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Whatever the Liberal Party is, it is not a place for women

Who would have thought that of all the blunders the Liberal and National Parties have made over their period of incumbency that it might be women who would bring them undone?

Not by any definition of incompetency or stupidity, but by being used by men for their sexual gratification.

That man and the sin of sexual abuse by members of their political party might be responsible for its demise is unfitting, I know.

That women should have to suffer in seeing the end of its governance is a tragedy.

What l am suggesting is that the magnitude of their suffering might be enough to turn people away from these two parties where the saying “know your place” speaks proudly.

The LNP is steeped in a philosophy of greed and desire where even the most private of a woman’s possessions can be taken against her will by men who know nothing but lust in all its vagaries, be it sex, money or power over her.

We now know that another bright young lady of the Liberal Party, Nicolle Flint dipped her toe into the Parliament’s cold waters at the last election and found it so toxic that she will not contest the next election.

Adding to the already deplorable revelations of the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins, raped by a colleague in a ministerial office in March 2019, we have another allegation by a woman – now deceased – of rape against a government minister before he entered Parliament.

Other women subsequently have come forward to support Brittany Higgins with their own stories of sexual harassment by the same man.

The now-deceased woman’s allegations can no longer be tested in court, so we have to take the women at her word. Men that fit her account will be sitting at the cabinet table staring with accusing eyes, wondering just who it might be. So will the people of Australia.

You might ask if his name should be revealed when he cannot defend himself. Conversely, you might ask if it is appropriate for an accused rapist to sit in Australia’s Parliament or even stand at the next election.

But her words should be read, judged and acted upon if they warrant it.

Two weeks into this calamitous scandal, the Prime Minister is trying to hold back the forces that suggest he is lying (that he was told of the incident that took place on the Minister for Defence’s sofa).

That so many people knew about the rape of Brittany Higgins, and he didn’t make his answers seem implausible.

The excuse that he wasn’t told until two years later is as stupid as your wife saying she forgot to tell you she was pregnant when you are blowing out the candles on its second birthday. One can only suggest that he has the most incompetent staff working in the prime minister’s office ever.

Even the Press Gallery is befuddled. According to the prime minister, the Minister for Defence suddenly became ill on the eve of a National Press Gallery address and was able to assume her duties a day or two later also remains a mystery.

That she was being set up to blame for it, all was a full-hand win until Morrison spoke to her cardiologist.

Now he is covering up. In Parliament last week, his story kept changing as new information emerged.

He refused to answer whether the Gaetjens Review into the conduct of his office would be made public. By the end of the week, it became apparent that the report would be a Cabinet document that couldn’t be released for 30 years.

Until the latest revelation on Friday, February 26 (which happens to be my 80th birthday), I would have tipped that Reynolds would have copped the blame then be sacked as Defence Minister, and Morrison would have walked away scot free. However, I’m now of the view that Morrison will have to convince many women that he isn’t lying. Something he used to be comfortable with but of late has found much harder.

My thought for the day

At some time in the human narrative… in our history, the man declared himself superior to women. It must have been an accident, or at least an act of gross stupidity. But that’s men for you.


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  1. Bert

    I don’t know what had been said to scummo when that picture was taken but it certainly wiped the smirk off his boof head. It looks like he lost a pound and found a penny. May it happen more frequently.

  2. Kathryn

    Spot on, Bert! That smug, supercilious smirk is nowhere to be seen and THAT is because the appalling contempt and predatory behaviour by the unspeakably depraved misogynists in the LNP cabinet has – at long last – come home to roost!

    The LNP have ALWAYS been a disreputable, totally inept shambles but, right now, they are an absolute BASKET CASE! Clearly, the ONLY thing that can wipe that smug smirk from the face of the worst, most corrupt and incompetent Crime Monster in our history, is when something negatively impacts Morrison personally! The fact that his wealth and power are THREATENED by outside influences he cannot “marketeer”, manipulate, control or brush off is enough to jolt the self-serving, self-promoting narcissist, Morrison, out of his smug, totally fake thumbs-up, beer-swilling bogan facade and into some semblance of reality!

    The appalling and lengthy problem that the LNP have always had with women has now been laid bare for all to see. The fact that Morrison, Dutton et al have chosen to victim blame then hide and defend a SERIAL RAPIST in their midst, tells EVERYONE just how low they are prepared to stoop to protect the entitled, white alpha males in their midst. The fact that out of 22 MPs on the front LNP cabinet, there are only SIX women to represent more than 51% of the female population in Australia, is very telling and a RED FLAG WARNING to all women (foolish enough to support the LNP) out there NOT to prolong, encourage or overlook this type of appalling behaviour by voting for it!

