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Why We Should Ignore Women And Greenies!

Let me imagine that my wife tells me that she’s leaving me and when I ask her why, she tells me that I used to be this trim, healthy man but I’ve let myself go. Mm, I think, I know what I’ll do. I’ll win her back by eating lots of fast food, drinking lots of beer and pay someone to walk the dog because I don’t need the exercise.

Sounds like it’ll work, doesn’t it? And let me just emphasise here: My plan is to win her back, not to say to hell with it and who needs other people in your life…

What? You think that maybe I’d be better off hiring a personal trainer and embarking on some sort of diet? Well, it’s easy to see that you won’t ever become an adviser to the current Liberal Party.

Yes, it seems that the general conclusion from Sky News and various MPs that are still there, that the answer to their election loss is to move further to the right. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say further to the wrong.

I mean, let’s consider what happened in the past few years. There’s been a general consensus that climate change is real and that we should do something about it. Ok, there’s a bit of disagreement about how much we should do, but all the polls say that a significant majority of voters think that we should do more. However, the recalcitrants in the Coalition and the Murdoch media have managed to convince the major parties that to do anything will be electoral suicide, so the choice has been between a government that – after a lot of argy-bargy – agreed to commit to net zero, provided that nobody had to actually do anything about it until 2049, and a party that promised to do a little bit more but was worried about sounding too much like they’d actually do something significant, thereby losing votes in the coal-mining seats.

To me the surprising thing is not that Labor managed to form government with a primary vote of less than 40%, it’s that it took this long for people to say, “Look, we actually want a government that does something and if that means we have to kick Josh out of Kooyong and Dave out of Wentworth and Timmy out of the prayer room, then by hell, we’ll do it, even it means voting for an independent or the Greens because we’re all sick of nothing happening!”

While the media is expressing surprise that Labor won with such a low primary vote and speculating on what went so wrong, they’re overlooking the simple fact that they won. It’s almost like they don’t understand how the preferential system works. I mean, I’m sure if I’d created a party called “Send Them Home To Biloela”, I’d have probably got several votes from people who understood that they’d be sending a message but, in the end, it would be one of the major parties who need up getting their vote after I was eliminated.

And so it was with the teal candidates. I’m sure plenty of Labor voters were strategic in deciding that the Labor candidate wasn’t going to win, but by putting the “so-called teal” candidate number one, they were possibly giving Labor the possibility of forming a minority government. At the very least, pushing the Liberals to actually do something about climate change and an integrity Commission.

But having lost to Labor, The Greens AND the Independents, what do some see as the solution for the ex-government?

Elect Peter Dutton as leader, ditch net zero and form an alliance with the Proud Boys, in the hope of all those who voted against them in the seats that the Liberals own because – Menzies and it’s always been Liberal, will suddenly go: “Awesome! Just what we need: more people who think that anyone who’s ever read a book for pleasure is over-educated!”

As for women, well, there was a lot of fuss about the fact that the Coalition didn’t have enough female MPs but what can you do when you believe in merit? I mean, it’d be hard to find a woman anywhere with the reasoning power of Stuart Robert or Matt Canavan. Yes, when the leaders of the respective parties are Scott and Barnaby, it’s really hard to put forward the merit argument. As with so many other things, Morrison saw the problem and, quick as a flash, made an announcement about their intention to develop a plan and to put money toward dealing with it. “Women should feel safe,” he told us, “and I’ve committed money towards a future advertising campaign telling them that we agree that they should and if they don’t, it’s really something that we understand and we have Prime Minister for women because I can’t trouble myself with anything like that because I’ve got important work to do. We understand you, so vote for us.”

Still, to be fair, the Coalition have always suggested that minorities need to fit in and we can’t just pander to people who don’t accept the society we live in. It’s just a pity that they didn’t realise that women are one of the few minority groups that actually form a majority.


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  1. New England Cocky

    So, Rossleigh like myself are you looking forward with eager anticipation to Benito Duddo being elected Leader of the Opposition in an Anthony Albanese LABOR government that brings Australia together as an egalitarian society for the next twelve (12) years.

