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What The Liberals Did Next And Wasn’t It Just The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Ok, I thought I might be imagining it, but I’ll show you the tweets to see if you notice what I noticed. I don’t actually follow the Liberal Party of Australia on Twitter but their tweets pop in my feed… possibly because I frequently go to the sites of various Coalition politicians to check if they really said that because I’d feel like a prized chump… or Trump… if I believed something when it was so clearly a hoax from something like The Chaser or The Betoota Advocate. Unfortunately, the answer is almost invariably, “Yes, he really said that!”. Not always, of course. Sometimes, the answer is: “Yes, she really said that!” but given the small number of female MPs in the Coalition and the even smaller number of times they’re allowed make a public statement, that’s a pretty rare occurrence. Anyway, Tweet 1 (Tweets are images and may not show on some platforms)

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

Tweet 4 – Are we noticing anything yet?

Tweet 5 – Ok, surely you must have thought what I thought by now!

Tweet 6 – If you haven’t noticed by now, you must have voted for them at the past two elections…

Tweet 7 – Still haven’t noticed? Are you Alex Downer?

Tweet 8 – Yes there isn’t a single tweet that’s about something they’ve done since 2013 until the following one. However, it is a retweet. The caption, “future of Australia” is just a coincidence because I snapped a video. It’s not mean to suggest that Mr Morrison thinks that this guy is the future of Australia. It’s certainly not suggesting that Morrison is the future of Australia.

Tweet 9 – Ah, John Howard. We’ve moved into the 21st Century… Oh wait, it’s his 1996 election campaign.

Tweet 10 – This just goes to show that they’re not racist and it’s only the lefties that think so!

All those Tweets show the accomplishments of the Liberal Party.

Who says that this is a do nothing government? Ok, none of them were about anything that the current mob have done, but they’ve only been in power a year, if you pretend that time under Turnbull and Abbott doesn’t count because we didn’t have the Miracle Man in charge until 2018.

Still you’ve got to admire his drought policy. Talk about a plan to spend money in the future, give money to councils whether they need it or not and pray for rain. When it eventually does rain, claim the credit because you’ve been praying.

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  1. David Bruce

    I think on future Ballot papers, the AEC should take a leaf out of the Investment Advisers small print which says “Past performance of the LNP is not indicative of future performance!”

  2. Jack Russell

    Ahhh, the Mighty, Magnificent and Marvellous Liberal Party … (thinking thinking) … nope … still not questioning my abject failure of never having voted for them … (thinking thinking) … yep … still guilt-free … (yep) … still despising political entrapment.

  3. Peter F

    It’s a POLICY drought, stupid.

  4. Wobbley

    Mr Bruce, the AEC is already gone, one more government agency in the pocket of the fascists. Why on earth would they think Lui and fraudberg don’t have cases to answer over s44 of the constitution. Just like the high court, no case to answer for the brain dead banshee, the AFP, ASIO, the bureau of statistics, asic the accc, you name em, they’re all under fascist control. See, we’re fcked.

  5. totaram

    Wobbley: Perhaps you exaggerate, but I’m inclined to think you are right! Oh, and most people won’t even notice because the mass-media tells them there is no such thing as capture of the institutions. Well it doesn’t even mention the possibility, so there!

  6. Michael Taylor

    How on earth can they claim to be the ones to dismantle the White Australia Policy? Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that Whitlam?

  7. Matters Not

    Yes the AEC is hopelessly compromised with its Chief Legal Advisor (Paul Pirani) appointed in 2007 and been there ever since. Now who came to power at that time?

    Maybe next time?

  8. Kaye Lee


    I think you will find that in June 2007, John Howard was PM.

    The AEC has said the signs are within the rules because they were authorised and there were no rules regarding the use of colour in campaign signage.

  9. Matters Not

    Yes KL, – you’re right with the timing. My bad. Didn’t bother to check. Thus it seems that the appointment of Paul Pirani was part of a carefully prepared plan to bias the legal advice agin’ Labor 12 Years hence. Clearly Pirani had to keep his head down – just waiting for the right moment to deliver the killer blow.

    But it mightn’t be over. Labor might appeal. Then again the whole legal fraternity is on the other side.

    Seriously – seems to me that there’s plenty of sh@t around without making stuff up or wild speculation.

  10. Phil Pryor

    Australia has been plagued and poxed and putrefied with prickly pear, rabbits, cane toads, weeds, insects, the Illiberal party of recoated fascists, the country party of water thieves, polluters, erosion rats, begging bludgers and media maggots and misfits, yankee traitor owned. With Peter Dung-Dutton, the Dick for memberson in charge of the blackshirts, we are stuffed. With superstitious self inflating misfits and supremacist fascist fools galore, it cannot improve. With a lying self inflating turd as P M, relying on myth and fantasy, we’re gone.

  11. wam

    well I gratefully pray to thank god for menzies who stopped the communists in 49 and again in 51, 54, 55, 58. 61 and 63 where the same old story may have been getting thinner but still a winner.
    The rabbott won on the debt lie and stop the boats cry?? With trumball falling in I don’t know why the vote slipped by but shorten stayed and whilst no one prayed
    Scummo??? thanks boobby. bass and braddon??? Go for him, albo or go.

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