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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW, but they are not telling you.

The government is not telling the truth about community transmission. The FACT is they don’t know what is happening, because they are NOT, and HAVE NOT tested people in the community that are clearly showing symptoms.

I KNOW this, because we have symptoms, and have not been able to get tested. There is a shortage of test kits and they are only testing people returning from OS showing symptoms, OR those showing symptoms that have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. THEIR CRITERION EXPRESSLY EXCLUDES TESTING FOR CASUAL LOCAL TRANSMISSION.

WE HAVE BEEN IN LOCK DOWN FOR OVER A WEEK…. we are not seriously sick, and may or may not have the virus, and we are all getting better, BUT while I have been in lock down I have read extensively on the situation as it has evolved in Italy, Spain, France and the USA, and I can tell you what we are seeing now is illustrative of infection rates about 10 days ago. NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!

I just saw this… AND I WAS HORRIFIED!

Most Australian coronavirus cases coming from USA: Scott Morrison

Morrison saying “Eighty per cent of coronavirus cases in Australia are people who have come in from overseas or have caught the disease directly from them.”

I cannot say this loudly enough. THEY ARE NOT TESTING FOR COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION, and the government is not being honest when they say there is very low levels of community transmission, or most cases are coming from overseas. They may be right, BUT THEY HAVE NOT BEEN TESTING, so they have NO IDEA where we are at. 

A couple in Sydney where refused tests and went off to work. They where out and about for several days before someone they had had contact with got a positive test, then they were “allowed” to be tested and turned out to be positive… This is happening all over the country.

When they said Singapore had kept its schools open and that was OK, what they are not telling you is that Singapore initiated local lock downs, and aggressive community testing and tracing.  We have not done either.

WE ARE NOT TAKING THE LEVEL OF PRECAUTION NEEDED, especially with the low level of testing we are doing. We are on an exponential trajectory, and there is no way of predicting who will get it mildly and who will get it seriously. Many people, and probably some people you KNOW an LOVE will probably die.

Please, if you can lock down then just do it. I know no one wants this, but the government is not doing what is needed to contain this. They are trying to protect the economy, and in so doing may cause a lot more trouble.

I know no one wants to hear this, BUT THEY ARE NOT TESTING PEOPLE WITH SYMPTOMS, and not all people with symptoms are locking themselves down.

If this unfolds here like it has everywhere else it is about to explode and blow up in our faces.

Please stay safe and shut down if you possibly can, or a lot more people are going to die than need to. Our health system is going to come under extreme stress. The best way to help our essential service, food chain and medical workers is for non essential workers to stay at home.

Sorry to be banging on about this. BUT THEY ARE NOT TESTING PEOPLE… and yes I know locking down will cost money, and yes it will cost jobs, and there will be chaos BUT we cannot chose the economy over the lives of our parents, grandparents, healthcare workers, the ill and vulnerable. We can sort out the money thing later, but for now please let’s prioritise saving lives.

I am on my 10th day of voluntary Lock down. Feeling fine now, but had a cough and sniffles and decided to lock my self in, and if I want to err on the side of caution I will be locked down for two more weeks… WHY SO LONG?  BECAUSE I CANNOT GET TESTED!

***Just spoke to my next door neighbour. She told me that many local people have been in close contact with a CONFIRMED case, but still cannot get tested… Make of that what you will.

For the record I hope more than anything that I am wrong, and worrying unnecessarily. I will wear any amount of egg on my face it means maybe saving the life of someone’s loved one.

Stay Safe, People.

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  2. mark delmege

    Get a grip this is not the plague. Healthy people under 60 are very unlikely to die even if they are exposed AND infected. Most people in Italy who died were over 70 with two or more other conditions. Don’t buy the hype its not even particularly transmissible just be careful.

  3. Ron

    So many people reporting returning from overseas in the last 48 hours and not being tested in any way, just handed a leaflet.

    How hard is it to take the temperature of a line of people with the next state of the art electronic thermometers?

  4. Sandra Searle

    To Mark Delmerge, guess you mustn’t have at least 3 out of the 4 symptoms that a lot of us are now SELF ISOLATING for, so that if we could get tested to find out if we are clear or not, then just keep up with your idiotic notion that this is not like the plague. Give us a break, it’s a world wide pandemic you numbskull.

