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What’s the go, Albo? (Part 1)

OK, Albo’s no Italian stallion – despite the euphoria of love on the rebound – especially after our abusive relationships with a series of cads, war criminal Howard, then “me myself and I” – Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison-too much in love with themselves to brook any rival – whose neoliberal religion sees people as mere consumers; or commodities in a transaction. So it’s not quite love at first sight yet and we’re not quite over the moon, however wonderful it is to see a normal human being become Prime Minister.

Barely a month has passed since amateur DJ, Albo moved his shaving kit into The Lodge bathroom and stashed his Midnight Oil, Spiderbait and Powderfinger amongst his trove of classic vinyl into the spare room yet we’re wondering about the new bloke. OK. He sounds decent, speaks sense and doesn’t lie his head off. That’s refreshing.

But is it enough? Did anyone expect Albo to be in such an oil-fired-nuclear-powered hurry to kiss Biden’s arse? Suck up to Soekarno puppet, Joko Widodo? Where in the pre-nups does it say that, We the People, agree to turn Darwin into a US Marine Base of over 2000 troops on a rotational basis? Whatever that means. The Marines are part of a Top Secret Plan in which Australia helps the neo-con hawks in the Pentagon goad China into a nuclear war over Taiwan. Soon. What could possibly go wrong?

Madeleine King certainly strikes a bum note when she calls for coal to step up to fill the void to push power prices down. There is no void. But our generators can play funny buggers with the supply if they want to create a crisis. Hold a gun to our heads. We know that Australia is a carbon capture state but King still shocks us.

Has Labor learned nothing from the Teals’ performance at the last election? Does it want to alienate the very MPs it will need to support its legislation in the Senate?

And who isn’t blind-sided when Albo dons the Morrison cloak of a secret National Cabinet – or COAG on stilts? Doesn’t he know that the cloak is a poisoned robe like the shirt of Nessus? Look what it did to Bulldozer Morrison.

COAG is a Keating stunt from 1992. It doesn’t need re-heating. There are already calls for local councils to participate. But why stop there? Those at home, such as age pensioners who must choose between paying the power bill and eating could join those who will now be sick with worry that they won’t even get Jobseeker.

All could rack up points just by logging in. Amazing Julie Bishop didn’t think of it. In 2015, her DFAT was gutted but she did get her hipster innovation Hub? A “gorgeous little funky, hipster, Googly, Facebooky-type place” it was supposed to come up with clever ways to run foreign aid on no money. Yep. Look where we are now.

The poor and needy will just have to eat less. So the minimum wage is lifted by 5.2%. An extra $20 per week? Whoopie do. It won’t even cover the rise in the price of petrol. With inflation tipped to hit seven per cent by market whisperer, the superbly reserved, Phil Lowe, by this time next year, our lowest-paid workers will suffer a cut in their real wages. Phil’s the lad from the Reserve Bank, an outfit from 1960, who knows we’ve all forgotten that nowhere in its charter is the notion that it will control inflation.

It can’t. You can’t control inflation caused by external causes including Putin’s genocide in Ukraine and the global Covid pandemic that, with the blind eye of authorities, is on track to kill 15-18,000 of us before the year ends. Our COVID case and death rates are one of the highest in the world. Super news, for all of us but Rupert who controls our mainstream news, seems to have kept the facts away from his newshounds.

You wouldn’t read about it in any mainstream news, including our ABC, which Morrison’s captain’s pick, Ita Buttrose, decides needs an entirely redundant Ombudsman to report directly to its Liberal-stacked Board. It’s a slap in the face for hard-working investigative journalists such as Four Corners, even if they do get Matthew Carney to replace Sally Neighbour. OK. Joel Tozer from Sixty Minutes gets 7:30 but he’s ex-ABC.

Covid is your own responsibility now, kids. Inflation? Think of the economy, (amen) as The Australia Institute’s Richard Denniss reminds us, “while high inflation is bad news for the budgets of 10 million Australian households, it’s good news for the bottom line of the commonwealth budget. While rapidly rising prices for groceries, coffee, petrol and building supplies mean tough choices are being made around Australia’s kitchen tables, those same price rises mean government revenue from the GST are set to surge.”

