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What Strategic Game is AUKUS playing in Asia?

By Darrell Egan

In the 2004 movie Alexander which depicts Alexander The Great’s push into Asia, his long-time colleague says to him:

“The generals question your obsession with Darius. They say it was never meant for you to be King of Asia.”

The newly established Australia, United Kingdom and United States AUKUS alliance has a similar obsession in Asia and that obsession is China. This obsession for conquest in clearing Asia from any China input ignores China has been trading with Southeast Asia, even as far back as the time of Alexander with the later part of the Zhou Dynasty having Maritime Silk Road trade routes into South East Asia.

This was the early times of trade and diplomacy for China with South-East Asia which existed right up to the 13th Century with sandalwood trade with East Timor, then the Australian Trepang trade through Malaysian seafarer traders, before Australia was colonised and invaded by Britain.

Throughout this interaction in South East Asia, in a strategic chess game of compromise diplomacy, China never had a desire to invade or take over countries in these trade areas and was mostly concerned with protecting their border regions which include the South China Sea.

China as a civilisation state dealing with many regional neighbours in its long history of diplomacy realise this, with offers to both Vietnam and the Philippines for a joint venture in the South China sea.

The United States seems to be undermining, with militarising the area with their Navy even though China is not interfering with the freedom of movement of international shipping in the South China Sea as admitted by retired US Admiral Cedric Leighton.


In the 16th century we saw invasions from western powers with the Portuguese, Dutch and British saw invasions of conquest right up to the US in the Vietnam war.

In these invasions was the western powers invasions of China and division on their country in the late 19th century, with a zero-sum, your with us or you are against us foreign policy with Asia. Many horse gamblers bet odds on the historical track record of a horse US lead AUKUS group who does not seem to have a strategy of Chess game but more like a game of Hungry Hungry Hungry Hippo zero-sum win game in Asia.

With this US pivot to Asia and dragging Australia into direct conflict with China in the AUKUS group, this hawkish strategic game of Hungry Hungry Hungry Hippo has even more dire consequences for the region and the world, than Western powers incursions in Asia starting in the 16th Century.

Asian countries must be vigilant with these developments.

This article was originally published on Dazza Egan Australia & China Watch Journo.

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  1. New England Cocky

    It is very difficult to be an ally of the USA (United States of Apartheid) because the track record of disappointing military campaigns and subsequent abandonment of campaign allies does not engender confidence. Rather, American corporations believe that they can do literally anything they choose to take or control natural resources in the world for their own profit and benefit.

    Scummo and the COALition have once again demonstrated with the AUKUS farce that they are totally unfit for the purpose of promoting the best interests of Australian voters.

    It’s time!! ….. again!!

  2. Terence Mills

    Quite amazing that Morrison has so far avoided telling us how much it will cost us to get out of the French contract and has been vague on what we are buying from the US and how much it will cost future generations.

    And I still don’t understand what these subs when delivered in twenty years time will actually do : is it surveillance ?

    The Chinese are already developing unmanned submarine drones that will easily detect these manned submarines that we are committing to.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Terence, Morrison is so far behind the times that I wouldn’t be surprised if he ordered a fleet of zeppelins.

  4. margcal

    One war ends.
    Must look for a new one.
    Can’t live without war.
    But not on US soil, oh no!

  5. GL

    Scummo is a scared shitless tiny yappy dog and is hiding behind the the big junkyard dogs that are the UK and US. He’ll leap out, yap three or four times, piss himself in fear and run back behind the other two.

  6. Michael Taylor

    GL, I think I’ve seen a Bugs Bunny cartoon that explains it well.

  7. New England Cocky

    Michael Taylor: The clip says it all …..

  8. Jack Cade

    When you invite the USA to occupy ‘bases’ on your soil, they never leave. Just ask Cuba, Japan, even the UK. Has any nation on earth ever willingly surrendered more of it’s assets, infrastructure, products and national integrity -without being conquered – into foreign hands than Australia?
    We have no self-respect other than with regard to meaningless sporting achievements.

  9. Michael Taylor

    NEC, the clip is actually the first official footage of Scott Morrison’s meeting with Rupert Murdoch last week.

