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Who’s REALLY running Australia?

Tony Abbott speaks at last year's IPA dinner (image from

Tony Abbott speaks at last year’s IPA dinner (image from

The news that Tony Abbott finally had his way by repealing the ‘carbon tax’ was greeted with instant jubilation by the Institute of Public Affairs (the ‘IPA’). Within minutes of the announcement they sent forth the following email:

XXXXX (Name removed)

We did it.

A few minutes ago the Senate voted to repeal the carbon tax. Let’s pause a moment to reflect on our achievement.

The Institute of Public Affairs has never wavered from its principles. The IPA will always stand up for what is right, not what is popular.

The IPA has always stood firm against carbon taxes – even when every political leader in Australia thought they were a good idea.


With high-quality research, compelling analysis, and a loud voice communicating the evidence, we changed the debate.

Together, we’ve now won the debate.

It was your financial support that allowed the IPA to do all of this.

So thank you for your courage. You did what was right – not what was easy. And we prevailed.

John Roskam
Executive Director

Note statements such as ‘We did it’, and ‘Let’s pause for a moment to reflect on our achievement’.

One could be forgiven for assuming that they are the government, but of course they are not – they were simply rejoicing in their part of what was a successful campaign. The Abbott Government runs this country, right?

But who runs them? Is it the IPA after all?

This guest post by Glenn Murray is indeed timely given today’s result in the Senate. Originally published in May on, the above letter from the IPA makes it just as relevant today as it was when first written two months ago.

A big-biz alliance told Abbott what policies it wanted

Recently an alliance of big businesses put together a wishlist of 100 policies they wanted our government to implement. I’ll discuss these policies in a second, but for now, think of them as a recipe for making the rich richer.

Look how many he adopted . . .

So far, the Coalition has adopted or endorsed, or is considering, more than a third of these big-biz policies. (The previous Labor government adopted one too.)

IPA policies adopted or on the cards

That alliance is the IPA

The alliance I’m talking about is the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) – a lobby group for big business, founded in 1943. The IPA publishes ‘research’ papers and articles that are funded by big business, to serve the interests of those businesses. These papers and articles are then channeled to the news media.

Although the IPA is not obliged to disclose who it lobbies for, they have disclosed some of their donors, over the years, including:

  • News Limited
  • BHP-Billiton
  • Western Mining Corporation
  • Monsanto
  • Telstra
  • Tobacco companies including Philip Morris and British American Tobacco
  • Oil & gas companies including Caltex, Esso, Shell and Woodside
  • Tasmania’s largest logging company, Gunns

If you’ve seen or read any anti-climate change talk over the last few years, it’s probably come out of the IPA. According to the IPA’s Executive Director, John Roskam, climate change denial is one of their favourite games:

Of all the serious sceptics in Australia, we have helped and supported just about all of them in their work one way or another…”

They’ve also lobbied to have world heritage protection stripped from 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian forest.

And just in case you’re wondering if maybe they’re doing it because they honestly believe they have science on their side… they’ve also campaigned against plain packaging for cigarettes. So, no, genuine science isn’t really a factor.

For a more detailed insight into the lobbying activities of the IPA, check out John Menadue’s great article: ‘Think tanks, cash for comment and the corruption of public debate’.

What policies are the IPA responsible for?

The IPA’s ‘wishlist’ was published in two parts. You can find the originals here and here. Below is a summary of the policies they lobbied for which have since been adopted (or look like being adopted):

