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Will Brandis Shirt-Front Morrison? Can Morrison please be the Demtel Man?

Originally published on Polyfeministix

We often ask eachdemtel brandis other “If you had a superpower what would it be?” Scott Morrison’s superpower was revealed yesterday. He gets to throw people out of the country. This person was not an Asylum Seeker with brown skin, but a wealthy, white, “female attraction expert” or (Misogynicus Piggius). After a very active social media campaign, Scott Morrison cancelled the visa of Julien Blanc. Scott Morrison kicked Julien Blanc out of the country.

This ‘event’ has raised two questions for me.

If Morrison has this superpower – can he please be the Demtel Man?

Will George Brandis now Shirt-Front Morrison?

I think to put my mind into perspective for others I shall need to explain. Julien Blanc did nothing criminal during his visit, but what he advocates is very harmful to women and if implemented by his male followers would see the physical and sexual harrassment of women in society, escalate. In a nutshell what he advocates is offensive and wrong.

Morrison booted him out the country as Morrison did not agree with Julien Blanc’s freedom of speech nor his freedom of expression.

Although, many advocate for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. This is a very good contemporary example of how freedom of speech and freedom of expression can be harmful to certain groups of people in society.

Freedom of speech was vigorously defended by the LNP who advocated very strongly to Repeal Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. Particularly because as Abbott demonstrates quite clearly here that There is a great Australian silence – this time about the western canon.” (ie white people)

Tony Abbotts IPA speech


Fortunately, for whatever reason Morrison decided to cancel Blanc’s visa it was done without Morrison raising the emphasis on freedom of speech that the LNP hold so dear to their heart. In this instance, Morrison (hopefully) understood the harm that Blanc does to the image of and treatment of women wherever Blanc and his sad posse unfortunately land. (Maybe LNP can now join the dots to freedom of speech and how it can cause harm to others.)

Will Brandis, who so vigorously defended Freedom of Speech on QandA recently and who infamously stated “People have the right to be bigots” do anything about this? Will he actually Shirt-Front Morrison over his lack of cling-to-ridiculous-ideology-even-if-it-hurts-vulnerable-people-and-disrespects-our-first-people mantra? How will Brandis now defend the pathetic and harmful stance that they should repeal Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act after what Morrison has done this week?

What will Brandis’ excuse be for Morrison, to defend him as part of the LNP? Does this mean that the LNP are now soft on Freedom of Speech? (If you are a Liberal voter and this worries you or you are anxious, pull out your wallet, open it up and breathe in….and out….and in….and out, now….relax. If you don’t have enough money in your wallet for this breathing & relaxation exercise to work, you should not be voting Liberal, you Dummkopf!)

The Demtel Man

Now onto why I want Scott Morrison to be the Demtel Man. Morrison has the power to kick people out of the country. This week he kicked out a vile person and ignored this person’s right to freedom of speech. Sanity and humanity finally prevailed. If only Morrison could be the Demtel man and yell:

“But wait….there’s more!”

Please boot out (because freedom of speech & freedom of expression no longer matter and I find these ‘freedom of speech & freedom of expression’ listed below just as offensive as Julien Blanc’s harmful opinion of women!)

Cory Bernardi, Liberal Senator – For using his freedom of speech to express that it was ok to put women in a headlock and that marriage equality will lead to polygamy and bestiality
(But wait there’s more)

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia – For using his freedom of speech to say offensive things about women, defense personnel, our Indigenous people and LGBTI to name a few (offensive statements are far too extensive to include here). (But wait there’s more)

Joe Hockey, Federal Treasurer – For using his freedom of speech to express his distaste and immense dislike for middle income and disadvantaged Australians by forcing his unfair, sick budget onto us (But wait there’s more)

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister – For using her freedom of speech to imply that Julia Gillard was a criminal and gained personally from a Union slush fund 20 years ago (Apology NOW Ms. Bishop!) (But wait there’s more)

Bronwyn Bishop, Speaker of the House – For using her freedom of expression to act upon partisan smirks and nods at Christopher Pyne, For using her freedom of speech to restrict freedom of expression for Islamic women and for using her freedom of speech and freedom of expression to express her hatred of Labor, which is acted out under section 94a umpteen times in the last year. (I also thinks she picks on the Member for Gellibrand more than anyone else – or is that just me?) (But wait there’s more)

Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education – For using his freedom of speech to express his of hatred against anyone who desires a higher education (I often imagine Sturt to be this scary place like hell, where the constituents have been sent to earth to torture us. Sturt people – please stop!) (But wait there’s more)

