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Will Abbott’s legacy be the destruction of his own party?

Tony Abbott’s relentless campaign to “axe the tax” marked a turning point for the Coalition. They put all their efforts into ignoring or denying the potential catastrophe awaiting us unless we take urgent action to reduce our emissions and now, they can’t back away from it despite the growing concern in the community.

The community wants renewable energy but the Coalition are stuck with the line that “the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow”, seemingly deliberately ignoring the storage options that are being developed. And all the other suggestions about interconnectors or small-scale local grids etc.

The Coalition rails against subsidies for renewable energy but looks set to provide subsidies for new coal-fired power stations and coal mines because no private investor will touch them.

They tell us to pray for rain and hand out drought relief whilst ignoring, or even facilitating, water theft and rampant land-clearing.

And all around the country, people who had previously been Liberal members/voters are running as Independents.

In response to Zali Steggal’s challenge for Abbott’s seat in Warringah, the increasingly hysterical Craig Kelly posted this on Facebook:


When asked what she wants done on “Climate change”, Ms Steggell replied “MORE !’’

So she wants more pensioners unable to afford their electricity. More Australian businesses placed a competitive disadvantage. More jobs sacrificed in our mining sector.

And “more action on climate change” means increased transportation costs, culling of millions of head of cattle, the closing of Aluminium smelters and steel mills and mines.

Those calling loudest for “more action on climate” want to regulate the lives others, demanding lower living standards for others – while sacrificing nothing themselves.

And all for nothing other than selfish virtue-signalling.

And anyone that believes that the comical figure of Tim Flannery is an ‘expert’ and they would seek to use him to help develop policy, must have been living in leftist lala land for the past decade, demonstrating they are so out of touch with reality, that are completely unfit to represent the community in parliament.

Hilariously, he then links to a 2GB article which criticises Steggall for her “personal attacks” on Tony Abbott and his “aggressive, divisive” style of politics.

Linking to an ad for the upcoming Q&A whose guests are 5 of the crossbench HoR members, Kelly laments:


Great start to the year. Not even a single right-of-centre MP.

Who are the studio audience going to heckle ?

And some pretend there is no leftist bias at the ABC.

Three of the guests are former Liberals. That alone should give cause for reflection as to why they left the party but no, not in Craig land which is so far right that he makes Katter and Hanson look like watermelons.

Significantly, the son of the previous Liberal Prime Minister has publicly offered to help fund the campaign of Independents to oust certain sitting Liberal members.

Long-time Liberal member, Oliver Yates is set to run against Josh Frydenberg as an Independent in Kooyong. In an article in the Guardian he succinctly outlines his, and many other Liberals’, reasons for leaving the party:

It is simply impossible for many Liberal voters to vote for a party that:

  • works to prevent any action on climate change
  • has the potential to be controlled by the mining industry or whichever new industry is willing to pay for favours (clubs, internet gambling, pokies, firearms and many more)
  • rejects the establishment of an integrity commission
  • rejects donation reform and transparency and promotes members for their fundraising skills rather than policy and communication skills
  • backs the Adani coalmine, which has no social licence and is inconsistent with our need to tackle climate change; and
  • regardless of the election result seems to be heading towards installing Tony Abbott or Peter Dutton as the next party leader

The Liberals will only get louder in their calls to not waste your vote on an Independent but Labor should hold their tongue. The Independents are doing what Labor has always wanted the Greens to do – challenging high profile Liberal sitting members in once safe Liberal seats.

It has become so desperate that former Nationals leader John Anderson is telling people they can’t retire or resign – they have to wait to be sacked.

Tony took on the role of attack dog, a strategy that has left his party a bleeding defeated cur slinking off to lick its wounds.


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  1. Frank Smith

    So Craig Kelly believes he is more of an “expert” on environmental matters than Tim Flannery! Who is living in la-la land, Craig?