Those left jobless, by the recession we’re rushing into, carrying a trillion dollars in debt – thank-you Josh Frydenberg – will be further pilloried by the seven billion dollar Morrison scheme of requiring job seekers to rack up points before getting forty dollars a day to live on or $200 a fortnight below the Henderson Poverty Line.

Can’t be fixed now. Tony Burke tells us he’s inherited a war on the poor that’s too late to end. Far too hard to raise Jobseeker above the poverty line? What’s the go, Albo?

Unfixable is the Morrison-Taylor energy crisis. He may sound a bit dim but don’t be deceived. Angus Taylor’s a smart cookie. There’s not only the family firm that former Water Minister, Barnaby Joyce gave $80 million to in the Watergate scandal, involving the Taylor family’s East Australian Agriculture with an HQ in the Caymans. Plus another firm which sprayed Roundup on endangered native grassland that he has to manage. With a bit of help from a mate. Cayman Islands? It’s all a mystery, but as Gus assures sticky-beaks, such as Fran Kelly, all the best companies do it.

Thank goodness newly appointed US Trade and Investment Commissioner Giovanni Pork Barilaro is able to draft Taylor’s family firm a cool $130,000 in 2018 for a project to prove that it wasn’t poison. Grass has its bad days, too, you know. Best of all, Gus Taylor is able to keep the lights on just until Labor won the election. Doubtless Gus will be cheered to learn that a federal ICAC, an election promise, the PM is determined to keep, will be set up by December.

Well done, Albo – and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus QC. But The Greens want the ICAC up and running before the October Budget. Helen Haines, they argue, already has a model ready to go. And the cross bench will have the power.

So what’s the go with Coal-Keeper, Albo? The Energy Security Board (ESB) is one of a bevy of at least half a dozen, vital to ensuring that coal remains king, while government subsidises the massive profits of largely private companies which don’t pay tax – with the exception of Queensland whose state generators are into profiteering anyway. The ESB claims in its newest report that it isn’t a coal-keeper at all, yet the fine print admits that keeping the coal fires burning – using public funds to subsidise a few fabulously wealthy multinational corporations – just might happen anyway.

The wonderfully named Anna Collyer, chair of the ESB, is in The AFR, Monday, 20 June

“… in the past, the concept of a capacity mechanism has been dubbed ‘coal-keeper’. It is a catchy line, but it is not the intent. The intent is to design a tool that provides more certainty around dispatchable capacity – that is capacity that can respond to a dispatch signal on demand.”

Yet as Crikey’s Bernard Keane notes, the ESB admits that, in the fine print, “a capacity provider may decide to factor in refurbishment or retrofitting costs into their bid and if this is cost-competitive against new capacity, then customers receive the reliability benefit of this asset remaining in the market.”

Now Chris Bowen is shovelling money into the off-shore accounts of our nation’s energy racketeers, paying generators to keep the lights on in a system rigged to reward the big investor while it leaves families in the cold and dark. We’ve shacked up with Labor for at least three years? Single-term governments are rare in Australian politics.

Of course, it’s early days. Of course, we’re jumpy. Years of suffering abuse, neglect and gaslighting in a serial relationship based on lies, the demeaning cruelty of coercive control and gaslighting is enough to give anybody PTSD.

And when the wide boys in power have been milking the till, fiddling the books and colluding in the game of mates behind a thick veil of secrecy – all to enrich the top end of town, almost anyone honest, decent or fair would be better.

Yes. We know Albo’s got to keep his head down. But is it a small Target Strategy or no bottle? Labor won the election. It now holds seventy-seven seats in the lower house and the senate has enough Greens and Independents to be workable. Even with one UAP senator in the upper house. If they don’t stick their heads up soon, the ruling Murdoch-Stokes-Costello-ABC media oligopoly will destroy Labor.

It’s a relief not to see a PM giving out ukuleles to Pacific leaders. But Albo has to be decisive. He is. But it’s all a bit frantic. Nine years too late to put the dumpster fire that the LNP made of our financial aid to our Pacific neighbours.

