SENIOR member of the Coalition allegedly witnessed peeing in a “friend’s” shoe as he thought it was “hilarious”, well I do feel that is disgusting behaviour. Especially as it was supposed to have occurred at a public restaurant & I do hope other brave souls will come forward to back this witness up. It is behaviour that is totally unbecoming of a leading member of our community.

  77. Indolent

    Dafid1, at risk of also sounding pompous, we don’t have ‘Tory’s’ here. We do have some Tories and I am not amongst their number. It’s unfair of you to brand me a ‘traitor’ just because you disagree with my position on the subject of this thread. You seem like a decent person so I ask to please temper the insults.

  78. Indolent

    Joy, I agree with you on most of your points including the ‘apt monicker’ reference. Has it occurred to you that these allegations describing a urinary indiscretion could also be politically motivated

  79. David Black

    Does anyone remember Paul MacGeogh’s Walkely-winning scoop about the Prime Minister of Iraq personally shooting prisoners in a prison yard? And how George W Bush served a plastic turkey to the troops one Thanksgiving?
    Great stories.
    Pity that neither one of them actually happened.
    I’m getting the same feeling about this one.

  80. Stuart John Pearson

    If this is Abbott and confirmed please leak this as he is the biggest low life in Australia. Plus born in London England. Nothing but a Pommie Bastard.

  81. mischmash1

    Thanks for the great read Cuppa, I missed that article – I’ve heard all about Abbott’s dummy spits at UNi many times from our old lawyer who went at the same time as Tony, he played rugby with him, he said he was a violent player.. he told us about several occasions where Tones behavior at Uni was bordering on extreme. Barbara Ramjan, alleged that he came to within a couple of centimetres of her nose and punched the wall on either side of her head…wow.:( This guy is my idea of a well backed psychopath with no conscience at all..He wants power so bad..his last thoughts are for the Australian people and It’s all about Tony..

  82. David Black

    Stuart, do you seriously think that a man in his fifties, about to win the Prime Ministership, and married with three grown-up daughters, would be likely to throw it all away by urinating into someone’s shoe in a public restaurant?
    It just doesn’t happen in real life.

  83. mischmash1

    Uuumm aaarrr eeerrr Just because Abbott is married with three grown up daughters, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is ‘pure of heart’. pfft.

  84. dafid1

    Indolent by voting Tory Tories (semantics) you are guilty of treason in all areas I mentioned. That is Abbotts position so it is yours.

  85. Franc Fife

    Full as a boot & pissed in a shoe…
    is pissed as a mute. Ghouls.

  86. cordannao

    disgusting behaviour but unfortunately not a hanging offence. Wish I’d been there. Nothing would shut me up if I knew the truth.

  87. doctorrob54

    So johnB thinks it’s OK for a degenerate Libturd to piss is someones shoe because Lab.had scumbags in their ranks.Go and piss in someone else’s pocket john boy,your mentality for justification is moronic.

  88. Indolent

    Dafid1, I take it that you agree with everything that Ms Gillard says or by your own logic you damn yourself. You appear to me to be just another sheep following a Judas goat. I have not once in this thread (or anywhere else) lauded Tony Abbott. I have criticised the Labor party and for that you pronounce me guilty of treason. Some of us out in hoi-polloi land actually think for ourselves and hold no blind allegiance to any party. Try it some time. It will free your mind.

  89. nappertime

    Michael – why can’t the witness just talk to someone in the media as an anonymous source? Go to the Guardian for example, and then they go and do the follow up looking for a second witness?

  90. dafid1

    Your silence and lack of intestinal fortitude Indolent, to even have the guts to admit that you oppose the tremendous reforms I have mentioned ensures justifiably you wear the label I presented to you with pride. Do yourself a favour, go and play with your own kind, Bolt and Akerman for two will welcome your disloyalty to your country, they are your type. Maturity is not a requirement there so you will be ‘right’ at home.
    Now must off to a meeting of my Labor Party, will be happy to present your thoughts.

  91. Indolent

    Dafid1, please present my thoughts and tell them to lift their game.

