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Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Who is creating the fear in the minds of Australians? Popular blogger and author ‘Truth Seeker‘ comes up with a surprising (or not too surprising) answer.

With all the rhetoric going around about terrorism, and the extremist “War” language spewing gleefully from the mouth of the political thug and brawler we laughingly call a PM, I thought it might be worth looking at the issue of home grown terrorists.

Now it goes without saying that the recent beheading of journalist James Foley was an act of unspeakable barbarity, and an affront to anyone with even a semblance of humanity, and as such should be widely condemned.

But with his response to terrorism – as with most of our neighbours, China and let’s not forget Russia – Abbott’s was not what could be called ‘measured’, but rather disproportionate to the threats or problems confronting us. So the real problem that we have to face, is one of perceptions.

So what is terrorism?

Well, simply defined, terrorism is the act of creating fear/terror in the minds and hearts of the people, to achieve a predominantly political outcome.

Now many will argue that they are just freedom fighters with a religious cause, but the truth is that in the vast majority of examples, terrorism is fueled by religious extremism carried out by thugs, bullies and/or murderers to achieve a political outcome . . . in the name of religion.

Firstly the issues that need to be addressed are those in the Middle East, where for thousands of years the different tribes have fought amongst themselves for political dominance, with religion as the motivator.

The Old Testament talks of the “Twelve Tribes of Judah” from which Islam originated, and Christianity was eventually born. So in reality, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all worship the same God.

And the truth is that the vast majority of peoples from all religions want the same things.

They want to see their children and grandchildren grow up to be safe and happy, with a decent future, and to have some peace in their own lives, so as to be able to go to work, pay their bills and support and enjoy their families, etc etc.

The sad irony is that the zealots from all religious communities invariably hurt more of their own, than the ones they claim to be fighting against.

And while Muslim communities are now viewed with suspicion and fear around the world, and subjected to abuse and red neck violence from the ignorant and ill-informed, the reality is that by far and away, the most victims of these radical, brutal Muslim regimes are . . . Muslims!

Religious zealotry always has been and always will be a problem as all religious books of law are open to individual interpretation; and without wanting to get in to a discussion on theologies, suffice it to say that it’s easy for politics of both church and state to corrupt the process of doctrinal interpretation.

And the Roman Catholic Church is a classic example of a church that has, since its inception, become less “Spiritual” and more political, and even more sadly, political in its spirituality.

And that brings us to the original premise, and the definition of “Terrorist”!

The goal of terrorists, is to create fear in the mind of the masses, and they have many tools at their disposal, from the physical (torture, beheadings, general violence, hostage taking etc), criminal (drug supplies, money laundering, smuggling etc), to the social, emotional and economic (predominantly propaganda based).

And they try to justify these atrocities, by indoctrination, or convincing themselves that the end justifies the means.

So to determine who fits the criteria, the question is: “Who is creating the fear in the minds of Australians?”

Well we saw the consequences of lies, designed to promote fear, under the Howard governance, where we went to war on the back of lies, misinformation and propaganda.

Where we saw the lies of “The children overboard” saga which sought to demonise asylum seekers and polarise public opinion against them.

Where we saw political cronyism and opportunism reach new heights in being low.

I for one loved the ultimate irony of watching “the lying rodent” finally get unceremoniously dumped from, not only his job as PM, but from his own, blue ribbon electorate; although many would argue that in his case, justice will only be done when he’s in gaol for his crimes!

And for the last four years there has been another one from the same mould; we could call him “the son of the lying rodent” which would be a fairly accurate description, but he’s already known by so many other derogatory names, like “The mad monk” or “The Lying King” or “The dickhead” (I threw that one in, cos I can . . . and he is) etc, that one more might just get lost in the crush.

But I digress.

So what have we seen since The Abbott came onto the scene?

Well apparently, even his rise to the top of the LNP was based on promises made to Hockey and others that he wouldn’t put his hand up for leader; a promise he subsequently broke.

And once in the position of LOTO his only plan was to do whatever it took to gain government. So taking a leaf out of the rodent’s song book, he started lying.