ScoMo didn’t carry a hose. Albo’s dashing all over our the Pasifika dousing embers. Our formidable Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, is run ragged. But it’s been nine years since Abbott and Hockey slashed $4.5 billion from Foreign Aid, a move they followed up in their second budget raid on Julie Bishop’s kitty with another $3.5 billion “efficiency dividend” of a billion dollars a year over three years.

Much as he may and try to please our US masters who fear that Pacific Islands nations now turn to China after being given the cold shoulder by Australia, it’s a bit late. China has outbid us in the battle for hearts and minds. The China-Pacific Island Countries Common Development Vision is a plan extended to at least a dozen Pacific states.

Granted, Penny Wong is on to it. She says; “China has made its intentions clear. So too are the intentions of the new Australian government. We want to help build a stronger Pacific family.” Is the language right? It’s dangerously close to the patronising duplicity of the previous regime. Island leaders scorn “boomerang” aid that largely benefits the Australian donor. But there’s more, Wong touts more of Kanaka 2.0 where Pasifika workers fly in and pick our fruit, tend our vines and labour in our vegetable market gardens but she’s got to combat the lived experience of workers who have made the long trip, worked all season only to return out of pocket to their labour contractor.

In a desperate pitch, along with “our Pacific labour programs” a modern form of slavery for many, she offers new permanent migration opportunities.” The last bit’s tricky. It may, sadly, be just practical given the rate at which our heavily subsidised fossil-fuel industry contributes to rising sea levels through exported coal and gas. Emissions rise as other countries burn our exported fossil fuels. They are now more than double Australia’s domestic emissions.

But won’t The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and The Herald Sun have fun with the permanent migration? Morrison used to go off his chops about “sugar on the table.” Pull factors only in the Murdoch-approved Coalition fiction of events. No hint that people get into leaky boats to escape hell on earth at home.

Rudd stopped the boats, by declaring that no-one arriving by boats would be settled in Australia in his flawed, 2013 Pacific Solution. But expect a re-run of the lie. Already there are images of boats of asylum-seekers from Sri Lanka appearing in Murdoch’s gutter press. The implication that boats are arriving because Labor is soft on borders ignores the worst economic crisis to ravage the nation since 1949, forcing the nation to default on its loans and creating grave political and social unrest.

And as we love-bomb bemused Pacific Islanders, we are doing very little for Sri Lanka, save turning back at least three boats in violation of UN law on refoulement and in repudiation of our obligations under international law.

Hockey and Abbott hollered for years about a debt and deficit disaster and how there was a budget emergency. Then Hockey went on The Nation in New Zealand in July 2014 and admitted he’d been making it all up. Luckily our ABC did the right thing and no-one else in the mainstream media picked it up either. In case you missed it, here’s what he said.

“The Australian economy is not in trouble… There’s no crisis at all in the Australian economy.”

Of course, Sleepy Joe Biden’s got Albo on the hop. The big shock is not that Labor’s all the way with the USA. That’s the Labor path, not that history exists anymore given the eternal present bestowed upon us by Odin’s Eye, our MSM Cyclops, working tirelessly around the clock to produce a virtual national frontal lobotomy. If the past and its study were permitted to exist, we’d know that Labor is very much in favour of the alliance. Or we’d form the foolish notion, even after the publication of Jenny Hocking’s research in the Palace letters, that we are in charge of our own destiny.

And our great and powerful friend, Washington, has never upped the peppercorn rent that we charge for its bases at Nurrungar and Pine Gap that are so handy in guiding its missiles and drones. If we’re squaring off to go to war with China, Pine Gap is critical, according to a couple of high-ranking military types who fired a shot over our bows down under, ahead of the Morrison’s government’s massive loss on 21 May.

Admiral John “Lung” Aquilino, boss of the US Indo-Pacific Command, last year declared that war against China was “much closer than most think,” described Australia as an “extremely high-end partner.”

“Lung” is a hawk and was Trump’s pick for the job in December but after Biden’s victory, he needed to be reviewed. Nice work, Biden.

On backup vocals during the visit, is General James Dickinson, another hawk, head of US Space Command. Australia is a “critical partner” in space warfare, including to monitor Chinese space operations, he gushes – guardedly.

“This is the perfect location for a lot of things we need to do,” he tells London’s The Financial Times. “Things” include going to war with China over Taiwan, another military adventure in which Australia will tag along without any tedious parliamentary debate. Or gesture towards democratic process.