  92. cuppa


    Wait, there’s more:

    …This was one of two court appearances for Mr Abbott at Sydney University.

    In celebrations after passing his final year economics examination, he was challenged to bend a street sign. As he did so two policemen spotted him.

    The offence was proven but no conviction was recorded.

  93. iwhisperloudly

    This kind of uncouth behaviour doesn’t surprise me… The LibNats make a habit of pissing on people and then tell them it’s raining.

  94. Peter

    One can’t bemoan that the MSM gets caught up issues other than policy while at the same time publicising this scuttle-but.

    Considering that none of the parties have put out their election policies on what they plan to do over the next three years, that’s where my interest will be.

  95. mischmash1

    Only the LNP have failed to put out election policy..Thus far they have only given us two failures ie: Fraudband and Boat fest..Both total failures. The ALP have given us the most progressive reform policy since Medicare..It’s always Labor that comes through with the big nation building reform. All we got from Howard in a decade was flag poles in schools and a war.

  96. eleanawi

    Well said. Totally agree. You can’t get through to a closed mind. Which is a brain-washed mind.

  97. eleanawi

    He is right to call you a traitor. You are.

  98. eleanawi

    I very much doubt that it is he.

  99. 730reportland

    So, one of Mr-Rabbits clowns and the embedded are now such good friends they can engage in `water-sports`.
    That makes a nice change from the usual pissing on the heads of the working class and telling them `it`s raining`.

  100. Everything Aussie

    Nice post. Is this meant to be metaphor for all LNP members?

  101. mark delmege

    Over here in the west, Docker fans have developed a fine sense of toilet humour referring to WC (westcoast) as shit house and turds in a bowl. I’m not sure how that relates to pissing in shoes (at least its not a slipper) but I thought I’d share that with you anyway.

  102. David Black

    No references to this dubious story in the media so far. Looks like it was just a hoax.
    Michael Taylor, are you going to aplogise for inflicting this deceit on Australian public life?

  103. Paradisi Coaster

    which restaurant and when? would be easy for a public servant to figure out who was at that restaurant from their taxi charge or comcar use

  104. Paradisi Coaster

    I guess one good thing about this, the conservatives never did like Billy Connolly. Ever heard his skit about fitba violence?

  105. Greenslopian

    I’ve only just discovered this web-site and found it to be generally very good. This article is very disappointing. Why not wait until you have some facts before making public statements? This seems to be the kind of rubbish that main stream media does, the very thing I thought this web-site was trying to combat.

  106. Mezza

    The corrupt system we are all forced to live within actually breeds this type of behaviour. When ordinary people realize they are the only rescue team, then there will be some action on this. Everybody waits for someone else.

  107. mischmash1

    Murdoch has covered up his three court cases, ashbygate and many other blunders from camp
    Abbott..He’ll cover this one too.

  108. John Dunlop

    This is not serious. One Lib pisses in another Lib’s shoe? who cares.

  109. Michael Taylor

    Paradisi, do you think I’d be careless enough to name the restaurant? Think about it.

  110. Joy Cooper

    So, John Dunlop, you are fine with someone, who is a prominent member of the Coalition, urinating in a :friend’s” shoe in public, especially at a restaurant with others there eating?? Wonder if you would be so dismissive or sanguine if it had happened at the table next to yours when dining out.

    There are sanitary & health issues here as well as public decency. It is against the law to expose yourself in public & I do hope the person concerned is charged with public indecency. Imagine someone of this calibre & lack of standards being in a position of power in our government.

  111. Roswell

    Joy, a pair of Dunlops really aren’t worth pissing on.

  112. Joy Cooper

    😆 Roswell, very true. Mind you Dunlops would leak like a sieve.