  1. “Repeal the carbon tax, and don’t replace it” – Abbot has vowed to do this.
  2. “Abolish the Department of Climate Change” – Abbott has already done this.
  3. “Abolish the Clean Energy Fund” – Abbott is trying to do this.
  4. “Repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act” – Abbott is trying to do this.
  5. “Abandon Australia’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council” – Abbott has said he’ll do this.
  6. “Repeal the renewable energy target” – Abbott is trying to do this.
  7. “Withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol” – This is on the cards.
  8. “Introduce fee competition to Australian universities” – Abbott is trying to do this.
  9. “Repeal the National Curriculum” – Abbott’s not openly trying to do this, but he has appointed IPA member, Kevin Donnelly, to lead a review of our curriculum.
  10. “Abolish the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)” – Abbott hasn’t done this, but he is trying to cut $3.3m from it in the budget.
  11. “Eliminate family tax benefits” – Abbott hasn’t eliminated them, but he’s trying to lower the threshold for part B in the budget, and he’s also trying to freeze the payment rate for both parts until 2016.
  12. “Abandon the paid parental leave scheme” – Abbott hasn’t abandoned it, but he’s trying to wind it back in the budget.
  13. “Means-test Medicare” – Abbott hasn’t introduced this, but the Coalition has considered it.
  14. “Eliminate media ownership restrictions” – Abbott is considering it.
  15. “Eliminate the National Preventative Health Agency” – Abbott is trying to do this in the budget.
  16. “Cease subsidising the car industry” – Abbott has already done this.
  17. “Formalise a one-in, one-out approach to regulatory reduction” – Abbott cites this as the basis for his reduction of ‘red and green tape’.
  18. “Reintroduce voluntary student unionism at universities” – Abbott hasn’t done it yet, but he’s in favour of it.
  19. “Introduce a special economic zone in the north of Australia including: a) Lower personal income tax for residents; b) Significantly expanded 457 Visa programs for workers” – Abbott is considering it (preparing a white paper).
  20. “Repeal the mining tax” – Abbott is trying to do this.
  21. “Devolve environmental approvals for major projects to the states” – Abbott is doing this. He’s promised a one-stop shop for environmental approvals.
  22. “Introduce a single rate of income tax with a generous tax-free threshold” – Abbott hasn’t introduced this yet, but he’s definitely in favour of it.
  23. “Cut company tax to an internationally competitive rate of 25 per cent” – Abbott hasn’t gone quite that far, but he’s dropped it by 1.5% to 28.5%.
  24. “Cease funding the Australia Network” Abbott is trying to do this in the budget.
  25. “Privatise Medibank” – Abbott is doing this.
  26. “Reduce the size of the public service” – Abbott is trying to do this in the budget.
  27. “Repeal the Fair Work Act” – Abbott isn’t trying to repeal it, but he’s trying to undermine it.
  28. “Allow individuals and employers to negotiate directly terms of employment that suit them” – Abbott is trying to do this.
  29. “Encourage independent contracting by overturning new regulations designed to punish contractors” – The Coalition was talking about doing this, but I don’t know if they did.
  30. “Abolish the Baby Bonus” – The previous Labor government did this.
  31. “End all public subsidies to sport and the arts” – Abbott is trying to make big cuts to sports and the arts in the budget.
  32. “Rule out any government-supported or mandated internet censorship” – The Coalition has done this (p.7).
  33. “Immediately halt construction of the National Broadband Network and privatise any sections that have already been built” – Abbott hasn’t done this, but he has watered down the NBN, and is now delivering something far inferior, which includes key involvement for Telstra (which Labor’s NBN eliminated).
  34. “Reject proposals for compulsory food and alcohol labelling” – Abbott hasn’t done this directly, but he’s backing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which would put it at great risk.
  35. “Privatise the CSIRO” – Abbott hasn’t done this, but he’s slashed its funding in the budget.
  36. “Extend the GST to cover all goods and services” – Now that Abbott has cut $80b from state school and hospital funding, the states may be forced to consider expanding the GST.
  37. “Negotiate and sign free trade agreements with Australia’s largest trading partners, including China, India, Japan and South Korea” – Abbott is doing this.
  38. “Rule out the introduction of mandatory pre-commitment for electronic gaming machines” – Abbott has done this.

So of the IPA’s wishlist of 100 policies, 3 have been publicly endorsed, 6 are being considered, 10 have been partially adopted, and 19 have been fully adopted.

Note that although the government has ruled out the sale of Australia Post, they were definitely considering it, so some would say it should be included in the list above too.

Oh, and the bonus prize? The wife of the IPA’s chairman is on the board of a ballet school that got a $1 million grant in the budget. To help it buy a $4.7m mansion to use as a boarding school. Meanwhile other arts institutions took an $87m cut. Screen Australia was cut by $25.1 million and the Australia Council lost $28.2 million.