Even Little Britain goes through the process of parliamentary debate. (Not that it stopped Thatcher’s madness in The Falklands, another coup for Rupert’s press.“Stick it up the argies” one tasteful banner screamed. Nor did it impede the neocon New Labour’s Tony Blair from war crimes in Iraq.)

Shooting down China’s hypersonic missiles is also on Aquilino’s list whilst – another “thing”- the US expands its base in Darwin to accommodate storage of 300 million litres of fuel.

Third, what is described as “over two thousand Marines” are now deployed in Marine Rotational Force-Darwin. Could be two hundred thousand as far as we know.

“Marry in haste repent at leisure” my Dad, a Royal Navy veteran, used to say, in that way he had of firing bits of folk wisdom, wise old saws and music hall ditties into the void between us; along with shafts of rebarbative dockside-matey’s wit that you suspected were aimed at you. “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, son.”

Not that we’re married to Albo or his Labor government. Indeed The Narrative, aka “The National Conversation” on vacuous chat shows like The Drum, refreshed each morning by The Australian, the Pravda of a uniquely concentrated, inbred and incestuous Australian mainstream media oligopoly, says no. Our MEDIUM says we’re having a fling and the Coalition is still the government in exile and eternally newsworthy.

Insiders features serial failure, Spud the dud, Peter Dutton while Dave Littleproud bones Barnaby Thomas Gerard Barnaby Joyce, the knight in shining armour and Riverview Old Boy, a loving silver-spoonful, who brags that his parents are “quite rich” is on Sky in his heroic fight for the Weatherboard Nine of Warwick and the shareholders in Santos.

“I didn’t give a toss for where power comes from, but one of the greatest afflictions for people in the weatherboard and iron is they can’t afford power,” he says in 2018. That’s working well for BJ at present, as the other remarkable cartel in all our lives, the electricity generators get the red card from the regulator for withholding supply to bid the spot price up. An industry allowed to set its own regulations by captive politicians

Abusive relationships seldom end well. There are the highs; elation when you discover that your new partner seems to care, like when the Biloela family is allowed to come home. We hope it’s not just a token. Or joy when you see he can lead a team; delegating to capable ministers instead of overshadowing, upstaging, micromanaging and having an affair with his own image in the lens of his personal photographer.

But then there are the lows. Julian Assange? Letting Jobseekers suffer a new set of petty cruelties? Keeping Morrison’s National Cabinet – and keeping it top secret? An energy Minister sucking up to the mining oligarchy? Madeleine King, a coal shill?

When Employment Minister Tony Burke says it’s too late to abandon the Morrison misgovernment’s $7bn point system Pbas to qualify for a jobseeker payment that is well below the Henderson Poverty Line, it’s a worry. Burke says contracts have been awarded. But try telling that to Emanuel Macron. Burke is saying all the right things but it does seem as if the Coalition has booby-trapped the incoming government; poisoned the chalice of electoral victory.

“What the government’s designed, some of it’s more punitive than actually getting the job done. We want to make sure, and I’ll be changing it over the course of the next week, to make sure that we can have a system that’s designed to get people into work, rather than some media stunt to punish people.”

Burke needs to speak to a few job seekers. There’s enough of them around. Half don’t make it into official statistics. They’ll tell you how demeaning it is to prove yourself worthy of a pittance. It doesn’t matter how much you dress it up or claim you have a system up your sleeve, it’s completely irredeemable. Any civil society worth its salt knows that support for the needy and vulnerable should be unconditional. Scrap it. Put the money into fixing the NDIS which the Liberals have done their best to scupper.

But there are lows and lows, Albo. You dash off to Tokyo like Joe Biden’s bellhop. Far too keen to get your riding instructions as deputy sheriff of our bit of the Pacific. You’d barely been sworn in? Putting Penny Wong on how many charm offensives to counter China’s designs? She’s barely time to re-pack her travel bag. What’s the go Albo?

Snap out of it. Yep, we’ve all got PTSD thanks to being monstered by the fat controller Morrison and his gaslighting, happy clapping bullies, still feted and enabled by the gang of five led by Lizard of Oz.

