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When you’re in the sights of trolls, they will never stop

By Georgia *

The following is the story of how I became the victim of cyber bullying in a NewsCorp run mothers’ group, for breastfeeding and supporting mothers struggling to breastfeed.

It started with an innocent post of me breastfeeding my daughter, captioned: ‘If you’re still breastfeeding keep going, you’re giving them the best!’ and I never would have imagined how bad it would get.

Right from the start I was told I was shaming mums just for showing the act of breastfeeding. My only goal, being there to rescue mums from the jaws of ‘advice’ that destroy a much wanted and chosen breastfeeding journey. I was there to inform breastfeeding mothers and provide the information and facts, but like a bunch of rabid dogs, other women (my bullies) did not let up.

No matter what I did I was harassed. My only crime, not subscribing to the affirmation ‘fed is best’ because breastmilk is the only biological infant food, and it’s better than infant formula and always will be, a basic fact we all know. Whether a mother breastfed or not, these facts remain unchanged. Information, education and support is best, aka ‘Informed Is Best’ because any other term undermines breastfeeding and the difficulties breastfeeding mothers face.

A group run by News Corp/KidsSpot, this is what they allowed to happen before silently removing me (or so they thought) after a coup of women (also mothers) was formed, demanding my removal over a rumour one sad individual gave life to all on her own one day.

Over the course of being a member in this group, NewsCorp/KidSpot allowed all of this to happen.

This is what I was subjected to on an almost daily or weekly basis, for breastfeeding, sharing my breastfeeding journey, sharing breastfeeding facts, stating breastfeeding facts and encouraging discussions around breastfeeding, but mostly for supporting breastfeeding women.

They started a poll about me, they tormented me, they sent me PMs with pure abuse. They told me to leave because no one wanted me there. They called me names constantly, they laughed at me, my appearance, my brother’s suicide, my ADHD and neurodiverse responses. They made fun of me because I’m a medical scientist. They said feeding my child a low carb diet is child abuse. They called me a nutjob, a c*nt, a pyscho, a bitch and many other names. They insinuated my breastmilk was diseased; and referred to my child in a derogatory manner saying they didn’t want to ‘see IT, sucking on my boob’. I was told my breasts and my breastfeeding photos were offensive and that they, along with others, needed a trigger warning. All while admin removed my comments and posts and kept theirs. The only comments and posts and the only narrative that was allowed was infant feeding that didn’t include breastfeeding. Admin even removed my attempts to clarify and defend myself as I showed examples of what actual mum shaming is versus what it is not, but admin declared it ‘bullying’. Admin even limited my ability to post for a month when no one else was silenced. I was censored at every turn and eventually, every breastfeeding post I made was deleted. They wrote constant posts about me, even when I wasn’t there, they tagged me directly insulting me, they spread rumours about me, tried to contact my work and doxxed me. Admin did not remove the person who doxxed me. They told me my family didn’t like me and my friends didn’t like me. They threatened to turn my family against me.

Then when that didn’t satisfy them they created another group to specifically exclude me and made it very known to me by tormenting me about it, telling me everyone was welcome but me. They also harassed me in another group and before I knew it I was removed from that group too. They claimed I was the bully, whilst enduring some of the most intense bullying I think I’ve ever endured in my life. But I held my head high, and stayed for the new mums who used the ‘post approval free’ group, as a platform to cry out for breastfeeding support all hours of the night and day. New mums who needed support to breastfeed, not formula feed, new mums posting and battling useless comments in a sea of misinformation and false affirmations from women who suggested formula instead-advice that did nothing to support their struggles or breastfeeding journey.

On Tuesday the 17th of January, I was removed from New Mums Australia, my bullies, waiting in the wings constantly checking to see that I was a ‘former member’, made a post in celebration, whilst I looked on from the screen shots of concerned bystanders who offered their support. The slander and defamation of my character continued. Admin took their time removing this celebration post. Some people who I thought were supporting me actually turned on me with no explanation. All of this, despite I have very very clear and concrete evidence of constant bullying, happening under the watchful eye of 7 women employed by NewsCorp. I know they were there, because they removed my posts as it was happening and many were witness to the sudden and record removal of my posts. On Tuesday the 17th of January, the admins of this group run by NewsCorp Australia, DID NOT remove my BULLIES, only me. My bullies are still there.