  2. Peter F

    Wow Kaye, As Philip Adams would say, “Don’t hold back.” Thanks.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Rumour has it that Julia Banks might run against Greg Hunt. I hope she does. The Liberal Party has to rid itself of personal ambition and replace it with public service. People who blithely lie and misrepresent for purely political purposes must be shown the door.

    We are yet to hear anything from Craig Laundy after his “brekkie” with the PM. Speculation is rife about Julie Bishop’s intentions with many suggesting she is staying on to keep Christian Porter out of her seat.

    They are eating themselves alive because of, IMO, the path that Abbott set them on.

  4. Henry Johnston

    Kaye. Thank you for this top notch analysis. I don’t assign Craig Kelly credit as a strategic political thinker, but not so Tony Abbott. If he survives the challenge in Warringah, I believe Abbott will launch a move to split the Liberal Party along the lines of the DLP catastrophe of the late 1950s early 60s. Abbott consistently maintains he is, at heart, a DLP stalwart And because he is a fervent catholic and adherent of the political beliefs of his mentor B.A. Santamaria, he will leave the Liberal Party and join other Christian conservatives. Kelly, a spear carrier, will fall in behind his leader. Finally, remember, Rupert Murdoch is a catholic convert, and I know of no more zealous catholic’s than those who convert.

  5. Vikingduk

    “But mining activity accounts for a smaller part of our high standard of living than most people imagine—only about 8 percent of our annual income.
    Most of our prosperity—our wealth, if you like— derives from the skill, enterprise and technology enhanced hard work of our people.”

    Ross Gittens, SMH, Jan 26-27

    If we are to include the environmental destruction in these calculations, our mining and attitudes are another form of betrayal.

    I would suggest that the noxious Abbott go hard, do your worst, tones, destroy this toxic band of traitors.

    Our future may depend on it.

  6. Ross in Gippsland

    Let’s hope the election is in May. That gives the sitting coalition members on margins of less than 10% time to sniff the electoral breeze and decide to pull the pin and spend more time with the family. (That’s code for spending the next six years in opposition is not acceptable).
    Looks like The Future Fund is going to take a big hit with the amount of payouts to discarded liberal and national politicians. Peter Costello will not be happy.

  7. Keitha Granville

    The Liberal party needs to return to its base – and the hard right should move in with Cory Bernardi where they belong – out in the wilderness for a very long time

  8. Miriam English

    Wow, Kaye. I knew Kelly was an idiot, but I never realised just how stupid he is. He has completely given himself up to be the mouthpiece of the fossil fuel climate change deniers.

    Your article is why, when GetUp asked members for our choice of the 3 worst right wing politicians, I didn’t include Tony Abbott. He is doing such a brilliant job of destroying the LNP that he should be left to flounder around in office. We should instead focus our attention on thoroughgoing maggots like Barnaby Joyce, Christian Porter, and Angus Taylor.

    Dutton and Abbott are likely to lose their seats at the next election. They have only 1.7% and 11.6% margin for retaining their places. Dutton will be gone for sure. With all the hatred against him Abbott will probably be gone. But in Opposition Abbott will continue to wreak havoc upon his party of morons.

    Christian Porter is responsible for the scandalous Robodebt program. He authorised prosecution of Witness K of revealing the illegal bugging of East Timor. He introduced totalitarian-style laws criminalising peaceful protest. He instructed members to vote for the white-supremacist “OK to be White” motion. And he’s being groomed as a possible LNP leader. His less than magnetic personality has delivered him a margin of only 3.6%.

    Barnaby Joyce is brazenly crooked and a key member of the “Monash Forum” with its support for coal and Adani’s gigantic mine. He cut protections for live animal export so that cruelty was allowed to flourish in that industry. His corruption fostered the death of the Murray-Darling river system. Astonishingly he still holds his seat by 23.6%!!!!!

    Angus Taylor as Energy Minister this piece of slime campaigns against renewable energy. Used racist attacks against Australians from African backgrounds during the Victorian election. Is pushing for laws to break our encryption so that we can all be spied upon — this disastrous piece of idiocy would make Australia the target of every criminal on the planet for all our bank, tax, and other transactions. This moron is being groomed as potential LNP leader.

