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Where is Scott Morrison and why is it a secret?

We awoke this morning to another day in which Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s whereabouts are unknown to the public, with his staff declining to enlighten us.

This isn’t the first time an Australian PM has gone missing: in 1967 Harold Holt went swimming and has never been heard of since. It’s unlikely Morrison has met the same fate, but we live in times when all things seem possible, generally not in a good way.

The secrecy surrounding the PM’s location is bizarre. Leaving the country in the midst of a national emergency with bushfires out of control and soaring temperatures threatening to elevate the danger to another level altogether is, in itself, an odd choice of timing. Shrouding his destination and the length of his absence in mystery only adds to the sense that we are in the hands of a very peculiar individual indeed. The man is already copping serious condemnation for clearing off, why conceal his destination as well?

I’m trying hard to think of any other world leader who has simply disappeared from his country at any time, let alone when that country is in the crisis we’re currently experiencing. We’ve never had a PM who buggered off when there was a national disaster. They’ve all had their flaws, some of them major, but nobody ever buggered off and left the country rudderless and burning.

Rumours have placed Morrison in Hawaii, enjoying a summer break with his family. More rumours suggest Hawaii was merely a stop over in a much longer journey to New York, where his Pentecostal mentor, Hillsong’s Brian Houston, has just opened a church in a multi-million dollar property recently acquired by Hillsong in Manhattan. I couldn’t possibly comment. Well, actually, I could.

Many of us have been a bit slack about taking seriously Morrison’s commitment to his Pentecostal cult. Their beliefs are so wildly beyond anything any rational or even mildly irrational being can endorse, we’re inclined to laugh them off. This is a big mistake. Emeritus Professor in the History of Religious Thought at the University of Queensland, Philip Almond, has explained five aspects of Pentecostalism that we need to familiarise ourselves with if we are to understand where Morrison’s faith will take us. Here you are.

There is also this piece in The Monthly by James Boyce titled The Devil and Scott Morrison which is a longer read, worth undertaking if you want to know how the PM’s religious beliefs influence his politics, particularly his attitude to deadly, rampaging bushfires and apocalyptic heat, as well as beliefs on poverty and god’s preference for the wealthy.

During the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009 Morrison, then an ambitious young Liberal MP, attacked Victoria’s Police Chief Christine Nixon for going out to dinner while her state was in crisis. He found her decision shocking, and not one a senior figure in public life should have made. However, not only has Morrison now buggered off in this current crisis, he’s gone overseas with no forwarding address giving no indication of how long he’ll be gone. Every criticism he made of Nixon must now be applied to him, tenfold.


In Morrison’s absence Emergency Leaders for Climate Action, a group that includes no fewer than 29 former emergency services chiefs, has announced it is prepared to take over if the government remains “missing in action” on the matter of future planning for emergencies similar or worse to the one we are currently experiencing. Group spokesperson Greg Mullins is the former NSW Fires and Rescue Commissioner. These are serious people with decades of experience. Mullins is still on the front line fighting fires.

There is, the group states, a “leadership vacuum” in Canberra and they will go ahead with planning for future emergencies whether Morrison is involved or not. I cannot remember a precedent for this in Australia or anywhere else, except when there’s a military coup. Essentially, the experts are declaring that the government is not functioning in these matters, and they are stepping in to take on responsibilities the government has declined to shoulder.

We are in interesting times. I have no idea how this will end, and neither does anybody else. Good luck, fellow travellers.

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.


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  1. Kerri

    Well he did say he would burn for us. Maybe he meant sunburn?

    Maybe with so many businesses, councils, prominent person et al some civil disobedience of the torch and pitchfork variety is warranted. Well past time for a vote of no confidence

  2. Grumpy Geezer

    I’m eagerly awaiting the spin he applies to his abondonment of the country during a national emergency.

    His transparent evasiveness on the issue of flying his BFF Brian with him to the Trump lawn picnic and wealth blessing at the White House confirmed all suspicions. What’s he going to say when he returns this time? What smug diversionary tactic will he adopt? Whatever he comes up with it will be accompanied with that arrogant smirk that he cannot hide behind his feigned concern so i better go hide my shovel or the TV is going to suffer.