Kevin Andrews – For using his freedom of speech to express his willingness to harm jobless Australians by forcing them to have no income for six months. For expressing his view that all people on unemployment are on drugs, suggesting they be drug tested. For expressing his view that de-facto couples are not as happy as married couples, and his over-riding mantra that the unemployed are ‘bludgers who need to be motivated. (But wait there’s more)

Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance – For using his freedom of speech to express that being a girly-man is a bad thing, an insult. Gender is not binary Cormann! For using his freedom of expression by infamously smoking a cigar celebrating turfing the poor into the gutter with the LNP’s unfair, sick budget. (But wait there’s more)

George Brandis, Attorney General – For using his freedom of speech to express that people have a right to be Bigots. (But wait there’s more)

Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications – For using his freedom of speech to express it is ok for rural and regional people to not have decent, reliable, fast internet (Do you think he may be Amish or he has a fascination with the 1930’s?) (But wait there’s more)

Barnarby Joyce, Minister for Agriculture – For thinking it was ok to change his freedom of speech to include things he actually did not say, when he changed Hansard (Maybe Kevin Andrews could enlighten Barnaby that Hansard is for better or for worse, ’til death do us part!) (But wait there’s more).

Nigel Scullion, Minister for Indigenous Affairs – For using his freedom of speech to express that money is more important than indigenous women being able to access safe, respectful, supportive National Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service. (But wait there’s more)

Greg Hunt – Minister for the Environment – For using his freedom of speech to express that he absolutely detests the environment, in everything he does and says (But wait there’s more)

Peter Dutton – Minister for Health, For using his freedom of speech to express that it is OK for the disadvantaged, poor, sick and needy to go without medical treatment because they can’t afford it and that is is OK that cancer may not be detected in many, due to the exorbitant costs through his proposed changes to medicare. (But wait there’s more)

Campbell Newman – Premier of Queensland, For using his freedom of speech to tell lie after lie after lie and using his freedom of expression to pose as a concerned Premier in advertisements instead of a politician spending public money on advertising in an early campaign. (But wait there’s more)

Liberal Voters – For using their freedom of expression to vote for the most incompetent, harmful, hurtful Government, we have had in the history of Australia. (But wait there’s more)

And last but not least – You, Mr. Morrison – Boot yourself out of the Country, for your ongoing freedom of expression and freedom of speech implying that human beings seeking asylum are less than human beings and should be treated as such.


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  1. Phil

    Wholeheartedly agree – great article.

  2. Möbius Ecko

    Good one.

  3. bobrafto

    I think this pic of Uncle Tony’s recruitment poster for Team Australia’s sums this story quite well!

  4. Loz

    What a disgraceful crew.

  5. Billy muddle moir

    Love it!! Now who is going to do the greens and labor??

  6. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Excellent post, Trish Corry.

    You’ve captured the ludicrous and reprehensible contradictions that this Abbott-led LNP Neanderthal Government are guilty of committing. (I’m glad you included that little blue-eyed fraud Newman in Queensland too.)

  7. Billy muddle moir

    Beauty bobrafto!! Great pic! Shame Gillard didn’t use your skills in 2010.
    For balance, you could have added the only ‘pro’ of the rabbott. He is an insistent supporter of no negativity from the media and little billy. To that end, he uses better avoidance schemes than those little joey chaseth.

  8. Roswell

    I enjoyed this, Trish.

  9. nedkel

    Re-build the public stocks, in front of the current parliament, tar and feather the whole Abbott Cabinet and lock them in these new stocks until the end of the parliament. Visitors to being their own aged eggs, tomatoes and fresh cow pats.

  10. stephentardrew

    The issue is of great importance. How do we deal with free speech when it conflicts with observable and verifiable facts if they are causing unmitigated damage. So we can remove Julian Deblanc from the country for inciting violence against women but turn our backs upon the vilification of many of our fellow citizens and refugees. What if the media is so compromised that free speech is used as a weapon to vilify and marginalize our fellow citizens for no other reason than ideological blindness to the facts and mendacious self-interest. People think that free speech is the foundation of democracy however when it is doing untold harm and causing suffering to the innocent something is wrong.

    The hypocrisies of this government are only too stark yet we are, to a large extent, shut out by a compliant media who has lost its factual and moral perspective. Should moral obligation, least harm, and do-unto-others, override free speech if free speech causes unwarranted physical and mental harm. The word democracy and free speech have been so misconstrued as to be almost unrecognizable.

    We have a deep philosophical problem that cannot be resolved using false equivalences and platitudes of the past. The point is that any scoundrel can turn well meaning legal constructs into self-defeating harmful justifications for cruelty and meanness while the masses keep bleating out unsupportable nonsense about democracy and free speech. Morality is the obligation to not harm your fellow citizens and by condoning the freedom to lie many citizens suffer unnecessarily while the environment is being crippled.