  9. andy56

    I was hoping that after the last election, malcolm would have turned his mind to developing policies, alas, his mind turned to survival. It was obvious to all, Tony Abbott only had the election on his mind to defeat Julia. He HAD NO POLICIES. I was always of the opinion the LNP needed time in the wilderness to develop policies. Now i think it needs to divide and splinter. There is no “broad church” wide enough to hold the “conservatives” ( not really conservatives but opportunistic vampire like creatures) and the liberals together. Climate change, fraudband and same sex voting tells you all you need to know about these balls and chains. We need a clean sweep if australia is ever to aspire to what we could have been, should have been.

  10. Miriam English

    Damn! The phone rang just after I posted, so was unable to fix typos and add that Angus Taylor’s 10.2% margin is huge considering what a dangerous snake he is. (Ummm… I shouldn’t insult serpents by comparing them to him. Most snakes are lovely, inoffensive animals.)

  11. Josephus

    Thank you Miriam for your succint pen portraits. Andy, Tony does have ‘policies’- more coal.
    Scott M was belligerent and ill advised on ABC this morning- he speaks for bogans of the worst kind.

    I see the point about giving Abbot all the rope he needs. The party clown. Rhodes scholar for boxing.

    Most of all we must have a real ICAC with public disclosure, open submissions, a ban on donations, protection for whistle blowers – is Labor going to do that? Please answer, Mr Shorten, Mr Burke, Ms Wong. However the independents instead may have to work very hard to regain our trust, if Labor is found wanting and the Greens lose seats. (Labor’s rightward drift: Adani, off shore perpetual torture camps. )

    If in any doubt about the cruelty of the camps please read Behrouz Boochani’s memoir, ‘No Friend but the Mountains’. One example: a few inmates construct a board game out of scraps; guard destroys it, saying that games are not allowed.

  12. Topenda

    “…regardless of the election result seems to be heading towards installing Tony Abbott or Peter Dutton as the next party leader…”

    I nearly threw up thinking about this. If (horror of horrors) it comes to pass that Abbott is back as leader of the opposition, what can be done to neutralise the toxicity that was used to such effect in blocking anything constructive in previous times?

    While I have all appendages crossed for a definitive win for a reasonable, progressive, public-minded government, I have moments of worry that the uninformed and/or willingly blind will once again inflict a dysfunctional, cruel government on us. I remember standing in line at the election just before the coalition got back in, and looking at the people around me and thinking, “If you lot vote for the Libs the country is totally fkd.” Unfortunately the reality was even worse than I anticipated. And yet they got back in – hence my faith in the ability of the average person to vote right by Australian people is pretty scarce.

    Something I’m sure hasn’t slipped past most of the observant here is that the current crop in power are systematically harvesting everything of value from Australia for their own benefit, not caring if they kill the host. While we’d nearly all like an early end to the torture, I don’t expect an early election – they will hang onto every moment they can in order to strip out every last skerrick of finance/asset/influence they possibly can.

    I can only hope that the current toxicity acts as an innoculation and strengthens Australia’s resistance to such dysfunction and corruption in the future.

  13. Kaye Lee


    We must maintain scrutiny of the Labor party too.

    One disappointing example is Tony Burke’s reaction to the RC into the Murray-Darling. Instead of contributing to the inquiry as the Minister who introduced the MDBS, he started scrambling at the last minute to try to avoid any blame for the inadequate targets originally set. I have read before that his instructions to his department were “give me a figure with a 2 in front of it” – referring to the amount of water needed for environmental flows when the experts had recommended a figure beginning with at least 4. (sorry, without googling can’t remember exactly)

  14. Keith Antonysen

    The robo debt matter was certainly a negative defining moment in the career of Porter, even after being told of the stuff ups he allowed the process to continue.
    It appears as though the South Australian Liberal government is not smelling sweet at present, allegedly trying to styme the release of the Royal Commission into the Murray/Darling system. Also, not allowing an extension of the Royal Commission. Whether accurate or not, the question is who are they trying to protect? You expect State governments to govern for citizens of the State they govern; but, sorry, that appears naive.