Couldn’t it just be coincidence? Nope, Abbott’s in the IPA club

It’d be comforting to think it was all just one big coincidence, but sadly it’s not. You see, Abbott’s part of the IPA club. He even spoke at the IPA’s 70th anniversary, along with Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart and Cardinal George Pell:

It’s quite a brown-nosing performance, so just in case you can’t bring yourself to watch it all, here’s the bit that shows how highly Tony thinks of the API:

The IPA, I want to say, has been freedom’s discerning friend. It has supported capitalism, but capitalism with a conscience. Not for the IPA, a single-minded dogmatism or opposition to all restraint; rather a sophisticated appreciation that freedom requires a social context and that much is expected from those to whom so much has been given. You’ve understood that freedom is both an end and a means; a good in itself, as well as necessary for full human flourishing. I particularly congratulate the IPA and its marvelous director, John Roskam, for your work in defence of Western civilisation.”

And remember, this is the organisation with such an appreciation of “social context” that it campaigns against plain packaging for cigarettes. And the director who is so passionate about the defence of Western civilisation that he continually publishes propaganda and psuedo-science to try to discredit the climate-change scientists who are trying to fight the single biggest threat to that civilisation.

More important, though, is this bit:

You had a great deal of advice for me in that particular issue and I want to assure you that the Coalition will indeed repeal the carbon tax, abolish the Department of Climate Change, abolish the Clean Energy Fund. We will repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, at least in its current form. We will abolish new health and environmental bureaucracies. We will deliver $1 billion in red tape savings every year. We will develop northern Australia. We will repeal the mining tax. We will create a one stop shop for environmental approvals. We will privatise Medibank Private. We will trim the public service and we will stop throwing good money after bad on the NBN.”

Still not convinced? Then try this on for size . . .

He even appointed ex-IPA Director as a Human Rights Commissioner

When Abbott won the election, Tim Wilson was a Policy Director at the IPA. Three months later, he was our newest Human Rights Commissioner. Even though the IPA had publicly called for the Commission to be abolished… while Tim was still a director! And despite the fact that Tim clearly wasn’t qualified for the role. Check out his Tweet below (from his time at the IPA, before his appointment as Human Rights Commissioner).

Tim Wilson's anti-free speech tweet

Liberal & the IPA have been pals since 1942

You get the picture . . .

Murdoch’s in the IPA club too

Rubert Murdoch is a donor and outspoken champion of the IPA. In fact, his dad, Keith, was one of the its founders (p.2).

Murdoch spoke at the 70th anniversary dinner too:

Although he talks a lot of rhetoric, his true colours still shine through in gems like this:

The market succeeds because it gives people incentives to put their own wants and needs aside to address the wants and needs of others…

What’s fair about taking money from people who have earned it and giving it to people who didn’t?…

too much welfare can be bad for a single mother…

we must have a press free from government intervention…

income inequality is not the right way to measure the fairness of our society”


So is one of his top columnists, Andrew Bolt

Herald Sun columnist, Andrew Bolt, is another club member. In fact, he MCd the 70th anniversary event.

Here’s his introductory speech:

Like Murdoch, he talked a lot of rhetoric, but his speech was probably more telling:

I will also thank, for a visit I had one night, at a very low moment, Tony Abbott…

it wasn’t just the IPA that won the debate… against the sort of laws that we use to stop me. The Liberal Party is promising to repeal some of the worst of the Racial Discrimination Act, and the IPA will, of course, be leading the charge to ensure that the rest also follows, and that the Liberals do not take the easy option there…

It’s hard to over-estimate the impact of the IPA. It’s very hard…

the IPA’s been on the right side of all the arguments for freedom, since it was founded 70 years ago. Freedom from government socialising the economy…

Politicians operate in a cultural space… It is up to bodies like this to define where that cultural space is and should be, and to expand the boundaries.”


And when you look at the Murdoch press, you can tell

Murdoch and Bolt’s speeches were both met with much applause. They’re clearly of the IPA, for the IPA. And thus of Liberal, for Liberal.