  5. Matters Not


    as we all know Singapore have now shut their schools.

    Would you have a credible link for that claim? Can’t find one myself via Google.

  6. New England Cocky

    Over ABC Radio RN this morning 200320 there was an interview with an Italian Professor of Epidemiology from Padua Italy where EVERY REPORTED CASE of COVID-19 IS TESTED together with family and surrounding persons at their homes, and the infection rate has dropped in Padua to about 2%.

    Scummo & Co are proving yet again that they have no idea how to manage a crisis in public health or financial management.

  7. Phil

    People who are in denial about this virus should be heard in silence. These are the same people who get their ‘ Don’t come Monday notice’s ‘ and go into catatonic shock, because they thought the economy was going ” Gang Busters “. The cabinet of the Australian government, should all be placed under arrest by the military, until new elections can be called. In the unlikely event they’re reelected, it will give me a chance to get armed and join the revolution. No I’m not fking joking. Anyone not seeing the anger in the population, have their head up their arse.

  8. Letitia McQuade

    I heard it reported on the ABC several times yesterday that Singapore were now going shut schools

  9. Phil

    ” When they said Singapore had kept its schools open and that was OK, what they are not telling you is that Singapore initiated local lock downs, and aggressive community testing and tracing, and of course as we all know Singapore have now shut their schools. We have not done either. ‘

    There are schools closing but that is not yet across the board.

    Hardly all.

  10. Robin Alexander

    Live in regional area had home care 3hrs week 2.5years end DECit finished leaving probably many hundreds without assist in household now aged 82 be 83 few months have no assistance at all!had Operation 3weeks ago granted 3hrs per week finish in 3weeks? Granted aged care package stage 2 in January rang yesterday how long before receive? up to 6 months answer! Have no assistance till I recieve? TRUE MINEFIELD TO TRAVEL to get small assistance to remain in independent living in own home! How is one to get shopping over next few months this crisis? Been advised not to leave house at all! So much for helping aged to stay in our homes repeatedly by Government! Truly frightening! Thinking of Viris! relatively healthy! living in comfortable home but that small assistance and presence of those offering care gives one feeling security someone checking on you 2/3times week maybe doing shopping! This morning career did this for me Coles have security guard now? Was uneasy she heard couple women screaming in another isle? in a very regional town unbelievable !! Truly getting unsafe for elderly sadly!

  11. Matters Not

    Phil. Thanks for the link. And from that link, one might read:

    Although the government has not shut down schools in Singapore , two top-tier international schools have decided, unilaterally, to close temporarily. Singapore American School is closed for three days to trial its online learning programme, and Tanglin Trust School will switch to distance learning from tomorrow until the end of term.

    One understands how fake news takes hold. Not trying to downgrade this virus in any sense but as one who most definitely falls into the ‘at risk category’ (however defined) accurate, reliable, credible information is (and should be) at a premium.

    International schools are a regime all by themselves – dealing mainly with ‘foreigners’.

  12. Michael Taylor

    I too heard that Singapore was going to close its schools, but I hardly think that whether they are or not is the main argument here.

  13. Michael Taylor

    MSNBC now reports that schools have been closed in 70 countries.

  14. Phil

    ” One understands how fake news takes hold. Not trying to downgrade this virus in any sense but as one who most definitely falls into the ‘at risk category’ (however defined) accurate, reliable, credible information is (and should be) at a premium.”

    Indeed. I am also in that category. We know little about the virus we are being kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

    At the risk of sounding smarmy, I have enough food, water, fuel and booze (being a piss head) for over three months. I started hoarding long before the Corona virus. I based my actions on the information that is freely available, prepped on the basis of a depression. That is not here yet but it is coming. If a neighbor needs something I have I will give it, especially the old like me.

    Make of this link what you will. This opinion based on mathematics.