But they were not just any old lies, these lies were designed to instil fear amongst the electorate:

  • fear that the country will go broke because of the “carbon tax”
  • fear that our debt is out of control
  • fear that we had an incompetent and dysfunctional government that were hell bent on wrecking the economy
  • fear that spending and waste were out of control
  • fear that asylum seekers were all either terrorists or economic refugees, intent on taking over our country, our jobs, and our way of life etc

. . . for the sole purpose of imposing on an unsuspecting public, his rabid right wing, personal, religious and political ideologies, and those of his self interested, corporate masters.

And arguably his biggest corporate master owned the propaganda machine Abbott needed to sell his lies and fear and smear campaigns with the ultimate goal of bringing down a duly elected government.

Which ultimately worked, albeit minus the predicted (by Murdoch’s News Corp) Labor massacre.

Since then we have seen the budget from hell that struck fear into the hearts of large swathes of the population, as their lies and deceptions were exposed.

Then we have ICAC, uncovering slush funds used to launder money, with federal members likely to be implicated. Also not forgetting Abbott’s own slushie that he lied to the AEC about. The same one that he used to have political rival, Pauline Hanson and friends, gaoled.

We’ve seen political witch hunts through Royal Commissions, and the torture and character assassination of friend and foe alike. (If you don’t think it was torture, just ask Slipper or Thomson).

And in the name of “Border Protection” we’ve seen what many consider to be government sanctioned:

  • Piracy
  • People smuggling
  • Dehumanisation
  • Torture
  • Murder

The sad reality is that Abbott’s main game is hanging on to power and will do whatever it takes to achieve that. And everything that he does, he does with one eye on the polls.

And if it wasn’t clear before he became PM, it sure as hell is now, that the LNP believe sincerely that . . . the end justifies the means.

So when Abbott and his LNP across the country display outrage at the atrocities we’ve seen, we can all nod in agreement whilst maintaining a healthy level of scepticism about their possible motives.

And make no mistake, when comparing the actions of Abbott and his government, and listening to his rhetoric, one could be forgiven for crying . . . BLOODY HYPOCRITE!

And likewise, one could be forgiven for asking the question:

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Undoubtedly, terrorism is a cancer on our world.

Let us recognise it, totally condemn it, and work together to eradicate it . . .

In all its guises!



This article was first published on Truth Seekers Musings and has been reproduced with permission.


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  1. stephentardrew

    Look a picture of sanctimonious right wing cultural terrorist egocentrism. Just ask all those who will suffer under this government of lies and deceit what they think of the self-appointed Gods of Team Australia. They have very dirty hands which cannot be washed clean by bleating out three word slogans and empty sound bites. Sadly dirt stick to dirt as excreta merges with anal mendacity, soiled budge smugglers and a broken, fouled irretrievable hokey stick.

    So I must say with great relief and some fanfare: so long it’s been bad to know ya.

  2. John Fraser


    Yemen looks like the next hot spot for religious war.

    Wonder if Abbott has a plan to get Australia involved in that ?

    Abbott is very keen to have Operation Vietnam Part 2.

    The old chestnut …. "We have to stop them before they attack us".

  3. mark delmege

    Geez I thought this was really going to be about real terrorism. You know of the kind that shoots down passenger planes and then blames the other side and then hides the evidence. Or how that side is today indiscriminately shelling civilian areas. Or about how certain Western and aligned governments have armed funded and trained terrorist armies to destroy places like Syria and Libya and how those SAME forces are now destroying Iraq. You know the sort that ‘our side’ commit against alleged enemies which kill hundreds of thousand and drive waves of refugees across the world – or even for the matter the sort of settler attacks we see again and again in Gaza and the West Bank by the Israelis against Palestinians. Or maybe the terror from the sky drone attacks that have killed hundreds of children but have the signature of the President. That sort of terror.

    Or even the sort of thinking behind the FAKE video of a FAKE beheading – to drive emotionalism and to justify more war and more terror.

    Very real terror committed by ‘our’ side but ignored by the media and our political leaders – hidden by the ABC in endless pro American propaganda and supported by our low grade rent boy politicians.