We all get the face we deserve, but Murdoch’s wizened, fissured mug looks like an elephant’s scrotum, with apologies to David Hockney who on seeing WH Auden said if that’s his face, imagine what his scrotum must look like. One comfort is that having sunk half the family fortunes into Disney +, the patriarch has halved his family’s net worth. Another small consolation is that only about half the population “use news” on any given day. Then, there’s the tragic decline of print media. Rupert’s rags may have to fold. Or they may already be sold. Given News Corp’s secrecy, we’d never know.

Don’t let it spook you, Albo. The Pacific Islanders want us to commit to zero emissions. That’s better than your charm offensive. No matter how brilliant she is, Penny Wong will never match the Chinese budget for aid. War with China? Hold your nerve. Don’t fall for the cock and bull of neocon loonies in the Pentagon. Look where it’s got us in the past. A winnable nuclear war? Mutually assured destruction? MAD. Nah. Just madness.

Hold your fire. There’s heaps to do at home. A Voice to Parliament. Energy. Welfare. Education. Higher Education. Health. Wages. The Arts. Climate. Everything worthwhile’s been neglected under the fossil fuel muppets of the last nine years.

And do bring on the Royal Commission into Murdoch. As soon as you can.

Morrison didn’t just drive the Liberal Party into a mountain. He and his predecessors dismantled our democratic, civil society. You call yourself a builder in the election campaign. Let’s see some of that. So what’s the go, Albo?

Link to Part 2

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  1. Paul

    Well it didn’t take long for someone who the new Government doesn’t please 100% to start the niggle.
    Oh in a so refined, smart-assy way, but the “I want it all. you were voted in to please me” shines through.

  2. Harry Lime

    Entertaining article David,although it took me two cold showers and more than a casual glance at the beer fridge to get to the finish line.The sheer relief of jettisoning the fucking idiot Morrison and his riot of fuckwits is one thing,but the shit Albo &Co are facing in every direction is a whole other universe.What worries me is there are too many’lifers’ still inhabiting the Labor Party,who may struggle with the radical changes that will be crucial in turning the country into the egalitarian place Whitlam envisaged.Though they might be decent blokes,the likes of Bowen, Marles Burke etc.have a definite staleness about them.The question arises..can they change?,or will it all end up in the too hard basket?Over to you Albo,and platitudes aren’t gonna cut the mustard.And’s early days.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Paul, one of our admins spent the last 15 minutes arguing with some very nasty people on our Facebook page who mocked our “independence” as we only write pro-Labor articles.

    Yet when we do question Labor we’re also savaged for that. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    We’re never going to win.

    There will be times during the Labor government’s term (which I hope is a long one) where we will question policies or performance. That’s our job. But don’t be too concerned: we’re still going to be attack dogs when it comes to fighting the new opposition or the mainstream media. I’m guessing most of our articles will be doing exactly that. 👍

  4. David Tyler

    Harry. Well said. What happened to those three Sri Lankan boats Richard Marles so adroitly turned back? The ones Morrison warned us all about on Election Day. Pity about the postal and pre-vote. It’s outrageous that Labor seems to be so fearful of criticism that it’s setting its course in so many areas – energy and immigration and foreign policy to be more of the same. Burke needs to get a grip. There’s no way the points system will be anything but another obstacle to the poor getting access to the help they need.

    You are right about the lifers. I worry about the neoliberal contingent. Hawke and Keating started that. Now we’ve seen a massive transfer of wealth from labor to capital. We’ve become a more divided and narrower people.

  5. Michael Taylor

    David, your excellent articles attract some excellent commenters. I tip my hat to you and Harry.

  6. Baby Jewels

    Yep, you said it for me, David. Unfortunately there are some who are so rusted on, they see Albo and his team through rose coloured glasses and happily overlook anything that’s not right. Trip ups and gotcha moments are not what I’m talking about. Nobody’s perfect. I am not afflicted with the rusted on syndrome and want our government to stick to its promises, never lie to the people, be open and transparent. I’m prepared to pick on them if they disappoint. Meetings with Premiers may require secrecy for a time, but I’d like Albo to say, “more about this later,” at the very least. You promised no secrecy. Please don’t treat us like mushrooms, ever. What I dislike about rusted ons, is that’s what got us into the 9 year LNP mess that nearly did all our heads in, followers who consistently ignored lies, rorting, cruelty, secrets, broken promises and still supported them and gave them their precious votes. What the???? I’d like to see voters’ standards and expectations of the government we pay for, raised – a lot.