So it’s no surprise that their media contributions are also of the IPA, for the IPA, of Liberal, for Liberal. Bolt’s last comment above illustrates this very clearly. Let’s just look at that again, so we make no mistake how Murdoch and Bolt see the intertwined roles of the IPA and the media:

Politicians operate in a cultural space… It is up to bodies like this to define where that cultural space is and should be, and to expand the boundaries.”

In other words, ‘we need to brainwash the public, so our politicians can do what the IPA wants them to do’.

That philosophy goes a long way towards explaining some of the horrendously biased (often fictional) stories that pass for news in Murdoch’s newspapers. (And don’t forget, Murdoch controls 65% of all capital city and national daily newspapers, which are by far the most influential in setting the news agenda.)

Take these vastly different portrayals of Labor versus Liberal lies, for example:

Lib vs Lab lies

Or these outright lies about the carbon tax being responsible for gas price increases (click or tap the image to zoom in):


(Links: story and IPART report)

Then there was this Daily Telegraph front page gem that not only pitted war veterans against disability support pensioners, but also used a stock image of young healthy people lining up to suggest that disability pensioners are all just healthy fakes, lining up with their hands out:

Murdoch Fake Photo

(Link to the Shutterstock image)

Or the Australian home page, on the morning after long-time Liberal Party staffer, Ray Carter, blew the whistle on the entire NSW Liberal Party at ICAC, claiming “everyone knew” about the slush funds that he used to launder illegal donations from property developers to the party. (Only part of the image is shown below. Click or tap to see the whole lot.)

Small Australian

And who could forget the parade of anti-Rudd/pro-Abbott front pages leading into the 2013 federal election?


The IPA features directly in a lot of media too. Here’s a snapshot of their media campaign for the year to June 2013 (from p.9 of their annual report):


I don’t have a breakdown of how many of those appearances and mentions were in the Murdoch press, but I think it’s safe to say it was a lot. (Although, sadly, they feature very prominently on the ABC too, which might be attributed to the fact that the ABC’s Managing Director used to be a senior adviser for the NSW Liberal Government. He was chief of staff to the Education Minister, Virginia Chadwick, and a senior adviser to education minister, Terry Metherell).

Now let’s put all those pieces together . . .

Abbott has broken promise after promise after promise. On the eve of the election, he promised no new taxes, no cuts to health, no cuts to education, no change to pensions, no cuts to the ABC and no cuts to the SBS… He also promised to be a government of no nasty surprises and no excuses. He’s broken all those promises, and more, and he’s forging ahead as if we don’t matter. Meanwhile, he’s adopted or endorsed more than a third of the IPA’s policy wishlist. And the Murdoch press has backed him the whole way.

To me, it’s very clear what’s really going on . . . The IPA suggests big-biz policies, the Liberal party adopts them and Murdoch gets the public to accept them. Simples.

The only real question is why?

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  1. corvus boreus

    Never to be forgotten, proposal no. 77: ALLOW MINISTERS TO BE APPOINTED FROM OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT.
    Consider the ramifications of this proposal for the democratic process.
    Remove the provision for government to be selected from the elected representatives of the populace.
    The IPA are anti-democratic scum and our prime minister’s pandering to these perverters of our democracy further reveals him as a traitor to the electorate.

  2. deanyz1

    I have always said that abbott had stated no policies before the election, only the LIES about No cuts to the… etc. Their policies are a cut and paste from IPA just before or immediately after the election. I wish that I had taken some screen shots of their web sites because it has all been deleted. IPA funded by BigBiz. Becomes Liberal policy – go figure…

  3. cousincat

    “High-quality research? Compelling analysis?” Thanks John Roskam & co for the best laugh I’ve had in ages!

  4. donwreford

    More to the point who is running Abbott? as he said today in his speech, we are here for profit, followed by wealth in his speech of course by speech writers, Abbott can no longer understand words such profits being exchanged with the meaning of wealth, as a different language of meaning.

  5. jimhaz

    Although in different MSM articles I have been made aware of some of the IPA links, to put together like this is compelling. Well done.

    Admittedly I did not listen to any of the clips – it was avoidable suffering.