    I must say that Duddo’s impressive experience in the Queensland Police Aboriginal Abuse Unit will be great value in controlling the psychopathic misogynist Liarbral Boys Club where luminaries such as Stuart Robert kid themselves that it is OK to cause death by stress among innocent taxpayers adversely impacted by Robodebt.

    But let us not overlook the magnificent contribution to Aged Care made by Colbeck while attending the cricket during four days of the Test.

    But Muck McCormack of the Nazional$ believes that Barnyard Beetrooter Joke has held back the tide of Nazional$ rural socialists while they were busy holding out their hands for flood and bushfire relief payments denied to businesses in country towns.

    What a wonderful wedding it will be with Duddo & Muck – both too scared to demand a three or four party prediction of election results in case Australian voters recognise that alone each of these self-serving parties are basically irrelevent for every day Australians.

  2. corvusboreus

    This election the coalition has bled from both ends, rump & sconce.

    The ooze from from the far-right ‘base’, represented by the primary votes leaked to One Nation & the UAP blimp, mostly came straight back as preference votes, resulting in little loss of overall volume.

    Meanwhile the leftward cranial haemorrhaging towards moderate teals has cost them enough 2pp votes to lose some crucial seats (ie lost them governance).

    The Dutton/SKY solution is to chase after the wayward benthos who are already effectively casting their ‘protest’ votes straight back to the coalition, whilst shunning and deriding the rational voices of conscientious objection who have just carved significant chunks out of the traditional coalition heartland.

    I enjoy watching opponents make patently stoopid moves.

  3. Phil Pryor

    So, here is today’s Australia, cheering, calming, relaxing, after the ugliest dill in the nation has been knackered (oh for a sharp knife) and sent to buggery at last, with us having a slight prospect of recovery, only to find out that Barnaby Rootemand-Drinkup is advocating more primitive stupidity to corner the bribes and donations, get the future super in hand, snatch desperately for a receding sinecure, bumboy to the corporations, ignore science, sense, reality and ALL OF US, so as to pervert our future. Henry Lawson had a toast suited to Barnaby Bludging-Bloodsucker, “may he fall down through his arsehole and break his effing neck.” There is more decency in a squashed cockroach. But, we hear that the turd of the north, Peter Duckwit-Futton, has been suggested as favourite as leader of the local N S D A P branch, known as the Liberal (hah) Party. It is a surgically remove part of the dream once held by R G Menzies, a Haemorrhoidal Horrible Hamacting Harlot Party of ambitious crooks, backstabbing bastards, Morrisonite morons, Superstitious shitskulls, imperious idiots, Backward boys, joygirls of hope and faith, an assortment of rubbish dressed as roast dinner. As they say in Venice, looking for the horizon, FAR CANAL!!! ( a picture above of that broom jockey, bag and raving reptile Cash started the biliousness…)

  4. Albos Elbow

    Problem is Murdoch troglodytes end up believing their own lies and eating their own shit.

    Even when they recover from the large hangover of drowning their sorrows, they will still think that Conservative trash is superior and that Australian voters are wrong.

    Now that euthanasia is legal in all Australian states, let these retards put themselves out of their own misery once and for all, beginning with Poospurt Murderoch.

  5. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh: Naturally the Liarbrals will turn to their Messiah, none other than Benito Duddo, formerly with the Queensland Police Aboriginal Abuse Unit, to become the ”fresh” Leader of the Opposition and contrary to the MSM, Michaelia Cash is a better bet for Deputy Leader of the Opposition than Lady Ironpants, the soulless self-serving anti-vaxxer.

    Naturally I hope that they enjoy their new positions for decades to come while Albo & LABOR get on with the task of building an egalitarian society in Australia.

    @ Phil Pryor: I am cleaning out the shed. There is a tin of green rings & an applicator somewhere here … much more painful … and for longer.

  6. wam

    It’s just a pity that they didn’t realise that women are one of the few minority groups that actually form a majority.
    A great ending, rossleigh, if only ports could come home that strong, labor winning and we score 4???
    The little poodles tripping along, at the end of conservative rich women’s lead, all wearing their little teal neckerchiefs should warn the libs that the good old boys are no longer numero uno and are sweltering in their non-renewables.
    Should they elect dutton, the more of the same, we are right and the electorate was wrong, message will be clear.
    Stick with your climate plan and include the teals and independents on the committees.