  4. Kaye Makovec

    They don’t like being called hypocrites 🙂
    I, and others, were blocked from the Liberal Party of Australia’s Facebook page for giving them a daily dose of Show and Tell on Hypocrisy 🙂
    But that’s OK, there are other LNP member pages where their supporters still live in those states of Fear, and being the unselfish type, I, and others, love to share the good news about it all being untrue in the hope that some of it will trickle down 🙂

  5. iggy648

    If I was running an anti-terrorist campaign, I sure as hell wouldn’t publicly telegraph the fact to terrorists! Publicly advertising an anti-terrorist campaign has purely political motivation.

  6. Dan Rowden

    I’m sorry, but this article is hyperbolic bullshit. By all means let’s denounce this government for what it is, but I won’t have my intelligence insulted by this sort of crap.

  7. Truth Seeker

    Dan, rest assured the feelings are justifiably reciprocated 😉

    BTW, you have to have something, before it can be insulted 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  8. Dan Rowden

    Hey Truthie,

    This is not your best work, but I see you’re typically sensitive to criticism. No-one gets to compare this government with actual terrorism and have me not tell them they’re insulting my intelligence. It’s just how it is. If you think the comparison or analogy is warranted, fair enough. I think it’s as bizarre as your use of emoticons.

    Carry on, dude!

  9. Anne Byam

    OOooo sh*te. ( am I allowed to swear with asterisks ? ). Lots of different opinions here. hmmm.

    From the AIM article : ” Well, simply defined, terrorism is the act of creating fear/terror in the minds and hearts of the people, to achieve a predominantly political outcome “.

    And just who do you suppose is doing just THAT – here in Australia. None other than our illustrious ( and ultra-dangerous PM ).

    Enough said when Malcolm Fraser comes out with a statement such as he has made, posted in this article. Malcolm Fraser has not lost his marbles … he is absolutely right with that statement. He sees, as we all should, the real reasons behind everything this Government does, and how very dangerous it is.


    @ iggy648 …. wise words. Notice that Obama ( who will be hounded and slated by the extreme right conservatives because of it – my guess ) … has not specified in any way ‘what we will do about it yet ‘. Because he is not about to let any of his strategies be leaked to the terrorists.

    Abbott ???? He tells the bloody world what he / we are about to do, or are thinking of doing. And gives them all the heads-up !!! Geez. What a nut job. ( not that I WANT us to go to war – FAR from it ).


    @ Kaye M. …. I have never had a problem posting anti-Liberal comment on Abbott’s facebook page. Perhaps because I DARED them to block me from my freedom of speech. ? However, I don’t think for one moment, I would have had that much impact, frankly. I have never tried to post anything to the actual Liberal Party Facebook page – but I’m sure now going to try ?

    Not to prove you wrong in any way, but just to see what happens.

    And if it happens, I will let them have it on the “Tony Abbott Facebook page” …. in spades.

  10. Anne Byam

    p.s. FEAR is the major tool used by despots. ………….. anyone we know, fit that description ????

  11. Dan Rowden

    Kim Jong-un?

  12. randalstella

    I agree with Dan Rowden’s assessment.
    Partisan, unfocussed rhetoric can only encourage the same. If it’s a contest for who can provide the most unremitting stream of hyperbolic bullshit, then the current regime will be in power forever. The job of writing here is to provide some discussion on how to get them out, in reality.

    Why does this ‘article’ remind of an extended post on Independent Australia? All fierce agreement among spittle flickers; completely useless to debate but great for a fantasy world of mates who tolerate no difference of opinion; and thereby let no uncomfortable reality intrude.
    How’s the fighting fund for Craig Thomson going?

    Was the ‘joke’ in reply to Dan Rowden really worth proudly repeating back on your own site, with some added insult?
    It does not suggest you have a lot of brains.

  13. Rob031

    Though I’m in general agreement as to how horrible the Abbott government are, and Captain Crackers is in particular, I find this article a tad counter-productive. I think it also, by trying to paint the current mob as a bunch of terrorists (if I’ve got that right) unhelpful. Call every political group that you dislike ‘terrorists’ and you minimise or trivialise the meaning of the word ‘terrorist’.

    (I’ve got a friend who is reluctant to use the word ‘c*nt’. Why? Because she doesn’t want the impact of it to be diluted by over-use. She wants to say ‘you are a c*nt’ and have it really mean something powerful when she wishes.)