  15. Andreas Bimba

    The LNP are just the figure heads for the interests of big capital both foreign and local as well as a few allied vested interests such as gambling, real estate speculation, defence/state security and the bulk agricultural lobby. Their stategy is to create a two tier society by throwing a few crumbs like negative gearing, super contributions concessions and the promise of lower taxes at the upper tier of the middle class to get their vote when the reality is that the top 1% are running away with nearly all of the nation’s newly generated wealth as most of us are driven into record personal debt or poverty.

    Dutch disease should be renamed Australia disease as our bloated mineral and energy resources export sector is the major reason we import such a large proportion of our manufactured and consumer goods leading to a substantial net reduction in employment. Our free trade agreements with low wage and technologically capable nations like China arose due to sustained lobbying pressure from the resources industry and their greedy financiers, as well as the rural lobby, that needed a substantial increase in consumer goods imports to prevent the Australian dollar appreciating too much due to the resource export boom. Most economic experts supported this move on the basis that nations should specialise in what they have a competitive advantage in, which for Australia in their eyes is predominately bulk unprocessed mineral, energy and agricultural exports. Have we really benefited from this transition when most of the resources industry is foreign owned, employs very few and pays so little tax and royalties yet greatly distorts our trade? Prior to the GFC the best of Australia’s manufacturing sector was generally competitive with developed nations such as the US, Japan and Europe and even Korea but when FTA’s were signed with Thailand and China it then became impossible for trade exposed segments like the car industry to pay Australian level wages and government imposed costs and to remain competitive even with the moderate subsidy.

    Have we really progressed economically over the last forty years now that we have an economy largely based on unprocessed commodity exports, many of which are fossil fuels and all that face strong price competition from developing world suppliers, an exploitative financial services sector, an unsustainable real estate speculation sector, gambling, retailing, a precarious services sector from fast food to coffee shops to dog washing as well as a large healthcare sector that was a sop to get elected?

    Forty years ago and even as late as fifteen years ago we had a more balanced and sustainable economic structure and without the dead hand of the neoliberal LNP rightwing and also the ALP rightwing we may have a small chance now to repair our economy, government sector and environment. Are we willing to accept moderate tariff protection if needed to aid the establishment of new industries that provide much of the hardware and systems needed by an environmentally sustainable economy for example?

  16. Kaye Lee

    The “take” level was used to set the amount of water needed to be bought back from irrigators to ensure a healthy river.

    That figure is 2750GL but scientists say it is too low, or at best, a bare minimum.

    “My recollection of the advice that I received and the approach taken, was that the sustainable level of take had to be determined based on the requirements of the health of the basin.”

    Beasley said one retired MDBA staff member, the former head of environmental water David Bell, had referred to jokes inside the authority about the recovery target as being linked to Barnaby Joyce’s postcode, and that “everyone understood the figure had to start with a 2,” he said.

    Dr Matthew Colloff, a former CSIRO scientist, described the 2,750 figure as “not being science” while Professor John Williams described it as a “muddle and not defensible”, Beasley said. The Wentworth group of concerned scientists had given evidence that there was nothing from a scientific point of view that justified the 2,750GL figure.

  17. Kaye Lee

    Excellent comment Andreas.

  18. Florence Howarth

    I listen to the ABC radio overnight. There has been a big change in what some are saying.

    Many Liberals are saying they are willing to vote Labor. None last night said independents.

    By the way, the topic was about independents.

    They were upset about climate change not being dealt with. Some had come to the conclusion the presnt Liberal party need to be flushed clean.

  19. helvityni

    Thanks Andreas, I had to check what the term ‘Dutch disease’ means….

    I thought it had something to do with Tulips or with Elm disease… lol

  20. Florence Howarth

    It was the high dollar of 110 cents over a long period of time, caused by the record windfall profits in mining that killed off our manufacturing industry.