  10. Bruce Winchester

    It’s gotta be a worry to find yourself being prompted into a local turf war against a determined bully by those who live at relatively safe distances, no matter how many knuckledusters they press into your hands and who are not likely to suffer the immediate and devastating repercussions being threatened in the next impending rumble. Is there anyone else we can talk to? A reasonable adult perhaps?

  11. Joe Carli

    A book…: A Condemnation. Twelve Caesars. An outpouring of disgust with a social class that has all but destroyed both our humanity and the natural world in its scrambling for riches and avarice beyond even a level of sanity and absurdity that cannot, in even the lesser cases be tolerated. Part one : The Twelve Caesars. Part two : Raconteur. Part three : Christopher Corridini. Part four : Discourses on the “Stations”. Part five : I give you my Tribe. Let the condemnation begin! To the working men and women of this world, this book is dedicated…may you seek reparation from your tormentors and deliver to them the justice they so richly deserve.. WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE! By.. Joseph Carli. Well…the image didn’t come out as posted, for there are five parts..but you get the idea…and I know you all are just at an itch and a scratch to order a copy!

  12. Brozza

    margcal – and usually only in 3rd world countries that invariably end up as economic and social shitholes.

  13. George Theodoridis

    This is the “Ministry of Truth” in Orwell’s “1984,” where the truth is nothing but propaganda and lies. A “truth” constructed to serve the interests of Oceania.
    That Ministry existed and exists all over the world and it is possible because all “ministries” are run by the government which is run so as to serve a certain number and type of people, called by various names like oligarchs and elite and kleptocrats and plutocrats etc.

    “It’s China’s fault! It’s China’s aggression! It’s China’s colonising! It’s China’s rise to power!” etc, etc. shouts America who has bombed almost every square inch of the planet, who destroyed every peaceful nation of the planet, who has sucked out every ounce of wealth from the rest of the planet.

    And it’s now tightening the screws on its colonies, this country being one. My heart dances with joy when I hear the New Zealanders stick their middle finger up, in defiance. NZ, barely an electoral district of Australia, in size and population, yet with the bravery and love for Justice and hatred of fascists to put us thoroughly into the caves of shame.

  14. George Theodoridis

    Joe, not sure why you’re promoting Suetonius’ Twelve Caesars as if -or have I got you wrong?- it is the quintessence of truth. He was no better than Herodotus in his style and method of collecting data, to wit, salacious gossip, quasi humour, theatrics and downright lies. I haven’t read it since my uni years (a long trampled era) but the tutorial rooms were bursting with hilarity as we were going though his Caesars.

    One could easily love it, as one loved Catulus and Procopius but one had to be reserved in his adulations of Suetonius and in his praise of his work.

    But I must admit, I could hardly put the book down, especially when he talked about Nero, Caligula and Julius.

    I’m sure I’ve got a copy somewhere around the shelves…

  15. George Theodoridis

    It’s impossible to dance a good waltz with America because America can’t dance, an activity that requires co-operation and concordance with others and with the rules made by a supreme being.
    America will truck no rules and will obey no rulers. she will do her own steps and tell you that she only knows the steps and their pace of waltz.
    In short, America is no partner to anyone. America is no equal to anyone.
    She is the crassest of bullies, the gaudiest, tasteless, most garish, most base of everyone in the dancing hall. More likely to step on your toes with her very high and very pointy heels than put her foot at the right place, at the right time.

  16. Joe Carli much as I would like to play the role of promoter for the classics..and I do agree that Suetonius’s book is a wonderful tome of entertainment…I have nothing against salacious gossip…they all did it in those days..even Tacitus..but with a tad more gravitas…But no…the above book of gossip and innuendo and sometimes downright abuse and slander is a work of my own..though I confess to stealing the title theme and the hint of classics from ol’ Sueto’…and some from the Stations of The Cross, through to Machiavelli..the usual stuff..perhaps less a “book” than a disection of a slice of life from the days of the Great Depression, through the war onto the fifties and sixties to now…less now though ..more then..but hey…don’t want to give a spoiler alert!’ll have to order a copy…when I can figure what the f#ck to do with it!..or where to take it…I might have to just plonk it on my blog…but it is too long for a blog-post…dunno………

    But here is a small part of the first part of the book…I did put a version of this up on this blog several years ago I think….