    Terrorists seek to strike terror or fear into the hearts of others. And, as we’ve seen of late, so too, do prominent members of the government we’re currently lumbered with.

    I don’t think Abbott and Co. are terrorists – as in the sense of the IRA, Al Queda, Boko Haram and ISIL etc. even though we may identify a certain ideological fervour in their makeup.

    Dogs have four legs. So do cats, zebras and goats. But it does not follow that dogs are cats, zebras or goats. This, I think, is the logical error that we see here.

    As I see it we have a government that is under extreme pressure (eg. budget, lies) and wishes like crazy to salvage whatever it can of its credibility with the electorate. We have a PM who appears to see himself as a Great Leader and is hell-bent on being perceived thus.

    He’s not the sharpest knife in the draw but he understands that fear-mongering and posturing has worked in the past and may work now. He is also aware that his public ‘saviour’ stance cannot be explicitly challenged – for to do so means that anyone that calls him out for this can be tarred as being pro-terrorist etc. It’s a powerful strategy and he knows it. Yes, we do too and the gotcha is an absolute bastard.

    So, how to deal with such opportunistic underhanded tactics? As best as I can work out the Opposition needs to deflect the conversation as best as it can to more mundane or local topics. And to plug away at them relentlessly. It was with despair that I saw Shorten in Thursday’s question time banging on with questions about the government’s cutbacks on the traveling military museum thing.

    He and his party are unimaginative fools – even though I can imagine, sort of, the ‘logic’ behind it. Nothing of it in the evening news. (Next time I watch Question Time I’ll count how many questions that the Opposition get to ask between 2:00 and 3:15 or so. Maybe it’s 6 to 8 questions interspersed with gawd awful Dorothy Dixers. Let’s say 7.)

    If this 75 minutes in Question Time are to be worth something the not-so-bad guys need to use their time better. For example, they should press Hockey on the NZ thing about the economy being in good shape. Pretty well any thing would be better than what they’ve been doing. Shorten could ask Abbott what opera most closely resembles the current state of the budget debate, or which is his favourite Chopin Nocturne. Anything outrageous really. Just get it in the news with a sense that the Libs are the stupid bunch that we know they are.

    Too much plonk. The thinking class is often the drinking class!

  14. Rob031

    I agree with Dan Rowden who said “I’m sorry, but this article is hyperbolic bullshit. By all means let’s denounce this government for what it is, but I won’t have my intelligence insulted by this sort of crap.”

    Soapy Abbott. He’s not all that bright but he does understand that grandstanding about something that is ghastly leaves his opponents in an invidious position. If they call him out he can accuse them of being ‘soft on terrorists’. It’s an absolute bastard of a gotcha maneuver and he and his mob know it.

    How the hell do you fight such grubs? I would suggest, for starters, pure satire in question time. The kinda stuff that would be irresistible to journos – who are basically gossips.

  15. John Fraser



    Got a site of your own that I can visit and "Comment" on ?

    I would like to practice some of my "unfocused rhetoric".

    011010100011 …………..

  16. John Fraser



    Why not call it "Operation Vietnam Part 2" ….. without doubt this is history repeating.

    The Greens are not afraid to go it alone.

    And they've got my full support.

  17. Rob031

    A bit of self-indulgence here:

    There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those that don’t.

  18. John Fraser



    And there are those who who pretend to know what they don't know.

    Now Rob031 why not set me an exercise.

  19. Rob031

    @John Fraser: “Now Rob031 why not set me an exercise.”

    OK John. Here it is: What is 42 (HHGTTG) in binary? You have 10 minutes to answer 🙂

    (Base 8 or 16 will suffice.)

  20. John Fraser



    For Prefect.

    Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner I was reading about Nathan Tinkler's helicopters.

  21. John Fraser



    Thanks for showing what a simpleton you are …. going back to reading now.