    Labor attempted to alleviate the damage being caused with the MRRT. Abbott thwarted all.

    When Abbott came to power, he kicked to death what had manage to survive.

  21. New England Cocky

    @Miriam English: The distribution of votes in New England means that Tamworth numbers account for almost half the votes. It appears that the Barnyard “family values” of Adultery, Alcoholism, Avarice, Bigotry, Misogyny, Philandering and Racism are preferred among Tamworth voters, especially women voters, which is surprising, So, it may be reasonable to describe that city as ” the Country Adultery Capital”.

    @Kaye Lee: The ‘problem’ is theft of environmental flows by broad acre farmers in SW Qld and NW NSW that has been occurring for decades as a self determined right for profits by greedy mainly cotton farmers. The solution is installing satellite meters on each and every pump working in the MDB so that there is real time evidence that may be used to prosecute offenders by removing pumping rights during key stages of the growing period.

  22. David Bruce

    I think Menzies might be a bit ticked off if he was here to witness what the scumbags have done to his Liberal Party?

  23. Michael Taylor

    Any chance the Libs might take Tony down with them come their D Day?

  24. Diannaart

    Wow, Kaye Lee, look at the bounty of intelligent comment your article has generated.


    I listened to the same ABC program, yes many Liberal voters are disgusted by the self serving nature of the LNP, but they also cannot see Labor as capable financial managers. I found this dichotomy disturbing, because it means these disgruntled Liberals still do not get investing into a nation by progressive ideals is economically beneficial.

    As for Abbott, may he reap all he has sown; discord, disunity, destruction and take it with him to a small and nasty pustule of far right impotents …

    Speaking of impotents, for an amusing diversion for the not too easily offended I offer some light entertainment.

  25. David Evans

    If anybody has any doubts about how stupid kelly and his gang of disciples are they need only look at kellys’ Facebook page. The man (?) is a dangerous lunatic, in absolute paid c/c denial and willful ignorance. I doubt he has the ability to research what he posts, I believe he is being spoon fed by organizations with vested interests to campaign for fossil fuels, and against renewables. Try presenting factual scientific evidence to his page at your peril…… BUT, he never posts or comments on any concerning his own, the Hughes electorate, Surely the Hughes electorate would know better than to reelect him?

  26. Yvonne Robertson

    Shaun Micallef’s “Mad As Hell” portrays Abbott as McBeth but it is the Baird himself who could well have been referring to our Tones and the Liberal Right when he ascribed the lines:

    “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    They’re toast and I look forward to seeing the inevitable fracture. I never really understood the ALP/DLP split, it being before my time but it’s informative watching the Liberals – like history in the making.

  27. Andreas Bimba

    Thanks Helvityni. For anyone else the Dutch disease defn.

    Florence, so very true. We may still have had a car industry if the current exchange rate applied in late 2013. In any case Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey ridiculed and rejected Holden’s request for an additional subsidy of $80 million per year (total $160 million p.a.) for ten years to replace their Commodore and Cruze models and to modernise their plants to at least equal to that of Toyota’s Altona Plant.

    Both GM and Toyota could be making more environmentally sustainable plug-in hybrids or hydrogen fuel cell powered cars by now if the industry was still here but now realistically the economic justification may be out or reach.

    As Sanjeev Gupta, the new owner of the Whyalla steel works said “Australia is unusual amongst developed countries for not making anything”.

  28. andy56

    Josephus, Abbott does not have policies, never will. He is only interested in the fight, the point of difference. If labor backed coal, he would have been 180 degrees in the other direction. HE does not CARE. Just look at his history, he will blow with the wind.

  29. andy56

    New England Cocky. Salvaging the murray plan isnt worth the fight. Without extra water, the whole place is in a death spiral. The current plan is pushing us there.
    6000gl was required to salvage the environment, they agreed on 2000gl odd and still came up short. And I cant see the farmers giving that much up without a revolution.