  7. Paul

    David, your question “What happened to those three Sri Lankan boats Richard Marles so adroitly turned back?” makes me wonder how much attention you paid to Labor’s campaign.
    Anthony Albanese and his Labor team said all through the Election Campaign their policy was to turn back asylum seekers on boats when safe to do so or repatriate them if not.
    There was never any indication that they would do otherwise.

  8. David Tyler

    Michael. Thank you. I failed groupthink at school and have spent the rest of my life thanking my lucky stars. I’m not saying the emperor has no clothes. Just that he and his team needs to pull their socks up.

    Independent? You’d reckon there ought to be a clue in the title. It’s a key reason your publication is so widely and highly esteemed. The AIMN is fearlessly independent. Bravo.

  9. David Tyler

    Baby Jewels I’m with you. A politician’s party doesn’t matter so much to me. It’s what they do that matters. Now that we’re rid of the time-wasting tossers, the most dishonest, corrupt government we’ve had, there’s a slim window of opportunity to do some good. Begin with the poor, the needy, the alienated and the disenfranchised. A voice to parliament is well within Labor’s grasp. Scrap the demeaning and racist Indue Card of starters. Apologise. Make restitution. Pay reparations for John Howard’s 2007 Intervention.

    But politicians? Our public representatives. They all must be held to account. Trust needs to be rebuilt.

  10. David Tyler

    Paul, my point is it was not safe to do so. As Bernard Keane notes, “… the spike in asylum seekers is not because of a belief that Australian people have elected a kinder government (Labor is just as committed to boat turnbacks as the Coalition). It’s because the nation of 22 million people has been plunged into its worst financial crisis in decades.

    Between 2013 and 2021, 873 people seeking asylum on 38 vessels have been returned to their country of departure, either with a very rudimentary assessment process or no refugee status assessment at all. This number includes 124 children, the Refugee Council of Australia noted in a November 2021 report.

    My question remains – what happened to those boatloads of terrified refugees. It takes them 21 days of dangerous sailing to get to Christmas Island on a fishing boat. Think of that return journey.

    Tell me they comforted themselves on the journey home to catastrophe and the risk of further persecution by reading chapters of Labor’s election speeches. Or venerating photographs of Richard Marles, patron saint of Labor’s integrity.

  11. Shay

    Paul, it might be a good idea to look at the state Sri Lanka is in. It’s frankly cruel to send people back to a place that is in dire circumstances. We have the capacity to have many more refugees. I and many more pro labor voters abhor this policy being carried over from the former lib govt. I might add that all political parties need people who will challenge policies that are inhumane. All parties should be subject to scrutiny that is as acute as David Tyler’s.

  12. Michael Taylor

    David, as a public servant when Howard was deservedly dumped, and Rudd shortly after was riding on record approval ratings, some in my department were perplexed at how quickly thereafter the voting public turned on him. Murdoch certainly played a hand, but we put it down to this: Rudd was handed such a catastrophic mess and the expectations of him cleaning it up quickly were unrealistic.

    Rudd was doing nothing wrong. As one of his policy officers I can attest that he was giving it 100%.

    What you are suggesting is very wise. If Albo can’t do the impossible then the ignorant voting public will take it out on him.

    His game-plan must not replicate Rudd’s, no matter how worthy it was.

  13. RomeoCharlie29

    It’s not too early to be disappointed. There are enough reasons in your article and specifically the response to Baby Jewels. Already there have been too many ‘ruling outs’ of desperately needed changes. The disgraceful mis government left so much debt that a few more billion won’t hurt, though that might have changed if a windfall tax on fossil fuel companies hadn’t been ruled out. I took issue during the campaign with the ruling out of changes to jobseeker but I worry that ‘good bloke’ Albo might be just a little too concerned about criticism to take the many bold steps needed. He needs to understand he will never get the wrinkled retainer’s imprimatur but that doesn’t matter because so few are listening to his minions rantings. Go hard Albo or, in the immortal words of the Bard, “lay on MacDuff and damned be he who first cries Hold, enough”

  14. Michael Taylor

    It’s frankly cruel to send people back to a place that is in dire circumstances.