  22. Anne Byam

    @ Dan. You know damn well who I was referring to …. ( ref. your little rejoinder “Kim Jong-un” ). Perhaps you were having one of your little ‘jokes’ ? If so, so be it. I think you were having a go at me – and my previous comment “anyone we know fit that description ”

    Abbott, since being in power has done nothing but TRY to put fear into Australians. With lies, deceit, and an absolute mongrel of a cut everyone down to size budget – except the wealthy that is ( all Joe Hockey’s fault ) … inappropriate comment at the worst of times, ( e.g. graphically describing on public television, the state of the corpses left after MH17 disaster, and what ‘they may be subject to’ – weather, heat and animals ??? ) how delightful for family and friends of the deceased … constant gaffes ( I will list them another time if you wish !! ) …. the subject of terrorism on our shores, repeated and repeated and repeated ( agreed – a terrorist attack is a distinct possibility, here or anywhere – but to belabour it SO much in relation to us ? ) …. the announcement to the world of what ‘we’ can and will do ( military objectives – no-one in their right mind gives heads-ups to murderers and mercenary thugs, as to how they will be caught and dealt with ) … offends a variety of countries with his aggressive stands ( list available ) …. and so on – and on – and on. FEAR tactics in a variety of forms …. big beats on the chest as to how ‘strong and powerful’ he is. We must obey and become “Team Australia” ???? Bah humbug … and pffft.

    Don’t think you’d want to know any further examples of Abbott’s fear tactics.

    [ hey – you’re not slipping over to the other side by any chance are you ? ]

    “Hyperbolic bullshit ” ???? Not so. Just cool it a bit will ya Dan …..

  23. randalstella

    John Fraser, You don’t get enough practice? I would have thought you a fully trained-up sniper.

    You tend to sneery, smartarse one-liners, before you cut and run. It seems an indiscriminate predisposition. For example the abuse of Rob031 just above. He’s enemy as well is he, for questioning the mate’s article?

    If you have an argument to make for the above article, then make it.

  24. choppa

    Ha, obviously the quality director is asleep at the wheel again.

    Perceptions eh. Was the video not enough? Are bombings not enough? Look up what perception means – then get back to me.

    Who really in Australia is sitting in fear about debt, climate change etc? No one is – why are you so dramatic. Yes Labor wasted the windfalls of a mining boom on failed program after failed program, yes they ran up a ridiculous debt that HAS to be paid off, yes their government was dysfunctional and had their strings pulled by minorities in order to stay in office. The only fear anyone had was if they stayed in power – and guess what, we booted them out to allow a government to come in and fix the mess. You guys create a fear that the world is going under to make people think the government isn’t acting responsibly – you are the problem, but you are the minority – so suck it up. The normal Australians get on with their lives and don’t go on childish extremist rants like this one. Its utter baloney of the 8th grade kind. You think there’s some big bad forces brain washing people – you are so gullible. People actually make their own minds up – something which seems beyond you. Fact is we need to eliminate religious extremism and that means everyone needs to be on the same page and those who sit in those religions need to start taking some responsibility….if not, ship out. If you don’t like it here – why don’t you bugger off as well? Maybe go to the UK and check whats happening there.

    Theres another election coming up – vote for someone else. Get out and experience life – a life of whinging must be a pretty crappy life.

  25. randalstella

    Can you seriously allow someone to have an opinion which may not be yours – without suggesting he might be ‘slipping over to the other side’? I did not think we were barracking for football teams here; but for effective action for equity. There are bound to be differences of opinion on the course to that. Without tolerance for that there is no real discussion. I also thought the article tribal waffle.


  26. randalstella

    You are full of crap,and it’s not even your own crap.
    But you do show what unnecessary liabilities are made by waffling that doesn’t deal in facts; the facts that should be ample material for criticism of this woeful Government. It reduces criticism to your level.

  27. Anne Byam

    @randalstella. Funny you should say that !! —- about allowing “someone to have an opinion which may not be yours”.

    I don’t allow – or disallow anything on here. Surely, you must know that ??? I give opinions, we all do.

    And isn’t that what you aim for as well ?

    I am not the only one here who has had a snipe at others. It has in fact become a nasty thread of trash commentary, for the most part. Particularly, and I include myself in this, the last 12 or so posts, and some further up again.

    Effective action for equity went out the window here ( as I see you would agree, from your comments ) …. it’s become a real quagmire.