  15. 3poodles

    Like an ex priest on the ABC the other night said ” i sexually abused many boys, and god will forgive me” ..Morriscum and his cult of singers/clappers will also find solace via their god.
    Morriscum is a proven liar, he can’t stop himself. And the fallout of his inactions will bite australia hard. But he and his elk genuinely don’t give a toss. We have allowed this last few decades to witness more and more rorts/lies/nepotism/criminal intent, to walk the corridors of power, and we have done nothing about it. Those responsible know that, and they keep pushing the boundaries with just a whimper from us. Allowing murdoch to gain a strangle hold on truth manipulation perhaps our biggest mistake ever. Those responsible nice and cozy in their man caves sipping a glass of merlot.

  16. Harry Lime

    It was only a matter of time before we reached this point.IMO,it started in earnest when neo liberal free market ideology got it’s ugly face in the door in the late 70’s,and it’s been a free for all,dog eat dog race to the bottom ever since.It cannot be a surprise that the power of money has given us such egotistical,imbecelic incompetents like the Orange Buffoon,the Toff de Piffle,and the Happy Clapping Liar,right when real leadership is urgently required.You can buy governments ,but you can’t buy honest, compassionate humans.
    Morrison has increased his verbiage, but is still saying next to nothing,they have no f-cking idea what they are doing,and it is most certainly going to get worse.

  17. Michael Taylor

    I’m saddened by the situation you are in, Letitia. Carol’s and my thoughts are with you.

  18. Keitha Granville

    Cannot see where Singapore has unilaterally closed public schools, private or international schools are their own entities.
    What Singapore HAS done is to ensure that every child in school has their temperature taken, every day, recorded, so they can see if anyone falls ill. Their own lockdowns have been exemplary for the world, we could do worse.
    Tasmania of course is doing it. Stay away, we will keep ourselves safe, we will put our citizens above everything. Our economy will be smashed, but we will be alive and we will survive.

    Stay safe people, wash your hands.

  19. mark delmege

    Last I heard the govt was waiting on test kits from the USofA. You don’t do mass testing if you dont have them. Its quite simple really. I kinda dont think Scomo will be pleading with Putin or Xi for an immediate delivery…do you?

  20. Kerri

    Mark Delmege , I find your comment highly offensive and selfishly thoughtless! As a young person you may well get a very mild case of COVID19. And as a young person you may not notice that you have passed your infection on to other young people who will only get a “mild case”.
    And those young people may feel they are fine when they visit family who are not infected but under 60.
    And those people may not realise they are infected when they help their elderly relatives do the shopping, or just make a social call to see if they are OK.
    This is how pandemics are made.
    Mostly through people taking the attitude that if they are fine then other people will be fine.
    Pandemics are entirely the responsibility of the individual. Taking the mindset that people are panicking about spread of the virus places yourself as more important than others that YOU MAY NEVER COME INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH.
    Many years ago there was a really good and really short ad warning about AIDS.
    This is how we need to view COVID19.

  21. Gwen

    You are right Letitia, we are told next to nothing but in a way designed to create fear. To name a few No.19 victims: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wife, actor Tom Hanks and politician Peter Dutton; all tested positive, none dead. Children are ‘super carriers’ but don’t get sick with few exceptions. Sounds like a pretty weak virus if you ask me and no different for the healthy to any seasonal influenza. But, leaving China out of the equation because of its ruler’s history of deposing with political opponents given the opportunity, why so many deaths in Europe?
    Can someone answer these: What are the ages of those who have died? Did any have some pre-existing condition(s) that predisposed a sudden demise? How many died of conditions unrelated to influenza, eg stroke, lung cancer, chronic heart disease, etc but have been labelled as death by virus? Why are healthy news anchors here exhibiting so much fear? Finally, to Health Dept staff, try ‘Truth Will Prevail’ by Dr Alan Palmer. You might learn something. But then again, lead a horse to water

  22. mark delmege

    Kerri I am not a young person. In fact I am beyond retirement age. But I have done my research read widely and listened to international virologists and I think understand as best I can the process of disease with this virus. And BTW my mother is in lockdown at an old peoples home ie not allowed visitors. I think this article and much of the MSM reporting including the ABC irresponsible and fear mongering. Stats are manipulated and lot of what we hear is straight out bullshit. But yes people are dying from this disease its true but maybe not like most people think. I predicted long ago what would happen with the flights and closures and how it will get a lot worse before things get better. But do be careful and respectful of others and DYOR.