    Such a suggestion will incite those who agree and disagree into attack mode however I am simply pointing out the facts. What to do? Well thats another matter which demands a deep cultural rethink of facts as opposed to lies when they cause untold harm. We may be at a time in history whereby there needs to be a level of accountability for speech if it is based upon lies, misinformation or causes direct physical and mental harm. I am not proposing a solution simply putting up the issues for general discussion. Evolution is telling us we are screwing up therefore the foundations of our sentient paradigm are, by and large, dysfunctional and self-defeating. We need a good dose of lateral thinking. More of the same is a recipe for disaster.

    What if we have made a mistake by pegging ourselves unremittingly to the free speech mantra?

  11. townsvilleblog

    Trish, another great article.

  12. lefturnahead

    Exellent piece of writing,and it describes this current pack of fascist to a tee.”

  13. trishcorry

    Thanks everyone. I glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Also well said, stephentardrew.

  15. Kerri

    Careful there Stephen Tardrew, there are men named Julien Deblanc you are accidentally vilifying. His name is Julien Blanc and I’m sure there are many Julien Blancs currently seeking a name change. Great comments though Stephen. I share your concerns for how media can get away with so many lies? It shouldn’t be called news but rather be called misinformation to suit our benefactors.
    Trish I started reading this thinking Bernardi, Bernardi why has she left out Bernardi but you didn’t disappoint. A great rundown on the low level of humanity that passes for our Government.
    Not to mention all of those NSW Lib politicians that used their freedom of speech to line their own pockets?

  16. trishcorry

    lol Bernardi was first on my list.

  17. trishcorry

    Yes, well said Stephen.

  18. silkworm

    I disagree with the gist of this article. Misogynists like Blanc need to be discouraged and shut down. What Brandis did was for the greater good (though he would have done it for baser political purposes). Freedom of speech be damned.

  19. Trish Corry

    Silkworm, with all due respect, I think you have missed the entire point of this article. I am not advocating that Blanc should have stayed. I am trying to expose the double standards that the LNP hold on the Freedom of Speech.

  20. stephentardrew


    My apologies to all Deblancs who are not Blanc.

    Oops think I might have done it again.

    Can’t win sometimes.

  21. David

    My personal opinion on why Morison arsed this guy out….because his happy clappy looney church seniors wanted him to.

  22. Annie Byam

    A well written article Trish …….


    First …… I utterly loathe, detest and abhor the very existence of Scott Morrison. He is a blight on society, and a brute.

    Having said that however, perhaps he has done just ONE thing correctly, ONCE – that is to boot Julien Blanc out of this country.

    While all the ” Wait – there’s more ” comments were relevant to freedom of speech, they were mostly delivered within speeches – were fleeting ( but caught the attention of MSM and on-line media ) …… and should NEVER have been uttered. …….. they were detestable.

    If all those listed, consciously and intentionally used their ‘freedom of speech’ to deride, denograte, insult, accuse, debase, suggest ( in a sneaky manner ), lie and attack any number of things …. those LNP idiots did not get out – into a hired arena and conduct a seminar on their ignorant and ill-timed comments. .

    From :

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ” Blanc is known to charge up to $3000 to teach men how to “master the game” of picking up attractive women. Many have spoken out on social media against his sexist approach to women, offended by his at times violent and abusive tactics, including one ‘pick-up opener’ where he chokes random female strangers before hushing them, in order to get their attention. ” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    His conferences and seminars are gross. …. and are as dangerous as someone going anywhere in the world to teach people how to King Hit Punch to kill, or how to build bombs, or make your own stylised weapons.

    In this case his ‘seminars’ – at COST, means of course he is trying to make money by peddling anti-social, and dangerous methods of misogynistic and more than likely violent ways of ‘controlling women’. An utter disgrace.

    And what makes me wonder, is – what type of male would actually PAY to hear his rotten speeches. ??????


    So – loathsome as Morrison is, I think he made the correct decision in throwing this bloke out of our country……. I have read also that Australia is not the only country Blanch ( meaning white in French – hmmmm ) has been chucked out of.

    I make absolutely NO excuses for Morrison … he really is a brutal man …… and perhaps it was indeed at the insistence of his Church members / seniors that he acted upon it.

    But that would also be to protect themselves from any backwash to the Pentecostal movement, because he happily acknowledges his faith in that sect. They must be cringing behind their Bibles, at some of the vile things Morrison has already done.

  23. Annie Byam

    **** correction ….. ” Blanch …. should be Blanc ( meaning ‘white’ in French – hmmmm ).

  24. Laura

    Don’t forget the odious Eric abetz…. abortion leads to breast cancer. Phew, the women of Australia can breath a sigh of relief when he gets deported back to Germany.

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