  7. Kaye Lee


    You just don’t get it do you.

    “The little poodles tripping along, at the end of conservative rich women’s lead, all wearing their little teal neckerchiefs”

    It’s that sort of sneering dismissal that REALLY pissed off the women that were so demeaningly described as “Doctor’s wives” or “latte sipping inner-city dilettantes” – including by you.

    These women ARE the doctors. These women, far from being dilettantes, have decided they can no longer sit idly by while the men stuff things up with their political games.

    “Albo, Stick with your climate plan and include the teals and independents on the committees.”

    FFS wam. For a decade we have been asking for progressives to work together – always met by sneering dismissal from you. If you think a token committee position will shut them up then you are grossly underestimating them. If Labor wants to succeed in government they can’t just stick with the plan that won them the election but lost their primary vote. They MUST listen to what the Australian people voted for.

    Leaving the Greens out of the equation is very ostrich of you. You need them in the Senate even if you have a majority in the HoR.

  8. A Commentator

    People voted for a majority ALP government and the new government now has an opportunity to act decisively.
    It should maximise the honeymoon period and not get bogged down by the energy sapping processes the cross bench will demand.
    Dealing with the leaderless (make it up as you go) Teals will be a drain on the time and energy of the leadership, and is unnecessary.
    The senate can look after the Greens.
    Lip service consultation is all that is required in the House of Representatives

  9. Kaye Lee

    What is it with men? Are you really that incapable of listening? Are you so ego-driven that negotiation and compromise is seen as weakness or “energy-sapping”? Do you really feel that people have to have a leader to tell them what to think and how to vote? The major party leaders have shown themselves to be very timid political game players. They NEED the courage and ambition that the crossbench will give them.

    “The Senate will look after the Greens”? Au contraire, I would suggest the Greens will look after the Senate.

    I the arrogance.

  10. Phil Pryor

    Kaye, unless you are a psychiatrist getting a large fee, don’t try to reason with the obtuse, backward, benighted, neverseeing commentator. He rightly enjoyed an ALP victory but cannot comprehend how parliament, parties, candidates, members actually think and work. He has a fuhrer fixation of uniquely bent and nomadic wandering in concept. But we all comment, enjoy our rights, comment on comments, etc. Never stop commenting, try to be positive, polite. Australia needs that now.

  11. Kaye Lee


    Women have been told forever to be “positive and polite”. I was 17 when I spoke at a Lions Club meeting about discrimination – headlines in the next days local paper – “Schoolgirl pours scorn on sex bias”. I am now 64 and I am still fighting the same battles. My politeness (and patience) is wearing out.

    Electing a Labor government is just the first step towards recovery – no time to be complacent.

  12. Michael Taylor

    AC, you might not have faith in the independents but a fair chunk of the voters in their electorates do.

    They voted for them in the hope that they can instigate change and set us on course for a better future.

    Perhaps you are criticising them too soon. Give it a year or two.

  13. A Commentator

    Climate change was central in the election of the ALP. They are entitled to take ownership of their success.
    As a new government they should quickly push for the full implementation of their policies and leave other parties and groupings flapping along behind.
    There is no need for the ALP to share their government or their responsibility
    The senate can block and/or consult and I can’t see any purpose in duplicating that process in the HoR

  14. Kaye Lee

    “Climate change was central in the election of the ALP.”

    I beg to differ. Climate change was central in the election of the Greens and the Teal independents. It was Labor’s prevarication about their support for fossil fuels that made many of us dubious about their conviction to take what we know to be the necessary action. Labor said yes to opening up the Betaloo Basin. They said yes to building a gas powered energy plant at Kurri Kurri. They said coal would be important for decades. They reduced their 2019 ambition. They squibbed it.

    You seem to ignore the fact that Labor can get no legislation passed without the approval of the Senate where they do not have a majority. If they act as bulldozers in the HoR they will be blocked in the Senate. Pointless and completely at odds with their professed desire to bring us all together. The major parties must shelve their arrogant entitlement and ownership of government and learn how to consult.