    More water is urgently required to salvage anything. The Murray plan was always about shuffling the deck chairs.

    Desal plant , run on solar feeding the irrigation and river heads. NOTHING ELSE COMES CLOSE to solving the problem. And it will have change from $13b

    I know some will say it has issues, I agree too. But it goes a long long way to rectifying our situation.

  30. New England Cocky

    @Andy56: The problem is water theft by broad acre farmers in SW Qld and NW NSW that has been occurring for decades. ABC Four Corners showed that metering devices were not working and local citizens reported rivers flowing upstream to the pumps.

    The MDB needs more real water, not talk tests!!

    Perhaps the optimal solution is satellite monitoring of pumping activity by each and every pump in the MDB. This would give real time data that could be monitored with pumping penalties imposed on water thieves.

    We are dealing with persons who refused to turn off the sprays when aerial spraying near towns so that town gardens were killed off by the sprays to defoliate the cotton. The matter was only resolved about 10 years ago by installing tracking devices in each aircraft so that penalties could be imposed.

  31. Matters Not

    Re contact with Rupert. Shorten might not go to see Rupert in the US but that matters not. Rupert’s already passed the baton on to his offspring so I suspect that Shorten will meet with (say) Lachlan Murdoch for an off the record chat with no formal agenda, no records kept and completely without publicity.

    It’s probably a bit early for the Murdochs to jump ship at this point in time but one can expect the odd article or two – critical of Morrison and a similar number in praise of Shorten – as we approach the election. The Murdochs are always on the winning side – even it’s only at the last minute. Check the historical record.

  32. andy56

    New England cocky, I strongly disagree with the assumption that stopping the cotton farms will leave enough water for the environment. Too much has been allocated over the years and its nearly impossible to claw enough of it all back, from all forms of farming.
    With climate change hitting us now, i say its too late to ration the water. We need more water, ASAP.

  33. margcal

    I’m no Antony Green so could someone please give an opinion, or, better, some facts, about how many people standing against Abbott (and all of our other ‘faves’) would be too many – if that’s the case. As in divide-and-conquer so he slips through and wins.

    I’m not confident Josh will go, this time at least. But his time is getting closer. Fingers crossed.

    He doesn’t get mentioned much in terms of re-election but I’d really like to see Tim Wilson gone. For a relatively short career as an MP plus his non-job donated by Brandis, he must hold some sort of record for sucking the most $,$$$,$$$ out of the public purse in the shortest possible time.
    And wishing all other IPA seat-holders would be gone also.

  34. Peter F

    andy56… the harvesting of cross country flood waters by the mammoth cotton producers over and above the water allocated under the MDB scheme has been one of the major contributors to the problem. They have prevented water from entering the system. It is as simple as that. Floodwater held back from the system by these rogues might well have alleviated some of the disastrous effects of the drought.

  35. Kaye Lee

    You have to hand it to Tim Wilson. He is the archetypal dilettante – an uber-confident young man who swans around the world at other people’s expense having a fat old time doing SFA.

    The archetypal dilettante

    Tim Wilson, George Brandis and Andrew Robb all go to the IPA birthday party in April 2013. George Brandis, as one of his first acts as Attorney-General, appoints Wilson, without interview, to a job that hasn’t been advertised. He does not provide extra funding for Wilson so a very successful Disability Commissioner gets sacked. Wilson, with no experience or qualifications, is handed a position with no job description for which he collects $332,000 salary, $40,000 accommodation allowance and $77,763 in expenses in his first year. That’s almost $450,000 a year.

    Then lo and behold, Andrew Robb quits and Wilson wants his job now so he quits what was only ever a stepping stone for him to give him some form of credibility and a public presence as something other than an IPA media whore.

    Talking about reform…

  36. lawrence winder

    …and John Roskam, chief clown of the Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel- Universe rates not a mention?

    Nor his multitude of acolytes in the Ruling Rabble who have almost achieved their goal of destroying the social fabric of this country.