  17. George Theodoridis

    Wow, man. You’ve written a book? Where can I buy it from? Could you sell me a copy please, mate?

    As for the salacious bit, well the Romans (as well as those who taught them the act and art of making love -you know who I mean) did not call it by that name. Ask Messalina! Or Theodora, the Byzantine courtesan-empress, some 600 years later.

    But do let me see your Caesars please!

    Put it on Amazon and see what happens!
    I put mine up there and it’s a bit of a pain because my email box is constantly clogged with intricate questions from Uni lecturers and students that take up most of day to answer but, they are appreciated and are selling well. go for it!

  18. Joe Carli

    It’s all electronic at the moment, George…like an E-book…. in five parts…it’s not in hard copy…I don’t have the money to self-publish and I’m blowed if I know any or if any publishers would want to touch it as an unsolicited manuscript…I am also trying to get some interest stoked up in my “Ukulele Opera”…I had a chat with a woman from the Arts council come see me about it the other day, but I don’t know what she will do now…it’s all a bit secretive these arty-farty least for this carpenter…seriously…what DOES one do with a lengthy manuscript?……buggered if I know..I usually just stick them up on my blog and do a bit of self-promo’ on Twitter or perhaps here when it feels ok…but this one is too long for a blog, and cutting them up doesn’t really work…so…I dunno..

    But say, George..I just remembered..somewhere in the draft, there’s a short letter to YOU I wrote some time ago and sent by which you never replied..about what I saw as a need for us here in Aust’ to develope a mythology..much like the Greeks have..of our own..NOT to co-opt the indigenous peoples one, but to create our own mythology alongside theirs, since we are now woven together in the one tapestry since colonisation..that is what my “Ukulele Opera” was intended to kick off…

  19. George Theodoridis

    Joe, just go to and follow the links. You need no money, just some patience with the clicks and suchlike. I am lucky enough to be friends with an editor who puts my work together, cleans it up and launches it. I’m hopeless with computer stuff but apparently it’s not that onerous. If you have a friend feeling comfortable with such things, why not ask him to take it on.

    Can’t remember the email but, mate not only does your project looks difficult and treacherous even, I ma so damned busy I now limit my visits to the dunny!

    Incidentally, I won’t make the grand announcement now but my next book will include you! But ask me no more! I’m only half way there and I’d say I’ll need another 5 or so weeks to complete it. That is if I get a bit of a breather from being sick all the bloody time and get on with it.

    Just go to mate. I’m sure you’ll be right!

    You’ll be in good company.

    Even though I absolutely hate Soros and the most brutal, anti-democratic, anti-worker fascist establishment.

  20. margcal

    BrozzaSeptember 27, 2021 at 1:50 pm
    margcal – and usually only in 3rd world countries that invariably end up as economic and social shitholes.

    Well, I did have Australia in mind ….. we’re pretty much a failed state already, reliant on everybody else for just about everything … and with Chinese ports and US bases here – where else would those two have a war?!

  21. Joe Carli

    Ta for that George..I didn’t know about that…I’ll look into it…and I think it is Jeff Bezos, not Soros…but hey!…and I’m now not so sure I actually sent that short letter to you after all..perhaps I wrote a draft and never followed through…you know how it is…

  22. Brozza

    margcal – Well any war certainly wouldn’t be on Aussie soil, too many U$ ‘security assets’ for one thing plus I personally believe China doesn’t WANT to directly go to war with any country.
    Any wars they’re conducting would be surely of the economical type, (much to the chagrin of the U$ who egotistically believe that they’re the world’s economic masters), including mechanisms like the new silk roads, (BRICS), which tie countries economically to China.

  23. Brozza

    NEC – I note that the Albo supports the aukus submarine deal and that Labor fully supports being the U$’s bitch as part of it’s future foreign policy.

  24. Arnd

    Michael, and what’d be wrong with zeppelins? Especially murikan nukular zeppelins?

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