    As for the article itself. Perhaps it should have been better adjusted with more flow on, but the article was about terrorism in various forms, with accompanying reasons, historical examples, etc. I thought it made quite a few good points, but perhaps not clearly enough – that is my opinion and I am entitled to it. You and others label the article very differently. That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.


  28. CMMC

    A crazed zealot hijacked an airplane in Australia, recently. The pilot of the light plane managed to safely land while fighting off the terrorist.

  29. nurses1968

    Dan Rowden,
    You must lead a sad and miserable life, but an oh so predictable one.
    You seem to sit back and wait for a few comments, then drop in with your negative nitpicking attacks on the authors of the article.
    If you are trying to be some wise oracle, you fail badly.
    I have read a few pieces you have written, and saw some of your past ventures on other sites and have to say they did bugger all for me.
    Have you thought of starting your own blog site ?
    Maybe then, you could whinge to your hearts content.
    And we could visit you and offer some words of wisdom .
    Then again , It would give you an opportunity to delude yourself with your visions of superiority

  30. Kaye Lee

    Wading in hesitantly…..

    I agree with much of what Truthie said and I forgive him for any hyperbole because the thrust of the article is important in my opinion. Leaving aside the harm done in the name of religion and the terrible atrocities that so many are suffering at the moment (Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Central African Republic, Somalia… ), Tony Abbott is cynically using these events to exaggerate the threat to Australia and to deflect from the domestic disaster of his budget. As I said in a recent article, when talking tough guy, Tony is at his best – almost sincere.

    We are told there are a few Australians fighting overseas. Well if we know who they are and there are only 60-150 (depending who you listen to) of them, it seems to me that we are on top of it and already have the resources to arrest these people if they have committed a crime and try to return to our country. We are told we are broke but we can come up with $630 million to beef up the anti-terrorist brigade. Even if you take the high number of 150, that’s $4,200,000 per suspect – overkill? To say that beheadings could happen here is just ridiculous. Sure, a lunatic could go on a rampage but we have police and laws to protect us. To suggest we are in danger of widespread attack from extremists is fear-mongering. There will always be a degree of danger of terrorist events like 9/11 and the Bali bombings, but the tough guy rhetoric is more likely to exacerbate that rather than alleviate it.

    If we really wanted to help stop terrorism we would be looking at how to lift people out of poverty, how to educate their children and raise their standard of living, rather than slashing foreign aid and spending it on weapons instead. We would be identifying those people who are providing extremists with resources and starting there. Truthie is right to say that Muslims are the people suffering most from these fanatics – both directly and indirectly.

    Tony Abbott is a manipulator who cynically tries to instil fear for his own political gain. I find that reprehensible and am glad there are people like Truthie who continue to highlight this despicable behaviour.

  31. jagman48

    And please take choppa with you when you do please.

  32. Kaye Lee

    And on another note….in the next hour or two, this site will cross the 5 million views mark. Congratulations to all who do such a good job of promoting discussion and to Michael for providing us with such an informative venue. We may not necessarily agree with each other but the discussion is always worthwhile.

  33. Truth Seeker

    Kaye, thanks for that, and your common sense approach to these matters.

    You have pretty much nailed the thrust of the post, and any that know me and my writing, know that my style often dictates (to me) a different approach to a subject 😯

    But I try very hard to highlight an underlying truth.

    Cheers 😀

  34. John Fraser


    I've always been under the impression that there was some unwritten law whereby only Abbott was allowed to instill fear and loathing.

    I enjoyed reading the Article.

    By the way "randalstella" pretty sad rejoinder even if it did take you more than an hour to come up with it.

  35. Dan Rowden

    Kaye Lee,

    Do you think the relatives of the victims of the Bali bombings or of the slaughtered children in Gaza would think their plight being compared to Craig Thomson to be fair and reasonable? That’s pretty much what this article does. The “general thrust” of it could have been something with which I could have agreed if not for the hyperbole, which I cannot forgive. But then I have a thing about that sort of stuff, as you know.

  36. John Fraser


    I'm impressed that The AIMN is giving away a 3 bedroom penthouse unit at Darling Harbour, a 5 bedroom house at Whale Beach as well as a Ferrari American, and 2 tickets for 3 years Qantas (thanks Joyce) travel anywhere in the world to the lucky 5 millionth poster.

