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What’s good for the goose

Malcolm Turnbull has come a long way since he said the consequences of unchecked global warming would be catastrophic.

Today he leads a government that has cut $500 million from funding for clean energy, gutted the CSIRO, and continues to erroneously blame South Australia’s use of renewable energy for power failures.

Turnbull’s government remains steadfast in its support for the Adani coal mine and is contemplating a $1 billion loan for the project.

Last week, while most of the nation endured a massive heatwave, his government taunted the Opposition, and presumably anyone else concerned about carbon emissions, by passing around and petting a lump of coal.

The man who in 2010 said that Australia needed to move to “a situation where all or almost all of our energy comes from zero or very near zero-emission sources” now describes proponents of renewables as “drunk on left ideology on energy”.

These days Malcolm Turnbull is all about addressing the impact of carbon emissions by investing public money in clean coal. This is a bit like the government addressing the impact of smoking by investing in low-tar cigarettes, which hasn’t been suggested since Bronwyn Bishop was shadow Heath Minister.

Some might cast Turnbull as an incipit sellout to the fossil fuel industry who now hates renewable energy, but that’s only half true.

It is wrong to assume that Turnbull shares his coal-stroking compatriots’ phobia of clean energy. The man who last week attempted to revive his political fortunes by calling Bill Shorten a “hypocrite” is more than happy to get a little drunk on left ideology on renewables, at least when it comes to himself.

Last year the PM upgraded the solar panels on his Point Piper harbourside mansion and added a stack of batteries giving him a total of 14.5 kilowatts worth of solar panels and 14 hours of battery power. With more heatwaves and power shortages to come, this should ensure the Turnbulls remain in air-conditioned comfort.

So it turns out Turnbull is prepared to back renewables for one Australian family. And who can blame him for going off grid? It’s not like he can rely on his government to fix the problem.

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  1. Jaquix

    Exactly. Turnbull is a total hypocrite. And a fake. And a liar. That is his legacy. Good to see he’s aged 10 years since he became PM. Some karma happening.

  2. Dave

    No matter the policy, the bloke is a DUD! What a useless bloody “government” this has become.

  3. John

    $1.7m of his own money to be re-elected. I guess his offshore account will mean we will never find out how he ‘earned’ the money.

  4. havanaliedown

    He’ll have to spend a similar amount come the next election, John, but he’s unlikely to still be the Liberal leader by that time. Then their normal donation flows will return.

  5. jim

    These subsidies help energy generation companies increase their profits, These subsidies help energy generation companies increase their profits, there The report revealed that for the 2005–2006 financial year, The report revealed that for the 2005–2006 financial year, This is in particular reference to the A$10 billion worth of subsidies handed out to producers and users of fossil-fuel transport fuel..Wind back subsidies that reinforce oil dependence.

    Tourism is an $8 trillion industry, the largest in the world, eclipsing mining, coal, entertainment and fossil fuels all put together. There is no business sense in destroying the biggest tourist drawcard, natural scenery and biodiversity, for an industry that has a forseeable end. Future-thinkers are few and far-between these days, be the ones to create a true, lasting legacy and ensure a future for your country. Thank you. ps, boot this mob out.

    They’re not worried as the Libs always have the option of changing leaders just before the election as per normal for the LNP.

  6. havanaliedown

    “as per normal for the LNP”… you might remember Carr to Iemma, then Rees to Keneally. How about: “as per normal for both major parties”?

  7. Harquebus

    As long as Malcolm Turnbull is getting more than his fair share of everything, he is happy and it is our place to be happy for him.
    Now get back to work. Someone has to pay for all of this happiness.


  8. guest

    Yes, it is interesting to see Turnbull stocking up with renewable energy in his own house. But, of course, he would say that there is nothing wrong with renewables, it is just that we have to get the mix right and coal is the best fall-back position for “cheap and reliable” energy.

    It is amazing that we do not hear of these outages in other parts of the world where there is considerable use of renewables. Howevever, here in Oz we have outages even with mostly coal used as the energy source. How come?

    Meanwhile, Janet Albrechtsen in the Mudoch press knows all about renewable energy. For her, renewable energy, especially in SA, is a “hippie dream”, “green energy as a religion”, “a policy hoax”. Consequently people in SA are “basket weaving in the dark”.

    Isn’t that clever? Her own “ideological game” – the very accusation she makes against Labor. But of course her climate change denial is not ideological at all (part of the Coalition “pragmatism”?)

    Albrechtsen herself does not make any attempt to include climate change in her rant, but readers are excited to take the chance to bring out all the post-truth statements we have seen in recent decades.

    Elsewhere, in the Guardian there is discussion of the role of the regulator and human intervention in what happened when decisions were made about off-loading. But for Albrechtsen there is no human elements involved except Labor politicians and their “experiments” (Weatherill).

    But Albrechtsen seen to shortsighted with regard to the operation of the interconnectors and the role of renewable energy around the world.

    Whereas Turnbull knows, and is safeguarding the Harbourside Mansion against outages – and rising water levels.

  9. jim

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds. Then there’s “our” ABC yep balanced reporting where is it ?.

    In the year to June 2013, according to the IPA’s annual report, it clocked up 878 mentions in print and online. Its staff had 164 articles published in national media. They managed 540 radio appearances and mentions, and 210 appearances and mentions on TV. No prizes for guessing in which publications most of the print media references were to be found. Did we mention Rupert Murdoch was a long-time IPA director?

    The surprise is that the national public broadcaster, the ABC, which the IPA is trying to break up and sell “our ABC” off Desperately and still trying to, One count, by the left-leaning Independent Australia, clocked 39 appearances by IPA staff in the year 2011-12 on just one ABC TV program, The Drum. That’s almost as many Drum appearances as the combined total of all other think tanks, left, right and centre.

    Don’t fix inequality and we are doomed to fail as human beings.and the world goes down.
    — Australia’s two richest people, Gina Rinehart and Harry Triguboff, own more than the poorest 20% of the country’s population, research has found.

  10. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I’d say Malcolm Turnbull Muck has invested in solar panels on his own Point Piper harbourside mansion, so that when the peasants come with their pitchforks for revenge, he can keep his large electric gates operable and locked.

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