  6. Matters Not

    Just watched Abbott on the 7.30 Report (thanks to a PVR, I never watch TV shows direct), Sarah Ferguson tried hard to get sensible responses from Abbott but as usual he resorted to ‘slogans’ in his reposts. He really is an embarrassment. Nevertheless, he came across as a complete fool. Granted, that’s the ‘meaning’ I gave to his farcical performance. Sarah Ferguson gains more respect day by day.

    The fact that his minders allowed him to appear on that show suggests a change in strategy. While there are any number of possibilities, a binary opposite possibility springs to mind. Either they are overcome by hubris and think that all political problems will now fade away because the price on carbon has been revoked, or they think that the demographic who watch the ABC MUST be won over. Given Abbott’s arrogance I suspect he thinks that the political world is now his oyster.

    As for the IPA’s influence on Australian politics, they are certainly in the ascendency. For John Roskam it’s not an Arab but an IPA Spring. And we all know how the ‘Spring’ has turned out for ‘democracy’.

  7. matters Not

    ‘reposts’ should be ‘ripostes’, not that I want to be ‘pedantic’. Just embarrassed. And how the neighbour’s cat has suffered.

  8. lawrencewinder

    … “The-Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” aka IPA, will be on Faine on 774 tomorrow….spouting their bilous drivel…might be a chance to serve one back?

  9. jimhaz

    [And we all know how the ‘Spring’ has turned out for ‘democracy’.]

    Speaking of which…this was part of a post I was writing. I’ve probably decided not to post the rest due to its high degree of anti-motivational defeatist content. Throwing this bit in now as I just get a kick out of placing Abbott in the context of being violently destroyed in a comedic way, and a soft spot for the films they are from. A small dose of Monty Python every so often does one good.

    ….As far as I can see the only thing that will cause the human race to become sustainable, is suffering. They will have to be prodded into change by being whipped with extreme discomfort, even if most of that for the luckier groups is seeing the suffering of those more affected and accelerating prices.

    Independent media like this site, and other conservation and care organisations, do a good job in pointing out and demonstrating the reality of the suffering, and to some extent its avoidability – without them we’d be completely dominated by the careless Right and the materially selfish. That’s an achievement in itself.

    The left, the carers, still need a White Knight though, says the pessimist in me.

    I cannot think of any entity to fill that role. How about instead you take a pseudo-Chivalrous Misogynist instead?
    A Black Knight. Tony Abbott himself.

    The real life intellectual Chauncey Gardiner of politics. Although this is a flashback, a well known correlation, here is a clip of his doppelganger repeating the sum of what he has learnt in his corralled life to some execs of the Murdoch empire. After all, to TA the LNP in power is his Spring/Summer and the ALP his Autumn/Winter. And he thinks his Winter Budget will produce a productive Spring.

    Being There

    So the hope is that idiocy of TA, will provide the same lure for voter change as the idiocy of Rudd and his teamsters did. That will put a halt on the regression locally. Got to count the small blessings we can.

    Here is a scene of the Black Knight after the next election, meeting with some conservationists visiting Parliament and then resisting the new PM as opposition leader about some replacement border control policy bills. Bit of a filibuster really.

    Monty Python Black Knight

    (even the interview above reminded me of the last part of that clip…no leg to stand on)

  10. whatismore

    Great article . Thanks

  11. Bob

    From corvus boreus above :

    Never to be forgotten, proposal no. 77: ALLOW MINISTERS TO BE APPOINTED FROM OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT.

    This is IPA policy – whoa, err, WTF!?

    That is insanity, cabinet ministers are majority party selected representatives of the crown at the electorates behest – it would appear there are absolutely no lawyers sitting at the IPA, seriously, nobody with a basic understanding of Australian public law could come up with that. The word unconstitutional doesn’t even begin to deal with the stupidity involved in a statement like that.


  12. corvus boreus

    I do not shout in capitals for no reason.
    It is from the IPA’s own website. 75 big ideas to fadically transform Australia, by Cris Berg(spits). Proposal 77 was on a 25 point addendum by the same author.
    The whole list is a largely disturbing document, particularly when you group the proposals into portfolios(eg media) and join the dots for a bigger picture.
    I am not bewildered, I am sickened and angry.

  13. corvus boreus

    For fadicle read radical, although fadical is possibly a worthy addition to the Corvid Dictionary of Inventionese Slanguage.
    Fadical; An loopily extremist person, organisation or proposal, viewed as normal and acceptable during a brief paradigm of socio-political insanity.