  15. A Commentator

    Ok, the coalition lost the election because they were laggards on a range of issues including climate change
    The ALP was the major beneficiary and won the election
    The senate can review, and negotiate. That’s what always happens.
    But it would be a poor decision for a new government to deliberately hold up its agenda with unnecessary lower house negotiation

  16. Kaye Lee

    “If coal mines stack up environmentally, and then commercially, which is the decision for the companies, then they get approved,” Albanese said. “Labor would welcome any jobs that would be created from that.”

    How on earth could any new coal mine stack up environmentally?????

    “the ALP was the major beneficiary ” That’s not true. Labor’s primary vote went down.

    Pushing something through the lower house without support from the crossbench will certainly hold up their agenda. Get it right in the lower house first and they may have some hope of achieving something. Otherwise, not.

  17. Harry Lime

    Politics as practised by the duopoly have been handed their arses on a platter. (At least one of them, anyway)If they don’t get it now,then the remnants will disappear at subsequent elections.Labor may achieve their majority,but unless they have learned the messages of this election,they will be doomed to the same fate as the Liar and his cronies.It’s not much of a stretch to say Morrison has effectively destroyed the Liberals,and Joyce is working on doing the same to the Gnats.Personally,I would have preferred a Minority Labor government to get things done (A La Gillard),but we’ll see.Beware of hubris,Albo.
    What a fucking relief to see those shitkickers gone.

  18. Albos Elbow

    Kaye, you are right.
    As I said, in many ways a Labor majority government is just as bad as Scummo, Taylor, Joyce and Canavan running the country.

    During the campaign, Albo matched Scummo dollar for dollar on his fossil fuel promises, just so he could become PM, so there is a real danger that the tasks of reducing the impacts of climate change and reducing carbon emissions will again stall.

    Australia has spoken, reducing the impacts of climate change and reducing carbon emissions are Australians’ greatest concerns.

    Approving more Coal Mines, Gas Drilling, Gas Pipelines, Gas Fired Power Plants and Black Hydrogen plants will not achieve those objectives.

    Hopefully Labor has a minority governent (which is looking less likely today) and the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate (which is looking more likely today) otherwise we will continue to be a divided Australia.

    Albo will head up a one term government and the Far Right will divide and conquer once again, if we have another 3 years of inaction on reducing the impacts of climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

  19. Tim

    And today we have Albo Joe POTUS’s faithful vassal jetting off to u$a forward Command Base Japan.

    Hope Ant remembers that he, now PM Albanese, is a member of the Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group, who said “enough is enough”—Assange should come home.

    We shall see.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Anthony Albanese has reaffirmed his Labor government will not move to close coal mines outside of the environmental policies it took to the election.

    “We have our policy, where we will do exactly what I’ve said we would do in terms of our powering Australia plan. It’s all out there. It’s fully costed. It’s ready to go. It will make a big difference.”


  21. Michael Taylor

    A sigh from me as well. ☹️

  22. Consume Less

    And Albo also was coerced by Ray Hadley to say on the record there will be no carbon tax.
    Albo obliged, saying: ‘We will have no carbon tax’ and added: ‘There will be no carbon tax ever.’

    Bollocks to that, we need a carbon tax, make the polluters pay.

  23. wam

    kaye did you miss something?
    The reason I loved the little poodles is because the frybergs and liberal idiots didn’t see the importance of their own women who were thought to be ‘follow me dear’ types. Suddenly, they were openly defiant, showing independent thought through their dogs and the liberal party fools missed the boat. Even now they are so stuck in the blame others rut that dismal dutton is being considered as leader. How stupid????
    But never mind you say what you want,
    I don’t expect you to understand my obscure writing, but here it is again:
    “The little poodles tripping along, at the end of conservative rich women’s lead, all wearing their little TEAL neckerchiefs should warn the libs that the good old boys are no longer numero uno and are ‘sweltering in their non-renewables’
    (TRICKY WORDS???).
    Should they elect dutton, then more of the same, we are right and the electorate was wrong, message will be clear.”
    ps I played golf today, it was a over 65, mixed game followed by the morning tea for cancer.. My partner was a vic woman who spends 8 months in melbourne and 4(the dry) here. She is friends of katie and josh and agreed with me that the libs should have selected women like these as candidates over the last 10 years.
    ps I did mention, on two occasions, after the round that because other countries emit more green house gases than us is no reason to do nothing?
    The second drew a wry smile?
    no carbon tax, consomme? we don’t need another juliar(don’t bother giving me a loonie rationalisation, kaycor)

  24. Kaye Lee

    “showing independent thought through their dogs”

    Gee and there I was thinking it was their policies, their commitment, their willingness to disrupt their lives to try to create the change that the establishment men in suits are too gutless to achieve.