  113. Michael Taylor

    Roswell/Joy. Thank you for the comedy relief. 🙂

  114. Joy Cooper

    It’s a pleasure Michael. 🙂

  115. doctorrob54

    Deceit on Australian life,you must be pissed (drunk)David,Murdoch and his coalition have been deceiving Australia since they lost office,and still doing it.REMEMBER Interest rates will go through the roof with Labour,lowest they have been for many years.We have a budget,finance emergency,yet we still enjoy AAA credit rating,Labour policies create unemployment,yet we have lowest rate in 30yrs.Our GDP to Gov.debit lowest in comparison to all western economies,Swan was crowned treasurer of the year world wide yet coalition baboon Hockey,with NO finance expertise continues to put him down.
    Lets go back a little ways,DECEIT ay,do you really believe Howard thought there were WMD’s in Iraq,terrorist on the Tampa,sure he did.Children thrown over board,he was told before the election it was false yet deceived Australia and played the racist card and won.Everything that went through AWB had to be OK’d by Gov,yet nobody new about nearly $ bribes to the regime we were at war with,TREASON.
    Don’t worry about apology Michael even if you did get it wrong,they never do.

  116. CS still censored

    Hilarious. I come back and discover from the wisdom of an ALP member that voting conservative makes one guilty of “treason” and a “traitor”. Wow, no extremism here…..

  117. CS still censored

    A few thoughts for people to consider.

    So we have a brave whistleblower who has arisen to to expose an alleged phantom-shoe-pisser.

    It’s interesting that she recognized the alleged MP at the restaurant. That might seem a weird thing to say, but I’ve seen backbenchers at the shops and completely failed to recognize them until someone pointed out to me. But no biggie, maybe it’s a shadow minister with a public-profile or soemthing, so fair enough…

    Then she recognized a member of the media. Which is interesting considering there’s zillions of them and only a small number perform talking-heads role. But again, perhaps it was one of the few dozen high-profile ones, so ok…

    Then we have the question why a member of the media was at a private function with the MP? Well, they do all work in the same “industry”, so there is some mingling, so ok…

    And then we have to believe that an MP would piss in a shoe at a function in which he knew journalists were present?? Um seriously unlikely….

    And then for reasons that aren’t clear, the whistleblower discusses the issue with a journalist but not the MP! Did she even go “oooo that’s gross!” Did anyone else in the restaurant? Did she just say “Hey journalist” or what?

    Oh, and here’s the kicker… our brave whistleblower somehow knew to contact a “number of independent journalists” – ie: bloggers that most Australians don’t even know exist……

    One last question – can AIMN name a single other blogger that claims to have been contacted directly by the whistleblower and has published this?

    My Bullshit meter is going off harder than a geiger counter at Fukushima.

  118. Andrew Elder

    I wish you well in your search and hope the truth will out. Somewhere, surely, there is a security camera tape/mobile phone recording …?

  119. Bacchus

    can AIMN name a single other blogger that claims to have been contacted directly by the whistleblower and has published this?

    No CS, but I could work it out. I saw “interesting” things developing on Twitter before this was published – cryptic messages between certain journalists and bloggers. I certainly wouldn’t expect Michael to name any sources, just because a rabid right-whinger demanded it. Even working journalists refused to divulge info to the all-powerful Gina 😉

    Good job of spinning that into a great BS story too btw – which shadow minister do you work for? 😆

    It’s interesting that she recognized the alleged MP at the restaurant

    From the original article: “The incident is alleged to have involved offensive behaviour from a prominent member of the Liberal National Party.

    Then she recognized a member of the media.

    This happened in Canberra – everyone knows everyone else in this “little town” 🙂

    Then we have the question why a member of the media was at a private function with the MP?

    Don’t know much about how it works then CS? You wouldn’t find a night in Canberra, when parliament is sitting, when journalists aren’t “grooming” their sources. It really is an incestuous little place between pollies & journalists…

    And then we have to believe that an MP would piss in a shoe at a function in which he knew journalists were present?? Um seriously unlikely….

    Once again, you show your ignorance. Journalists have an “off-the-record” code to ensure that their meal ticket keeps giving. The quickest way to the journalistic scrap heap in Canberra would be to betray what happens at these “of-the-record” events. Think for just a millisecond – if a journalist were to print something like this, they’d be famous for a couple of days, then NEVER get told anything on or off the record ever again…

  120. Michael Taylor

    CS, I could tell you exactly which independent journalists were approached. I could also tell you how the mainstream media were approached and their advice that this should be left alone.