  14. Kaye Lee

    One rather important one that has been left out is the abolition of the charities watchdog ACNC. Both the IPA and George Pell campaigned for this despite 80% of the industry welcoming the introduction of oversight. For some unknown reason the IPA was given charitable status and they sure as hell don’t want anyone looking into THAT decision.

    “incredible damage the Gillard government is about to unleash on the sector with the advent of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC).”,4658

    If Tony Abbott is elected prime minister on Saturday he will abolish the watchdog established by Labor to keep an eye on the billions of dollars received and spent by Australian charities each year. Why?
    The answer, in part at least, may be the lobbying power of church conservatives, the Catholic Church in particular, and the office of Sydney Cardinal George Pell, more particularly still.

    Read more:

  15. Kaye Lee

    In 1987 the IPA restructured itself as a company limited by guarantee, which means that its directors are not liable for any debts it might incur. The restructure enabled it to apply to become an Approved Research Institute (ARI) and thus be eligible for endorsement as a deductible gift recipient (DGR). In other words, donors to the Institute would be able to claim a tax deduction for their donations. DGR status is the most valuable asset of an organisation like the IPA because without it virtually no-one would donate.

    In order for the IPA to become a DGR it had to apply to the Secretary of what is now the Federal Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research giving various undertakings.

    Most importantly, it had to undertake to use all tax-deductible donations exclusively for scientific research, more particularly, “scientific research which is, or may prove to be, of value to Australia”. In this context, the authorities have ruled that “scientific research” includes social scientific research.

    The IPA also had to undertake to create a separate bank account into which all tax-deductible gifts must be deposited. The Institute’s financial statements show that it keeps some of its cash in an account called “NAB Research Account”. On June 30, 2010 it held $385,647.

    It must also ensure that all disbursements from this research account are evaluated and approved by “a suitably qualified research committee” of at least five members, the majority of whom are appropriately qualified in the field of research that is to be undertaken or have appropriate experience in reviewing research, and who should be nominated on the basis of their “proven ability to direct a research program”. As far as I can tell, the IPA has not made public the membership of its research committee.

    The rules state explicitly that tax-deductible funds may not be used for “the organisation of conferences, congresses and symposia and the publication of information (other than the results of the ARI’s own research work, undertaken through this program).”

  16. Terry2

    I saw the 7.30 Report interview and found it excruciating as our Prime Minister fumbled and bumbled with the intelligent questions from Sarah Ferguson. In particular he seemed unable to grasp the Canadian position on Sri Lanka contrasted with his own. Obviously his buddy buddy trip to Canadia didn’t work out too well.

    Sarah Ferguson has displayed the journalistic rigour that Leigh sales was never able to achieve : GO SARAH !

    By the way, now that we have a vacuum in climate policy can we try to ensure that the G20 focuses on and commits to an ETS by 2020; Tony should be in favour of that surely.

  17. Wayne Turner

    Hence these Libs are puppets for the IPA.

  18. James Cook

    Terry2, while I thought Abbott showed himself to be the lying, deceitful scab that he is, I thought Fergusen let him off the hook. She had him squirming with the “no new taxes” line of questions, but did not go for the kill. Instead she went off on a PUP tangent. Also, while we Abbot haters enjoyed the interview, most of the Coalition voters were watching a reality show, I would guess. I actually heard a radio “news” broadcast, yesterday, start the news with “ding dong the tax is dead”. Seriously. This is how the news reader began the report. What hope do we have!!?

  19. Zemarama

    The IPA/LNP collusion is what’s ruining our nation.

  20. Olivia Manor

    I am glad that finally the alternative media is waking up to the dangers posed by the master puppeteers of the NLP. They are gaining far too much power and must be stopped before it is too late!

  21. Kaye Lee

    Wonder how they are feeling about number 5 on your list. All of a sudden we kind of like being on the Security Council and will be calling on them to ……do something!

  22. Steve

    Treason , plain and simple , Tony must be charged with treason !What are we waiting for ? There must be someone who knows our constitution , and how to do this in the name of all Australians .