  3. Pilot

    We’re well and truly screwed. Morrison is showing his true colours, those of a lying coward, too scared to take responsibility for his actions and words. Easier to piss off for a while, let things cool (literally), then come back and convince the moronic gullible that all is good and he wasn’t required because of the work of his brilliant team. Trust me. More lies on the way, more animated Bullshitboy, same shit, situation normal.

    Bullshitboy is so far out of his depth it isn’t funny any more.

    As Kerri said, it is time to take to the streets in open protest, they can’t lock us all up.

  4. JudithW

    Maybe we could close the borders and not let him back in.

  5. Kaye Lee

    I don’t really care where he is. It’s not like he does anything useful when he is here and at least we get a break from the smirk. I’d rather hear from Greg Mullins than the liar from the Shire.

  6. paul walter

    On the ABC midday news, Gladys announces a big cost blowout for the new stadium she rushed through just before last election.

    The NSW Opposition leader comments that the $hundred million blow out alone could have financed the purchase of three fire fighting aircraft.

    And of course nothing done to sort out the corrupt mess that is Darling river water policy except to block change yesterday from Little proud.

  7. paul walter

    His idea of a holiday is to go to a happy clappy fanatics church in the US?

  8. paul walter

    He got out so the Nats could sew up “no change” to the cotton irrigator’s grab for water on the dead Darling, without him being around to refuse it.

  9. paul walter

    Hmmm, lost my post I was going to say no sharks around to get rid of Morrison like there was with Holt.

  10. paul walter

    Intriguing suggestion, elsewhere.

    Albo won’t criticise him because he has actually gone to Afghanistan and we are not supposed to know Afghanistan is an actually-extant place.

  11. Keith

    A further article about the Pentacostal Church. They are only a minority, but through Morrison far exceed their numbers in power. They appear to be another fundamentalist religious group. Has it dawned on Morrison that the sins of treating refugees atrociously has come back to haunt Australia. After all under the new Religious Bill people can say the malady people possess can be attributed to their sins. I’m not sure how that fits in with babies being born with serious health conditions … but to me logic and religion often do not match.

    The conundrum for Morrison is trying to offset scientific reasons for the terrible bushfires, drought and floods with religious views. We know that using fossil fuels damages the homeostases of the atmosphere.

    Australian neo-Pentecostal perspectives on anthropogenic climate change

  12. Jano

    He cant handle a media shit storm ! . He cant handle it .Because, it’s become the Norm !

    It’s any ones guess, where he is gone ..Maybe ,sprawled out on the white house lawn ! ………………..

    A marketing guru – with out a Captains call ! May be – being held captive to the Right Wing claws !……………………

    And ( Right ) now …He would confuse Jesus – for Santa Clause ….

    As for droughts and Fires , will they consume him …….. or the Party Dinasaurs ?

    Oh , it reeks – of revolving Doors .. Toe the line – Or obey the Divine ?

    You cant serve 2 masters -( Man or God ? ) Trial by fire !

    will thou be refined – or just another Conservative Con !!!!…….???????????????

  13. Zathras

    When he was elected President of the USA JFK came under criticism for being a Catholic as his primary loyalty was questioned. He explicitly stated he was “an American first and a Catholic second”.

    Morrison on the other hand gets all defensive when his personal faith is questioned and will not discuss how it may potentially influence his politics. Brushing off legitimate enquiries as “gossip” or part of the so-called “bubble” fools no one.

    The proposed Religious Discrimination Bill is intended to put more power into the hands of the likes of Hillsong and others with an agenda besides sucking money from the pockets of the gullible and vulnerable.

    Abbott was once caught lying about his dealings with George Pell and maybe Morrison has that in mind but if he’s sincere in his beliefs he should be prepared to proudly clarify them.