    But I won’t.

    It’s on a need to know basis and frankly, you don’t need to know.

    And I agree that your bullshit meter has reached it’s peak. It’s flowing from you.

  121. CS still censored

    I wrote: One last question – can AIMN name a single other blogger that claims to have been contacted directly by the whistleblower and has published this?

    And Bacchus replied:

    No CS, but I could work it out. I saw “interesting” things developing on Twitter before this was published – cryptic messages between certain journalists and bloggers.

    Could you give links to the aforementioned tweets? The reason I ask is everything I’ve seen on Twitter post-dates this article. I’m not saying they don’t exist, I’m merely asking you to point to them. It’s a reasonable request.

    I certainly wouldn’t expect Michael to name any sources

    I didn’t ask Michael to name a source. It’s interesting that you have to alter my argument in oder to counter it.

    just because a rabid right-whinger demanded it.

    Again, it was never even raised, let alone “demanded”.

    Another thing is how you describe me as “rabid”. It’s funny because I’ve actually posted precious few opinions here. Most of what I’ve posted on AIMN is pointing out ridiculous falsehoods that you guys love to trade in.

    Of course, if I did give you a detailed view of my philosophy, you may perhaps very well end up describing them as “rabid” – but it’s interesting that you make this assumption….

    Re: recognizing a member of the media:

    This happened in Canberra – everyone knows everyone else in this “little town”

    Bollocks. It’s a city of 300,000 and although I don’t live there (thank god) I do have family and friends who’ve lived there for decades. And they could identify members of the Canberra press gallery no better or worse than people in other cities.

    What I’m driving at, Bacchus, is that there is a segment of the population that is “political interested”, follows it closely, and has a much higher-than-average general knowledge of politics than the average person. I would suggest that most people on AIMN (including you and I) fall into this category.

    Now here’s the thing – “politically interested” people are that way because they generally hold strong opinions (again… “we” here prove that point).

    So what I’m getting at is that the source – if they exist – is likely to be a “politically interested” person, and is also likely to hold strong opinions.

    And, sometimes, people with strong opinions start hoaxes…

    Nothing about this story fits with an “average” disinterested Joe Blow being the source. Everything smells like a political-obsessive trying to start a hoax.

    Don’t know much about how it works then CS? You wouldn’t find a night in Canberra, when parliament is sitting, when journalists aren’t “grooming” their sources. It really is an incestuous little place between pollies & journalists…

    You apparently missed the part where I acknowledged that they work in the same “industry”.

    Once again, you show your ignorance. Journalists have an “off-the-record” code to ensure that their meal ticket keeps giving. The quickest way to the journalistic scrap heap in Canberra would be to betray what happens at these “of-the-record” events. Think for just a millisecond – if a journalist were to print something like this, they’d be famous for a couple of days, then NEVER get told anything on or off the record ever again…

    Mark Riley went to great lengths to embarrass Tony Abbot in the off-the-record “shit happens” beatup. What were the repercussions to him?

    To think a politician would be blind to such a risk sounds very unlikely.

    Good job of spinning that into a great BS story too btw – which shadow minister do you work for?

    “Anonymous person sees anonymous MP piss in anonymous friend’s shoe, and is threatened by anonymous member of media.” Bacchus, I think there’s enough “BS” in this story already.

    Perhaps I should be asking you what Minister you work for, given you’re ‘Canberra Insider’ tone you affect.

  122. Roswell

    CS, you should know this: never argue with a man while he’s peeing. He might take a shot at you.

  123. CS still censored

    Found those tweets yet, Bacchus?

  124. Bacchus

    I wasn’t looking for you CS 😉

  125. Michael Taylor

    Unless they’re in a cellar, Bacchus wouldn’t even bother looking.

    But seriously, go look for yourself, CS.

  126. CS still censored

    Michael Taylor wrote:

    But seriously, go look for yourself, CS.

    Already did.

    Bacchus wrote:

    I wasn’t looking for you CS

    Of course you weren’t. Because we both know they don’t exist.

    It’s bizarre that you think anyone but the already converted will fall for this….

