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What privileged middle-aged white men call “woke identity politics” is what matters to everyone else

There is nothing more infuriating, and typical, than hearing the things you care about being dismissed by affluent white men in power as “woke identity politics”.

The inspiring Uluru Statement from the Heart has been dismissed as such. Instead of using this blueprint to move forward, the men run scared at this perceived assault on their power. They won’t have an Indigenous Voice telling them what to do – we have lobbyists and consultants who are paid a fortune to do that. Their best effort has been to introduce, and widen the reach of, the cashless welfare card. And employ more truancy officers and police. And pay for more privately run detention centres.

Speaking of detention centres, the ongoing plight of refugees, indefinitely incarcerated for the non-crime of asking for our help to flee persecution and war, is also dismissed as bleeding heart lefty nonsense or, for some of the more rabid, a threat to national security and an assault on Western values and our Judeo-Christian way of life.

Which is kind of dismissive to we Australians who do not feel that Christian institutions should take credit for our values and morality or dictate how we should live our lives. To do anything but revere, protect, and fund the church, regardless of all that we know, is apparently verboten. Civilisation and salvation arrives and resides with the Christian Church. Truth-telling is dismissed as “black-armband” history that will upset the kiddies.

Those kiddies should be in school concentrating on rote learning and practising for standardised tests, not worrying their pretty little heads about alarmist stuff like climate change. Leave it to the grownups. The can-do-capitalists have that all sorted out.

Go watch some tv. Better catch your favourite shows on the ABC before they are sold off and filled with ads. Because we really can’t allow that Ultimo wokehive to keep spewing out its biased green-left agenda. It’s costing us too much in Royal Commissions and compensation payouts.

Who could have known the horrors in nursing homes that were exposed by the Four Corners program that was set to air the day after our brave PM changed his mind and announced an RC into Aged Care. And imagine the surprise we felt when we found out the disabled are being abused and neglected too. Why didn’t they speak up?

Women should speak up more too. Not those communist pot-smoking lesbians at the Teachers Federation who want to turn all of our kids into breast-binding, penis-tucking transgender Marxists. And not those rabid feminazis who keep demanding control of their own reproductive health. Or those token snowflakes that have pushed their way into parliament and then can’t handle it when the boys have a joke. We need more women like those esteemed award winners, Peta Credlin and Bettina Arndt.

If it wasn’t for the feminazis, the ABC lovers, the gays, the Aborigines, the refugees, the ecoterrorists, the inner-city latte sippers, the kids, the aged, the disabled, the homeless, the poor and all those other woke identity politics bleeding heart whingers – this government could get on with the serious business of wealth creation and post-politics employment planning.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    The Institute of Political Anuses is implicated here, a “think tank”, (or is it a festering bowel??) which regurgitates vomitous and vile pretensions about theory to governments, who often know little. Our IPA is run by a shrivelled superstitious romanist ratbag soul of no decency but heaps of twisted ego, a self inflating incestuous sex doll of masturbatory magnificence and masterful mischief making. I would not let Roskam choose a lunch or wine, a car or deodorant, anything beyond fantasising foolery and frolicking fraudery, for superstition drenched idiots are beyond hope, decency, reason and prudence. When people like this lead hopelessly confused lying lives, they know not a thing about reason, honesty, scientific method, community standards or diplomacy. It is SHIT.

  2. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye.

    A powerful piece. And what are hearts for, if not for bleeding?

  3. Michael Taylor

    It’s surreal that a government which belongs in the 1950s is bringing out the 1960s in me.

  4. Greg

    Yes Kaye I have seen local would be grandstanders float the same bile in local small scale newsletters, even in local elections there seems to be clandestine efforts to get political advantages

  5. Kerri

    Nailed it Kaye Lee!!

  6. Michael Taylor

    I should elaborate.

    In the 1960s we took to the streets, we went of freedom rides, we fought for equality.

    We need to do it again.