    Naturally I will keep posting "Comment" ( regardless of what anyone says) in an effort to be that 5 millionth "Commenter".

    Good job The AIMN.

  37. Ricardo29

    Re the home grown terrorists. As someone said, we know who they are, and can keep an eye on them. And does it take an extra 630 mil to do it? And I see we stopped several suspected baddies from taking wads of money OS. Presumably to aid terror orbs. Why not keep the money and let them leave, but not come back? Finally to Dan and Choppa, I don’t need your crap, please take it somewhere else.

  38. Dan Rowden


    yes their government was dysfunctional and had their strings pulled by minorities in order to stay in office

    You mean the way current senate minorities are forcing Abbott to negotiate governance? What goes around comes around, huh?

  39. John Fraser


    Here's hoping "choppa" doesn't put the 'Quality director" to sleep again.

  40. Kaye Lee


    That’s a stretch to say Truthie was comparing the Thomson case to the Bali bombings or Gaza. Thomson was only mentioned as an aside when saying “The sad reality is that Abbott’s main game is hanging on to power and will do whatever it takes to achieve that” whether that entails scaring the crap out of us or destroying a colleague.

    I do understand your aversion to hyperbole and your aim to “keep us honest”. But sometimes your comments are a tad aggressive and as we all know, aggression breeds aggression. I appreciate your input but think it would be more productive if couched in a less confrontational way. Having said that, I must admit I enjoy the verbal joust. 😉

    And John, less than 2000 to go….keep commenting – it could be you 🙂

  41. John Fraser


    Could The AIMN thrown in a packet of chips ….. as well ?

  42. The AIM Network


    That’s a stretch to say Truthie was comparing the Thomson case to the Bali bombings or Gaza.

    Must say I agree with Kaye on that point.

    And on other matters . . . as the visits counter only ticks over every few hundred visits or so, we won’t know who wins the prize. So yes, I’m a party pooper.

  43. choppa

    Tony Abbott is going to be asked to send troops to assist in Syria/Iraq. That is a far bigger issue than some of you slackers having to pay $7 to see a doctor. Get over the budget – everyone has moved on, you have nothing more to go with because Abbott is doing a good job and will easily over take Labor in the polls within the next year. You know it. Stop your scare mongering about the budget – you guys prey on weak and vulnerable which is pathetic and sad, by making it sound like their lives are ending and drumming up fear on the budget – even when people have already realised its not going to have mean any of the crap you guys say it will. That’s left politics for you though – its full of fear and zero substance. Trying to rally together all of the uneducated people together through misinformation – im so glad I was taught to make up my own mind and not just be a sheep. It looks like a sad, sad existence, sucks to be you eh John.

  44. Kath Malcom

    I don’t comment on here much now because of Dan R he takes his superior pills and gets on here and just nit picks peoples comments which is uncalled for, it’s a shame because it’s a good site, and I am sure he drives other people away from commenting on here, he is confrontational he reminds me of Phony Tony 🙂

  45. Michael Taylor

    Trying to rally together all of the uneducated people together through misinformation

    Choppa, do you have rocks in your head? Have you ever read the Murdoch media, where that comment would certainly be appropriate?

  46. Michael Taylor

    Kath, Dan needs to stay away from the computer when he’s had a few drinks.

  47. Kath Malcom

    Choppa go eat some arsenic or something, or eat the budget they are both the same deadly to humans, now go run along the budget ain’t gone anywhere it’s still a stinking carcass around their necks,
    Smokin joe has lost his mojo….march in August will be when we let Tony know he is going going gone, they won’t last another 2 years lol lol lol lol lol most incompetent pack of out of date old white mostly bald men lol lol lol

  48. Kath Malcom

    Yep instant arse hole just add alcohol, it’s an Aussie sport 🙂

  49. Dan Rowden


    I don’t comment on here much now because of Dan R

    Really? Well, God forbid that I should have that effect on the place. Luckily there’s always Space Cadet pinball. Chow.

  50. Ricardo29

    Choppa, I thought I asked you to take your crap elsewhere, I think there are plenty of liberal blogs where your pathetic anti intellectual rantings would be welcome. Go there please.

