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Why African Gangs Are More Dangerous Than Climate Change!

When your average Coalition MP speaks, a lot of people get very, very angry about what he (or occasionally, she) has said. These angry people try to argue about what’s making them angry.

However, this is probably the wrong approach. What we need to do is to simply ask the politician if they’ve changed their mind. When they say, “Of course not, we never change our minds. We’re committed to life exactly as it was in the 50s!” Then simply point out what they said about a different issue just a few years, days or minutes before.

Take protecting our borders. We can’t have people arriving by boat because we need to protect our borders, we’re told. Compare that with their statements on globalisation and how we need to be part of the world. We need to knock down artificial trade barriers and invite the rest of the world in… even if they want to bring their own workers.

Or compare the demands for religious freedom with the calls to ban the burqa. Ok, ok, the burqa may be cultural, but there does seem to be a contradiction there. Notwithstanding that, it is nice to see a party with so few male MPs who tell us that their party doesn’t need quotas, complaining that a particular garment oppresses women. Ok, I concede the merit argument: Women could get preselected if only they could find women the calibre of Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews or Eric Abetz… And they could make it to the ministry if only they could be like the new Minister for Immigration, David Coleman. Now, there’s a rising star. Remember his recent interview? You don’t… Maybe that’s because he hasn’t done one in living memory.

Then we have the whole 18C thing. People should be allowed to say what they like. However, you shouldn’t be allowed to call someone racist or sexist because that’s political correctness gone mad.

But I guess the most obvious recent example is the “African” gangs. I put “African” in quotation marks because it’s rather interesting that we refer to them as African. No, I’m not having a go at Dan Tehan’s statement about kids not knowing that Africa is a country. I’m just pointing out that we don’t have the children of immigrants from England or Scotland refered to as “British” gangs when they commit a crime.

Nontheless, we have to face up to the fact that the Sudanese community is over-represented in crime statistics. Even though they make up significantly less than one percent of the population, they account for about one percent of the crime. (I’m quoting these figures from the media, so they must be accurate). Yes, there are all sorts of reasons for this, such as there being a greater likelihood of being charged, or their difficulty adjusting to a new country after traumatic experiences in their youth.

This may be a novel defence, but I suggest that the lawyer for the next member of an “African” gang uses these figures to justify releasing the defendant without charge.

Why? Well, it’s very simple. It’s only one percent so if they all stopped, it would make no difference to the crime statistics. They would only hurt themselves financially. And for what? Nothing would be achieved. It’s only when everyone else stops committing crimes that we’ll make inroads. Besides the science on crime isn’t really settled yet…

Yes, the Coalition on climate change does sound rather strange when you apply it to other areas…

Now I could keep going on about Liberal inconsistencies and point out the contradiction of spending half a billion dollars on upgrades to the War Memorial, while skimping on support for veterans, but that’s hardly a change of mind. The Coalition have always been good at glorifying war, while pretending that any individuals who are having problems adjusting afterwards aren’t really worth discussing because there’s plenty help for them.

And, of course, Scott Morrison doing a bus tour of Queensland where he flies just about everywhere isn’t a contradiction; it’s more the norm when your government uses “Utopia” as a “How-To- Govern” video, rather than a cautionary warning.


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  1. Matters Not


    African Gangs Are More Dangerous Than Climate Change

    Don’t think so. On a minute by minute basis, climate change is virtually invisible and what you can’t see can’t hurt you. On the other hand, Af … are so clearly … except on moonless nights.

  2. Kronomex

    The LNP, along with their media master Murdoch, rely almost purely on fear of the other and crime and violence by non-whites to frighten the people into thinking that only Scummo, Duttonuci (who is a racist) and the rest of Crony Co. can protect them. Climate change can be shunted into the “Eh, what the heck, it’ll happen when it happens and we don’t care (except at election time).” basket.

  3. george theodoridis

    Brilliant satire, Rossleigh. Love it!

  4. David Bruce

    With the recent announcement by the new President of Brazil to relocate their embassy to Jerusalem, it is clear our political leaders are controlled by forces outside of their electorate! Nothing will change until we make political parties unlawful! Our Constitution didn’t recognize Political Parties and until it does, they operate outside the LAW!

    It is the same for Local Government Authorities, operating outside of the Australian Constitution! Some years’ ago I remember a referendum question about Constitutional changes and I believe they were rejected?

  5. New England Cocky

    Think of all the savings the savings when you don’t have to pay council rates to keep ill-trained, mediocre, shiny bum desk jockeys in the manner to which they wish to remain accustomed.

    Here is a link that may assist in the removal of local council expenses:

    We have added a link to The Great Australian Party Facebook page to the website now, and you can also download a copy of the Constitution for the party and even watch/listen to an audio recording of us reading it out as well.

    We are also pushing ahead with our class action against local councils acting as a de-facto, third tier of government – which, of course, they have no lawful right to do – and part of the order we will be seeking is that local councils be returned to their status of “a department of State”, whereby they are no longer authorised to issue ridiculous by-laws and/or continue collecting exponentially increasing rates.