    Have you ever considered it might be YOU missing something wam?

  25. corvusboreus

    Albo should follow the LNP & newscorp lead and completely ignore the token bleats from teal sluts and green loonies. The cfMeu are obviously the electoral demographic in most urgent need of placation.

    Remember teal indi voters are really just a bunch of wayward housewives desperately seeking some kind of trivial distraction from their routine poodle-care duties, and the (alleged) increase in Green votes and seats is simply because a bunch of frothy-lattes are all the gullible victims of a prick bastard bandit, and anyway the loonies only ever get 5% of the vote, so both anthony green and the aec are lying sacks of shit.

    Ps, Albo should possibly consider granting a few of the teal luvvies some token committee assignments, you know, just so the dear things can feel like they are being included in something important.

  26. Michael Taylor

    Speaking of independence… we received an abusive message on our Facebook page about not being independent, and the abuser also left a comment under one of our Facebook posts that he had it on good advice that The AIMN is funded by the ALP and the unions.

    Which one of you guys is the leaker?

  27. Kaye Lee

    I thought George Soros was paying the bills.

  28. Michael Taylor

    Lol, we’ve had that one, too. A couple of times, by memory.

    Elon Musk’s name is sure to come up soon. Or perhaps Bill Gates. Or maybe the Clinton Foundation.

    We’ll accept either.

  29. Michael Taylor

    I’ve heard that Albo won’t be bothering with a Murdoch Royal Commission.

    Disappointing, but I’m sure that there are more important issues that need attending to.

  30. Canguro

    OK Michael, I’ll fess up. It’s me. I’m the sleeper agent. The kangaroo who isn’t. The quiet millionaire funding The AIMN in its anti-democratic assault on all good things Australian; a poxy union supporter, and ALP stooge. So sue me, you LNP bastards. See you in court, arseholes.

  31. Consume Less

    Greg Sheridan calls the Teal’s extremists, are their poodles crossed with pit bull. Watch out Toto.

  32. corvusboreus

    So Albanese couldn’t be bothered doing anything meaningful about the Murdoch press’ consistent peddling of toxic disinformation and extremist rhetoric?

    Given that albo not only took the time to accept climate policy dictation from Ray Hadley, but then lined up as a supplicant to kiss Alan jones’ puckered ring, this is hardly surprising.

    I mean, if albo is happy to pay court to the creature that incited violent race riots and advocated murder by drowning of Julia Gillard, it’s hardly likely that he’ll be in any hurry to directly take on Rupert & son.

    It is worth noting that US newscorps’ constant promotion of ‘white replacement theory’ by fox’s after-dark crowd has been cited as as significant factor in recent racially motivated mass-murders.

    But take heart, fellow strayans, even though sky ‘news’ is routinely suspended from yewchoob for spreading dangerous disinformation, & happily gave sympathetic airtime to self-avowed neo-nazi Blair Cotrell, it’s not like the constant stream of extremist rhetoric oozing from ‘mainstreamed’ media could ever radicalise an Aussie into committing acts of terrorist atrocity.

  33. Consume Less

    No love lost for Scooter.

    Speaking in the wake of Saturday’s election result and his loss, Mr Sharma says when he spoke to voters they expressed a deep dislike of the former prime minister.

    “It was almost visceral their reaction, they would say that he is too religious, didn’t like he carried coal into parliament, they didn’t believe his sincerity on climate change and didn’t like our handling of Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame,” he said.