    When you compare the astonishing level of misogyny that is so inherent right throughout the ultra-conservative, medieval LNP – at State and Federal levels – with the ALP, there is a STARK difference! More than 50% of the cabinet of the ALP are made up of intelligent, articulate, confident and outspoken women as well as men and women from widely diverse ethnicities. This proves that the ALP more fairly represents Australians as a whole, is a far more egalitarian political party and, unlike the LNP, is a more progressive political party that shows women due courtesy and respect.

    Sadly, the LNP has proven itself – over and over again over many decades – that it is a repugnant Boys’ Club of self-entitled, smug, women-hating elitists which is now being stacked with more HILLSONG CULTISTS than women! There are only 6 women on the cabinet but, thanks to Morrison, the front cabinet of the LNP are now being taken over by Hillsong Cultists with, now, more than 11 members of his cabinet who are rabid, misogynistic members of the dangerous medieval, profit-obsessed CULT of Hillsong.

  3. Terence Mills

    Happy birthday for the 26th, John !

  4. Mary Cotter

    Yes, a belated happy 80th birthday, I hope you managed to have a good one. I love your articles (though miss some of them due to the avalanche of news items in my emails), but this one is top rate – thank you!

  5. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo without his smirk ??

    The media have a great deal of responsibility for the nurturing and support for these creeps. They have looked the other way, papered over the grunge and the filth, covered up the corruption, laughed off the foibles, ignored the crimes and never ever asked the hard questions when they should have. Even now, Murdoch and his minions and the airheads on Ch 7 and 9, are busy with every other subject under the sun, except this most egregious matter that affects the sensibilities of all decent people. The daily Tele which always is quick to run screaming front page accusations about Labor and anyone else, is strangely subdued about rape and sexual assault by people in the Coalition.

  6. Ross

    Is there such a thing as a “slime meter”, a slimeometer perhaps?
    Applied to Morrison and his government the reading would probably break the thing.

  7. Michael Taylor

    It’d be off the charts, Ross.

  8. Williambtm

    The people in and around this nation are keeping a sharp eye and ear to the malarkey of Scott Morrison spouting his dishonest statements, he is fully kept under the surveillance of all who care about the debasement being suffered against this nation.
    It remains unequivocal that this same person does not govern in the best interests of the Australian people, which well may lead to his downfall sooner rather than later.
    The fact that the now senior cabinet minister is suspected of the serious sexual assault of a 16-year-old who had reported the incident to the police back in 1988.

    That minister’s criminal assault on the since suicided person (as of 2020), all those many years ago will be haunting him by the remembrance of it all.

    This incident is still being kept silent along with the powerful allegations against this same that had been lodged with the police which is set to zero in and claim its perpetrator.
    It is but a short matter of time before that minister’s name will be revealed by those who know the history of this criminal case matter.
    They being the knowing persons… are poised to reveal all, then that senior cabinet minister is for the chop in the very moment his name is released.
    So, yes, the smarmy Prime Minister has had to pull his head down and out from the clouds of suspicion that are swirling ever close to the Scomo and his sacking from his former role as the General Manager of the Australian Tourist Board.

  9. Kerri

    What galled me the most about Linda Reynold’s sudden infirmity was the assurance from the Health Miniter and Apprentice Pinochio, that she was “desperate” to appear at the Press Club!!
    Yeah right!

  10. Old bloke

    I remember watching Lindsay Tanner when he was Minister for Finance, finishing a speech at the despatch box in the house, looking across at the coalition benches with utter contempt and using the words ‘spivs and shonks’.

  11. wam

    Selamat ulang tahun, lord, from another born in the year of the snake.
    A good pool workout this morning and a good giggle giggle at your thought thought.
    Women, according to the rabbott, can be exceptional and rise above their gender but god made them flawed and most religious women concur.
    A good source of the LNP attitude pops up now and then from the behaviour of private religious school boys.
    The church reveres breeding and in my youth visibly kept women in horrendous drunken bashing and rape marriages by threats of excommunication.
    So the 3 areas:
    women need to accept if god made humans in god’s image god is not a HE
    The Pope and the church must recognize women as more than a receptacle for sperm and a carrier for men’s creation
    The media society thrives on the few women who transgress by headlines and outrage far exceeding the humdrum of the murder of women.
    To change society men of politics must accept responsibility for their actions and listen to the women who have joined them, treating them as equals..