    Again, if you haven’t already done so and would like to be part of this vital class action, please be sure to register your interest via this website –

  6. helvityni

    Looking back to the good old days must keep Kevin Andrew’s hair as black as it’s always been….

    We are so lucky to have such an excellent Education Minister in Dan Tehan, and we ought to thank the Lord, and Scomo of course, for appointing Melissa to look after the Environment…..

  7. Matters Not


    Our Constitution didn’t recognize Political Parties and until it does, they operate outside the LAW!

    David Bruce, you may as well include the positions of Prime Minister and Cabinet – both of which don’t get a constitutional mention also.

    Perhaps you should seek advice before proceeding further. And at any number of levels.

  8. Josephus

    Excellent article Ross. No coherence within their only modestly active brains.

    Two comments: 1 The EU is riven by conflicts and contradictions too. The Single European Act of 1986 opened borders economically only, ie goods and services freely admitted, but no vulnerable humans. Then later came Schengen and the Dublin Accord, that did allow free movement of people within the area, but inevitably strengthened the outer borders of the bloc, which then made deals with frontline states, allowed abuses in their refugee detention camps similar to those in ours, built a high, lit up fence in Morocco around the Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Mellila to stem the tide of black Africans moving northwards. Of course there have to be controls; with increasing populations come increasing waves of desperate people. Climate disasters will surely much increase this. (The BBC did a superb, dystopian pseudo doco in c 1991 imagining a semi fascist pan European bloc in 2015 being engulfed in millions of non whites seeking survival). There is, then, quite a conflict between predatory capitalism and at times paranoid security concerns. The Right is totally riven, because the liberal, economic Right has long been at odds with the security obsessed, anti human rights ,er, Right.

    2 RN experts said yesterday that the Sudanese were 1% of the population but 10% of violent house invasions/robberies. The police pointed out that these people suffer racism, joblessness, poverty, often broken families, language problems, plus a history of pervasive social breakdown in their home country/ies. Plus, many of these crimes are done by youths with pale skins, but the darkskins get the blame.

    Comments on comments: Abolish parties and councils? That way lies dictatorship from above. I know honest, intelligent council members who call out their corrupt fellows, try to protect local communities a bit from eg greedy developers (I say a bit because their efforts may be overridden higher up.) I admit that often even at local level there are bri- oops, donations, and so the Powerhouse Museum’s fate is sealed, for example. Here the answer is NOT TO VOTE for corrupt or greedy folk at any level. Find out which parties accept donations and destroy communities and, I repeat, don’t vote for them! And, become activists at local, State and federal levels. Be Kerrin Phelps or Andrew Wilkies.

  9. Geoff Andrews

    I write in support of your hypothesis that black gangs present a greater danger than climate change. I get the feeling that you have not had your heart in the argument.
    With a population of 0.003% of world population, we only contribute 1.0% of plant friendly carbon dioxide, whereas rampaging black gangs who constitute 0.1% of our population are convicted of 1.0% of crimes; ten times the rate of your averege white Australian criminal.
    “Ha Hah!”, I hear you splutter into your double shot soy latte, “You’ve just proved that climate change is more dangerous than blavk gangs”
    But what about the UNSOLVED crimes? How can a terrified little old lady returning home at 2am from a nightclub, identify her potential assaiants – they all look the same.

    POLICEMAN: “So, how many were in the gang, Madam?”
    LOL: “One.”
    POLICEMAN: “Did they say anything to you?”
    LOL: “Yes he said ‘good evening, madam’ but in a tone of voice that frighened me and he raised his hand to his hat as if to strike
    POLICEMAN: “That must have been terrifying, Madam Colour of his hair?”
    LOL: “Black.”
    POLICEMAN: “Eyes?”
    LOL: “Black.”
    POLICEMAN: “Complexion?”
    LOL: “Not white.”
    POLICEMAN: “Ah, yes. We have a few suspects that fit that description but I can’t guarantee anything, there’s a long waiting list”

    See? Another unsolved crime.

  10. GraemeF

    When Abbott was on his last Pollie Pedal, he made a show of mentioning he was supporting the charity ‘Soldier On’ that helped returned service personnel when they had problems adjusting to civilian life or were suffering PTSD.

    Didn’t it strike him that he was admitting that his government was a complete failure at looking after returned personnel and they had to rely on charities?

    Critical thinking is definitely not a Coalition strong point.

  11. Kronomex

    Oh joy, now Scummo, Duttonuci, and the rest of the RWNJ’s can leap on this from their Master and run with it. Eek, TERRORISTS! AFRICAN GANGS! Gasp, ISLAMIC STATE! Lies will abound, attacks on Labor (as usual) and scare campaigns will abound.

    From the SMH – “However, IS is known to have claimed responsibility for attacks in the past that it has not in fact had any connection to.”

    It was sad that the attack occurred but what is going to warp it out of reality will be the inevitable LNP spin and posturing particularly with an election looming. Now it’s a “terrorist and/or terrorism” incident until proven otherwise. If it was a white would it be an act of terrorism? Probably not, reasons like mental illness, anger about something, etc, would be bandied about with abandon.

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