    Otherwise he’s just another self-interested, deluded, lying pew-packer scheming behind the scenes to get himself a ticket to the afterlife, because in the end that’s the ultimate purpose of religion.

  14. paul walter

    Zathras, he is shortsighted not to question WHERE he will spend that after life.

  15. Roswell

    He’s been found.

    He was spotted overnight with Brian Houston in New York.

    No doubt talking about new policy initiatives.

  16. Mike Mack D

    The links to the comments to Philip Almond’s and Mairead Shanahan’s articles are interesting. From within the Christian mindspace (which, BTW, I am not) it would be worth asking how the bit in Genesis about humans being God’s stewards of Earth and Jesus’s parable about the wise and foolish stewards is irrelevant re climate change.

  17. Geoff Andrews

    There’s been a lot of unfair criticism about Scott and family’s absence. This holiday was booked six months ago before all these fires just after his miraculous win. To cancel now would be to forfeit his deposit and more and he quite correctly did not want to waste the taxpayers’ money so he has reluctantly and with a heavy heart jetted off.
    Come on Grumpy, what do you think?

  18. Peter F

    G A : What emergency level would be sufficient reason for him to cancel his ‘well earned’ holiday?

  19. crypt0

    Zathras …
    ” if he’s sincere in his beliefs” … there’s the problem !

  20. Grumpy Geezer

    Geoff Andrews,

    See subsequent article.


  21. LambsFry Simplex.

    Life’s a bitch, Geoff Andrews.

  22. wam

    the xstian and his gang are secretive about everything because like all xstians they are frightened of a challenge to their beliefs.
    However unlikely it may be, it is possible labor can throw off their 6 year ‘short on courage’ malaise.

    He could be negotiating a deal with the yanks???

    Perhaps he and the rabbott are fighting fires from those few that don’t deny???
    But who cares the man gives me
    the creeps and aust is much better off with mccormack

  23. Kaye Lee

    Life’s a beach for Scotty

  24. paul walter

    He is an adman ten years after he is dead. People’s lives don’t matter so long he is accomplishes his corrupt objectives.

  25. Kathryn

    The increasingly fascist, discredited and condescending MorriScum and his vindictive, totally inept government are among the HIGHEST paid politicians in the OECD world YET have achieved absolutely NOTHING since their rise to (unelected) power in August 2018 on the backs of a devious Turnbull backstabbing – the THIRD contemptible leadership overthrow in only 5 years – can you just IMAGINE what these breathtaking hypocrites would have said if this ignominious situation was occurring under an ALP government! My God, the Murdoch/LNP/IPA Alliance would be SCREEEEAMING from the rooftops by now. Instead, we have DEAD SILENCE from Z-rated journalists and gutless hacks eeking out a living and saying NOTHING about the WORST government in our history!

    What is worse, is that this lazy, non-achieving grubby snake oil salesman has hardly been seen in parliament since he rose to power like faecal matter in a polluted pond. To put it mildly: Morrison has NOT EARNED a taxpayer-funded sojourn in Hawaii! One has to have WORKED for a living to EARN a holiday and the indolent, smug and do-nothing MorriScum has yet to be seen to put in a SOLID day’s work in his history as a sneering CAREER political parasite.

    What we have NOW is a smug fascist with a God complex running away from the unbearable heat and smoke pollution that HIS climate-change-denying, coal-loving regime has – in no small way – helped to CREATE! Clearly, Sloth MorriScum can’t take the HEAT so has scooted off to stay in one of Trump’s hotels in the company of a paedophile-supporting cult leader, Brian Houston! WOW! WTF is the governor general when you need him? Morrison and Dutton should be hung, drawn and quartered – their history of absolute destruction, DOUBLING our national deficit, defunding our children’s education, defunding the ABC into oblivion (in readiness to privatise OUR taxpayer owned media station), arresting whistleblowers, prosecuting journalists, vilifying and arresting people practising their DEMOCRATIC right to protest, rescinding Medevac in a heartlessly devious and cruel move to further torture defenceless asylum seekers, granting THEMSELVES three pay rises whilst the meager wages for ordinary Australians stagnate for years on end, selling off EVERYTHING we own to foreign predators, handing over the precious waters of our Murray/Darling river system to foreign owned cotton growers – in the middle of the worst drought on record – in Barnyard Joyce’s electorate (which has caused the devastation and drying up of our longest river system and its tributaries and the suffocating death of BILLIONS of fish), the constant lies, the relentless broken promises, the smug condescending contempt for ordinary Australians, the worrying lack of transparency, the rising fascism!


