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Who is it that can’t manage money?

By Ad astra

How many times have you heard the Liberals mouth Labor can’t manage money? What though, is the Liberal record?

Treasurer Jim Chalmers belled the cat when he said:

The economy was weaker in the March quarter than was forecast at election time.

“Growth at 0.8 per cent was…much weaker than what was expected for the corresponding period in the pre-election fiscal outlook”.

He added: “Consumption, dwelling investment, new business investment export and the nominal GDP were all weaker in the March quarter than was anticipated by our predecessors in the Budget and by the departments at PFO.”

“Although the national accounts are notoriously backward looking, if you think about what has happened in the economy since the end of March: inflation is higher, we have had an interest rate hike, petrol prices are up 12 per cent since the end of April, wholesale electricity prices are up 237 per cent since the end of March, and gas more than 300 per cent higher than the average of the last few years.”

Robust in parts, resilient in parts, but with rising inflation, chickens coming home to roost, and a perfect storm of energy rate spikes.

Who is it that can’t manage money?


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Who would believe that a person who has lived a life of inflated self romancing fraud, fiction, fantasy, superstition, lying scripted dogma and assorted bullshitsoaked rubbish might be a professional idiot? An economics idiot, Morrison lived by the lie and has passed down the tubes, out the sphinctre, faces oblivion in a real world of post coital scorn and derision and yet will live well on taxpayer funded retirement loot, not a ducking follar of which was really earned. Sugar to shit in a shambling slide…

  2. Harry Lime

    Cheer up Phil,we have a line up of shadow ministers that could have been selected by the Goons..or Mel Brooks,and led by a bloke with a marble face and a tart with an elastic one,and for good measure, their alleged ‘partners’ have a fully fledged dill for a comical trifecta.The makings of an excellent comedy routine.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Harry, imagine Dutton and Littleproud actually working, doing something useful instead of operating on dreams, fantasies, promises, donations, setup future rewards and sinecures.., never. And the lady deputies (should we be kind? Yes, but…) have not one progressive, vigorous achievement in their records. It is dismal, deadening. Lying larcenous Murderer-Dock and his scribblers will need inventive scripts. Recent shit is just that, failing to hold support of even the devoted greedites and selfites.

  4. Canguro

    Can I suggest the lead article contributors cease including the smug self-satisfied image of that person, Australia’s worst prime minister, or if they insist on his appearance, at least place a black circle, preferably with a pair of devil’s horns, where his head should be?

    It’s disturbing and unnecessary to be reminded of the existence of this criminal psychopath. The sooner he is scrubbed from our everyday consciousness the better, for all of us. Let him become a footnote in history…not totally forgotten, but a sinister warning to what can happen when we cease to be vigilant.

  5. New England Cocky

    @ Canguro: Agreed. I seconds the motion. I have seen enough of Scummo Smirker to last more than several lifetimes. The future looks brighter as SpuddoDuddo graces the screen as the first lifetime Liarbral Leader of the Opposition and SuSSan Laid provide the ammunition for political cartoonists and our own AIMN raconteurs …. Opposition ….. uhm ….. could that become ”to be sh*t on”?

  6. andy56

    the liberals to a fault have one underlying problem. They all believe their own crap. The refuse point blank to accept the fact their ideology is crap. If they were returned, australia would have become a trash bowl. Just look at all the issue compounding in the country now. A gas led recovery? Blind freddy could have seen that car crash, much like a wrangler turns on its side when crash tested., ” but we make beautiful cars”. Living os in thailand makes me think oz is a banana republic already. I dread my return later in the year.

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    Thumbs up to all the comments so far.

    From my point of view, I never trust any bible thumping bastard, in whatever context or circumstance they are operating. They use religion merely as prop for their inadequacies, but somehow manage to fool many people for a long time. Until of course, the stench and putrifying sight gets too much for the people’s senses.
    This pivoting to nuclear energy is another wedge type policy, designed to cause friction between Labor and the Greens and the Independents. Another brainwave of Murdoch’s sick mind. And he’ll be banging on about it for the next years.

