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Ah, cancel culture! Or is it can sell culture?

I think that politicians proposing that a phonics only approach would improve our literacy may need to take a deep breath. Whoops. A deep bref.

Anyway, apart from the fact that none of the anti-cancel culture, political correctness gone mad warriors had any problem with Alan Tudge’s we should ban “Dark Emu” in schools, I have noticed a tendency for journalists to argue that there’s a need for expertise when people criticise journalists on Twitter.

Now, let’s get one thing straight, people there is NO excuse for violent threats, abuse or bad language. Any fucker who’d resort to such things should be beaten in public for daring to behave so badly…

Notwithstanding that, I find it interesting that the media frequently ask people to comment on areas outside their field of expertise. This is, of course, fine. I frequently comment on all sorts of things I know nothing about but nobody then suddenly goes, “Hey, Rossleigh said that maybe we should replace democracy with a system where whoever gets the most likes on Facebook should get to be PM for the day.” In other words, people recognise that I’m either on solid ground or I’m putting myself forward as a candidate for the Dunning-Kruger award for 2021.

While it’s true that sometimes people don’t realise that journalists may be playing a devil’s advocate role and asking difficult questions but one doesn’t need expertise in journalism to notice when politicians from one party get asked questions like: “Where will you find the money to pay for action on climate change?” while politicians on the other side get asked, “How did you come up with such a brilliant strategy on saving the jobs of so many people?” Yes, if Scott Morrison gets asks his favourite colour by some journalists, Albanese will be asked to explain how the refraction of light through a prism may result in colours on the wall.

So, it’s interesting to reflect on this with the shock resignation of Gladys who stunned people by announcing that the fact that ICAC was investigating her relationship with Darryl which was dodgy and her relationship with the truth which was possibly not as dodgy but the jury hasn’t even been sequestered on that one…

Yes, one Sky News journalist pointed out that ICAC had brought down three NSW premiers but not one conviction. There is some potential criticism over the first one, which was Nick Greiner who was subsequently cleared. And, while it’s become popular to suggest that Bazza O’Farrell went down over a bottle of wine, it’s always worth pointing out that it was his insistence – under oath – that not only did he not receive a bottle of Grange worth thousands of dollars but because it was bottled in the year of his birth he definitely would have remembered such a gift. While I have no wish to comment on any potential outcome from Ms Berijiklian’s appearance at ICAC, I feel that it may be a little early for the journalist to be insisting that Gladys is another one where ICAC failed to get a conviction.

Another interesting headline was “LYNCH MOB GETS BERIJIKLIAN” from The Australian. It was behind a paywall, so I’m unsure who the lynch mob is. After all, she stood down “unexpectedly” so it’s hardly those uncouth Twitter folk what done her in. Is it suggesting that ICAC is the mob? Whatever it doesn’t make it sound like they think that she stood down for any other reason than an inability to stand up to bullying… Oh, it sounds like she gave in to pressure when you put it like that. Or was the lynch mob her party colleagues who all wanted her job?

Compare that to yesterday’s Herald-Sun in Melbourne where one of the sub headlines was: “ANDREWS AGAIN BLAMES VICTORIANS FOR RISE IN CASE NUMBERS”. I inferred that they thought he should be blaming someone else but it’s hard to fathom who else is responsible for some of the spread if not the people who held Grand Final parties or who attended protests without masks.. . I mean it’s pretty hard to blame the French. if they were suggesting that he should take the blame, then it’s hard to work out what they think he should have done, given their rhetoric has been all about opening up and not worrying too much about the odd thousand cases here and there.

Well, I could be wrong, but I suspect that any day now there’ll be media articles about what a mistake it would be to have a Federal Integrity Commission when ICAC is responsible for such a great Premier as Gladys having to stand down when she’s done nothing more than have loyalty to her partner and if we’d had a similar one at federal level then who knows how many of the great performers like Stuart Robert or Richard Colbeck would have lost their portfolios over some minor issue like forgetting where they left it.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    I’m so glad Glad has gone, and may Morrison go soon, with embarrassing exposure of the repressed facts of crookedness and self centred evils fully exposed. This a stinking, untrustworthy cynically selfish gang, Merde Dog’s malicious media maggoting mob of misfits.

  2. Josephus

    Gutter press for fools indeed. As a friend passes me her Australian I might find out who the mob are wot got the premier , and shall report. My money is on the Jewish lizards wot are behind everything.

  3. Adrian

    We are in a sad state as a country… run by a crowd of fools.

  4. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Rossleigh. Wonderful stuff. You’ve put your finger on so many bits and pieces of foolishness.

  5. GL

    I didn’t know I was in shock at Gladys quitting yesterday until I read, glanced, in Rupertragomedia this morning that Australia was almost in mourning. Time then to practice my sighs of sadness and regret.


    Rossleigh…… next they’ll be insisting that the New England fornicator was just inseminating as many women as he could, to ensure the longevity of the human race.

    Quelle outrage !!!! Murdoch and his preferred bunch of maggots must be apoplectic that one of their own had to fall on her sword. How unfair, how presumptious of the NSW ICAC to investigate fraud and misuse of public office !!!!

    Scummo and his benefactor and protector Murdoch, must be at least satisfied that he can now call the election without the distractions Gladys’s scandals hogging the news and gossip.

  7. Harry Lime

    It has become obvious that the impostor Morrison can’t afford to lose the next election,because what has happened to the ‘Armenian success story’ is just waiting for him and his crooked cronies in the form of Labor’s promised ICAC.Doesn’t look like the submarine imbroglio has pulled his arse out of the fire,so stand by for even greater outrages.Gladys reckons she hasn’t any regrets,but the Fat Lady has yet to sing,and our gaols are full of innocent people.This is based on the bold assumption that any future ICAC is not just a feather duster.Eh,Albo?

  8. Jack sprat

    Gladys’s timing to get out is impeccable as her gold standard on covid is about to wreck havoc around the nation .

  9. Gangey1959

    Thank you Rossleigh, for another wonderful read.
    Did anyone ask the bin-chicken to leave the money on the ‘fridge ?
    No wonder that the prime monster wants to keepp notional cabinet business out of pryingg eyes. we don’t know what might be exposed.
    “…I find it interesting that the media frequently ask people to comment on areas outside their field of expertise…..”
    Interesting thought, Boss. Why do the journos ask (particularly lnp) politicians anything ?
    @HR. At least she is no longer falling on Maguire’s. Or did she trip?
    Stay safe all.

  10. Diane

    Watched an old episode of Live at the Apollo last night with James Acaster – “if you don’t say ‘playing devil’s advocate here…” before you do so, people just think you’re an idiot who believes the crap you’re spouting. Journalists should perhaps take note! Another brilliantly nuanced article, Rossleigh, thanks.

  11. DrakeN

    Dear Rossleigh, I am uncertian as to to just how much of your dark, between-the-lines, tongue-in-cheek satire is deliberate, and how much of it is unintended deliverance of subconcious intellect, but my goodness, how well you achieve your purpose of mocking the very governance which is destroying any semblance of a rational society.
    Likewise I am uncertain as to whether my tears are those of laughter at the absurdities or of absolute dispair in the state of the world which you so eloquently describe.
    Whatever, thank you.

  12. B Sullivan

    “Nick Greiner who was subsequently cleared.”

    Greiner was originally found to be “technically” corrupt. He made no secret of the fact that he offered an inducement of a lucrative posting to a politician whose vote was obstructing his government’s policies in return for his resignation from parliament. He argued that it was normal practice. It’s true, it was normal practice, but it was still immoral and corrupt. Corruption was accepted as normal. Like pork-barreling is normal so it’s OK.

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