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Where are the real headlines?

By Truth Seeker

If there was ever a valid argument for MSM (mainstream media) bias, these last few months have cemented that argument in the minds of many. The result of this should be a big wakeup call that we are being misled, and even downright lied to by a majority of those that call themselves ‘journalists’ and ‘newspapers/outlets’.

The truth is that if a Labor government showed even half the level of dysfunction, disunity, dishonesty, incompetence and, in some cases, corruption, that Malcolm Turnbull and his mendacious rabble have shown, the MSM would have been screaming it from the rooftops ad-infinitum.

Now to be fair, blatant media support for the rabid right is nothing new, as all truth seekers would be well aware, but in my opinion they seem to have taken their sycophancy to dizzying new heights, with their positively sickening, almost obsessive love affair with everything ‘Turnbull’.

Again, to be fair to them, it must have been very hard work for them to find positive spins to put on the Abbott stupidities, so Turnbull, with his smarmy smile, fine suits and positive spin on his mendacious ramblings, must be like a walk in the park, by comparison.

But I digress.

Tellingly, the fact remains that in the five months since he ‘knifed’ Abbott, Turnbull and his mob have done absolutely nothing, other than two major reshuffles and reinforce the failures of the Abbott debacle.

The truth is that the Abbott/Turnbull governments have been plagued with scandals, waste, rorting and mismanagement of epic proportions. The hallmark of both (and I use the term loosely) ‘leaders’, being terrible personal and political judgement, resulting in disastrous ‘Captains calls’, any one of which, from a Labor leader, would be seen by the MSM as ‘a hanging offence’.

And with a cloud still hanging over Christopher Pyne and Wyatt Roy over the ‘Ashbygate’ affair, and rumours persisting of a “Cabinet Minister” who is allegedly guilty of a serious and sackable offence, Turnbull’s ‘new’ ministry seems already to be on shaky ground . . . and it hasn’t even been sworn in yet!

So the question that we all should be asking of our mendacious and misleading MSM is:

“Where are the real headlines?”

This is an edited version of the article originally published on Truth Seeker Musings.


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  1. mark delmege

    why would you expect the MSM to act any different? The shame of it all though is the ABC. When was the last time you heard intelligent people from the left control any programing or content? Its all middling or to the right. Its not as if there aren’t intelligent people on the left offering alternative views analysis or proposals but we don’t see or hear them – or maybe you do but I’m slowly distancing myself from their crap. There are plenty of alternatives out there and if they want to make themselves irrelevant that is their problem – not mine.

  2. Wally

    In Victoria the fallout from Gary Lyons relationship with best mate Billy Brownless ex wife has been the top news story all week in the Murdock rags. They are celebrities but hard to understand how it is front page news, must be a slow week in the newsrooms.

  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes, where are the headlines? I wonder if any MSM journos read our comments on this site. It would be good to have any of them explain why they are failing to spotlight the failures of the Turnbull/Abbott LNP Government.

  4. Julian

    Spot on. One wonders why Labor under Gillard and Rudd did not take the opportunity to dilute the power of Murdoch and facilitate diversity after their enquiry and the opportunity provided by the News of the World phone tapping scandal.

  5. Jaquix

    Exactly so! It is just so tiresome to see it in action. Turnbull reminds me of Rudd – so very popular in the malls, streets and now on trams (he is refusing to fund). Yet chaos and inaction is absolutely the order of the day behind the scenes and all we hear are soothing lines about we are thinking seriously about…/are absolutely committed to…./ everything is on the table…. now in their 3rd year of power (aka inaction) its incomprehensible that they have done nothing except try to whack the ordinary people of this country. No policies announced, no cohesion, and corruption of decent behaviour by so many Ministers. This should all be the subject of screaming headlines in the media instead of the vanilla stuff they are putting out. I am heartened though by the level of support for Labor’s new neg gearing policy. Leaving Malcolm floundering around (and hot air head Morrison likewise) – no doubt looking at that table again !

  6. kerri

    Yep! Completely agree. I subscribe to Crikey whom I once regarded to be relatively independant but their blatant LOVE for all things Malcolm is vomit making! The Sheeple, who don’t think for themselves and believe anything the MSM says and does will be dragged into this vortex of hero worship which is truly frightening.
    We need to try to educate people to steer away from MSM and to use the net for research.
    Our hope lies with the younger generation who are often more adventurous and less gullible but we need them to vote!

