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“Why don’t you people just accept that the Coalition won the election and stop complaining?”

Our economy is in a mess. And we’ve just had the worst Government in the history of Australia.

We know this because we’ve been told so by the Liberals on a number of occasions. But it’s OK, now because the adults are back in charge and Australia is “open for business”. And as somebody wrote as a comment, “Why don’t you people just accept that the Coalition won the election and stop complaining?”.

So, I’ll try really hard to support our newly elected government. I’m not going to suggest that they got a free ride from the Murdoch press. “What about the ABC it’s full of lefties, when are we going to get some balance there?”

Neither am I going to argue against the policies that Abbott took to the election. I’m going to be entirely supportive of those policies.

Now, I would have thought that with such an incompetent government over the past six years there would have been a bit to do to fix things. Parliament isn’t being recalled till November and, I don’t know if it was the same in your state, but the Herald-Sun in Victoria has had no mention of the Federal Government for the first twenty pages in three editions this week. There seems to be a lack of action from “action man” Tony.

Ok, they’ve announced an intention to slash foreign aid, and the Climate Commission has gone (actually, one could argue that it’s been “privatised”), but what else has the Government been doing?

  • Christopher Pyne announced some Higher Education policies only to have them contradicted by Mr Abbott.
  • Scott Morrison showed us a member of the armed forces and said that he was in charge of “stopping the boats”, and because it was now a militiary operation it becomes important to adopt the “Loose lips sink ships” policy.
  • Peta Credlin showed that only being a “little bit over” didn’t make her a bloody idiot.
  • A committee of audit is going to look at selling Australia Post, Medibank Private, Airservices Australia, and anything that hasn’t been hasn’t already been sold. This is a good thing because, as we all know, privatisation has worked very effectively in bringing down costs in things like energy and public transport.
  • Letter written to the Clean Energy Finance Cooporation asking them to do nothing while the Government organise its shutdown.
  • NBN board asked to hand in letters of resignation. Turnbull to hold on to the letters, while he finds someone to read them to the Cabinet.
  • I may have missed something. In the interests of fairness please fill it in yourself.

It’s been suggested that the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook will be delayed until January in order not to ruin confidence, which doesn’t seem that comforting. I mean, how would you react if your doctor told you that he had the test results back, but won’t tell you till just yet, because it would ruin Christmas for you.

The Carbon Tax which is a “burden on everyone” and the MRRT which is “strangling” investment will be repealed when Parliament’s recalled. Or next year. Whenever. It’s a matter of priority. And the priority at the moment is something else. Renovating The Lodge, probably. Peter Costello did suggest that Gillard trashed it in an article on 24th September, 2013.

“THE tenants have moved out and the joint has been trashed. The rent used to cover all the expenses. Now there is a big shortfall. Before they moved in the mortgage had been paid off.” (I’m a bit confused with Costello’s analogy. If the Labor party are meant to be “the tenants”, then does that make the Liberals the landlords, and, if that’ the case, how is the tenants’ fault if the mortgage is no longer paid off? But I guess that is the way Costello thinks about Labor people in power – they don’t belong there!

If you ask a Liberal, they’ll tell you that it’s all part of Abbott’s “slow and steady” strategy. There’s no rush, no emergency. No need for a mini-budget. Let’s all calm down, people. Let Abbott get on with the business of government, and you go back to watching “The Bachelor”. Nothing to see here. All that talk about a budget emergency, well, that’s what we had when we had Labor in power. We’ll sell off a few billion dollars in assets and everything’ll be hunky dory.

After all, one of the points in Abbott’s contract with the electorate was a promise to “Create Two Million jobs within a DECADE.” So there’s plenty of time. That’s only 200,000 jobs a year. Or as Politifact says: “Despite the interruptions of a Global Financial Crisis, a net average 480 people a day have found jobs under the Labor government.” Of course, Politifact does go on to suggest that it’s disengenuous for a government to claim credit for every job created.

Of course, Tony Abbott will need to be in power ten years before this claim is even testable. Unless he’s just going to add the jobs created over the next three years to the million or so created over the past six.

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