  23. wam

    dove sei stato Marko? Il duttonior spaghetti actor show symptom and hospitality and ICU.
    Wamianio with symptoms take an asprin, stay home, pray.and let god decide.
    Result Italy is top of the league.

  24. Kronomex

    Honesty and the LNP can’t mutually coexist. Truth and honesty are anathema to them.

  25. Anne Byam

    Mark D – ” Last I heard the govt was waiting on test kits from the US of A. ” Can not imagine that, as we will be waiting one helluva long time if it is so. Cos they don’t have anywhere NEAR the amount of testing kits needed for themselves, in the good ole States, although apparently there’s some clear thinking ( maybe – – at last !! ) going on to have already invoked the 1950 Defence Protection Act ( ordering of manufacturers who have the right equipment etc, to begin assisting with making masks, gloves, hazmats and test kits. )

    To Letitia ( thanks for the article and I do hope you feel better very very soon ) and to all who have responded here, the following link pulls absolutely no punches. Many countries are mentioned in the long-ish article ( it is interspersed with large blocks of links to photos etc. ) … so just keep going if you read it. Australia does get a few mentions and it is mainly from medical persons they have taken their edits.

    One small part which underscores your observations Letitia … is as follows :

    Rather, scientists say, the chasm between the testing the haves and have-nots reflects politics, public health strategies and, in some cases, blunders.

    The above link is not exactly kind to the U.S. administration either …. but there is a lot to be learned from this article – and it answers some commenters queries here as well.

  26. Greg

    I had all the symptoms , my temperature was over 38.2 for 3 days, I couldnt breath properly , it was painful to take a breath , my blood pressure was 158/102 for days ..couldnt buy any asmol or perindo at the chemist as hoarders had taken it all so with all of that I couldnt get tested because I didnt come into the criteria , i hadnt been overseas at all and I havent been in contact with anyone that had been overseas , so I was at home just taking paracetamol because that’s all I get at the chemist …I was getting better then a week and half later it hit me again , had to sleep sitting up in chair other wise I would start chocking ,couldnt eat without chocking , lost 4Kg in just over a month, starting to feel better again .. just totally drained of energy

  27. Phil

    Utter unadulterated horse shit. You can find nothing on the internet to confirm what you have said because it is all unadulterated horse shit. This disease is out of control and people that don’t follow the advice of bona fide medical authorities and that doesn’t mean the stooges that work for Morrison, should be placed under arrest to protect the rest of us from their gross stupidity.

  28. mark delmege

    Phil the article “COVID-19 – Evidence Over Hysteria” begins “The following article is a systematic overview of COVID-19 driven by data from medical professionals and academic articles that will help you understand what is going on (sources include CDC, WHO, NIH, NHS, University of Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, NEJM, JAMA, and several others).” do you have a problem with that?

  29. Michael Taylor

    mark, the link says that the post is suspended.

  30. mark delmege

    yes I noticed which is why I quoted the article “COVID-19 – Evidence Over Hysteria” so other people can search elsewhere

  31. Margaret

    I have seen on our main news last night that USA in New York have stopped doing testing as the protective wear is needed for medical staff in hospitals.
    I’m in NZ. There are great fears here as to what is coming as the numbers of Postive tests are confirmed from returning Overseas travelers. We have had 2 cases of Tourists taking tests then getting on planes only to be confirmed positive. Putting so many people ar risk.

  32. Jack Cade

    There is a Youtube discussion on the CORVID-19 hosted by George Galloway. Right up to
    date stuff. The large panel included experts in medicine and viruses. Fascinating stuff, whatever your political leanings.
    If you are interested (and I can’t see how you wouldn’t be) it’s title is ‘Is the Corvid-19 virus man-made’.
    Consensus seems to be ‘no’, but cannot be dismissed. As someone said ‘You can only believe a rumour when it’s been officially denied.’

  33. Trevor

    Young or old matters not
    Without testing within Australia,
    just how can Govt know who has
    or hasnt transmitted Corvid19?

    Self Isolation protection,
    Cept for shop and
    Masked, unmasked go,

    If i didnt know betta one could
    See this coronavirus fronting
    complete Corporate takeover
    Of civil democracy.

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