  7. PeterStevenson

    I always thought the ABC’s reporting was right down the middle until the pressure was put on by the Liberals over funding.Since this has happened it has favoured the the right. The reason the right believed that bias towards the labor party was occurring was because of the mendacious lies put out by the MSM which they believed.

  8. lawrencewinder

    If the looks on the faces of the journo’s at the press club today were an indication, then Scumo Morrison has his problems….

  9. gangey1959

    I agree entirely. It’s just disgusting.
    Football ? Front, back, full center spread in 3 Melb papers for a week.
    Misappropriation of a shitload of money from the lnp ? 3 column inches in the Australian until the football came along.
    The bright and shiny turdbull, all fake tan and ceramic teeth, couldn’t make a real decision if his pmship depended on it.
    Do we tell him now or after the election that in actual fact it does already ?
    Personally, I don’t care whether he pics the refugees, the NBN, Marriage equality, Gonski, Education Equality, Tax reform, or becoming a Republic, just pick one.
    Then he can toss a coin, gut tony abbott and get the 3 party witches (pc, bb & jb) to consult the entrails or or even ask his missus.
    Just make a decision mate, you’re our leader. Heaven knows we pay you enough.
    If he can’t handle the pressure of doing that, piss off to the caymans with his gains and give us a go.

  10. Truth Seeker

    Lawrence, Yes, Morrison has definitely got problems, apart from the fact that some of his arguments WRT negative gearing were self contradicting, and his general incompetence is hard to ignore, he seems to have moved from Abbott’s three word slogans, to Turnbull’s waffling!

    And sadly the Journos, for the most part, sidestepped the hard questions, and when a tricky one was asked… He just ignored the question and waffled!

  11. Kaye Lee

    Peter Martin, Bernard Keane, Lenore Taylor all looked very sceptical, as they should have done. Morrison is reading from a script so he doesn’t handle questions well. He adopts a tone of voice that says, look you idiot this is the way it is and if you don’t agree with me then “you are dreaming”.

  12. Möbius Ecko

    Can’t post the link from my phone but a small online ABC news snippet reported that 17 of Australia’s top economists and the RBA have all questioned the recent jobs figures from the ABS, as far as saying they are baloney.

    You won’t see that reported in the MSM and it blows Morrison’s jobs growth claim out of the water.

  13. win jeavons

    What jobs?? Try being over 50 and unemployed often because of bad decisions by management.

  14. Kaye Lee

    Real headlines should be reading

    “No Cost/benefit for the TPP? What aren’t they telling us?”

    “NBN up for sale? So much for regional Australia”

    “Children of same sex couples only problem is bullies”

  15. whatismore

    Good piece thanks

  16. Matthew Oborne

    Farrelly wrote an article just after Turnbull became PM. I am yet to see her write an article saying she was as wrong as it gets.
    She proposed Turnbull may well usher in a golden era, she argued he had the ideals and the political capital to make Australia great.

    I have seen many posts from people who predicted Turnbulls behavior perfectly.

    Turnbull wants to achieve for the far right, deliver results they were too crazy to get through and he will be the champion of the far right.

    He is acting like he is the champion of the far right so far proposing initiatives that the right want but doing it without screaming terrorists are coming.

    Lenore has written a few pieces but as far as the majority of the MSM Turnbull has escaped the scrutiny required of the media to be a worthwhile part of democracy.

    Murdoch did Australians the greatest disservice he could pushing those idiots on us, and no matter how much Turnbull shifts ministers around he is stuck with a major problem, the ones who stuff up less are the shining lights of their party, there are no ministers who actually shine who actually are doing such a great job they confirm Howards argument that higher pollie pay means better pollies.

    We got worse pollies and no one in the MSM is actually making the case that the Party itself is so full of idiots they cant govern.

  17. Phillip Campbell

    Wreckless? Is that a word? If so, does the headline mean that Turnbull is without wrecks? I am happy to tally those. Does it, instead, mean that he ‘can’t be wrecked or damaged, as in ‘my bomb of a car is wreckless’? If so then we are wasting our time analysing and criticising.

  18. Graeme Finn

    I now refer to them as the corporate media, not the MSM. Nothing mainstream about hypocritical standards and lying to people, That is corporate behaviour.

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