  23. sdrawkcaB

    Point 1
    Thank you. I never knew the history of the IPA.

    Point 2
    Sinclair Davidson submitted a complete version of tosh on the Drum today. This article puts that in context.

    Point 3
    Kaye Lee

    Does that mean the ALP is implicated?

    General question.
    Is the IPA our own local version of the Bilderbergs?

  24. corvus boreus

    My short answer to the general question is no.
    The Bilderberg group seems to be an association of the rich and powerful defining a global agenda (of their own interests).
    The IPA is more a lobby group for the rich and powerful, without much wealth or merit in themselves.
    They are the flimsy strings that connect the puppeteers(Rupert, Gina, and other charmers like the tobacco and liquor peddlers) to their marionette (LNP government) to provide a degree of (semi) plausible separation (to the gullible) between Abbott’s regime and the rapacious corporations who benefit from their legislature.
    They are post (and under) graduate pseudo-academics, mostly without actual career resumes, acting as translators and message boys, and rewarded with specially created positions of commission or pre-selection in safe electorates.
    They have been operating for a long time, but with the hollow, moronic arrogance in power at the moment, they are more blatant and shrill in their kook-calls, as they general populace seems sedated and stupefied into ethical obliviousness.
    The strings for the puppet become thicker and more obvious by necessity, they are competing now with the option of straight sock-puppetry.
    .deifiralc taht epoH

  25. sdrawkcaB

    Thanks corvus boreus.

    I wish there was MOOC somewhere that covered the actual processes of politics and influence and not the propaganda version fed to us. I have uncovered a reasonable amount through internet dabbling buts its hard work and fragmented.

    Also the odd book helps but even still.

    I also see you worked out my name.

  26. Loz

    Of course, the Labour Party is 100% independent of union control.

  27. corvus boreus

    And the unions are such an ascendant and powerful force, completely in charge of the current governmental agenda, with no real legitimate claim to represent the interests of any slice of the populace.

  28. cuppa


    And of course the Coalition parties are 100% independent of Employer and Business union influence…

    Rudd IR critic John Hart launches Bradfield bid

    The Australian, 27 August 2009

    A high-profile foe of the Rudd Government’s industrial relations policies has entered the battle for Bradfield.

    John Hart, CEO of Restaurant and Catering Australia, will contest the Liberal preselection for the blue-ribbon North Shore seat.

    Nationals choose former VFF president to run for safe seat

    Their ABC, 15 April 2013

    The National Party has endorsed former Victorian Farmers Federation president Andrew Broad as its candidate for safest federal seat in Australia.

  29. Möbius Ecko

    corvus boreus July 7:36 am

    This escalation and new boldness is because they now have a gormless puppet in charge of the country that will do their bidding without hesitation.

    For all Howard’s faults he was probably the consummate political animal, and it could be successfully argued that was a bad thing, but he was never a mindless puppet like Abbott.

    The extreme right have their automaton, as faulty and stammering as he is, and for me it’s a certainty they will do everything in their power to keep him there forever. They last thing they want is a Hockey or Turnbull taking over with probably only Joyce as the next suitable candidate for their wants.

  30. cuppa


    …with probably only Joyce as the next suitable candidate for their wants

    I’d say he’d be Big Gina’s choice…

    Sydney Morning Herald, 08 September 2013:

    It might have been Barnaby Joyce’s celebration party for the seat of New England but the star of the show last night at the election after-party in Tamworth was Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart.

    The West Australian iron ore billionaire just dropped in for the political celebration – even before the result was confirmed – and it set the whole room of the dyed in the wool and the committed Nationals supporters on fire.

  31. trevor

    Abbott et al believe their own bullshit to such a degree as to want to convince the unbelievers.

    As for the rest of the brain dead Australian electorate awaiting with eager greed the next election and the bag full of bribes that Abbott will afford them to vote for him,it,they who must rule,etc,etc.

    Talk about lost plots

    Unfortunately the thinking amongst the unthinking(now there’s a strange word association Thin king) get nothing for their input apart from correspondence from Lieberal MP’s thanking us for being Fans, and when pointing out that one is not a fan and requesting that one’s name be removed from Lieberal lists, a reply is quickly forthcoming alerting one to the fact that said fanless Lieberal MP is there to assist in one’s search for?

