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Why elect governments if they don’t care about the people?

This exposition of Australia’s mission, its raison d’etre, is provided by the Parliamentary Education Office:

The Australian Government is responsible for making decisions about how the country is run, including setting a policy agenda, proposing new laws and putting laws into action. The government plays an important role in shaping our society and making sure that Australians have the services and safeguards we need.

Do we share common aims with other countries?

That is how the Australian Parliament sees government, in a nutshell. It is interesting to note that many commentators in the United States, for example, emphasise the need for governments to ensure a safe society, by maintaining law and order. Some concentrate on defending their borders.

Others around the world, depending on their ideological positioning, will favour militarism, perhaps nationalistic fervour, or they will look after the better off. Others, like the Scandinavian countries, are thought to follow democratic socialism principles. Of course, in a state where the majority have the vote, the state should ideally reflect the wishes of the people.

Parliamentarians will, as a matter of instinct, generally look to systems, or methods that look after their own constituents. This will allow them to be popular, and incidentally, to look after their own interests.

Often, they do this under the cover of darkness. This is because, at least in democracies, such preferential treatment of selected groups will be seen as anti-democratic, or even corrupt.

Whatever the purpose of government is, it is generally agreed, within democratic systems, that the welfare of the people is paramount.

How are the ‘democracies’ faring?

One would have to question where most democracies are headed. In Europe, the rise of right-wing populist parties is alarming, and is obviously appealing to the less educated, and to those who are older.

These voters all seem to share a fear of the unknown, the arrival of large numbers of immigrants, who very conveniently are usually of different races, and who profess different religions.

The United States has a large dose of the same, although it can be argued that in Donald Trump they unearthed a brilliant communicator, if you are looking to bridge the gap between the rulers and the ruled. He was able to capture a large proportion of the disaffected, and take the country to the brink of civil war.

Did neo-liberalism contribute to this malaise?

If neo-liberalism can be said to have ‘taken off’ with the advent of Reagan and Thatcher, then the undermining of the welfare state has progressed significantly; the aim of “levelling up” has been effectively ditched, with inequality out of control; the belief in markets as being sufficient to regulate the economy, without any due consideration for the welfare of the people, has gained ground; the existence, or otherwise, of “society” has been more than questioned, but jettisoned.

What about ‘the people’?

There has been a vulgarisation of public discourse, such that the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity have become devalued, even mocked, by the followers of a small school of economists, based at the University of Chicago. It is a debased philosophy because it places the market above the welfare of the people.

This is the tail truly wagging the dog. It is stupid, and it is without care or compassion, and so, it is inhuman.

Do we want to follow Britain down the plug-hole?

Britain has been useful as an experiment in just how debased neo-liberal economics, taken to its preposterous limits, can be. It has effectively dismantled its welfare system, it has hobbled its national health service, during the worst pandemic in a century, withdrawn from the single market in Europe, sent home hundreds of thousands of migrants from Europe, incidentally losing the cultural diversity and intellectual and academic wealth of those migrants, and generally increasing inequality, in a nation which was already burdened by a rigid class structure, with a hereditary upper house in its parliament, and a hereditary royal family still leeching off the tax system.

Liz Truss has earned universal disrespect and mockery for her ridiculous assertions regarding tax cuts for the rich. Even that monolith the IMF has seen fit to admonish her, and her witless treasurer, for sabotaging Britain’s fiscal and monetary plans to defeat the cost of living rises.

Her decision to borrow to pay for citizens’ energy bills beggars belief. She has consciously chosen to allow the energy companies, which are shamelessly enjoying windfall profits, to continue on their merry way, while she is stealing from taxpayers.

What about Australia?

Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have similarly ransacked our national wealth for nine years. They have weakened Medicare, lowered taxes on the rich, stolen taxpayers’ funds to fund obscenely rich private schools at the expense of public schools, and gutted our universities.

They also spent billions adding to the fossil fuel companies’ ill-gotten gains, hamstrung climate change mitigation for a decade, attacked our national cohesion with the deliberate trashing of our international treaty obligations, especially regarding refugees, dog-whistling attacks on minorities, started an unnecessary war of words with China, and essentially destroyed our biodiversity so that land clearing can proceed.

But, I hear you say, we threw them out on their ear. We elected a reformist government, in whose DNA flows liberty, equality and fraternity.

We did change governments, but we are still on track to lower taxes to our richest minority. We still subsidise fossil fuel companies. We will not tax them for their ill-gotten gains, and we won’t even consider increasing the welfare payments of the poor.

Even though we know that it causes Australian children to go to bed hungry, and a recent finding that the average rent increase for the last year was $3000. That is, on average, $60 a week in rent alone. Then factor in energy cost rises, higher food costs due to shortages caused by floods, and you have a perfect recipe for a human disaster.

So there have been changes for the better, but this government is seemingly intent on ‘doing a Truss’ and going ahead with stage 3 tax cuts. Spare me from inhumane governments. They need to wake up as to why they exist, at all.


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  1. L. S. ROBERTS

    Are politicians people? They all seem to be in it for themselves. Albanese’s mob already showing symptoms.
    They should be the servants of the people; our elected representatives. in stead they become autocratic. Authoritarian to an extreme degree. It must be The Canberra oxygen.

  2. Terence Mills

    Liz Truss has demonstrated once again the danger of electing right-wing conservatives who talk only of small government and cutting taxes – it’s all they have !

    We saw this with the Morrison government and we still have to confront their tax cuts into the future also known as idiot-nomics.

    Fortunately Australians saw the disastrous path that Morrison and Frydenberg were taking us on and voted them out of office. Now we just have to reverse the stage three tax-cuts which the Parliamentary Budget Office estimate will cost the economy $243 billion over a decade.

  3. Andrew J. Smith

    ‘Trussonomics’ is nothing complicated as it’s simply ‘Kochonomics’ i.e. radical right libertarian ideology with eugenics as practised by the ‘owned’ GOP.

    Like our LNP MPs, and some Labor, are informed by IPA & CIS, the BBC has finally caught on (after indie media inc. ByLine Times, New European, Open Democracy & DeSmog covered for several years) that the 55 Tufton St. think tanks, behind Brexit, may not have the UK’s sovereign nor citizens’ interests at heart?

    See ’55 Tufton Street: The other black door shaping British politics’ (not Downing St nor the Tories own policy making)

  4. wam

    When I was a teacher we used to have deductions but ‘from memory’ we got a tax cut and the deductions were removed.
    I would support the tax cuts if, at the same time, deductions were removed.
    medicare would not have a problem if the ATO put the levy on gross earnings.

  5. Wayne Turner

    Labor didn’t need another reason to dump the ridiculous and dangerous 3rd stage of tax cuts.But they have another reason:-

    Liz Truss has demonstrated tax cuts that favour the well off,are a disaster.

    Labor must dump the 3rd stage tax cuts.

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