  7. Kaye Lee

    I’ve been on some really great marches over the last 50 years.

    The Moratorium rally, the Walk for reconciliation across the Bridge, the first March in March as the horror of Abbott sunk in, the Women’s March 4 Justice, to name a few memorable ones.

    The ones from uni (back in the 70s) would lose marchers every pub we went past but I always went in them mainly to heckle Tony Abbott who was such a turkey even then.

  8. Rossleigh

    Yep, the whole idea of “woke” was to do with noticing racism…
    It seems that some people think that it’s preferable to be asleep… Which I guess is preferable if you’re someone like Matt “My mum did it” Canavan!

  9. Kaye Lee

    I just re-listened to an interview with Tony Abbott from 1979 – he was 21 at the time.

    When asked if he felt minority groups were poorly represented on campus, he said he found it alarming that people today tend to think of themselves as not so much as members of the community but rather as women, blacks, migrants, homosexuals, or whatever..

    No-one could ever accuse Tony of being woke.

    Here’s the interview. That quote is from about 7:40.but the whole thing gives you a good idea of how little Tony changed.

  10. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, you torture yourself too much.

  11. Kaye Lee

    I was just thinking the same thing Michael.

  12. wam

    There are exceptions to god’s decision to make women equal to men 3 weeks a month.
    My favourite for ridicule and the rabbott’s example of an exception was sophie but the fair work commissioner is laughing all the way to the bank for the next 30 years or so?
    Men can ay what they like but unless sued or exposed on the ‘rating’ shows it wafts in the breeze of we all know what he means by looking it is just natural. Women should shoulder the blame for not keeping their knees together or something to that effect? Who saw the trauma of Philomena or items like
    There may be plenty of men who would rally around the green, purple and white but many women can’t see that aprons, skirts and long hair are welcome, if not essential to any success.

  13. New England Cocky

    Kaye Lee & Michael Taylor: Despite you best efforts I STILL do not understand what ”woke” means? However, I clearly understand the 60s & 70s when we fought the Menzies-Holt-Gorton-McMahon COALiiton war-mongering in the US Imperialist War in Vietnam.

    I have given up with complaining about the incompetent, uncaring, self-serving members of the COALition and simply believe that they ALL should be removed, banished to Manus or Nauru for the term of their natural lives and replaced by an elected government that cares for the best interests of Australian voters and their families.

    It is time for ALL Australian voters to prepare for the 2022 feral elections and clean out the manure in feral Parliament;-

    and maybe we can save Australian democracy for our kids.

  14. margcal

    NEC: “Despite you best efforts I STILL do not understand what ”woke” means?”

    I’m with you, NEC. I struggle with quite a few of these new words and definitions.
    But in the case of “woke” I read it as referring to people who have become aware of injustice (in any of its many forms) that they don’t suffer from and try to do something about it. Perhaps needing guidance because of putting your foot in it while trying to right wrongs.

    I don’t think of people who have always suffered injustice as being woke. They’ve never been un-woke. They’ve always known injustice.

    Or maybe un-woke is what applies to politicians who can’t help but be aware of injustice because they are largely responsible for causing it – and they want to keep injustice going because they are the beneficiaries of it.

  15. Kaye Lee


    In the words of the 60s, “If you’re woke, you dig it”


    Being woke (or empathetic/aware) is not seen by those who use it as a pejorative as “good for the economy”.

    Which is sooo wrong. Lifting people out of poverty would bring enormous economic payback, as would empowering diversity as would mitigating climate change. It makes no sense.

    Look how much they are prepared to pay to keep torturing the family from Biloela. Or to keep subsidising coal.

    They think we all have equal opportunity right now so no need for what they call identity politics. We are all the same. Which is something only a very ‘unwoke’ person could possibly believe.

    It seems it’s all about maintaining privilege and power.

  16. Michael Taylor

    Paul, you might find his latest priority cringeworthy. And yup, a photographer was on hand to capture this historical moment.

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