    Can’t govern, can’t count, can’t listen, can’t serve.

    That’s the Abbott rabble

    Export Abbott not Refugees

  32. abbienoiraude

    1 Thank you for reiterating the role of the IPA and putting it up once again to be studied and wept over.
    2 Thank you Glenn Murray for such a comprehensive expose of IPA and its connection to LNP/Government. I too could not watch those pieces of work via video sprout and spread their spiel.
    3 And to corvus boreus every time you write I find myself saying ‘yes yes and yes’. Thank you for your added contributions. You have a (blush) fan in me.

    All this is so disturbing and I am unknowing in how to disseminate this to those who do not research, study or read Independent Media and their amazing contributors. It is vital the IPA be exposed over and over until it is damned for all time to the annuls of historic rubble.

  33. corvus boreus

    .Möbius Echo,
    I just found out how to accent my clichés!(Sorry, small things)
    I agree that there is a triumphancy at the IPA with having such a plasticine puppet who is, as you observe, entirely free of gorm(although displaying disfunctions of design and construction from sub-standard material). Some of them would have to have the living string between eyes and brain to know it can not last.
    I think they may be able to push ‘our’____ of a PM(spits) into implementing further and further loopsies off their shopping list under the poison whisper that such bold measures would show strength of character, garnish respect and admiration, gratitude even, and bolster his popularity in the electorate. Get it while it’s there, their sinecures for a rich, rewarded future depend.
    At the point of populace revolt, the actions of the LNP grey-men and players would take over proceedings.
    New leader, couple of repeals of tipping point decisions, back to business. Same shit, slightly milder flavour. Who? Who knows.(my money’s on ‘moderate-mal’, but i wouldn’t bet much)
    How far between as things stand now and the vision splendid of the IPA does tipping point occur?
    Unregulated(no ACMA) Murdoch monopoly with no diversity safeguards, public broadcasters, or even theoretical requirement of factuality or balance of opinion?(or Gina’s Fairfax)
    Or Gina and Clive’s Northern Playground, a tax free land of migrant pittance peons on projects of subsidised big dams for huge mines with tick and flick approval?
    Or when underground apparatchiks start cropping up in cabinet unannounced?
    I am motivated to wood-peck on this one. It’s a particularly filthy grub.
    Deep bow, profound thanks, shucks(blush).
    Regarding the best technique for exposing and disseminating to the incurious masses, with some it is currently pointless, they do not want either doubt or truth. They are not open at the moment.
    With the others, when eyes are focused, point 77 (top of page, capitals) sparks outrage(and thought) in anyone appreciating democracy.
    The grouping of the media proposals works for less single minded folk , those who value diversity and can make connections.
    Impart the information you are certain of, then give them space for contemplation and digestion before the barriers come back up.
    Meantime, we learn more ourselves.
    A quote in a spoken word(+strings) song (Flobots “we are winning”)says;
    There is a war going on for your mind,
    if you are thinking, you are winning.

  34. corvus boreus

    Ps, Möbius, sorry about the mis-spell on the surname.

  35. drchristo

    Frightening reminder but thanks.
    The email from Roskam just about renders me speechless.

    Many of the spouters for this bunch profile themselves a ‘classic; liberals and/or libertarians in their twitter and facebook accounts for example.

    In the dim past of my education the latter was described as two types.

    1. Dismantling the rules and creating freedoms so that all society (which I assume to include the less well off, disabled and disadvantaged as well as the rest) were advantaged as a whole and that sounded OK.

    2. Dismantling the rules and organising things to advantage themselves and associates which was described as the anarchist version.

    If what I remember is correct the latter description fits the creepies that comment, slating the ABC for example as being a left wing hotbed but appearing all over it on the current affairs programs; The Drum etc and radio.
    So it’s anarchists for my description of them.

  36. Kaye Makovec

    Is the IPA running Australia?
    Probably 75% and have been for a very long time, the rest is the BCA,

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  38. leon

    We should get an updated version of this article in relation to what’s been accomplished/ what’s in the pipeline regarding the IPA list of 75.

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