  51. Kath Malcom

    You are a jerk Dan, will be my last comment for day, as Dans around the joint throwing punches, and if you think you are funny you are far from it, I would watch the next lot of stairs you attempt lol lo lol lol lol it could end in in tears for you you arrogant arsehole of a man was good when you disappeared off here for a while but now you are back, and the joint has gone to the dogs, have a great trip lol lol lol

  52. Hotspringer

    I still remember the Vietnam war expression “anticipatory retaliation”. We must kill them before they think of killing us. Seems A bott believes in this. Anything to take our eyes off his wrecking of the joint.

  53. stephentardrew

    Michael: Friday night is sort of predictable.

  54. John Fraser


    "choppa" should apply to K.Andrews for one of his counselling vouchers.

    ha ha ha

  55. Anne Byam

    @ Kaye Lee … ref. “Wading in Hesitantly” … Aug 30th 8.11 am. Your comments were of sense … and sensibility, and as always you did not have to revert to name calling, invective or insult to get your salient points across. Well done … and I agree with your comments.


    From the article : ” So, what is terrorism ” ?

    As this article is about ‘terrorism’ … let’s pull that word apart and see what we find. “Terror” = extreme fear, fright, dread, trepidation. “Ism” = a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology ( or an artistic movement.)

    Terrorism … as defined today, almost exclusively refers to ISIS ( ISIL ), Al Qaeda … and the threat they present to the whole world. While it is allegedly based on religion ( kill the infidels ) … it is in fact a thrust for political dominance. However, a goodly amount of radical, extremist ideologies of the Islam religion is still very much apparent. I think they are actually conjoined twins. Unlike most armies, this ‘ army ‘ is split into ‘cells’ ( or platoons if you like ) across the world, and present a real and ever present threat to all. They are like a metastasised cancer, spreading through the body of the world. In that respect they are more dangerous than any invasion, declaration of war, or impending attack – ever before seen on earth.

    There are other terror-isms however.

    Terror in fact – unutterably sad as it is to say, often begins in the domestic home. The ‘terror’ a woman feels at the unbridled beatings she receives at the hands of a drunken husband ; the ‘terror’ children feel when facing the same rage from that source ; the ‘terror’ inflicted by a woman ( mother / carer ) on children who won’t obey, or do obey but are conveniently seen as deserving brutal punishment anyway. The way a woman can physically beat and try to emasculate a partner ( not often reported ). As ‘Terror’ it is absolutely obvious — as an ‘ism’ it is also obvious … if taking the meaning that it is a distinctive practice or system. Too much of this happens – in too many homes. So – a form of terrorism is alive and well and living in most countries.

    Terror-ism …. by the IRA ( as an example ). The IRA was formed way back beyond the time most of us on here were born. They fought for autonomy from the British, to rule in Northern Ireland. They used terror attacks on unsuspecting victims, during the years that were called ‘the Troubles’ in Ireland. It was a brutal and bloody time. It also had some roots in religious differences … but was far more politically motivated. That was active terrorism.

    Then we have the admittedly, anecdotal evidence ( to me at this time ) of brutality and terror being inflicted by Western and allied troops on innocent victims in times of war … dating back a long way. That type of terrorism is inflicted because of political ideologies, exclusively. War is war but there have been reports of atrocities by both sides in a conflict. And if Western allies troops are involved, they too have inflicted those horrors – at times. And they have been properly punished for them ( if caught or reported ).

    And need I mention the Third Reich ? Again, almost exclusively politically evolved, but with distinct intent, and ultimate slaughter of a religious group of people – resulting in the Holocaust.

    My only thought is that we should not forget that we have been living with all manner of terror-ism for many ages.

    And now a new terrorism knocks on all doors. The most frightening and worst type ever seen – to date. And the world MUST deal with it, and find a way to defeat it. Somehow.


  56. diannaart

    Hmmmm…. Abbott a terrorist? More a tool of powerful self-interests – the legal accepted type of fear-mongering; IPA, Tea-Party et al…

    Yup, a whole lot of ‘tool’ not so much ‘terrorist’.

  57. Truth Seeker

    Rob031, thanks for the link 🙂

    Cheers 😀

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