  12. OnceWasALiberal

    Given Kathryn (above)’s disclosure of how our national cabinet is so heavily weighted towards a particular religious cult, is it possible the prime minister’s response is for a totally different reason.
    As a very publicly self-professed happy clapper, he must be heavily influenced by the possibility that the alleged perpetrator has a 50 % chance of being one of them, as he also must be aware that management level clergy around the world (including in the vast majority of religions [including happy clappers] in Australia) are agreed that child rape is OK and should be concealed.
    What a dilemma for a man so desperately wanting to finally achieve something.

  13. Kronomex

    Coming soon: The Scummoometer, which has four levels.

    1.Overbearing Smirkosity.
    2. Sgt. Schultz with Vague Smirkosity.
    3. It’s All Labor’s Fault.
    4. Hawaii Looks Great and No Smirkosity.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    And not one, even a single solitary media person or outlet, has yet had the integrity to question the truthfulness or otherwise, of claims that Scummo didn’t know anything about the alleged rape that occurred almost 2 years ago. His ministers knew but alas Scummo was not told about it, didn’t pick up any corridor talk, or gossip around the cooler. It makes one feel almost sorry for a leader who rules in a vacuum.
    No feedback, no echoes, no backchat, no security briefing. Nothing. Its a wonder he even knows he’s prime minister.

    Miserable bloody liar !!!!!!!!

  15. Matters Not

    OnceWasALiberal – it appears that you accept Kathryn’s claim re: 11 members of his cabinet who are rabid, misogynistic members of the dangerous medieval, profit-obsessed CULT of Hillsong – at face value.

    So were you surprised? Does it appear unlikely? Did you check out the claim? There are so many questions that might be asked before blind acceptance.

    One of the problems we face currently in this democracy of ours is that so many people simply accept claims without question. Worse they then spread this unquestioned nonsense to friends and relatives. It’s how (and why) Murdoch is able to have the power and influence he has. People don’t have a critical consciousness.

    (Just for the record, the claim is without foundation. Or to put it more bluntly – it’s bullshit. But that won’t stop it spreading like a pandemic. And we can’t seem to domuch about it.)

  16. Kathryn

    Matters Not, I take strong exception to your comment. Who do you think YOU are condemning what others say? The Bulletin has published a list of MPs and Political Advisors in his ministry who are ardent Hillsong members or rabid Pentecostal fanatics (as outlined below). If The Bulletin cannot be held as more credible than the blatant right-wing bias of Murdoch’s rags, then what can? Murdoch has the power and influence because the LNP allow him to have it! Wake up!

    Credible sources of information, eg The Guardian, Crikey, Get Up have a long history of articles that have roundly condemned the appalling CULT of Hillsong. Brian Houston went out of his way to protect his notorious father, Frank Houston, who was a dangerous SERIAL PAEDOPHILE who sexually abused countless children (mostly little boys). Frank Houston was eventually charged but died before he served any jail time.

    It is, in fact, widely known that Morrison is fostering, encouraging and supporting an increasing number of ardent Hillsong cultists and ultra-conservative Pentecostal followers into his cabinet which has the end-result of introducing a very toxic, misogynistic and regressive ideology. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR RELIGION IN POLITICS.

    If you don’t believe what I say, I don’t really care! I am not responsible for YOUR ignorance or lack of information – do your own research and stop attacking others!

  17. Phil Pryor

    It’s a pot of reeking turds in this conservative government, a curse on the nation. Poxed, perverted, plagued, the government under this Piltdown Man is so disgusting, it leads in the shitometer ( or slimeometer) readings since 1901. Religion, the filthy superstition of the usurpers and exploiters, has become an excuse for barbarity, hunnish aggression, outright lies as a policy. How badly have we ever needed a form of direct citizen participation in political decision making, regardless of opinions or outcomes, is clear. Meanwhile in sport, Kathryn eleven, vs old raver, nil. Was the pentecostalist church founded by Himmler, or was it Goebbels?? Who could contrive such fantasy, fraud, filth and foaming fascist faitery??

  18. paul walter

    Sympathise with Kathryn and take MN’s point, but please MN, lift your game. I know accuracy is important, but you are left with a bad look for missing the forest for the trees.

  19. Michael Taylor

    I have a horrible, horrible horrible feeling that the govt will be returned at the next election. Morrison has an approval rating of 62%. Albo’s is 26%.

    Disregard the mess the govt is in at the moment… Murdoch has plenty of time to sweep that under the carpet.

  20. Uta Hannemann

    Turning 80 is a milestone: Congratulations, John! 🙂

  21. ChristopherJ

    Morrison is a dead man walking.

    We’re just waiting for the coup de grace.

    I don’t give the scumbag any more than 2 weeks.

    Thanks John, happy birthday.

    Good posts Kathryn

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