NewsCorp has ignored my attempts to contact them and even ignored an email sent by partner asking them to take action on my behalf. Every word of the above is true and I have the screen shots to prove it. I have almost 70 accounts of me and only me being subject to their humiliation, despite repeatedly being degraded and told I was the bully. I never once called anyone a name, except I did inbox 2 individuals who laughed/taunted me about my late brother’s suicide, but in my defence, it was his birthday. One individual who taunted me about creating a group to specifically exclude me, claims I created a fake profile and sent her a nasty message. She told the group that my name was attached to the message but refused to show proof. This is not only completely out of my character, but it is also completely untrue, it is a completely false accusation. If a message was sent to one of my bullies, it was not me.

When you’re in the sights of trolls, they will never stop.


Georgia is not the writer’s real name. We have changed it as to protect her from any more vicious abuse.

Admin at The AIMN have dozens of screenshots of the abuse Georgia has been subjected to. They are too repulsive to publish.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Australia was said to be a lucky country, fairly true, but it is also a bit sucky, ducky, yukky, mucky. It isn’t very clever, informed, considerate, thoughtful, farseeing, prudent and humble, just to jog through some words that occur occasionally. Our good is just that, and we are not much different from others, elsewhere, as far as one sees, feels, knows. Social media is helping make us electronic peasants, and self too often over-rides selfless outlook and sympathy. Do unto others.., turn the other cheek.., I know, I know. As for the repulsive inmates of the News and Spews, quite limited, media maggot menagerie, up their Khybers…

  2. Steve Davis

    Thank you for writing this, and keep up the good work.

    The only real good we can do in this life is to help others, so you can hold your head up high.

  3. LambsFry Simplex.

    I have Georgia on my mind after that.

    Now you know, re Newscorpse.

  4. wam

    How did we catch the septic ‘nipple’ disease which aims to destroy the natural growing process?
    Surely physical threats are reportable to the police or at least to meta?
    Have you tried Fairfax or the guardian to dump on news crop?

  5. New England Cocky

    It seems your obvious concern about the health of other mothers was not appreciated by the witches in Merdickville. From my position away from the fray it would appear to be a blessing in disguise to be rid of them. Sometimes being unable (or unwilling) to conceive twists the female mind to all sorts of different strange ways with jealousy of pregnancy and young mothers being too common, caused by their own inability to conceive.

    Keep up your good work, ”Breast is best” as every mammal in the world will testify. Remember baby formula producing corporations are managed by men who have no firsthand experience of either childbirth or baby matters.

  6. Terence Mills

    We have to name and shame these trolls – it is not acceptable that Georgia has to hide her identity, she has nothing to be ashamed of.

  7. Gangey1959

    You have my sympathy, and for what it is worth, my support.
    Every program, anywhere, anytime, that shows animals, humans included, giving birth explains in minute detail the importance of the mothers milk to the baby.
    From “The Yorkshire Vet” to “Who’s Who at the Zoo”, all of the newborns get their first feeds from their mothers, unless there are problems.
    Just one look at the expression of concern on any Dales farmer with a new lamb is born which is unable to feed naturally, and listen to the problems involved with trying to emulate mother’s milk containing the colostrum and the rest of the hormones and “ingredients” required for a healthy baby, and it is quite simple to understand that breast feeding is the most natural thing in the world for bringing up health offspring. Anything out of a tin is the absolute last resort.
    Just don’t breastfeed in Court.
    (PS. Newscorpse’s owner remarried just last week. I imagine that ol’rupey has a bit of a thing for boobies too. (yuk))

  8. Bob

    Trolls, corporate or freelance, are living in an upside down understanding of life.
    They believe making another person unhappy must mean they are, or will become, automatically happy.
    It’s a childish state that some people never grow up out of. Wish them well.
    With some luck they will grow up 🙂

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