    (But let’s be honest, I bet even they haven’t either. I think most of them are just playing along desperately hoping to look genuine.)

  127. RF

    This is an absolute BS fairy tale. If there was the remote possibility of any truth to this, then ALP would have this story out in a flash. They even managed to make a cock up of today’s non story about Moroccan Quail and a reference to a Red Box.

  128. David Black

    Given any thought to that apology, Michael?

  129. Michael Taylor

    What one is that, David?

  130. Joy Cooper

    Oh dear the Liberal apologists are out early with the let’s blame Julia for our puerile vile obscenities. RF is at it already. The weasels of the Lib party must have a How-Can-We-Pin-This-On-Julia-&-Cover-Tony’s-Arse Unit. Despicable.

  131. Michael Taylor

    Indeed, Joy. If I felt an apology was warranted than I’d give one. But for now I’m sticking by what the witness has said. The Liberal fan club can squeal all they want.

  132. rossleighbrisbane

    I notice the Liberal donor restaurant owner in the case of the Quail story has emailed Mal Brought claiming responsibility. Surely, he should have emailed Julia Gillard with an apology.

  133. Joy Cooper

    Exactly, Michael, I know who I would choose to believe & it would not be a Liberal barracker.

  134. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Joy.

  135. Rick Feneley

    Hi Michael
    Could you call me on 0409598149. I had been following a similar claim but it was not so recent.
    Rick Feneley, Sydney Morning Herald

  136. Möbius Ecko

    “Surely, he should have emailed Julia Gillard with an apology.”

    More than that the story of the restaurant owner creating the menu as a light hearted joke not for circulation and that it wasn’t put out has come directly from Abbott’s office, not directly from the restaurant owner.

    Another cover up for Abbott and his cronies in the making, and the MSM will fall in line and blame the whole thing on Gillard again as Abbott again gets away with double standards and allowing his party, members and supporters to get away with attacks against women.

    It really bodes terribly for this nation if this man is in power.

  137. Bacchus

    Of course you weren’t. Because we both know they don’t exist.

    😆 You’re a funny person CS 😆 As if I’d lift a finger to help out some rabid right-whinger for whom I have zero respect 😆 WTF made you think I would look for you??

    Here’s a scoop for ya – I don’t give a dead rat’s bottom whether you believe me or not. Affects me not one iota 😉

  138. Bacchus

    Interesting on Twitter Mö. Peter van Onselen is spinning on behalf of the Lieberals for all he’s worth, but he’s being treated with disdain by most. Even Latika Bourke isn’t buying the lie…

  139. Joy Cooper

    He sure is Bacchus. PVO is spinning so hard the g forces have smashed the accelerometer. He even alleges the restaurant owner is “a Labor man” yet he is apparently a LNP donor. They are getting desperate.

  140. doctorrob54

    Response to CS,will you please stop twisting comments for I am sure you know what I meant,my expression of TREASON has nothing to do with you or the way you vote,it is directly pointed to whoever supplied around $500million to the Iraq Gov.of Saddam Hussain while we were involved in WAR.Was any of this cash involved in the purchase of weaponry to kill or maim any of the coalition of the killing.Even if it was not it is still TREASON to sent money to a nation we are at war with.

  141. David Black

    Well, we’re now well into the week and nothing has happened. If this story had any legs, it would have eclipsed Menugate (which was also a non-event.)
    Expect more of this sort of thing from this blog and other Dirty Ticks Units who will be working overtime right up to September 14.

  142. Michael Taylor

    Patience, David. Patience.

  143. David

    I see David Black, the serial Lib Troll who spends his days and part of nights writing crap to attack the Govt and Julia in particular, has invaded this space. No doubt Michael even your patience with these spineless pieces of refuse will eventually see you ban this one as well. I can wait

  144. Michael Taylor

    Hi David, I for one am hoping that David Black will have egg over his face over this.

  145. Pingback: Where There Is Smoke – – - | Ærchies Archive - Digital Detritus

  146. 5478

    I reckon it was Mirabella.

  147. doctorrob54

    In Brandis’s shoe.

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