    HOW BAD DOES THE LNP HAVE TO GET before journalists have the GUTS to stand up and finally have the integrity, credibility and REAL justifiable concern for our egalitarian way of life, our democracy and our children’s future and STOP allowing themselves to be threatened by this fascist regime? It is OVERTIME that journalists now openly (and scathingly) criticise and LOUDLY CONDEMN this, the worst government in living memory?

    It is OVERTIME that Australians STOP being the QUIET, MEEK AND SUBMISSIVE AUSTRALIANS the ruthless, totally corrupt fascist, Morrison, wants us to be! RISE UP!

  26. RC

    There’s a petition on ‘Calling on the Governor General to dissolve the house’. Only 47,000 have signed so far but it’s growing. I signed it. It’s a train wreck of a govt – as it has been for the last six and a half years. It has failed Australia on the delivery of every major project it touches – such as the NBN and the NDIS. It conducted the dirtiest most expensive election campaign in Australian history with foreign interference and the backing of a RW media oligarch.. and still only won by a margin (lost quite a few seats). They made a new ministry for ‘home affairs’ to keep Dutton happy, and the religious freedom bill has taken this madness to a whole new level. Does anyone recognise their country of birth anymore? They must be booted, ASAP.

  27. PopsiJ

    Whilst Scotmo is in New York he will fly to Afghanistan with Trump for a quick PR shoot, have his photo taken with combat cap on. beer in hand, silly smirk on his face then fly back to Oz for the Xmas happy clappy season,

  28. Some other time

    What I can’t understand is if he thinks his chief happy clapper in the sky will take care of everything why does he need to be leader of the country?

  29. Robin Alexander

    Late with my comment but my version of PM holiday yes booked last March may be so but truly believe he dropped of wife kids Hawaii then went to US for Grand OPENING HILLSONG PRAYER HALL IN MANHATTAN after enjoying Opening he returned to Hawaii? Is this True reason for SECRECY ABANDONING FIRESTORM IN NSW? the men head of this CULT HOUSTONS close friends of PM suggested one was at KIRRIBILI staying for few days with his mate? These mates indoctrinated our PM into this cult how proud they must feel to have PM of AUSTRALIA in a position to inflict their Agenda on to population and country? which is happening right now no empathy for anyone not extremely wealthy intent making life miserable for aged cancelling aids to them before XMAS with promise to introduce INDUE CARDS TO ALL WHO. RECEIVE PENSIONS ANY DESCRIPTION 2020!80/90yr olds never comprehend this evil cards restrictive working? Yes carrying out dogma? A list of Donations given by PM was shown quiry on donation $300milion religion? Would this be gift to HILLSONG US for their building New Hall? Reason PM would want to bathe in the Glory? He is recalling Parliament at great cost for couple days(dont sit until March) expressly to get Reigious Bill past hoping quick passage with many members overseas! Cunning as a S..thouse Rat? WHY THE URGENCY? EXACTLY WHAT ARE THEY UP TO THIS HILLSONG GROUP PARLIAMENTERIANS? Also another BILL maybe Union bill? Or INDUE FOR ALL WELFARE RECIEPTIANTS hidden underWelfare are pensioners? SOMETHING is truly afoot with this Evil crowd that AUSTRALIANS truly wont want I fear! WHAT IS SO URGENT &AT GREAT COST THAT PARLIAMENT HAS TO BE RECALLED? Hope Labor.AWARE who knows with HANSON/LAMBIE these days? We shall find outtoour detriment no doubt?

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