    These Quislings need justice served upon therm.

  37. Kaye Lee

    And James Patterson.

  38. Paul Davis

    lawrence, don’t forget that one of John Roskam’s best mates is Bill Shortly-to-be-pe-em, leader of the Centre Right Party. There is no suggestion that Shortly is an acolyte. Check the Grand Wizard’s Mandate for Empire and it is scary how almost every item on the list is “acceptable” with minimal tweaking to the incoming CRP Ministry which has shed most of its left leaning baggage over the last six years. There might be more Quislings and Fifth Columnists than you think….

  39. Alan Nosworthy

    Considering the Liberal party genesis as a coalition of large property holders seeking to leverage financial position and claimed economic importance to skive out of paying a fair share of taxes, is not its current iteration just an honest display of the venality and mendacity at its core.
    Through incompetence, cupidity, stupidity, or sheer naked greed the present mob has let the cat out of the bag.
    Not one brainfart masquerading as policy is inconsistent with what “honest” John inflicted on us
    Not so much a lurch to the right as more of the same.
    We don’t need a fresh faced crop of new salesmen spruiking the same dangerous product to us.
    “new”,”improved” neoliberalism anyone?
    100%fact free with even more jobs for the boys.
    Not a tempting morsel, even without the intersectional bigotry of the Born to Rule Brotherhood.

  40. paul walter

    Abbott is finished. Frydenberg, a relative clean skin who had an image makeover during the Neg and gay marriage culture wars is the one they are grooming and it will take a while for the public to realise he is as bad as the rest, just a bit slyer and quieter.

    In reality, he is an uppity preppie prat with as much loyalty to this country as his Quisling mates, the treason disease now metastasised throughout politics.

  41. Klaus Petrat

    Didn’t the Coalition also commission a 500 Million Capture & Storage Facility to “cleanse” the output from crappy coal fired power stations?

    What a miserable lot. Personal attacks and “Good Economic Management” credentials is all they shout. The MSM (at least the ABC) is now questioning whether the 1.25 million jobs, pathetic Morrison promised, isn’t on the same trajectory for jobs growth since the 1990s.

    This misery needs to end and I fear, the more time they have, the more they will try and wreck in the short term, just to be able to blame Labor.

    Negativity without vision is the only game they know and it will get worse from here on in.

  42. helvityni

    I watched the Sales interview with Morrison, I’m sure she did not ask anything re: the CC, and how Scomo and Co are dealing with it….

    Seeing it’s one of the most urgent issues on our agenda, but obviously not on Scomo’s….

  43. paul walter

    Yes, Stuart Robert…colourless grey nondescript sort caught red-handed tickling the peter.

    All in all, just another brick in the wall.

  44. Kronomex

    “All in all, just another brick in the wall.” Read that and my mind went slightly askew.

    All in all, just another limp dick in the broken dyke.

  45. paul walter

    God help us if Labor turns out to be even half as bad as this current lot.

  46. corvus boreus

    ”All in all, just another useless prick in a hole”?

  47. Kronomex

    In other words the fascist f-ckwit that is The Potato Himmler wanted Prakash gone even if he was an Australian citizen. This prick has to be removed at the election!

    Oh crap! Why didn’t I proof read the comment before posting (bangs head on wall).
    Ah, it should have been “dike”. Gawd, now I have to hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  48. Kaye Lee

    Tweet from Shane Wright…

    Who knew all the congestion was in S-E Qld in a string of marginal seats? Govt has promised $244.3 million of its $1 billion Urban Congestion Fund – or a quarter of the total fund

  49. margcal

    FRYDENBERG: Did anyone see his portrait in the Archibalds a year or so back? He was described as a polymath. If that’s what he is, I’m at least Einstein!

    SALES: Has Leigh conducted a decent interview with any LNP polly since she realised that her job could be on the line if she made life hard for them? I gave up watching ages ago.

  50. Kaye Lee

    Julia Banks has announced she will challenge Greg Hunt. Interesting…..

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