  34. wam

    no kaye, you disparage the power of the morning shows and if you cannot realise the power of these women and the teal neckerchiefs, that is your problem. The teal is a significant liberal movement. These women, by dressing their dogs, were openly rebellious and voted so. They should be heard by men in politics Happily for albo, the liberals will elect, unopposed, a man unfamiliar with discourse, unable to understand bipartisanship and a man dedicate to ‘more of the same’.
    Obviously, libs have learnt nothing from the teal, but will albo have the guts to capitalise on dutton and include the house and senate independents?? So, self described middle aged teacher, get out of the classroom, stop trying to teach here and relax. I am pro women and have been since reading about the treatment fanny blankers koen as a kid. The northern ireland women were so prominent in ending the troubles ruffling-few-patriarchal-hairs-womens-experiences-war and palestinian women have moved in and been moved out of the palestinian israeli conflict(are you aware angela merkel was airbrushed out of orthodox jewish paper because they don’t approve of women leaders) Peace will come with equality, kaye and you are more equal. ps
    time for teal women and their dogs to challenge the US gun lobby.
    yes, Mr and Mrs Taylor,
    I had a laugh at the conspiracy theory on facebook. Showing that he couldn’t understand why we were writing without direction from outside. He, and most xstians, cannot understand free will?
    Perhaps you should offer your work to sky/sunrise/today as a balance???

  35. Kaye Lee


    You will have to excuse me if I do not think you an oracle of political wisdom. You have shown repeatedly how out of touch you are.

    “So, self described middle aged teacher, get out of the classroom, stop trying to teach here and relax”

    Yes bwana, my feet are like wings …(bows and backs deferentially out of room)

  36. Rossleigh

    Gee, Michael, if we’re being funded by Labor and the unions, they’re not going to like my piece on why Peter Dutton is not a monster and a list of all his positive achievements over the years…
    Ok, it’s a very short article, but I’m also working on one about how much income Scott Morrison has lost and how it’s going to be impossibly hard to manage without all those staff at the Lodge… although, thinking about it that shouldn’t be hard because they didn’t even do the dishes and cook when he stayed there with Josh.

  37. Michael Taylor

    Rossleigh, I spat my coffee out when I read Samantha Maiden’s article that Morrison has to now face his own pressures of the high cost of living.

    Yep. On $30,000 a month he won’t be able to afford bread, milk, new school shoes for the daughters, a trip to Hawaii, a garden hose (which he’ll never hold), haircuts, new jocks, his Netflix subscription etc etc.

    Talk about hard done by.

  38. Albos Elbow

    Right WIng Conservative Pigs Squealing

    Disaster looms for battlers under Labor government
    Andrew Bolt Herald Sun May 22, 2022