    Shay, too true. My mother’s family were “illegal” boat people (they were illegal, btw – fake passports). They faced certain death as a poor alternative.

  15. paul walter

    This is a pretty substantial state of play from David Tyler.

    So easy to come back to a blog that avoids stupidity where possible like doggie-doo on the footpath..

  16. wam

    They will take it out on labor unless albo finds the guts to tell it straight and often. The media will run with it, as controversy. He could start with some history, by smacking the bandit’s de ja vu bleat of ‘it doesn’t go far enough’.
    It is complex?
    Nothing like rewarding people rich enough to escape poverty then get rich enough again to return home, as australians or bring those they left in the refugee danger, to Australia?

  17. Andrew J. Smith

    Sad state of affairs when issues or perceptions of the nation state and governance are being managed or dictated by legacy media, with no media pretending to support and/or allow the government an opportunity to explain, without cheap gotcha moments and nativist politics aka UK Tories and US GOP; UK, US & Oz have mostly (far) right wing legacy media is neither neutral nor objective but heavily politicised and raging against the centre right through left……

    See how long it takes for the first media initiated anti-refugee, anti-immigrant or anti-student campaign to start……

  18. Bert

    Labor will stuff things up as they go along, all governments do but as long as they own up to their mistakes, strive not to repeat them and improve things all will be well.

    The government were only elected a month ago and people such as Mr Tyler are already on the case of “why haven’t they fixed X, Y or Z yet.

    JFC, at least give them a chance.

  19. New England Cocky

    An interesting tirade that generated some fine comments from other thinking fans of AIMN.
    But where to start?? Julian Assange?? Removing fossil fuel exploration incentives?? Ceasing government funding of private school system masquerading as education? And ”Yes” the list goes on ….. of recent & long-standing political problems supporting minorities against the best interests of Australian voters.
    This successive government largess has becomes the major Budget problem that accountants, economists and politicians chose to conveniently ignore.
    The destruction & neutering of the Australian Public Service is a crime in itself. Playing toadie to the USA (United States of Apartheid) bureaucracy remembers the CIA involvement in dismissing the democratically elected Australian Whitlam LABOR government.
    Perhaps ti is time to develop some pride in our Australia by eliminating or severely limiting the cultural impact of foreign entities. Fiji ejected Murdoc media for a local Fijian news service. Venezuala overthrew American oil interests for the benefit of the Venezualan people. Can Australia include all Australians in the difficult task of re-building our nation after the ravages of a self-inflicted neo-(un)liberal Liarbral Nazional$ decade?

  20. Keith

    It is sheer relief that Labor have been elected. Labor might not have done everything people want in something like three weeks, it remains to be seen what they have achieved in 6 months time. The ideologically driven LNP have left a huge mess and left little wriggle room for Labor.

    On climate change policies Labor is better than the LNP, though 43% reduction in emissions is meaningless unless “climate bomb” projects such as the Scarborough gas field in Western Australia and the Beetaloo fracking site in the Northern Territory, along with other fossil fuel proposed projects are scrapped.

    Predictably, with Dutton as the new leader of the LNP, there have been no changes in style. Dutton’s leadership style can be thought of as Morrison, Mark2. Dutton says Labor is still on their training wheels, the LNP are still in their pre-training wheels stage, and have been there for 9 years.

    The Teal Independents made a strong assault on the LNP, Labor will need to be very mindful of the possibility of being hit hard by Independents in the future should they not live up to expectations.

    Climate change is arriving at a very serious stage, it is imperative that Labor lifts its goals by cancelling all new fossil fuel projects as promoted by the latest IPCC Reports.

  21. Barry Thompson.

    Jeez. A month in power and some are already sinking the slipper.

    The LNP left this country in more shit than a long drop dunny at shearing time. Give em a fair go.

  22. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    More reason for #TheALLiance coz Labor can’t or won’t do it by themselves from under their shackles of Neoliberalism

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