  8. totaram

    andy56: I contest your assertion that they believe their own crap. They are much more canny and cunning than you claim. In addition, they have the assistance of the “think tanks” like the IPA which are supposedly “charitable”, but serve only to generate propaganda and rhetoric to serve their masters. They propagate their crap to befool and bamboozle “the voters”, so that said voters will vote against their own interests. Fortunately, this tactic seems to be losing its effectiveness. Thank Dog!! Further, if I may warm to this theme, the crap they repeat for Goebbelsian benefit is entirely for certain occasions and suddenly becomes irrelevant on other occasions. Just one example is the “government debt”, which in 2013 was a “disaster”, but now at several times its size as a proportion of GDP, was “manageable” when caused by the Coalition. You can find your own examples. My point is that the “crap” they spew is entirely for consumption by the uninformed numpties. They themselves do not really believe a word of it. Witness their actions, many of which show clearly that these oppose exactly what they would like you believe are their “beliefs”.

  9. Kathryn

    With a WHOPPING debt and deficit DISASTER of more than $1 TRILLION, it is clearly evident that the useless, totally corrupt, wasteful and absolutely inept political parasites in the LNP couldn’t be trusted with the meagre contents of a child’s piggy bank let alone the country’s treasury! Let me clarify this appalling, never-before seen debt of $1 Trillion …. that is an incomprehensible amount of money, far larger than the combined wealth of some of our Pacific neighbours!


    Just imagine what THAT sort of money could do for the poorest, most disadvantaged people in our country but, instead, it went to feed the remorseless, relentless greed of the Top 1% and fund a few hefty political salary rises for the blood-sucking elitists in the LNP! It’s no surprise that the inept, bone-idle Sloth Morrison became the FIFTH HIGHEST PAID POLITICAL LEADER in the western world!

    Of course, it appears that the LNP-supporting greedy buggers in the Banks have done a deal with the devil and postponed hiking up their mortgage interest rates until AFTER the last federal election which, thankfully, saw the absolute annihilation of the worst political regime in living memory! No doubt the swaggering, arrogant pathological liars in the LNP/Murdoch alliance will, inevitably, have the gall and temerity to blame Labor for these interest rate hikes, probably right before the next NSW State election and, most certainly, they will play their usual “blame game” just before the next federal election!

    Once again, the most gullible, Murdoch-manipulated fools in the nation will, by then, have forgotten all the chaos, dysfunction and remorseless corruption committed by the diabolical sociopaths in the LNP and will forgive them for nearly 9 of the most disastrous, internationally-embarrassing years of political depravity, elitism, misogyny and ongoing greed, and re-elect them! Once again, some gormless people will inhale all the crap and propaganda pushed out by the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance especially the HUGE, most appalling and disingenuous lie EVER forced down the throats of gullible voters and that is the BIG WHOPPER that the LNP are better economic managers! Even the experts in the IMF (the highly regarded International Monetary Fund) have stated that the LNP (during the disgraceful Howard/Costello government) were the worst, most wasteful government on record! The fact is that the LNP are STILL wasteful and corrupt and always will be! The LNP have NEVER EVER achieved a single thing to benefit the lives of ordinary Australians because they continually enrich and empower THEMSELVES and their non-taxpaying billionaire donors in the Top 1% at OUR expense!

  10. LOVO

    The LNP’s most galling failure is their pre-selection processes…their life after politics v australian democracy shills….the me-me’s v the people shills… the milkers rise above the cream; then flog off the ‘cream’ shills..the LNP know all about “economics” ….for them’s…not for us. Poor fella my country….thanks to Howard, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison.
    ‘It’s Time’, ….pendulum swing like a pendulum do ☺

  11. Liam

    Just forget the tax cuts for the top end for a while and let wage rises happen. Bracket creep will put a damper on inflation, and bring in some revenues, as is the nature of a progressive tax system.

    Something important, should the government get to work on a public housing program, is to require much better thermal performance. Double glazing, decent insulation, passive and active solar, all contribute to reducing demand for (thus cost of) energy.

    The supply of decent housing might start to pressure developers and landlords to improve the extermely poor state of the Nation’s rental stock.

  12. wam

    Labor needs to jump on the blonds of the media who are heard bleating: The liberal debt, of a $trillion is due to the covid response. Such bullshit will quickly become truth. ps Kathryn, a billion, when I was young, was a million million but that was pommie now that has changed to the septics’ billion ie 1000 million(9 zeros) and a trillion is a thousand billion(12 zeros) ie a million million.
    your question was 2 politicians add 2 monkeys how many politicians?
    My answer was 4 but my words disappeared you will have to present easier questions for people like me?

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