    “What a sick joke. We’ve replaced a prime minister with no vision with a Socialist Left leader with no clue. But worse, our new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, will now need the Greens’ help to get his crazier plans through Parliament — and that support will come at a nasty price.
    Yes, this result will hurt Australia, and not just because Albanese showed himself to the world as so incompetent that he didn’t know even the most basic economic data.
    Worse, he is a weak and emotional Left-wing populist who openly promises to spend much more than even the Morrison government, just when inflation is exploding.
    But, more fatally for his new government and for the country, the new parliament we’ve just elected will be no brake and all accelerator as the Albanese government takes a hard turn Left and heads to the cliff.
    In the House of Representatives, Labor at least looks like winning by a very tiny majority to form government, meaning it won’t have to rely on any of the many new Leftist independents.
    But in the new Senate, Albanese faces a far-Left stickup: he cannot get one of his policies through unless either the Liberals or the Greens agree to back it.
    The Liberals, of course, will say no to Albanese’s more reckless policies, unless they stupidly ditch even more of their principles.
    So that just leaves the Greens, who will push Albanese to be even more radical as a price of their support — especially in their manic and useless crusade against global warming.
    It’s too early in the count to be sure, but the swing so far suggests Labor, the Greens, Jacquie Lambie’s party or a climate “independent” could win two or even three more Senate seats between them from the Liberals.
    That means the most likely result is that Labor and the Greens will form a majority in the Senate, needing just ultra-populist Jacqui Lambie and either a second Lambie senator or one other independent.
    Does anyone seriously believe this Greens/Labor/Lambie/climate bloc will cut back our run-away spending or do anything serious to stop inflation or cut our monster debt?
    Will these big-government big spenders say no to big wage rises for public servants? Will they trim our bloated hand-outs or try to reign in the runaway costs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme?
    That’s even less likely when this election result shows voters are in no mood to accept the slightest pain without savaging Canberra.
    Morrison got blamed for bushfires he didn’t light, floods he didn’t cause, petrol price hikes from a war he didn’t start, inflation whipped up by countries he doesn’t lead.
    Oh, and he was savaged for not doing more to stop a mild global warming that Australia is too small to affect, and which Morrison was too scared or smooth to point out was not a “crisis” anyway.
    What a ludicrous election campaign.
    Australia is going to get a brutal wakeup that there’s no problem supposedly caused by Morrison that Labor can fix or won’t make worse. Guys, you really think the floods will stop under Labor? That interest rates won’t rise?
    But will the Liberals now wake up?
    Their campaign was awful, even if Albanese’s was even world-beating worse, turning a near-certain runaway win into a cliffhanger, by not being able to remember even the most basic economic data.
    Albanese was saved by the climate independents, who have won at least three Liberal seats, and probably a fourth – Kooyong, held by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Labor even lost seats to the Greens.
    But the Liberals! I have never before see a major party spend a campaign telling voters to be grateful to the government for what it’s done, and not talk about what it will do next.
    But the Liberals didn’t lose this election in this six-week campaign. They started the campaign already too far behind to win.
    They lost this election two years ago, when they were slow to get the right vaccines.
    They lost it a year ago, when Morrison went to Hawaii during the bushfires.
    And they lost it every day of the past three years by not standing for much and not fighting the very scares – like global warming – that’s now helped to destroy them.
    The climate independents have taken once blue-blood Liberals seats such as North Sydney, Wentworth and Goldstein, where people are rich enough to pose as climate savers.
    The Liberals now face a critical choice. They either go even more Left-wing to win back all those votes they lost to the climate “independents” in their richer seats, turning themselves into an even bigger bunch of fakers.
    Or they forget the dinner set in Point Piper and Toorak and decide the Liberals – led by former Defence Minister Peter Dutton, if he saves his own seat – are now the party for the battlers in our suburbs and towns. With many of the most high-profile Left-wing Liberals beaten, that shift will be easier.
    Because think ahead. Power prices will soar as more coal-fired power stations close under Labor and the Greens. Wages will keep falling under Labor. Interest rates will rise.

    Who’ll scream loudest, at the next election?
    It won’t be the rich, who can afford their global warming fantasies. It will be poorer Australians, in Labor’s marginal seats, who’ll find out the hard way that Albanese can’t deliver on what he carelessly promised.”

  39. Phil Pryor

    Murdoch’s row of turds in a pot, brown, vocal, putrid, but extruded, all have names!! Names, like “Bolt”, apparently a Dutch sourced fascist fraud dropout dill and deviate who learned to type. This Bolt has never worked in a real job, never succeeded except at loudmouthing and coercing, never actually learned anything of use, except how to bullshit grandly and with venom. A born hater as the world does not recognise shit as champagne, Bolt needs to be noticed, desperately, neurotically, but for pay of course. Plotting profiteers will pay the Bolt type to get their desired results, e g, money at any price or cost to someone else. An anus with a larynx, a dropout dud and dill, this Merde Dog Maggot Must Mischief on, driven by antisocial demons…

  40. New England Cocky

    I always find great value in going back and reading AIMN articles a day or so after publication. Time for the analysis of earlier contribution in the light of immediate response in the real world.

    Sadly, despite my initial euphoria about the landslide election win by LABOR I now see that there is still much to be fought because the born-to-rules will not cease their perceived right to exploit everything and everybody for their own personal advantage.

    Oh well, it was a nice couple of days fantasizing about what could be in Camelot. Now back to the political barricades!!

    As Michael Taylor notes, Scummo got what he wanted ….. a pension for life doing exactly nothing to benefit Australia or Australian voters. Indeed, going on the Toxic RAbbott model, he could become another treasonous impediment to good government anywhere in the world.

  41. New England Cocky

    Ben Oquist Australia Institute comments also suggest the war will continue

  42. A Commentator

    “Her real name is “Murdoch Media Slut”.

    Apparently objection to misogynistic insults is conditional on political orientation

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